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Publisher Sandra Parente

Editor Mark Stevenson

Deputy Editor Alison Uncles


Senior Executive Editor Peeter Kopvillem (on leave)

Managing Editors Sue Allan (Digital), Colin Campbell, Sarmishta Subramanian, Dianna Symonds.

Editor, Special Issues Kim Honey

Senior Editors Mary Dwyer (University Rankings), Jason Kirby (Business)

Political Editor Paul Wells

National Correspondents Jonathon Gatehouse, Charlie Gillis (National Affairs)

Senior Writers Brian Bethune, Michael Friscolanti, Anne Kingston, Michael Petrou, Chris Sorensen.

Associate Editors Cathy Gulli (On leave), Kate Lunau (On leave), Nancy Macdonald, Tamsin McMahon, Jamie J. Weinman, Aaron Wherry, Lindsey Wiebe.

Assistant Editors Adrian Lee, Emily Senger (On leave), Emma Teitel.

Contributing Editors Barbara Amiel, Scott Feschuk, Brian D. Johnson, Adnan R. Khan, Peter C. Newman.

Editor at large Peter Shawn Taylor

Bureaus Ottawa: John Geddes (Editor), Quebec: Martin Patriquin (Bureau Chief), British Columbia: Ken MacQueen, Washington D.C.: Luiza Ch. Savage, Alberta: Colby Cosh.

Copy Editors Michael Barclay, Larissa Liepins.

Researcher-Reporter Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Patricia Treble.

Interns Rachel Browne, Genna Buck.


Art Director Stephen Gregory

Assistant Art Director Levi Nicholson

Designers Lauren Cattermole, Sarah MacKinnon


Director of Photography Andrew Tolson

Associate Photo Editors Jessica Darmanin, Liz Sullivan


Production Editor Jennifer Will

Digital Colour Specialist Richard Redditt

Production Manager Roma Huta

Publishing Applications Manager James Reid


Editorial Assistant Julia De Laurentiis Johnson


President & CEO Keith Pelley


Senior Vice-President and GM Steve Maich

Executive Publisher Lorraine Hoefler

Director of Content Strategy Derek DeCloet

Senior Director of Partnerships and New Business Rosemary Munroe

Editor-At-Large Dianne de Fenoyl

General Manager, Customer Marketing Management Elizabeth Nixon

associate editor

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