BTC: This is our country

by Aaron Wherry

Helpfully enough, the Governor General’s website allows you to search Order of Canada appointments by name, province, citation and field—especially handy for those interested in easily finding honourees who offend them morally, ethically or personally . (I, for one, have never been fond of scientists from Newfoundland.)

Anyway. For those so interested, here’s how the appointments breakdown by location and occupation. 

Voluntary Service   771
Health Care   496
Business   493
Education   405
Music   320
Public Service   314
Science   301
Social Services   244
Communications   215
Law   201
Visual Arts   189
Sports   183
Stage   180
Writing   167
Politics   152
Philanthropy   139
Engineering   104
Religion   84
Social Sciences   77
Protective Service   52
Labour   39
Architecture   36
Aviation   32
Other   103

Ontario   1963
Quebec   1285
British Columbia   616
Alberta   384
Manitoba   223
Nova Scotia   222
Saskatchewan   186
New Brunswick   168
Newfoundland   125
PEI   63
Yukon   28
Nunavut   24
NWT   21
International   171


BTC: This is our country

  1. I can’t wait for you to post the cross-tabs later this summer as things get really slow (I NEED to know how many aviation awards were given to women from the NWT…)

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