26 billion is the number of the week

What could you get for $26B? Amanda Shendruk has some ideas

26 Billion is the number of the week: During his fall economic update, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that the Canadian deficit is at $26 billion, up a whopping $5 billion from the March forecast.

$26 billion sounds like a lot. But is it really?

What can you get for that amount? Planes, cars, boats, mansions, islands(!) don’t cost near a billion dollars, so what does? Take a look at this graphic for some quick context.

(What would YOU would do with $26 billion? Tell me in the comments.)


26 billion is the number of the week

  1. Love the graphic. Very well done.

  2. You mean the deficit Cons promised they’d never have? Yup, it’s big, especially considering it’s a deficit, not the national debt.

    Me? State-of-the-art university/institute for state-of-the-art research.

  3. 6,500 gun registries

  4. Six million, five hundred thousand gazebos..

    ..oh wait.. the question is what *would* we buy..

  5. An ounce of political honesty

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