Is it too early for summer reading?

Jimmy Connors, Eve Ensler, a spoonful of sugar and our latest bestsellers


Jimmy Connors tells his story: Never predictable. Never, ever boring.

Our latest book reviews:

The Outsider, by Jimmy Connors, review by Mike Doherty

Paris Reborn: Napolean III, Baron Haussman, and the Quest to Build,  by Stephane Kirkland, review by Brian Bethune

The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves, by Stephen Grosz, review by Marni Jackson

The Selected Letters of Willa Cather, edited by Andrew Jewell and Janis Stout, review by Erinn Beth Langille

In the Body of the World, by Eve Ensler, review by Marni Jackson

A Spoonful of Sugar: A Nanny’s Story, by Brenda Ashford, review by Patricia Treble



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Is it too early for summer reading?

  1. – and then there are books that don’t get reviewed in the mainstream media, books that challenge the status quo as good literature is meant to do, but the capitalists are harsh masters and don’t care to have their status quo challenged – Green Island http://www.rudemacedon.ca/greenisland.html .

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