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Kate: The Future Queen

The duchess, her mother and Prince William


Kate: The Future Queen

By Katie Nicholl

The fascination with Kate, duchess of Cambridge, shows no sign of dimming. If anything, the spotlight has intensified, now that she’s given birth to George. When she appeared at a charity gala last week with William, it was front-page news. And now royal journalist Katie Nicholl is out with a chatty, gossipy biography of the 31-year-old duchess that reveals how she caught the eye of the future king and kept his interest.

The author provides a surprisingly comprehensive account of Kate’s early years. Nicholls interviewed seemingly everyone willing to talk, either on or off the record. Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, both had the drive to lift the family into multi-millionaire status by starting a party-planning mail-order firm. Yet financial success is secondary to the achievement of creating a strong, close family, whose members are unafraid of hard work and taking risks. One of those chances, Nicholls reveals, was when Kate abruptly turned down an approved spot at the University of Edinburgh to apply to the University of St. Andrews, just after it was announced William was going to attend. She got in.

While the story of how William and Kate fell in love during their university years is relatively well known, the path to the altar was rough. In 2007, when William was beginning his military duties, he spent so much time drinking in clubs and ignoring Kate that she broke up with him. It was her mother who told Kate to get on with her life. Soon the prince realized what he’d lost and was patching up the relationship. Two years later, as the paparazzi onslaught grew, Carole boldly confronted William about his intentions; he promised to marry her daughter. Now, William is so close to his in-laws that they regularly holiday together. And after their son was born, the duke and duchess of Cambridge spent the first weeks as new parents not at a royal retreat, but at the Middleton home in Berkshire.

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Kate: The Future Queen

  1. a good excerpt.Nichols has a tendency to flourish the facts and lead them into a wishful style .The cold hard facts are that Kate did meet wills at the University and not at Marlborough.college was where William played for his soccer Team.

    • Marlborough College is the school Kate went to, while William went to Eaton. I didn’t read where the author said they met at Marlborough..? You might have missed out some words… your last sentence doesn’t read properly.

      • That’s “Eton”, please.

        • Yes, or course it’s Eton! Oops… I

      • College was where William played for his soccer team-referring to Eton.according to christopher Andersons book.Wlliam was at Marlborough but Kate did not meet him she only saw him with the team.they were there to play Hockey .the weather turned bad,they got rained out and no girls met him.it was at St.andrews where they actually met.Nichols is just trying to establish a false headline for herself in her flambouyant writing.

        • Well, Marlborough College and Eton College are schools, not colleges in the post-secondary sense of the word. Kate played (field) hockey, not William! After school, they both had a Gap year before going to university. I don’t see how the headline is false….

  2. Too bad, the author used the moniker name instead of Duchess Catherine’s real name. I certainly won’t buy this book. She has never been called Kate by family or friends — even her husband calls her Catherine. The “Kate” came from The Sun’s use of “Waitey Katey” because it rhymed. Sorry book author, you got it all wrong if you had done your research! The Sun’s ombudsman is my source. What else is incorrect in your book?

    • T|he Duchess of Cambridge’s friends have called her Kate for years. She chose to go by Kate when she was about 14 or 15.

  3. William referred to Catherine as Kate in the engagement interview several times.

  4. the other story of their Love Story is “william and Kate” a royal Love Story by James Clench a royal Reporter.Book can be bought at Barnes and Noble which I have a copy of here.