Maclean’s books: Required reading for your long weekend

This week’s reviews: A Houdini novel with an amazing reveal, a new biography of John Wayne and an epic history of Athens


John Wayne filming scene from western "The Undefeated"BOOK REVIEWS

The Transcriptionist, by Amy Rowland. Reviewed by Julia McKinnell.

John Wayne: The Life and Legend, by Scott Eyman. Reviewed by Jaime J. Weinman.

No Good Men Among the Living: America, The Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes, by Anand Gopal. Reviewed by Michael Petrou.

The Confabulist, by Steven Galloway. Reviewed by Richard Warnica.

Athens, by James McGregor. Reviewed by Brian Bethune.

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Maclean’s books: Required reading for your long weekend

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