Stephen Harper's hockey book to hit store shelves Nov. 5 -

Stephen Harper’s hockey book to hit store shelves Nov. 5


OTTAWA – Stephen Harper can soon add another line to his resume: published author.

The prime minister’s book on the history of hockey is set for a Nov. 5 release.

The book, titled “Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of Professional Hockey,” looks at the early years of the game.

It will also feature photographs of famous arenas and the game’s earliest star players.

Publisher Simon and Schuster Canada says all Harper’s proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services.

Harper has spent years working on the book and is a member of the Society of International Hockey Research.


Stephen Harper’s hockey book to hit store shelves Nov. 5

  1. fantastic news : been waiting …. no doubt it will be quite a read the man has an eye for detail and an incredible knowledge of the early years of the game – can’t wait! Perfect xmas gift :)

    • Careful! You’ll hurt yourself bouncing off the walls like that………

      • in 2007 was at meet and greet and he started talking hockey history after it was over and he had the most hilarious of stories and you could tell he had a racontuers knowledge of the subject – now I know that making harper out be to just a man with a wicked sense of humour along with strategically brilliant political acumen doesn’t sit well with you haters – but you want to know something? – who cares!!!

        • He’s a politican Wayne….he’ll say whatever sells.

          You’re a snake oil buyer.

          • And your a snake?

          • You not only buy it, you drink it apparently

        • Did you swallow?

  2. Has he referred this to the Ethics Commissioner?

  3. Srsly? People have been talking about Harper writing a hockey book for ages, I thought it was urban legend. I am gobsmacked, I assumed Harper’s hockey book would be like manticores or loch ness monster. Well done PM Harper, I will have to get ahold of this book.

  4. Perfect. The book is being released on Guy Fawkes Day, commemorating another scoundrel who also tried to blow up Parliament, not through habitual closure and serial prorogation but with dynamite.

    • Gunpowder,actually – not dynamite. That’s why it’s called the “Gunpowder Plot”.

      • Of course. Thank you. I still like the odd coincidence of events.

  5. Francein will be horrified to learn of an MP the Prime Minister no less, double dipping.

    • How can he research and write a book — guess that’s why he prorogues, and also doesn’t bother to show up for QP. Bizzy briefing his ghost writer. On armchair hockey.

      • I’m guessing there were PMO hacks researching for him on our dime.

  6. No wonder he hasn’t had the time nor attention to follow the
    bouncing balls .., er,.. cheques .. in his PMO … he’s been consumed
    by the glory that was Bronco Horvath.