The Bibliopod: On PEN/Hebdo, 'showrooming', and more -

The Bibliopod: On PEN/Hebdo, ‘showrooming’, and more

Maclean’s books podcast takes on the PEN/Charlie Hebdo controversy and fictional people in politics, and interviews Jon Ronson


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Join us in The Bibliopod, a Maclean’s podcast about books. Hosts Anne Kingston and Brian Bethune weigh in on the PEN/Charlie Hebdo controversy, explore fictional people in politics, from the federal budget’s “Henry and Cathy” to Justin Trudeau’s Natalie to the UK’s “White Van Dan,” and examine the dodgy book-buying practice of “showrooming.” Also on The Bibliopod: Brian Bethune in conversation with Jon Ronson, author of the brilliant and much-discussed So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.

You can listen to the podcast below—it will be on iTunes, Stitcher and Beyondpod soon! If you like this, check out our other audio offerings, from our columnists reading their work to two other weekly podcasts on politics and pop culture.

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The Bibliopod: On PEN/Hebdo, ‘showrooming’, and more

  1. Charlie Hebdo and Ayann Hirsi Ali are critics not hatemongers. If we can’t tell critics from hatemongers then everyone and everything are beyond criticism. Thanks for twisting the knife on free speech, pussies!