The Giller Gala Gallery -

The Giller Gala Gallery

12 Maclean’s-exclusive photos of the nominees, the winner, plus Margaret Atwood!



The Giller Gala Gallery

  1. I don’t know if this happening to everyone or just me but on Blog Central I get photos of Sandy for Giller Gala but in Bookmarked area I see proper Giller photos.

  2. Alix Ohlin didn’t win?!! Did they even read her friggin book?!
    The courage. The passion. The wisdom. The sheer raw talent she has for unmasking human virtue and the human condition itself. Her work shook me into a new calling. It changed my life. My soul. How could they give it to such a moron? Read her book. Then you will be one with reality. With the timeless physics outside our universe. All of the multiverse paths converged in her book. There is no more conflict after her book. There is only the memory of her writings. I pity myself for only being able to be consciously capable of thinking about pert of her book at a time. But there is glory in that too. In my frail memory. I am redeemed by her book. Morons. You see nothing. It is all political.

    • Plus she’s hot.

      • I didn’t even notice.
        I am not alone in thinking that she makes Gandhi look like a child molester.