Bryan Adams onstage in Paris -

Bryan Adams onstage in Paris

Photo gallery: legendary Canadian musician Bryan Adams in concert


My photographs of Bryan Adams performing at Le Zénith arena in Paris, after our interview in his dressing room:


Bryan Adams onstage in Paris

  1. Le Zénith is a fantastic place to see a concert.  Saw quite a few amazing shows there back in the day …

  2. Hi, don’t you have pictures of me with Bryan ? I’m the girl who went on stage with him =) Thanls. Caroline

  3. It would have been so very exciting to see Bryan perform in Paris, but I will be very excited and happy to see him in concert in Regina Saskatchewan on June 21, 2012….It has been a long time since I last saw Bryan in full concert and it will feel like seeing an old friend again…

  4. I was there.. Been a fan for over 20 years.. First ever live gig for me.. one to remember..  Haha@Caroline “Someones gonna get lucky tonight” hahahaha