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Editorial cartoonists celebrate press freedom

Check out the winners of the 2013 cartoon competition


The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom has announced the winners of its 13th International Editorial Cartoon Competition.

This year’s theme was “hard times and free speech.”

Taking first place–and $1,500–is Leslie Ricciardi of Uruguay. Canadian Dale Cummings came in second and Peter Chmela of Slovakia came in third.

View the three winners below, plus the 10 runner-up cartoons.

First place: Leslie Ricciardi

Second place: Dale Cummings

Third place: Peter Chmela

4th: Pierre Berthiaume (Canada)

5th: Roger Tweedt (France)

6th: Simone Orlandini (Italy)

7th: Oleg Loktyev (Russia)

8th: Faruk Soyarat (Turkey)

9th: Hessam Dadkhah (Iran)

10th: Kap (Spain)

11th: Karry (Peru)

12th: Stefano Antonucci (Italy)

13th: Marc Pageau (Canada)


Editorial cartoonists celebrate press freedom

  1. Wow, it’s remarkable that a comic depicting Mohammad isn’t somewhere on this list. If the press is truly free it has to be free to criticize anybody and that is the primary form of censorship currently effecting the press. That none of them reference this makes it’s clear they’ve been scared into obedience by Islamic extremists. If the real issue is they are truly being silenced by money they wouldn’t all be drawing about it, clearly it is a nice safe topic.

    • The main stream media are cowards. They support the left wing politicians and are scared to confront evil. Wasn’t that Trudeau who said the Boston bombers were probably feeling left out???

      Yet the main stream media support this.

    • yeah, so, this collection is from *this year* not an all-around prize, as the description clearly says. calm yourself.

    • Why don’t you write the cartoon along with your contact information?

      • Probably you aren’t a very good artist. Me neither.

  2. As long as the cartoon is left wing and politically correct it is okay.

    CBC can advertise “no white people need apply” and no problem.
    A cartoon showing this would never see the light of day.

  3. Just love the message: money is killing free speech, damn capitalists.

    So, why can’t I post a sign, any right wing sign will do, at a university these days without being bullied, harassed, threatened, and finally arrested. Too much money on campus, hmmm I guess profs and kids are all in the pay of nasty capitalists – yeah right!

    Why can’t I take an ad with a picture of mohamed the nutter in it in ANY western newspaper (whether positive or negative). Too much money involved again, hmmm not so sure -most papers are dying and should normally welcome advertising. So again, can’t be those nasty capitalists.

    Why are scientists and politicians and, basically anyone, who questions global warming denied publishing, public comment, or generally derided in the media as lunatics, etc, etc etc, – must be those damn capitalists again. Well, Big Green for sure, but somehow I don’t think this is what these cartoons are depicting here.

    Not one, just even one, cartoon in this list depicts government suppression of free speech (by far, the most common form of suppression everywhere in the world including the western world)

    Talk about free speech, yeah OK – how about practicing it for once in the media!

    • Because free speech doesn’t mean giving every drooling idiot who wants to talk equal time.

      • Of course not, only the drooling idiots that you like should get to talk.

        Everyone else should just damn well know their place and shut-up.

  4. Waiting for a Bizarro used book; just picked up Calvin and Hobbes. I just saw The Fuhrer’s Face; the hidden message: “We’re so happy Canada kept Britain in the war long enough…”.
    To the 1994 list of the best ever, I’d insist upon the Pink Panther short before the movie. Maybe The Simpson’s 1st Halloween special. The Family Guy WWII episode, the suicide discussion in the bank vault episode, and Road to the Multiverse. I’d kill myself if I worked for Fox, though. I finally get the Lonely Alien Bugs Bunny episode. I didn’t like it as a kid because it wasn’t regular characters. Now to watch 1939’s “Peace on Earth”.
    Some of the old Garfield might qualify. Garfield is always mean, but when Jon gets pissed too Garfiled is at its best; like the Thanksgiving weekend comic strip.

    • Wow I like Googie architecture. It is streamlined, so is carbon efficient. The modrenism that killed it; modernism is really a copout to the past. We need the future. We can’t survive human extinction threats without some technologies we don’t have yet. None of the great religions knew about ice ages; there glacier evidence never recently extended to Jerusalem or the Middle East.
      I used to dream of Googie architecture, maybe from playing too much Spider Fighter.

      • It is also anti-microbial efficient. The curved aerodynamic surfaces. There is a lot of stuff that made sense to me on a sub-conscious level, that I’m now relearning. Gonna rewatch The Jetsons in the name of scientific progress and humanism.

        • After 60 listening to another hidden msg, finally got most of it at the start of Peace on Earth:
          “Now the world will be drawn into another war. Canada, always wins. Canada will draw the United States into it.”
          Nope. Pearl Harbour happened before Intrepid could try to curtail press freedom in the USA and manipulate the USA public into explicitly joining the allies ASAP. They were always territorial about the Western Hemisphere though.

          • 1939 (PonE): “Now again the world is drawn into another World War. Canada, always wins. Canada will draw the Unites States into it!”
            1942 (DFF): “We’re so happy that Canada kept Great Britain in the war for long enough for the United States to prove that democracy that democracy is a better system than a dictatorship.”