How will ‘Battlestar Galactica’ end?

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How will 'Battlestar Galactica' end?The final episode of Battlestar Galactica airs on Friday night. Heading into the series finale, Admiral Adama and his band of brothers are mounting a suicide mission into the enemy’s black hole lair to rescue little Hera, the half-human half-Cylon hope for the future, from the evil Cylons. There are just two hours left and creator Ron Moore has a track record of shocking fans with unexpected plot twists.

So how will it end?

After years devoted to picking apart every nuance and analogy, here’s my theory, based on no inside knowledge: they mount a successful, albeit very bloody, rescue mission for Hera. The bad Cylons die. The humans and good Cylons settle on the only inhabitable planet they know—Cobol. But eventually tensions build and everyone leaves; the humans form another 12 colonies and the Cylons head out on their own. “All this has happened before and will happen again.”

Then there’s the tongue-in-cheek prediction from Luiza Ch. Savage, our Washington bureau chief: “They all get sucked into the black hole. The end.”

What do you think?

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How will ‘Battlestar Galactica’ end?

  1. poorly.

  2. You’re wrong, Mike T! It will end comprehensibly and with at least a modicum of consistency, logic and surprise. Which is why Galactica has already outclassed X-Files and Lost, not in their overall quality as series, but in how obvious it was that the creative teams for X-Files and Lost had/have no idea how to wind the franchises down, whereas Ronald D. Moore is still in control of his series. I think this season has actually been good TV, and that’s come as a great surprise.

    I hope something truly awful happens to Gaius Baltar. My God he’s been an annoying character.

  3. It’ll end a lot more coherently and logically than X-Files ended and Lost is ending. One of the really gratifying things about this season is that Ronald Moore clearly has a plan for landing this sucker without too much damage to narrative credibility. I’ve been surprised by how good this season has been.

    I hope something truly awful happens to Gaius Baltar. Not because he’s eeee-vil, but because his character is so annoying.

    • C’mon Paul, Baltar is all about human weakness and arrogance. He’s that part of ourselves we wished didn’t exist.

      • So were Dharma and Greg and I didn’t like watching them either.

  4. I think it should all end with the humans and cylons breaking out a Bollywood dance number.

  5. I think the black hole will suck them back in time to the time before Earth was destroyed.

    • Well there is the movies. As far as i know they are preparing BG to enter the bigscreen. No point showing earth or any habitable planet for the long run because the show is Title BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and you cant make a clean transition to the bigscreen if there is no outer space adventure and no battlestar named Galactica. Correct?

      • They found earth, and it was ‘a cinder’.

    • Even worse, it may kick them back out into the future.

  6. Given the dark nature of BsG, I think there’s going to be a high death toll. Here’s my list of those who will likely fall: Adama, Roslin, Tigh & Ellen, Tyrol—heck all the Last Five Cylons including Anders—plus Gaius Balter, whom I’m hoping will fall into a sewage cesspool or the like.

    The survivors include Lee Adama plus Helo, Athena and their daughter Hera. As for Starbuck, she ends up as the military’s No. 2 commander (Helo is in charge) and kicks everyone’s butts in an homage to Tigh.

    Of course I could be totally wrong, just like my Harry Potter predictions.

    • I think you are on to something “All this has happened before and all will happen again” it ends by a new group taking over from the current leaders, human Adama/Roslin cyclon Tigh/Ellen. Kind of like the ending to “The Wire” a new set of criminals takes over, new politicians are elected, new cops are hired.

  7. Ron Moore also wrote that fantastic series finale for Star Trek TNG which was all about time travel. The BSG gang are all going to hang around the orbit of a black hole next week. Coincidence?

  8. I’m just beyond sad this amazing series is going to end. I completely agree with Patricia that a cesspool of some sort would be to good for Baltar!

  9. In a word, unsatisfactorily.

    There have been so many loose ends drawn out and created over the course of the show, that it’s nearly impossible to tie them all up in the space of 2 hours. However, the show has always been, and will continue to be about, the characters. The only hope they have to create an even remotely satisfying conclusion is to concentrate on the characters,

  10. P.S. If it ends like The Sopranii, I’m going to be very VERY unhappy.

  11. It’s spelt Kobol!

  12. we still dont know what starbuck is…… LoL

  13. I think it’s no coincidence that they’re about to jump right near a black hole.

    I think they rescue Hera. We find out what the heck Starbuck is and what the heck the Head! Characters are (I have no explanation for those since Ron Moore quashed my Cylon #7 – Daniel = Starbuck’s father theory). I think the whole damn fleet gets sucked into the black hole, emerging on the other side to Earth before it became a nuclear wasteland. They integrate themselves with earth’s society with the intention of “preventing” a cylon/human war so “this doesn’t happen again”… and of course, a few decades later everything goes “explody” and it all happens again.

    OK, there are a couple of holes in my theory. But that’s OK. If I figured everything out, why would I watch it?

  14. i will be hating it when it ends in sad ending, the rescue mission failed, everyone will be dead, cylon baseship found the colony and destroy them all …

  15. This Battlestar Galactica ending is incomprehensible to me! Why would Admiral Adama take his love away from everyone they both loved in order to die? And why have him sitting there, alone, on the edge of nowhere – a zillion miles away from his son and his best friend? It makes no sense! It is too extremely sad….! And why destroy all the ships? What is the reasoning? Was there any? Why separate these beloved from each other? What hope do they have to survive? Indeed, humankind would not have survived at all if they hadn’t banded together to plant and hunt enough food for all 35,000. What were these writers thinking? And what about Kara Thrace? The actor who played her is not the only one who is feeling frustrated! Who/what was she? And where did she frakkin go????

    Big disappointment in this household

    • all the colonists were to melt into the local populace. trouble is that it is widely believed that the people of that era would have killed on sight any newcomers. they would have been seen as competition for available resources.

      second, these colonists are members of a highly advanced society. are we to believe that they all volunteered to wander off to go camping and thats it?.

      split up as they were, most of the colonists would have simply died of starvation, disease or simply been killed. you cant take people like that and throw them to the four winds.

      then they took their ships and flew them into the sun. they could have used those ships and the earths resources to rebuild some sort of city.

      to expect that they would willingly go off to die while throwing this lifeline away is idiotic.

      i suspect from listening to interviews that some of the actors did not care for the ending either.

      ron moore should be ahsmed that he gave Galactica the bums rush instead of writing a decent and somewhat plausible ending.

      in short, the ending of the series sucked @ss. and i’m not the only one who thinks so.

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