Maclean’s preview: The genius of Robin Williams

A sneak peek at our special digital issue on the life and legacy of Robin Williams


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Like that of every great film comic, Robin Williams’s persona will live on even if most of the films themselves aren’t watched as much as they used to be. You know what Charlie Chaplin or Jerry Lewis are like even if you’ve never seen their work; the same thing is true of Robin Williams. When you say that name, people think of a man who can’t stop being funny, can’t stop talking, just can’t stop—but who also has a social conscience, loves children, and wants everyone to be happy and at peace with themselves. That is a character everyone can love.

That’s someone everyone — including Williams — would like to be.

And it’s someone we will remember for as long as entertainment exists, which is why Maclean’s has produced a special digital issue on the life and legacy of Robin Williams. The commemorative edition offers a complete look at the star’s wild genius, including a detailed analysis of his career by Jaime J. Weinman; special columns by Paul Wells and Emma Teitel; a collection of Williams’s best on-screen moments; an extensive photo gallery chronicling the comic’s life and times; and the most poignant remembrances from Williams’s family and friends.

The FREE special issue is available for your iPad. Check your Maclean’s app, or follow this link to the App Store. 


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