Nazis invade from the dark side of the moon!

If you do just one thing today, it should be to watch the trailer for ‘Iron Sky’


I knew there was a reason Berlin Film Festival should not be missed. Apparently the hot ticket at the Berlinale is not Angelina Jolie’s Bosnia drama, The Land of Blood and Honey, or Werner Herzog’s Death Row documentary, Into the Abyss. It’s a B-movie called Iron Sky about a Nazi colony on the dark side of the moon that, after 70 years of regrouping, is staging a full-scale invasion of Earth.

The 7.5 million euro Finn-German-Australian co-production has been sold to 30 countries and is set to open in April. As the film’s PR folk deliver this breathless news, almost more hilarious than the movie’s premise is the earnest tone of the filmmakers in boasting about their kampf, er, struggle to get the damn thing made, as if it were some kind of populist triumph:

“It was extremely difficult to make a movie like this. Honestly, it’s amazing we ever finished the film,” says Timo Vuorensola, the director of Iron Sky. “The many hardships and all the trouble we went through to make an indie product like this was staggering, but we pulled it through.” Says producer Tero Kaukomaa: “The concept of Iron Sky is strong. . . We really believe it can compete against the big Hollywood blockbusters ten times our budget. We aim to give these giants a good run for their money, and show what power a community like ours really wields. We are encouraging our fans to grab the trailer and spread it through the Internet like it was the end of the world.” [italics mine]

So here’s your chance to contribute, and make the Iron Sky Nazi invasion go viral:


Nazis invade from the dark side of the moon!

  1. Cool, Udo Kier! …vs President Palin no less. This looks like it could be some major campy fun. 

  2. Nazis?  Again??

    We just can’t seem to get past WWII.

    It’s like it was the high point of our civilization.

    Hmmm, maybe it was.

  3. I remember hearing something like this years ago on As it Happens.  I mean years ago, during the Barbara Frum Harry Brown/Alan Maitland years.  I recall some nutbar talking the Nazis having a base on the Moon.

    The one line I definitely remember is Brown or Maitland saying something along the lines of, “these UFOs have less to do with the Mothership and more to do with the Fatherland.”

  4. Thank God the Harper govt is letting us all keep our guns to defend against this. Of course if these Nazis win, the first thing they will do is take them away, as our fearless MP Larry Miller has so bravely reminded us. Larry for PM!

    • stfu,

  5. What, no Zeppelins?

    • I thought I saw Zeppelin spaceships in the trailer.

      This does look hilarious. I’ll probably check it out at some point.

  6. Not to worry … it’s probably Newt’s colony. And he likes Mr. Harper.
    He said so. We’re covered.

  7. remember hitler was and is the second anti-christ satan was and is the third if you did know that you can come to your conclusion if you are interested in this article!!!!

  8. I don’t find this the least bit funny.  Disgusting. 

    • You must have a great, low stress life. lol

  9. They’re not targeting Israel?

  10. This movie got it all wrong.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did a preemptive strike in 1969, and killed all the moon Nazis. Once again, the USA saved the world. 

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