How to Be a Better Canadian: See these films

How to Be a Better Canadian: The second in a patriotic series

Maclean’s presents the second instalment in a patriotic video series, designed to hone your skills, add to your already encyclopedic knowledge of this great country and generally make you a super-Canadian.

This week: Brian D. Johnson, president of the Toronto Film Critics Association and long-time film writer for Maclean’s, discusses his top five must-see Canadian films.

How to Be a Better Canadian: See these films

  1. I’m guessing there aren’t many true Canadians, to judge by this list. Have only heard of two of them; where would one go about finding them to view, even if one wanted to?

  2. I don’t really have an issues with any of your choices per se, but I would like to add that a movie like One Week should have earned a spot on your top five. This sweet, funny and touching film takes place in many locations across the great Canadian landscape, it features wonderful Canadian actors and even some Canadian musicians and has an incredible soundtrack featuring only Canadian musicians. The main character takes a journey across Canada and we go on that journey with him. You can’t get much more Canadian than that!!!

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