Poor needy pathetic desperate Jen

How did Jennifer Aniston, once America’s Sweetheart, morph into America’s Spinster?


Poor needy pathetic desperate Jen

Vogue editor Anna Wintour knows how to sell magazines, which explains the “What Angelina Did Was Very Uncool” line on the cover of the December issue next to Jennifer Aniston’s face. The quote was lifted from an interview in which the former Friends star was asked about Angelina Jolie’s gushing to the magazine in 2007 about falling in love with Brad Pitt while he was still hitched to her. Playing Aniston’s first public comment about Jolie so boldly was a master stroke destined to generate epic buzz.

For Aniston, though, the incident ushered in yet another of the “Poor Jen! Duped again!” moments that have dogged her since her 2005 divorce from Pitt. Not only did Vogue exploit Aniston’s tepid smackdown, making her appear obsessed with the siren who stole her husband, it squared the two women off against one another more subtly. Astute fashionistas were quick to note that the cover image of Aniston posed on a beach in a cleavage-displaying, off-the-shoulder, red Narciso Rodriguez gown echoed the cover shot of Jolie in January 2007 in which she rocked a cleavage-displaying, off-the-shoulder, red Bill Blass against a sandy backdrop. Jolie’s cover line, however, was a more triumphant “Why Her Real Life is More Romantic Than Any Movie.” The disparity continued inside: in 2007, Jolie was shown with Pitt and their numerous children; in the current issue, Aniston is pictured with her dog Norman.

Aniston’s Vogue appearance is part of a publicity blitz for her two new movies, Marley & Me, which opens on Dec. 25, and He’s Just Not That Into You, which arrives in February. Neither role, it’s safe to say, will eclipse the one she currently plays in the cultural imagination—that of the archetypal Wronged Wife subject to an endless loop of “Jen Is Devastated!” “Jen Is Furious!” “Jen Gets Revenge!” bogus theorizing. Since her divorce, America’s Sweetheart has morphed into America’s Spinster. The unmarried, childless Aniston has become the tabloids’ Miss Havisham, portrayed as lonely, needy and locked in the past. The website Dlisted.com recently advertised a US$19.95 “Boyfriend Arm Pillow” thus: “Now, every time the Jennifer Aniston in your life calls you, wanting to whine for hours about how they are so f–king lonely and their cats are even giving them the side-eye, you can simply say, ‘Aniston in my life, go canoodle with the Boyfriend Arm Pillow I got you for Christmas.’ ” Celebrity gossip site PerezHilton.com refers to her cruelly as “Maniston.”

Her alleged tribulations sell big time. “We can’t get enough of her,” says Dina Sansing, entertainment director at US Weekly, where every issue features at least one Aniston photo or story. She’s No. 2 on the “Most Valuable Celebrity Faces” of 2008 list in terms of newsstand sales, according to Forbes. (In a rare case of tabloids imitating life, “Poor Jen!” was knocked off her No. 1 perch this year by Jolie.) Women relate to her, says Sansing, a bond that dates back to 1994 when Aniston entered homes as flaky, likeable Rachel Green. Female fans flocked to copy Aniston’s haircut, known as “The Rachel.” And now they rally to share her pain—as well as a schadenfreude thrill.

Aniston’s position atop the tabloid pantheon was cemented with her union with Pitt, whom she met Hollywood cute in 1998 through their mutual agent. The merger of America’s Sweetheart and the World’s Sexiest Man in 2000 was a lavish event that featured a 40-person gospel choir and fireworks over the Pacific. They were the king and queen of the Hollywood prom, with matching tans and blond streaks. When they split Aniston was poised for post-Friends career breakout; initially she was the one blamed for being unwilling to “have Brad’s babies,” to employ tabloid lexicon. When Jolie’s involvement became known, Aniston became the object of sympathy, and pity. After all, what chance did the Girl Next Door have against the Girl From the Next Galaxy? The New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane summed up perception of Jolie’s snaring of Pitt: “She took one look at the world’s most widely desired man and scooped him up with no more ado than a Parisian grande dame tucking a chihuahua into her clutch bag.”

The scandal was likened to Eddie Fisher leaving Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor in the ’60s. But back then there wasn’t a celebrity media complex ready to pounce on Reynolds’ every humiliation, real or imagined. For the wounded Aniston, the salt poured down, beginning with an arty 60-page photo spread in the June 2005 W titled “Domestic Bliss,” in which Pitt and Jolie presided over a band of little blond Brads.

Aniston shot back with a tearful Vanity Fair interview in which she admitted to being hurt and lonely and denied rumours that she didn’t want children: “That really pissed me off. I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children. I did and I do and I will!”

The trendy L.A. store Kitson capitalized on the conflict, selling “Team Aniston” and “Team Jolie” T-shirts. “Team Aniston” outsold 25-to-one in the beginning, reports owner Fraser Ross. Elaine Lui, founder of the popular celebrity gossip blog Laineygossip.com and an eTalk reporter, believes Aniston’s plight taps into female anxiety. “There’s a fear among many women that their husband is going to work one day and hook up with the hot colleague,” she says. “So every time they see Jennifer Aniston’s face they can’t help but feel for her or support her, not because they like her but because they feel a vote for her is a vote for themselves.”

As part of the most mused-upon triangle since Euclid, Aniston’s now intractably tethered to Pitt and Jolie in a perverse geometry: for every “Brangelina’s Baby Joy” headline, there’s the inevitable “Jen Alone in Malibu!” sidebar. In the gravitas sweepstakes, she’s the lesser, a sun lamp eclipsed by a supernova. As Pitt and Jolie tour refugee camps and rebuild New Orleans, she’s photographed bagging rays in Cabo and dating a series of child-men, most lately the singer John Mayer, which sparked the recent Life & Style cover line: “Having More Surgery for John?”

Aniston’s post-Pitt hookups, which include Vince Vaughn, her co-star in The Break-Up, have the whiff of publicity stunt. Lui views Aniston’s relationship with Mayer, whose conquests include Jessica Simpson and who’s nine years her junior, as an attempted “Screw you” to Jolie: “She’s saying, ‘I’m 40 but I can still bag a younger man and change him.’ I almost feel sorry for her talking about her like this, it’s so misguided.”

Aniston’s uterine status is the subject of constant speculation as she approaches the big 4-0. “She’s Having John’s Babies,” announced Star magazine in mid-November, which claimed Aniston was undergoing “secret fertility treatments” to have twins. That same week, In Touch falsely reported it was a fait accompli: “Jen’s Bump Gets Bigger.”

Of course, obsession with celebrity baby bumps drive newsstand sales. “Her fans are interested in her having a traditional husband and house,” says Sansing. “They’re very eager for her to have this life that we all think she’s wanted for some time.”

Aniston’s inability—or unwillingness—to fulfill her perceived maternal destiny is magnified exponentially by Jolie’s and Pitt’s relentless child acquisition; they’ve added an average of 1.6 children per year to their family. Yet Jolie’s Earth Mother status hasn’t interfered with her stellar career. Since 2005, she has made nine movies, two of which generated Oscar buzz.

Aniston has made seven, two with cringe-inducing, too-close-to-life titles. As Fug Girls, New York magazine’s fashion blog, observed: “The Break-Up was bad enough, but He’s Just Not That Into You? Honey, no. There’s self-awareness, and then there’s masochism.”

It’s as if the lens trained on Aniston is fated to dredge up the past. She’s photographed often with former Friends co-star Courteney Cox, reminding the public of Rachel; in a Smart Water ad, she’s surrounded by children of various ethnicities, summoning inevitable comparison to Jolie; her recent guest appearance on 30 Rock as a stalker sent up her real-life victim persona.

Lui believes the focus on Aniston as victim is misbegotten. “I think we need to examine ourselves as a society,” she says. “For some reason we love the soap opera aspect of a weak victim like Jennifer Aniston and the mobilization to rally around her.” She sees Aniston as hostage to her own publicity: “She sold this image of herself and now she can’t shake it. She has become the poster girl for crying yourself to sleep at night.”

It’s a label Aniston tries to shake: “This whole ‘Poor lonely Jen’ thing, this idea that I’m so unlucky in love? I actually feel I’ve been unbelievably lucky in love,” she told Vogue. “Just because at this stage my life doesn’t have the traditional framework to it—the husband and the two kids and the house in Connecticut—it’s mine. It’s my experience. And if you don’t like the way it looks, then stop looking at it!”

That’s not going to happen, especially now that Pitt’s promoting The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which also opens on Dec. 25. Brangelina domestic bliss will be displayed large, as in the “private” photographs Pitt took of Jolie displayed in the November issue of W.

Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show in mid-November, Aniston tried to distance herself from the breakup: “I don’t go there,” she said. “It’s a hundred years old for Chrissakes.” Still, Winfrey stoked the embers, asking Aniston if she wanted to beat Pitt at the box office. “What am I going to say?” she replied, “Can we do a tie?” No chance of that. The next week, she was “Devastated Jen” once again on the cover of Star, once again the proxy for the real world of broken dreams.


Poor needy pathetic desperate Jen

  1. People need to leave Jennifer alone. God do people not have anything better to do???

  2. Give me a break. She went through a public divorce and has been villified for ….not being able to keep her man? Give me a break. She’s behaved with class and restraint. Is she never allowed to make a comment about the end of her marriage? She’s not whiny or pathetic or any of the other negative labels given to her. She’s living her life and she looks fabulous.

  3. Jennifer is not poor neither is she needy. I totally believe in the freedom of free speech but not at the expense of someone, such as Ms. Aniston. Sure what Ms. Jolie did was wrong she committed adultery, and this is the situation that has been overlook for too long, and if Jenifer feels like speaking out against Ms. Jolie she does have a right, but that should not labeled her as being desperate or needy, that just utterly cruel. On the flip even though there is the power of the pen use it wisely.

  4. omg you’ve GOT to be kidding me? have you SEEN her on Opera? She looks beautiful, strong, and happy. She is moving past the old news, maybe this site shoudl too.

  5. Why is this getting so many comments? I thought only political geeks hung out here.

  6. Poor needy pathetic desperate Macleans

    How did Macleans, once Canada’s news magazine, morph into a tabloid rag?

  7. jen always was and always will be the ‘gentleman’s’ girl. she’s classy and considering all the crap she could’ve said about things and people and she didn’t proves she’s a lady. the media’s just a bunch of leeches anyway trying to make enough money to put yet another bm-er in their driveway.

  8. There is nothing more revolting than “media” that report on (irrelevant, uninteresting) celebrities…especially in a catty way…the dull, unattractive drones covering the uninspired and insipid….who gives a shit.

  9. what is the ‘skirts’ blog? what’s it about?

  10. What kind of “strong” woman goes back to john mayer after her REPEATEDLY tells the paparazzi that he dumped her and goes on about why they broke up?

    She whined to vanity fair.

    Why was Jen bringing up a quote Angelina said TWO years ago?

    She will always be remembered as Rachel and Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

  11. I still don’t get the Jennifer Anniston thing.. why is she that interesting? I fail to see the significance and rationale to spend time talking, or even thinking about her..

    I guess nothing else is going on in the world.. Is she that important and dopes she affect your little world that much?

  12. She brought it up because she was ASKED. She has far more restraint than any normal person ever would have – Angelina not only stole her man but has spent the last xx years bragging about stealing him. She’s the classless one, not Jen, and yet no one has the gutts to point it out.

    • She had the choice to say "no comment" everytime she was asked. That's what Nicole Kidman (real classy lady) did after her equally publicized divorce. Aniston should learn something from her.
      Angelina didn't steal anything. Brad is not a purse or private property that can be "stolen". All three are grown up people who are perfectly able to make their own choices. Jennifer said there was no cheating, even Courtnex Cox said it too, there was no evidence or pictures like in other nasty divorces, it was an amicable split according to both parties and they've all moved on…what else people want?? If their marriage was as perfect as some people want to think, no one would have been able to "break it".

    • One last thing to add to my previous reply:
      Quote: "and yet no one has the gutts to point it out" — Most ridiculous sentence I've read in this page. The tabloids and almost every Aniston fan on the Internet have been trashing and attacking Angelina since she got together with Brad, The name calling for her is endless and the lies keep selling every week on tabloids. That means having guts to you? I call it bulls***. People know nothing about what really happened between Brad & Aniston, and still, 5 years later they keep whining and defending someone who doesn't even ask for it. And yet they dare to talk about what is "classy"…

  13. I think that she needs to move on. The time for the comments was then, not now. Brad is happily living his life with his love and their 6 kids. It seems she may be in a state of ” I shoulda, woulda, coulda”.
    It seems like she regrets her decision back then to wait to start a family. Brad on the other hand longed for that day, as it was expressed in his interviews. Well, he found someone who shared the same family beliefs, and after seeing him on Oprah today, I have never seen him so happy, and pround of the life he has with Angelina. He was glowing. I feel a little sad for Jen, as she did lose the love of her life, and realises that fact, as she could see it in his eyes, how truly happy he is. I wish her the best, and hopefully she learned that lesson, NEVER do those mag interview. They twist everything. She should of came clean on Oprah…

  14. I agree with Paulo when he says that Jennifer Anniston is classy … why don’t people just leave her alone? She has had enough to go through and I don’t see her as pathetic at all. She is just another woman whose husband thought the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

  15. One of the telling areas of popular ethics concerns the right to inflict pain. So do we have the right to cause huge pain in our love partners; can we justify the pain as an inevitable part of the process of sorting through ‘the field’ in search for our ideal partner? For us it iseems permissible for Brad to inflict massive psychological pain upon Jen simply because he has found someone else ‘better’.

    By contrast, in almost all other areas where someone inflicts pain on another we see it as unethical if the pain results merely from going after a preference. For example, we don’t think an employer has the right to inflict pain on an employee merely to satisfy his/her sexual interest/preference, nor merely to satisfy the employer’s preference for one race over another. We can’t inflict pain on a dog merely because we decide to have a different one.

    Do we have a responsibility to care for those to whom we have primised care?

    Our culture is a culture of cruel love relations, hence our fascination as we watch people hurting and humiliating each other.

  16. Who cares what some blogger named Elaine has to say?

    That is pathetic. Anyone can crap out a blog. What a joke!

  17. Wah! Wah! Wah! Who really cares about her anyway? She is a waste of space and always will be!!!!


  18. Jennifer is classy. Angelina is the one who hooked up with a married man. Leave Jen alone.

  19. Leave this poor girl alone. Of course she was upset with what happened! Wouldn’t you be? She’s the lady in this picture, you didn’t see her running off with someone elses husband! Give her some slack she is a sweet, down to earth woman and if that happened to any one of us—-we’d go through the emotions too!

  20. Ok, so this wretch writer of this column needs a life, maybe she should go for the boyfriend pillow.
    I like both Aniston and Angelina. They both handled themselves professionally. So what Aniston made a comment about how she feels, its not like she’s trashing Angelina, it’s a pure and simple statement. It’s really sad when the media takes a side and even worst is the general public not using their own common sense to come up with their own conclusion which may be against the norm. Anyways, this writer is pathetic and needs to get laid.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  21. “She will always be remembered as Rachel and Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.”

    Not to me. She will always be Joanna in one of the greatest movies ever, Office Space.

  22. Shameful!, In the midst of something that takes years to let go of and move past for the vast majority of us, you strike a strong, hard working, blessed and yet stuck down by the pain of a marriage publicly broken again and again by a woman who is looked on and once again reverred as a goddess. The world is so mixed up, our home no longer watches any Jolie or Pitt movies. We feel strongly they should not be rewarded, albit the unremarkable way our home has made its stand, we cannot longer do anything that would mean more support for them that did something so wrong. Falling in love is one thing, a marriage break up is one thing, but Jolie has taken so many times of destroying not just in this romantic connection, she finally found her brainless although great follower in Brad and he has as he always has since they have partnered mimiced her in everyway, and together they have hurt one that he once loved, and continue to do so. He seemed to handle things with some sort of dignity for Jennifer but then of course there is the wind of destruction called Jolie that plays and always plays her part. Shameful on Macleans to continue the garbage!

  23. Everyone seems to have made Angelina Jolie a sperhero. Personally, i think she is a weirdo. Starting with the passionate ‘kiss’ she gave her brother, or has everyone forgot that, then the blood around her neck of her ‘true love’ . She made it clear she was after Brad Pitt, and she got him, then to puclicly say, she wanted to keep a memento of when she and Pitt fell in love on a movie set, while I might add, he was still married, anyone who calls that class, has lost the true meaning of the word. Jennifer is the true lady in this, should she be ticked off, you’re darn right she should be. I can guarantee you, I would have been much more vocal, Jennifer handled herself with grace and class.

  24. Ms. Pity Party is reaping her “just desserts” – she whines and lies to VF and pretends to be shocked about her breakup when she knew damn well it had an expiration date as it was more of a buddy union – as said by Brad and by her. She is the one that calls that tabloids and wants to be constantly tied to Brad and Angelina as that is the only way to continue being relevant – what a loser.

    BTW, any Brad fan knows he was in therapy since pretty much the beginning of his marriage to that fraud. I think she’s getter her due karma and couldn’t be happier about that.

  25. One thing I wish this article had delved into – the way Aniston manufactures photo ops and stories about herself to say in the headlines. Sure, the tabloids make fun of her, but 50% of it is of her own making. She and her PR flack, Stephen Huvane, are constantly leaking stories about her to one mag and then denying the story to another one. This is their usual MO whenever Jolie or Pitt has a new film or a major announcement. I can set my watch by these two.

    The leakedstory-then-denial is a tactic she pulls most frequently when she wants to advertise her latest lover. In the summer of 2007 the People magazine suddenly comes up with a story, a COVER STORY no less, about Aniston’s new love, British model Paul Sculfor. Nobody knew Sculfor from a whole in the ground, yet People had all the details of how they met and trysts at her house. The day after the magazine hit newsstands Huvane issued a denial to US Weekly. If pressed I can come up with at least half a dozen incidents from just this year where she’s pulled on of these tit-for-tat PR stunts.

    If anyone is to blame for Aniston continuing to be portrayed as the eternal victim, hapless single woman, then she need look no further than the nearest mirror. Aniston needs to stop this non-sense. Neither the public nor the media will et up on her until she does. Pitt is gone. Wave bye-bye to that train and catch the next one going in the opposite direction – and keep going. Aniston just needs to go away, regroup and come up with a new game plan because this one is tired, lame and just plain worn out.

  26. Angelina endured and endures so much hatred (deserved or not) with dignity and class.
    She exudes strenght and confidence.

    Aniston is a shame to women around the world.
    Whining and acting like a fool.

  27. I’m really disappointed that Macleans has stooped this low to join the gossip rags. If I wanted that kind of garbage, I’d waste my money buying that kind of magazine.

    I’m a grandmother who likes Jennifer because she’s talented, genuine and honest. When she says she was hurt, the operative word is WAS. She HAS moved on – it just the gossips who haven’t. Shame on you Macleans and others of this ilk.

    What I fail to understand is why the decent person is being treated so badly by the media. Why hasn’t the focus been on a man who has certainly demonstrated that he is lacking in honor and fidelity. Or how about the “other woman” who publicly announced her intentions for a married man – why isn’t there outrage on her lack of morals and decency?

    Jennifer is well rid of Brad – he seems like a rather weak individual to me. Neither Brad nor Angelina have demonstrated any kind of classiness in this.

    Doesn’t anyone else think there is something amiss with this media focus?

  28. After reading all of these comments about both of these women, no one has mentioned Brad in all of this!!!!.
    He’s the one who left Jen, he allowed himself to be taken in by Angelina. I just find it funny that people are “blaming” the women.

    • AMEN!!

  29. THANK YOU for this article!! You are DEAD ON about this loser. She has been posing as an “America’s Sweetheart”, while she is far from the sweet innocent victim who was wronged. She has thrown her marriage away long before Angelina showed up. When Brad made that phone call after her “uncool” remark, look what she had to do on Oprah to BACKPEDAL! She knows that HE KNOWS THE TRUTH, and can crush her to pieces at any time. I really wish he buries her for her FRAUD for good. The next time she opens her mouth blaming Angelina, Brad WILL crush her.

  30. ouch!

    but so true.

  31. You are the poor pathetic needy one! I do not understand how another woman could write such things and make assumptions about another woman that was left by her husband and cheated on.

    You are a bitch.

  32. Laura
    Nov 22, 2008 13:2 Your comment REALLY proves the point the writer is making. Fearful women afraid of being dumped, see Aniston as their Champion of Fear.

  33. you REALLY don’t know what you are saying, do you ?
    I mean, I’m sure right now Aniston is somewhere living her fortunate life, while you are writing this piece of shit about her.. She must reaaaaally care. Oh,sure.

  34. Passive.


    Ms. Whiniston.

  35. she just wants the spot light, she doesnt care what you say about her, as long as you are talking about her, she may have millions of dollars, but she is not happy, she is taking advantage of her fans, she is unattractive, and a terrible actress, what have she done to deserve all the attention? but she is always seeking out the cameras like Paris Hilton, i can’t blame her, if people are dumb enough to fall it, why not.?

  36. And when did Maclean’s, Canada’s news magazine, morph into the lowest form of supermarket check out tabloid crap? Just wondering.

  37. Absolutely brilliant article. We have been inundated with Poor Jen stories for four years and we read the poor, poor Vanity Fair article where she cried copious tears and moaned about her life followed by yearly visits to Oprah for loving support about that mean, mean, Angelina. So, anyone who says that she has never spoken about her marriage is either clueless or a liar. She has used this situation to further her career and she has loved being America’s most famous dumpee. She has dated several men since her divorce yet she has not moved on. He has publicly become a father six times over and still she clings to him. Every public event for Brangelina is followed by a sighting, story, or new relationship for Aniston and she plays the press as beautifully as her nemesis. And for the last time it is not possible to steal a man from another woman. A real woman would acknowledge that her relationship was in trouble (as had been reported for about two years prior to their divorce) and she would have looked stronger for it (see Uma Thurman for instructions.) Instead her team decided to portray her as the wronged woman again and again only now more and more people are sick of the story. And in the long run it is not making anyone go see her crappy movies it only makes those women who relate to her boring nothingness feel better about their own lives while stoking their own insecurities and venting their rage on the “other” woman. They say over and over that Jen is a girl’s girl yet they all ignore the fact that she heaps praise upon her ex while dumping on the “other” woman. Not a lot of female solidarity. Jen, you’re almost 40 years old, it’s time to grow up.

  38. I’m a man so what do I know, but it seems to me she’s got a great niche carved out as the avatar of single women over 30 — as witness her latest film, Management, in which she essentially plays herself: a single, career-oriented woman over 30 from a medium-sized American city who finds true love etc. And actually I found her very convincing in the role.

  39. Spinster? Spinster? A woman who uses the word spinster in this day and age has some problems of her own.

  40. She is beautiful and looks very happy. It’s so sad the media continues to generate negative publicity for her.

  41. BTW Jenfraud is a relative of Jolies.

  42. Your article is bullseye regarding Jen’s Pity Party. I think she’ll have a hard time getting over Brad. Gwyneth P. admitted in one of her interviews that it took her 5 years to get over Brad Pitt, how long will Jen get over Brad….. hmmm i guess as long as she breath !!! Pity party forever bwahahahahah!!!

  43. There is a lot of speculation concerning the very personal event between two married people that happen to be famous celebrities. Brad known for his against-the-grain roles, and jen for her looks and ability to be dumb and attractive simultaneously in a fun loving way. I’ve never been a huge fan of jen’s acting (Anyone ever seen The Good Girl? Horrible! Accent was totally off as well….) but I guess I was a fan of who I imagined her to be like the characters in The Office or Friends.

    Nevertheless I think it’s f*cked up what Angelina did. Yes, brad allowed himself to be tempted by her and left a marriage. But it was too easy. Angelina is gorgeous, hot, strange…..and if brad was bored or looking for something deeper…more layers in a person……it would seem to me that Angelina would present that. I’m going out on a limb here since I don’t know what happened, but it’s like offering someone a hamburger from Mc Donald’s or a sirloin from some expensive steakhouse. What are they going to take? The normal mass-produced crap or the one-time-made-fresh stuff? The sad thing about this is that it was too easy. It was too easy for beautiful Angelina to be single during Mr. and Mrs. Smith and sweep him off his feet. But although gorgeous and mysterious….Jolie hasn’t always been Hollywood’s favorite. It’s not until she cleaned up her act and started adopting a bunch of kids and acting important that people started respecting her. How was Jolie able to come out of her non-popular category and rise to AMAZING status category? A few years ago she was getting tattoos of old dudes (billy) on her body, talking about screwing him in the lemo on the way to an event on camera, kissing her brother (gross!), and doing a lot of drugs while wearing a vial of blood and bragging about it. She was quoted in an interview saying “I’m so glad I adopted Maddox because now when there’s something wrong I can’t just go pick up a drink.” WTF lady! You are the last person who should be watching kids. They are not a cure for addiction. That statement makes her sound more self-involved than I thought originally.

    Brad has dated several of the hollywood hotties from Gwen Paltrow, to Jen (the normal one), to now being married and having 409845098 children with the weird hot one.

    I don’t know what to think of this article except that I do see how Jen’s allure has definitely slipped. She was the average girl who got her hot man stolen by the way better looking girl and now this Average Loveable Girl can’t get any men. She was definitely dumped by Mayer according to various magazines so I don’t see how going so public w/ the on again/off again relationship can help Jen’s status. John Mayer seems like a retard, anyone who dates Jessica Simpson and calls themselves an artist disqualifies themselves from having anything meaningful to say. In like five minutes you could probably hear everything Simpson had to say about every topic that’s ever crossed her mind in her entire life. She was retarded for dumping Lashey (sp?) thinking she could land on her “blossoming” acting and singing “career” when she can’t act for sh*t and her voice could break windows. Too bad they don’t have jobs for D size tits because then she wouldn’t be out of work!

  44. Adultery?? Who said there was adultery? when did falling in love with, become attracted to your married co-worker become adultery?

    Would feeling hate sufficient to fantasize about slapping your boss in the face and kicking his groin constitute assault and harm? No??

    Then there was no adultery though Brad and Angelina may have been attracted to each other and fell in love with each other.

    And oh, BTW, don’t forget, the filming of M&MS went waaaayyyy over schedule – right until March 2005 just before the premiere and long after Jennifer Aniston herself said she knew her marriage was over in Summer of 2004.

  45. are you people like meg and the elkes of the lets bash a woman with class and dignity and praise a woman who has no shame of breaking up a marriage and having kids without the marriage all such losers that you praise a woman like jolie. they sell their children to the mags and their private and sick family photos are out there for all the world to see. brad the balless male who has no personality and not selfworth was luck y to have a woman like aniston in his life she at least did not show the world what a stupid and brainless man he is. and to the person that says woman that are dumped use her as there idol get a life and some brains woman are strong and can overcome anything if they have the right upbringing by strong and healthy parents who have morals and a belief in god. jolie will always be known as a homewrecker and pitt as a balless manny. aniston is still famous as she was before pitt and will after him., and will always be classy and a woman with strong morals by woman and men with a brain that can see through your idols decayed life styles and pr. as for the writer of this article woman like you are dime a dozen and i pray another woman does not take your partner so you can be called sprinster and needy as well as any other name by people that gloat about pitt and jolieflapperlips . just remember what you do to others bites you in the ass

  46. Perhaps Jennifer Aniston should stop complaining about Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt. They have clearly moved on with their beautiful family. She’s whining about something that happened years ago.
    Jen – SHUT UP and go away already!

  47. alissa. she passed a comment about and article that was just a few weeks ago . and she has moved on with a younger and hotter guy. but flapperlips and pirr have not and bring her name up at all the movies when they want pr. so don.t blame the ex for their behaviour please be honest as you are a woman and i am sure you would be much more bitchy if this happened to you and your ex and his mistress lied about you every change they got. as for the beautiful family there are parents longong for those adopted kids she took instead of helping those people get their lives back and helping them keep their kids that is a true and pure helper of people. people should question and not just acept what people that blow their own trumpets when ever they do good but live the most decadent and wasteful lives in castles and buy the most redicules furniture and have six nannies because they are to busy to look after their own kids.

  48. I am so disgusted that such a misogynistic piece of crap is coming from a Canadian source, and from a magazine that purports to be a seeing the truth about the press maumors were spread by her then husband anews magazine, not a tabloid of the worst kind. To Alissa, and all the other supporters of the Brandgelina child collecting PR machine, Aniston did not ask to be involved in their disgraceful lifestyle, and she is merely commenting on comments made recently by Jolie. After keeping quiet about her husband’s affair for the last three years, not four, Jolie has started telling anyone who will listen about falling in love with Aniston’s husband while they were still married. A new article released today in the UK, has her saying “their family” started during the filming, as her son Maddox was there. It is Jolie that will not stop bragging about her she acquired Pitt (just in time as she had filmed only flops in years) .Aniston was asked her opinion on Jolie’s comments, and she said they were “uncool”, the understatement of the decade in most people’s views.
    It never fails to astound me how this couple, who have thrown a “family” of six children together in three years, several months of those while Pitt was married, only to sell their privacy to the highest bidder and then drag them around the world constantly, denying them friends or stability, are praised. Meanwhile a woman whose husband betrayed her in a cruel and public way including allowing his girlfriend to spread malicious lies that she would not have children, is the one who is mocked while the adulterers continue to discuss her whenever either one has a movie to promote one of the cruelest and baffling things I have ever witnessed. I am really ashamed that it is a Canadian news magazine attacking this woman, while the rest of the world is finally waking up to the constant taunts of Jolie towards her babydaddy’s ex, and saying they have had enough. In case MacLean’s hasn’t noticed, Jolie has proven she can’t act and Pitt has aged twenty years in the last three, Aniston is the one who has a broader fan base, and she has re-established a production company after leaving Plan B with her divorce. St. Jolie would never have been considered for A Mighty Heart if Aniston had not acquired it to produce. She easily trumps Jolie in brains, talents and looks and her future looks much brighter than Brandgelina’s. Keep to news, MacLean’s, you don’t have a clue about popular culture. I hope you are proud of the spiteful and stupid women you have brought to your site. They are not welcome in many places anymore, and reading their deluded hate rants should tell you why. Jolie has repeatedly said that the affair started during filming, and they are still denying it. Congratulations on attracting the bottom feeders of the internet. I will ensure that your magazine and all affiliated productions are boycotted by myself and extended family.

  49. For some reason, the previous box that allowed comments was much smaller than this one, and I could not see that several portions I had edited out, still showed up in the post. I apologize for the length and errors. The first sentence should read:

    I am disgusted that such a misogynistic piece of crap is coming from a Canadian source, and from a magazine that purports to be a a news magazine, not a tabloid of the worst kind.

  50. I cannot believe this publication presented an article like this. You wonder why women struggle with self-esteem issues. Even “news magazines” attack us from all sides. Jennifer Aniston is not pathetic, but this article certainly is.

  51. I’m always amazed at the number of Aniston fans who forget that her marriage to Pitt was on the brink of divorce for almost 2 years BEFORE he ever met Jolie. Angelina Jolie DID NOT cause the rift between Pitt and Aniston. It already existed when she met him.

    Have Aniston’s fans really forgotten about how the tabloids spent 2 years asking why the couple spent so much time apart? A sane person doesn’t put much credence in the tabloids, so bear in mind that everything I’m about to say are STATEMENTS THEY MADE TO LEGITIMATE NEWS AGENCIES AND MAGAZINES, NOT TABLOID STORIES. These are items from interviews with Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Esquire and Rolling Stone.

    For instance – what about when Aniston accidentally on purpose forgot to thank Pitt when she won a Golden Globe? If you’ve never seen the tape of this go to YouTube and look it up. And then there’s – Why Aniston keep saying they were working on kids, but none ever came? Why Aniston proclaimed in a TV interview that Pitt was “NOT the love of my life, but certainly A LOVE.”? Or Pitt’s referring to their marriage as “a merger” and “I’m not sure two people are meant to be together forever” and “Let’s see how far THIS THING takes us?” Or Pitt’s statement that he was sick of Aniston kicking him out of his own house and then telling all their personal business to her gaggle of girlfriends she calls her “Goddess Circle”? Aniston’s own FATHER said Pitt was, “Certainly in no hurry to get to the alter.”

    Or how about before their marriage when Pitt said he and Aniston had a common love of modern and contemporary furniture…only after the marriage Aniston claimed Pitt’s desire to furnish their Beverly Hills home with modern furniture was stupid because the furniture was “uncomfortable”? When Pitt left the country for nearly 6 months to film Troy in 2003 she only visited him TWICE. What woman who doesn’t have to CHOOSES to leave her husband alone in foreign countries for 6 months? This was during a time when “Friends” had wrapped for the season, but instead of going to Malta to be with Pitt she signed on to do a movie instead. This is during a time that many industry insiders were saying the two were having a trial separtion. I’m talking about EARLY 2003, NOT 2004! That’s a full year before Pitt worked with Jolie. With Pitt out of the country Aniston then told an interviewer she was “…glad he’s gone…” and that because he was she “…can now furnish the house with comfortable furniture…” At which point she proceeded to fill the house that Pitt had had labored 2 years to remodel (in a modernist style, mind you), doing a lot of the work himself, with chitz and Laura Ashley-type furniture and Pitt didn’t find out until he got back to the States.

    And on the subject of children Aniston stated that Pitt wanted “…at least seven” and then commented, “HE’LL BE LUCKY IF HE GETS TWO.” Lucky? IF? Are these REALLY the actions and words of a couple in a harmonious marriage? If you think so, then your idea of marriage and mine are polar opposites. Theirs was a marriage on the brink of collapse for over 2 years before Jolie even met Pitt. The fact that she came along when she did is moot. Jolie, Pitt and Aniston have all said there was no sexual affair. Aniston herself admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that she knew the marriage was over by the summer of 2004. The M&MS shoot lasted off-and-on well into March 2005. Pitt even told an Indian television interviewer that he missed some world news in the spring of 2005 because he was, “too busy CHASING ANGELINA.” Yeah, that’s right – she resisted getting involved in what was sure to be a sh#t storm. HE did the chasing…yet SHE gets painted as the bad guy. That says a lot about how our society devalues women and absolves men of their own actions. And that’s pretty damned sad.

  52. Janice, good use of grammar. I take it English is not your first language? LOL

    • j scrilla if i wanted to waste my grammar and pure english on trashy idol worshipping americans or the trashy canadians i would not be on this forum. are you here to teach and preach like a schoole teacher . the woman here that can praise a homewrecker and try to justify her by stating that pitts marraige was on the rocks one question where you living with this couple that you can truthfully say this or is it all just gossip picked up by trashy american and canadian magazines to sell for the mighty dollar. i apologise to the honest and decent americans and canadians but these others that seem to justify adultery and disgracefull behaviour from pitt and jolie, as my sirname is dos santos what do you think teacher.

  53. I Love Jennifer Aniston, I think your article is a load of crap. Jennifer is 100% better then that
    ho- Angelia Jolie…..
    Macleans has Jolie as a saint….OMG!!! I cant believe this magazine.

  54. ECFan

    What a fantastic post!

    Thank you for setting the record straight!

    The true ‘fans’ of Jennifer Aniston should remember all that she said and did during her time with Mr. Pitt.

    Some of these people who speak out on her behalf, as she continues to “whine” incessantly about her loss, or what was allegedly “stolen” from her, either have selective memory disease or are PAID Huvane bloggers trying, desperately, to keep her “relevant” while she is being ‘eclipsed by a Supernova.’

    Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt never include the ex’s name in their conversations. The ex does NOT inhabit their world or their thoughts.

    It is past time for Aniston to move on. Take responsibility for your OWN part in the dissolution of your marriage and quit trying to place blame where it does NOT belong.

    You do not and cannot blame Brad because you KNOW he never cheated on you, and your hatred towards Angelina is irrational and unwarranted.

    Call off your ‘attack’ dogs……; Stop trying to paint Angelina as your nemesis. This dog will no longer hunt and you are beginning to look very foolish.

    Angelina never did anything to you to deserve your negative comments and you KNOW that as well, and the sooner you admit that to yourself and to everyone else, the sooner you will find the true happiness that you have found and will continue to find – so elusive.

  55. “How did Macleans, once Canada’s news magazine, morph into a tabloid rag?”

    My sentiments exactly.

    On the other hand, it is a reliable indicator of the dip the quality of a publication takes.

  56. Man. We can really get worked up over something so trivial as someone else’s love life. We don’t even know these people personally. All we really know is what we’re told through the mouth of the media, and we all know what that’s worth, don’t we? Think Rock Hudson, think Lindsay Lohan, think the Olsen twins.
    Come on. There are more important things to discuss…like how we’re going to save poor, innocent Katie from that crazy, Scientology crusader, Tom Cruise.

  57. thats so unfair to her


    Jennifer Aniston is the most overated star in hollywood. Millions of insecure women are living vicariously through her and therefore, demonizing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It’s truly pathetic..

    …In the end, Jen jen has done more harm to her persona than good……while I was indifferent to her as a person, but enjoyed her on friends……at the present time I am absolutely sick of her passive aggressive attitude and the way she uses the press for he advantage, while bemoaning the fact that she is ‘above it all’….yeah right! She’s milked Brad Pitts popularity and the divorce for all its worth, and I AM COMPLETLY SICK OF HER. As I said…..I cant stand her, and will definitely not go to see a movie of hers at the boxoffice…

  59. To ECfan: Excellent post. You said it all.

    Of all the tiresome, boring creatures on the planet, this woman takes the cake. Whine, whine, whine. Damn, chica, get over it, will you?! Listen to her talking about the dissolution of her marriage in Vanity Fair: “I was shocked! The world was shocked!” Well excuse me, lady, but it’s not all about you. The world has a great many more substantial things to be shocked about than your crappy marriage imploding. And then she goes on to accept “maybe 2% of the blame” for her marriage breaking up. Give me a break. If she had been a better wife to Pitt, she might still be married to him.

    I am sick and tired of this loser. She acts like she’s sixteen years old. She needs to grow the hell up, admit her share in the failure of her marriage and move on already. No wonder she can’t hold a man with all the emotional baggage she drags around behind her.

    It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many bitter, angry, lonely people who have resurrected an altar to their patron saint of scorned women. Too bad they will never know what it’s like to be on a winning team.

  60. Jennifer Aniston is a disgrace to strong women who were left by their husband or lover. I am one of those women,I have two kids and my husband left me for another woman. Too bad I don’t have a career that pays me millions and I don’t have $110 million in my bank account like Aniston. I am too busy to feel sorry for myself because I work two jobs, working 14 hours a day, getting paid 12 dolllars an hour.
    Tell me why should I pity her? I feel sorry for thousands of women like me who has children to support and get minimum wage. I bet Ms. Aniston, judging from her tan and and gorgeous hair doesn’t have to worry about anything else except her appearance which I’m not impressed anyway. I don’t understand why people feel sorry for her and why blame Angelina Jolie…why not blame Brad Pitt? He was the one who left her, didn’t he? It takes two to make and break a marriage. Do we really know what happened? What we know is what the media tells us.

  61. Comparing Jennifer to Angelina is like comparing apples to oranges or vegeburger to filet mignon.

    Jennifer is a shallow, untalented, self-centered moron who casts aside her own mother over her ex-mother-in-law to weep to about her problems. Could you possibly get more pathetic than that?

    Angelina is a wordly, beautiful woman who deeply mourned the loss of her mother and views the world in the “big picture.” Her beauty comes naturally from within.

    Angelina doesn’t have to stand in front of a mirror and reassure herself that she’s beautiful. It comes naturally.

    And as far as Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor – Liz was villified for the Eddie Fisher thing – but in the end, Liz showed true talent while Debbie Reynolds was just a big “has been.”

    Angie’s Camp

  62. Anne Kingston should spend her time writing articles that actually matter. Waste of paper and waste of ink.

  63. Ridiculous and sexist.

  64. Hey..I guess she has to do what she has to do. She will NEVER be a big movie star so I guess she has to pose semi nude now. PATHETIC Jen..oh wait..you are a serious actress! HA

  65. I agree with Ms. Harrington – Jennifer is shallow and talentless. I’m tired of people blaming Jolie for the break-up – did we forget Brad’s part in this? Maybe if Jennifer paid a little more attention to their marriage they would have still been married …..


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