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QUIZ: How news-savvy are you?

Where did Will propose to Kate? Who apologized to Conrad Black? Take our 2010 Newsmakers quiz.


How news-savvy are you?

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QUIZ: How news-savvy are you?

  1. Your quiz is marking the correct answer to question #9 as a wrong answer.

  2. Exactly why our plastic society is collapsing around our ears. This plastic garbage passes for 'news'.

  3. What stupid questions ..news must be scarse if you have to ask such
    crap ..who cares where a NS lottery winner is born ,,is that worldly news ???
    People in the US would ask "where is Nova Scotia" !! Now that is news !

    • Yes, but did you know that Ohio is bounded by 6 jurisdictions? Five of them are Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. What is the sixth one?

  4. This was not following news but sensationalism created by press coverage,