Shy Adam Lambert comes to town -

Shy Adam Lambert comes to town

The ‘American Idol’ runner-up shares his views on gays on TV and the ‘closed-minded’


Adam Lambert is not a fan of the phrase “less is more.” Sitting in an office at a Toronto radio station, the 28-year-old American Idol runner-up has just undergone his seventh makeup application for the day, and is wrapped in a grey scarf that is the size of a small comforter. “It’s a gift from Oprah,” he explains, as he starts to take off the fabric—which covers his six-foot-one frame like a sari—“she’s such a sweetie.” Although today’s schedule does not include any live performances, Lambert is completely stage-ready, sporting his signature black guyliner, spiked raven-coloured hair, and a face fully coated with a heavy dose of beige concealer. “I’ve never been that guy . . . ” the singer nicknamed “Glambert” says, before untangling the nest of silver necklaces and feathers hanging down his chest.

“You know, the one who’s always wanted to have a quiet, subtle life.”

The past few months for the openly gay singer have been anything but quiet. On Nov. 22, a day before the release of his disc, For Your Entertainment, Lambert performed at the American Music Awards, broadcast on ABC. During his number, he proceeded to grind one of his dancer’s faces into his pelvis, grab the crotch of another, and passionately kiss his male keyboardist. ABC got over 1,500 complaint calls and subsequently reneged on its offer to have him perform on Good Morning America.

Looking back, Lambert is surprisingly upbeat about the fallout. “My performance is something I’m extremely proud of and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am glad it facilitated a conversation about what kind of double standards there are out there, since Christina Aguilera, Britney and Madonna have kissed [on air] before without getting [banned].” Lambert adds, “I do think it was ironic that I was replaced [on Good Morning America] with Chris Brown [convicted of assaulting girlfriend Rihanna].”

What Lambert feels should be of more concern to TV networks is how gays are being represented on mainstream television shows. “All you see is the same type of gay stereotype on Glee, Ugly Betty and Entourage. There’s a clown element to them all. It’s always the sissy guy that’s passive and effeminate who gets it,” he clarifies. “I’ve seen a little bit of the polar extreme opposite too—the gay guy who’s a total butch dude—but we need to see [gay roles] that are much more human and complex. Showing diversity is a way of fighting discrimination. And it is still out there. If you go on iTunes, there are a ton of beautiful reviews of my music, but there is also a large portion of ignorant people posting things like ‘Gross, he’s gay.’ ”

According to Lambert, “closed-mindedness has made rock music become so conservative and filled with [macho] dudes when it should be filled with people like David Bowie,” who, he says, “challenged people’s perceptions with his work.” One musician Lambert feels is building on Bowie’s legacy is fellow popster Lady Gaga. “I swear, she is a gay man, and I mean that in the most affectionate way.

Nobody else respects gay culture the way she does because she’s lived it, worked in the clubs, and has a close-knit family of guys who look out for her. She knows how to push the envelope in the right way.”

Lambert was so impressed with Lady Gaga’s first album, The Fame, that he ended up recording a track she gave him called Fever. “The session was amazing,” he recalls. “She walked in wearing a costume—which is really daywear for her—and I loved it because I went totally costume-y that day too. Before cutting the track, we had a little listening party. She played songs off The Fame Monster—it hadn’t come out yet—and I played my demos. She gave her me two cents on my songs and we had a couple of whiskeys. Then we recorded the song.”

Following in Gaga’s platformed footsteps, Lambert’s next career move will be planning a soon-to-be-announced tour as well as releasing an EP, which will contain remixes of his first two singles plus a brand new track. In terms of staging his next slew of concerts, Lambert says he wants to keep everything “really simple—a bunch of hot dancers, arty video graphics, a lot of costume changes and fire. You know, just the basics.”

As for the show that launched him, “I hope my success on Idol can be seen as a symbol of ongoing change,” he says. “They’ve had contestants on the show who have either been gay or seemed gay but they didn’t get very far, but I don’t think that will be the case anymore. If they’d ask me to be a judge, I would definitely say yes.”


Shy Adam Lambert comes to town

  1. I love Adam Lambert! His musical talent blows me away! I cant wait for his solo tour! He should be on every entertainment show cuz for me, he is entertainment!! I cant get enough of him, I love to hear him talk, he is so real, he knows who he is and owns it! He copies no one, he just IS!!! I have never enjoyed a Cd as much as his! Ususally I buy a CD for one or two songs but for Adam, I love every song! They are so brilliantly sung with such emotion, I cant imagine watching him perform them live! Adam has me hooked and Im here to stay!!

    • Susan I couldn't agree with you more. Adam is an absolute star!!

    • he's a fag

      • fag is a cigarette.

    • I agree wth you 100%. I am 72 years old, have grandchildren and great grandchildren and might be his oldest fan.
      He is extremely talented and I also love to listen to him talk. He handles himself very well in any circumstance.

  2. I'm so waiting for the announced tour. In the meantime heading to Fantasy Springs casino in 19 days!! Yipee!! Can't wait to see Adam.

    • me to going to fantasy springs to see him, i love him. was late to get tickets so not sure where i am sitting but at least im in the house

  3. I was hooked on Adam the moment I saw him on Idol, I’ve followed him on every show he’s appeared on. He’s such a gracious human being, apart from his amazing voice he knows how to entertain and present himself, this is just the beginning for him, the worlds going to love him, I look forward to the day we’ll see him on the big screen and broadway.

  4. He's good, but Kris Allen is SO much better.

    • So much better at what? Being shy when coming to town?


      • … At singing out of the side of his mouth. Gad, that guys annoys me.

    • well good for you for liking Kris better, why the heck are you on a story about Adam, other than to trash Adam, what a perfect example of a Kris fan you are. I hope both guys to well despite the pettiness of some of their fans. sad sad

    • yes he's so much better at playing instruments. Other than that he's pretty much more of the same.

  5. Thank you, Elio Iannacci for the article/interview. I learned/read a few new things I had not known before. So many Lambert related article focus on the sensational. I t was a good read.


    Kris is great, but he's not HERE. Relax, there's room for everyone. The contest is over. Do all us of all us in the fandom a favor and make Kris fans look good. Okay?

    • Kris who?

  6. I hope he can sell out that 3600 seat Casino he's scheduled to appear at this month before he considers really touring. The tickets have been on sale for over 2 weeks now and still not sold out.

    His comment about people on Idol before him that were perceived as gay or who are gay and haven't been very successful? Who is he kidding. There is one in particular that is much more successful than Adam can hope to be. If Adam is still around in a few years, we'll see, but right now he has no grounds to make that kind of comment. He looks FOOLISH!

    • Considering the casino gig has only been announced by the casino and Adam and his team haven't said a word about, and it is 3/4ths sold out, I'm really not too worried about his touring prospects. There's been practically no promotion, so the only people who know are people actively looking for that type of information. And it's selling well for that. And they went on sale about a week and half ago, not over two weeks.

      Also, nice try with the Clay Aiken implication, but he also denied (repeatedly) being gay until after the majority of his success had already happened.

    • Hello, there has been No advertising. Adam has not twittered it. The tickets got sold by fans word of mouth and Then it got announced by Fantasy Springs Resort in the local news-and- saying how amazed they are at the response -even people attending from out of the country. All of this without one advertisement. Now the Fantasy Resort is selling tickets to a party for Adam's fans prior to the performance. Very impressive.

    • No ddvertising, just word of mouth about this gig and that indicates superstar rising, despite taking hits from every side and bias,bigotry, pettiness from the media-the universe gave Adam his outstanding multi-octave vocal range and crystal clear singing because he was designed to be a superstar.

    • uh…hello……. earth to you… they are sold out and an extra 200 were put up for sale , they had to open the 12th floor , people are flying in from all over the world to see him, so get your facts straight and shut up about trying to diss Adam, you make yourself look petty and FOOLISH.

  7. Hahahahahaha are you talking about Clay Aiken?? As much more successful than Adam can hope to be??

    hahahahahahahaha you just made my day. Thanks for the laugh!

    • Yes, Sarah, I suspect he is referring to Clay, who has more talent in his little finger than Adam Lambert has in his entire body. Time will tell who will be more successful. You can laugh all you like, but time will tell.

      • Clay? talent in his little finger than Adam has in his entire body?

        has anyone out there seen or heard anything even remotely significant from Clay Aiken lately?

        Adam will be accomplishing what Clay can only DREAM of, and in less time

        • You don't know what Adam WILL accomplish. You can wish and hope for him but his sales and success is very sub standard thus far. I don't have much confidence that he will even be a name in 7 years.

      • Who's Clay Aiken?

  8. Actually, his concert is 3/4 sold out with no main advertising, just word of mouth so far.

  9. I wish everyone who enjoys music would set aside all preconceived notions and all their own prejudices to allow themselves to come to know Adam and his music. He is the most fascinating person out there today. At this point, I probably qualify for a Ph.D. in Adam Lambert and I am proud to be a devoted fan. Whatever he does from here on out, I will support him and I will do it while dancing to his remarkable music. Accept him as a singer and entertainer and you will then grow to love him as the beautiful man that he is.

  10. I'm surprised that any modern journalist would use the term "openly gay." Along with "working mother", "married employee" or "practising homosexual", "openly gay" is a term whose time has passed. Most people are non-chalant about their orienation. Other than with a few anochronistic media types, it's a non-issue and describing it is no more appropriate than calling someone divorced, married or single in the context of their career. And, in Canada, people may not be asked about their marital status or orienation by any workplace manager.Also I do not know of a single gay person who remains in the closet. But whether someone is gay or straight, in or out, only matters when one is dating that person. The media should not be a backwards bigot.

    • I think you've missed the point. In the context of this story (i.e. revealing the online homophobia that Lambert has to endure), the phrase is used correctly. What I do think is silly and quite outdated is using "media types" in a sentence. Long live Lambert!

    • You write that " Most people are non-chalant about their orienation." Not Adam Lambert. His interviews are dead boring – all about being gay and nothing about music. Come on Adam, people voted for you because you can sing!

      • Hi Les, I think Adam merely responds to media questions as asked and he doesn't try to steer reporters off of these topics, something they probably wouldn't mind.

  11. My daughter and I went to an American Idol concert in Vancouver primarily to see Adam Lambert and have been following his rising career. He's got what it takes to be successful: talent, looks, charisma, uniqueness, and now connections.

  12. I am shocked he has not sold out yet. Most of the popular idols sold out in the first day of a concert when coming off Idol. They did not need advertising. I am sure the casino is advertising and it is all over the web his fans have made sure of that.

    • Absolutely all wrong infomation.No, not a single other performer-except Dane Cook the comedian- has sold their gig without any ads only word of mouth. Only Dane and Adam have been able to accomplish this feat.

    • uh hello, it is sold out and they had to open the 12th floor and add another 200 tickets, people are flying in from all over the world to see Adam, NOW… are you shocked about this and that you were wrong? go away and support an artist you like, you obviously don't respect yourself and make yourself look petty and whiney.

    • Who are the "popular idols" you are referring to? Hmmm, seems like a statement made with no facts.

  13. If I had the resource I'd be heading out to see Adam. In my opinion, he's the most popular idol EVER on the show. He's got it ALL – what more can I say. I don't care to see Carrie Underwho or the others but Adam definitely.

    I know he will succeed not only for his GREAT talent for his beautiful heart.

  14. I think we must admit Adam has gotten a slow start. But I predict it's a slow start to a great career.

  15. Make that a phenomenal career. He will usher in many changes, including the way we dress . . .

  16. ' Lambert adds, “I do think it was ironic that I was replaced [on Good Morning America] with Chris Brown [convicted of assaulting girlfriend Rihanna]" '


    Too bad it is a statement of the priorities of many people. Watch it Adam, you're one wardrobe malfunction away from being pitchforked.

    • Adam is a man of HIGH CLASS and I wsh the media would not refer to him as the openly gay idol runner up… that phrase should not be used he should be called by his name Adam Lambert.. he has changed my life in many different and I thank him for that. He is a wonderful caring person with a voice that tells it all he's got everything and he worked hard for what he has today and I like many of his fans loves him with all my heart I love everything about him for like I always say in his eyes lies sincerity and I will follow him where ever he goes… and I know Adam will go high higher HIGHEST nobody can stop our SHINING STAR LOVE YOU ADAM… I ive in Canada so wish I can be there to see you perform live once again… AND ADAM YOU MADE ME WANT TO LISTENTO MUSIC AGAIN.

  17. Clay was deep in the closet,it is hardly the same dialogue.

    • that is so true he didnt come out until about what 3yrs after

  18. Adam is a great singer, and I only watched AI week to week to see him perform. He is the most exciting new artist in decades. He actually got my entire family back into music again.

    • thats the ONLY reson i watch it!!! after he was on, i turned it off and then on to see the end replays! then the next day, i went into my recorded and rewatched his performance OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
      any one who hates adam hates gays, me and america because im gay!!!!

  19. I always boggles my mind when someone feels the need to deliberately click on a name of someone he or she loathes, only to write some snide remark
    Really, what is it that makes one feel this urge to knock someone down who hasn't actually done anything to you?
    If I don't like someone, I steer my cursor clear of that person.
    One should examine oneself to see where this is coming from
    Even if you don't believe in God, or the power of our place in the universe, one should examine where this urge stems from.
    Adam is an entertainer. All he wants to do is what he loves, to entertain
    If you don't like his brand of entertainment, there are enough artists in this world for you to find peace

    • Well said Jonathan! I think you have echoed what many of us have thought all along. People need to take the blinders off and just enjoy Adam for his awe-inspiring talent!!

    • well said, people who trash have no self respect.

  20. i find it rediculous that they replaced him on Good Morning America sure his performance on the AMA was maybe not the right thing to do on tv but thats who he is. he didnt hurt any one and it was unfar to him and all his loving supportive fans to replace him on the show. for me i would have Adam Lambert on the show than Chris Brown. Adam Lambert is a musical genious and I hate the people who made so many complants over something so small. ILY Adam Lambert!!!


    • Wrong. Blogs have nicknamed him Glambert too.

    • Perez Hilton and a MILLION other bloggers call the singer Glambert. BTW: Stop writing in caps…it looks insane.

    • Guest,
      why would you say tht???? yeah we are Glamberts, but our leader Adam (whom i WORSHIP) is the #1 glambert! he is the eminomy of glitter and sexy, to-die-for moves, voice, body, face, soul, and freedom to be who he wants!!! i would die forr a pair of tickets to his consert!!! his name is glambert because he is the GLAMOROUS LAMBERT {GLAM-BERT}!!!!

      • Glamberts are the worst Adam fans around. You embarrass us and you embarrass him constantly.

  22. Adam is the most talented singer of the moment. I am glad I have lived to meet such sensational personality.


    We love you!

    • Ditto, JadaLee!!!

  23. Adam is a truly unique and gifted artist. I hope he tours ANYWHERE close to where I live.

    Through the acceptance and exploration of diversity in all its forms, we will become better people.

  24. Clay set the standard for success by a runner up that overshadows the winner. None of the non-winners and most of the winners have come close to his level of success, including Adam. Maybe in the next year Adam will sell as many CDs as Clay did in his first week. There is no comparison and Adam's fans know it. That is why Clay is such a sore spot to them.

    • I went to lots of Clay's shows, and I enjoy his voice. That being said, I do not find him a "sore spot" at all. I just find Adam much more talented, sexy, charismatic and entertaining than Clay. Other than being gay, Clay does not seem to have much in common with Adam, and I say to each his/her own! Follow the artists that make you happy and stop the competition.

  25. No one among the new breed of entertainers now is as multi-gifted by GOD than ADAM in any way possible, in any area, in any angle, physically, mentally and spiritually. ADAM simply overflows with talents. with gorgeousness, with sex appeal, with dripping charisma. Plus he is such a master communicator, so eloquent and so articulate and talks with substance. Plus he's got a big heart and an enlightened soul. With his tantalizing eyes, sparkling smile and magnetic aura, he lights up like sunshine and when he sings with those sexy moves, you're under the glittery spell. ADAM is a rare gem.

    • Adam Lambert is HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am in love and obsessed! I am his #1 fan[and his oyster]!!!! hahahah but seriously!!! i am a GLAMBERT, and we will ALL LIVE ON!!!!

  26. I am so proud of Mr Lambert. He enjoys what he does and makes his fans vritually DIE at the sight of him. Adam, don't change anything, be yourself be as gay as you want to be cause America and the rest of the world will soon be your oyster!!!! You have a talent from God!!!

  27. Adam is a rising star! Can't wait for his solo concert! For those Adam bashers out there, please leave him alone.

  28. Anyone see the Today Show this morning??? Showing Sandra and Meryl with a full-on kiss. Hmmmm. This is a morning show–with children watching. What? And Meredith commenting about how people love to see women kiss. Talk about double standard.

  29. erm, Clay Aiken vehemently denied that he's gay for at least 2 years, keeping that squeaky clean choir boy image for God knows how long, so obviously his CD's gonna sell more (I own a copy, I admit it myself) because it's non-offensive, easy to listen to and quite generic pop. He also had a lot more radio air time. I'd be interested to know what would happen if he announced right after AI that he's gay (personally I'd still have bought his CD because I liked him, but I can't vouch for others now can i?)

    Adam Lambert on the other hand isn't even targeting the same audience as Clay, and they're completely different artists. Adam is a lot edgier and his vocal range is much wider than Clay's. Their music styles are almost polar opposites, heck, just look at the way they present themselves!

    Did Clay get black-labelled by the media the day before his album came out? No. Did Clay get a Rolling Stone cover when he came out? No. When Clay came second he was the poster boy for normal every-day boy-next-door type with a great voice and happened to defeat all odds and get to where he was (his audition appearance versus finals appearance). When Adam came second he wasn't exactly hailed in such a light where everyone could relate to him, he's too wild and crazy to be linked to anything ordinary/normal, which to me is probably the reason why he lost out to goody goody Kris Allen (devout Christian, boy-next-door type with great voice, ring a bell anyone? Obviously I'm not trying to imply Kris will come out in a few years time).

  30. It's kind of silly to be comparing anyone to a overnight sensation that happened what, 7 years ago, when the internet media is nowhere as accessible as today, where if you like an artist you couldn't just go to youtube and listen to tracks on there, instead you just HAVE to buy the album. Neither could you download albums (or at least downloading wasn't that popular back them). Take me for example, I actually listened to all Adam's tracks on the internet many times before deciding that instead of downloading it illegally (or download the youtube 'videos' using realplayer and then sticking it into my mp3 player, like a lot of my friends do) I should really support him and get a copy of his actual CD.

    Why do people have to compare two completely different artists just because they both happened to be gay? Instant success doesn't guarantee longevity in the business, as much as I liked Clay Aiken before he's not really doing that great is he now? Plus I was really disheartened to see his comments on Adam Lambert while he was at AI, it just didn't quite match the nice boy-next-door image that Clay used to portray.

    We'll see how Adam does. I hope for entertainment's sake America will not suffocate another interesting character who happened to be a really damn good singer.

    • FBJC, I agree and remember all those Claymates, just lining up to be his bride? All of that went POOF! after he came out, no more hope. Adam oozes sex appeal. From every pore. Interesting, yes, talented, yes, and honest.

  31. To Fred, I respect your opinion of Adam and his gayness. However, and it is only my opinion, I feel that the MEDIA has had a great impact on the way that Adam is presented. He is very open, yes, but he has broken ground and because of that, he has garnered press and publicity that throws the issue in his face at every turn. If someone wants to get hits on the internet, well, Adam's name does the trick. I have heard Adam say MANY times that music and entertaining are his main goals. I think we all need to cut him a break and just enjoy his rare talent.

  32. I would buy tickets in a heartbeat to see Adam at the casino if I lived closer (I'm in MO). I so wish I could go to that concert, just like I wished I could go to Gridlock. I just can't afford to fly out, rent a room, rent a car, etc. However, I'll be there in a New York minute when he tours to a city w/in better driving distance to me. I went to the Idols summer tour only because Adam was performing. Adam, please come back to Kansas City. If you want a venue smaller than the Sprint Center, we have a lot of different-sized venues in which artists perform, including casinos. Your music is being played here, too. Thank you Mix 93.3!!!

    I bought Clay Aiken's CD when it came out (and voted for him, too), but truthfully only listened to the CD a few times. And I was very disappointed in his Christmas CD (however, I love his "Mary, Did You Know?"). I have listened only to Adam ever since his CD came out. I can hardly stand to listen to anyone else now. He's got me so spoiled with his wonderful vocals and the variety of sounds on his CD, which is so much fun. As I've said before, it's like a party in my car.

  33. My oldest son is gay, and I love him and his life partner. There are other gays in our family and nobody blinks an eye, or treats them as different than anyone else.

    But I don't think much of Adam Lambert. He is doing the gay community a disservice with his "in your face" attitude. I don't see this confrontational stance from other gay entertainers I enjoy ( Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, Elvira Kurt) They aren't shy about their sexual orientation, but they don't wield like a weapon and taunt people with it.

    The unfortunate fact is that gay-ness makes a segment of the population uncomfortable and antagonizing them doesn't do anyone any good.

    • hey!!!! there are gay ppl that are huge Lambert fans that are reading this!!! I AM GAY!!! and he is not doing a "disservice"!

    • To "Fred – Brandon MB" – my friend, you are, or at least what you have written here, is part of the problem, not the solution. One gay man is NOT EVERY GAY MAN – that attitude EXACTLY what is part of the problem!!!!! I have been fortunate enough to have had 3 wonderful gay male friends in my life – all 3 of them are quite conservative actually, and two of their partners are as well – but one of them has a partner who is a little more exuberant and outgoing and creative and out of the box…but he is authentically himself, and I love him for it. It makes my heart feel good to know that he has found the confidence to be himself in this world. My boy-next-door-grown-up-to-be-banker-fairly-conservative-traditional male friend is one gay male, but Adam Lambert is another… each existing and thriving as they are, living true to themselves… and sometimes my friend, Adam Lambert is also the boy next door, and for that I say thank goodness!

    • I totally disagree—what you say here is similar to the “uppity” comments of 50 years ago of MLK and Malcolm X. Like somehow if you are gay it's ok as long as you know your place….

      • Well said Nulla!

  34. Adam Lambert needs to get over himself.

  35. (cont. due to space constraints)

    And just to correct FBJC, Clay had a cover on Rolling Stone right after Idol (although true, it wasn't when he came out, which was much later). You have to give Adam points for honesty.

    Also, I wish people would stop referring to Adam as "openly gay" singer, or openly gay anything. Do people refer to Elton John as "openly gay" anything? Uh, no. I think by now everyone knows Adam's sexual orientation. Let's move on and just enjoy his music.

    • ummm….adam IS openly gay. and proudly so. get over it.

    • sorry I meant a cover on Rolling Stone when he 'came out', not when he was coming off AI

    • One of the main reasons Clay put off coming out openly was his travels for UNICEF. In all but one of the several countries where he spent weeks at a time (Indonesia, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, etc), his life would have been very endangered. He has represented UNICEF for over 5 years, and that opportuniity as very important to him. Adam should remember that would also be true of himself.

      • Clay is just about ready to make his presence felt again, for those of you who ask Clay "who", here is some information to use in comparison (as time goes by): approximately $40,000,000 worth of concert tickets sold – after Idol's concerts, 613,000 albums sold the first week and 6 million to date, over 760 TV and personal appearances, and yes, he was on the cover of Rolling Stone right after Idol (I think it was June or early July). And, his single of This is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water was the best selling single of the year, and the best selling debut artist in over a decade. Chapter two is about to begin. You wouldn't get these answers if you didn't have bad or incorrect posts all the time. Kumulus, this is not all to you, but several different posters here. Keep lovin' Adam – he is great. We'll see how he does.

  36. I Love Adam!!! His voice is sooo sexy and great!!! I dont care if he is gay, straight or whatever!!! He can sing for me any day!!! As far as I am concerned it is Good Morning America's loss not to have Adam on the show!!

  37. Ya Know what! kris was…good, okay. but who was the FIRST person EVER to get a standing ovation from Simon??? hmmn? ADAM LAMBERT!!!! :) i am in LOVE with him for 4 reasons: he is SOOOO sexy, his voice is flippin' AWESOME, his eyeliner is RADICAL (i hope adam will read this….if so, call me…PLEASE!!!) and Adam Lambert was not afraid to admit that he was gay! i am only 14 and i happen to also be gay and adam really spoke to me in a way that only an angel could!!! i dont know why people are so hung up by yelling and making fun of him because of it!!!! its SICKENING!!! UGH!! i hated my school of 208 for making fun of me!!! imagine how Adam Feels!!! having the whole world laughing!!!!

  38. Adam needs a hit pretty soon here. I say release Fever next.

    • Yes, Fever would be a great hit.
      What's up with little radio air time? I see/hear enough fans complaining they request but not played. How does this work?? Adam Lambert hands down is the freshest artist in a long time. Unique in his music, can sing his a- – off, and can make me feel like dancing, singing, sexy and calm all ine one CD! Love the CD, Rock on Adam.

  39. Why do you fall back on stupid labels like "openly gay"? Do you refer to Elton John as the openly gay singer? Do you call Ellen Degeneres the openly gay talk show host" How about convicted assaulter Chris Brown? Can't you just do an interview without the label, or are you just looking for conflict to sell your article?

  40. Ah the rumor mill. Adam concert sold very quickly. I was lucky to get a spot on the floor about 600 seats back. The only ticket left a few days ago was in the rear far corner. I assume some folks will buy and sell since they may be coming from far away. Only those who truly listen to his voice and music understand. He is amazing. LIke the first time people heard the perfection of Julie Andrews or Freddy Mercury. If you can't hear it, I'm really sorry.

  41. Wonder no more why Adam doesn't get airplay. There is an agenda to PUSH Kris and put Adam on HOLD. If not, Adam will drown out Kris' CD. It is to legitimize Kris' win and make money out of him before he fades away. Because Adam will be big, no doubt about it. If the producers would not do it, there's no way Kris would forge ahead with his career and AI would lose face and be the laughing stock for their anomalous voting system that gives Kris the win. What else is there any reason for playing Kris over and over if not PAYOLA?

  42. Great article I have been a fan of Adam Lamberts since I accidentally heard him sing on AI. I wish I could go to the Fantasy Spring show but I can't. I am really amazed at how many tickets have been sold without proper promoting, but then again I am not really that surprised given Adams talent, voice and appeal.

    I am not really sure who Clay Aitken is so I can't really comment on him. With regards to Kris Allen, I think he is talented and a really nice guy but his voice is nothing compared to Adams and I think even Kris realizes that. But there is plenty of room in the industry for both so rock on!

  43. Adam is an amazing performer. I listen to his CD everyday and can't seem to get enough. I have never felt this way about a entertainer before. Just give him time he will mesmerize you all.

  44. I would have enjoyed this article more if the author had not injected it with the snarky undertone. If you have a pov Mr. Iannacci, be direct about it. Also, I will comment here what I commented on another site which excerpted this article minus the snarky undertone – and that comment was that I believe that part, just part, of the reason why some may find Lambert unlikeable is that underlyingly they find him threatening, in that he – how shall I say it – can make the knees go weak of your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your Mother, your BFF, your best bud next door, your little sister, possibly your brother and maybe, just maybe, your Dad too ;). Hate on me if you will, but way down deep you're thinking I have a point. And on a more elevated level – Lambert is a great human being as well as a great artist… he's young and having fun and still that club kid sure, but he's a lovely individual, and that is so attractive.

    • what other site?

  45. I too am a GLAMBERT and am 63 yrs old!! Watched every episode of AI to see him, and am even a member of his official website. Adam is definitely a rising star and I am watching his climb all the way

  46. He screams on most songs; where he sings it's loud and forceful, rather than soft and sensitive, so his songs mean nothing to me, other than showing he's just another young gay man striving for attention.

    • a lot of singers "scream", specially metal and hard rock singers. That's a vocal technique that just a few singers can do. If you don't like it that's fine but that doesn't mean he's bad. In fact he can go as low as he goes high. He's an extremely good vocalist who's trying to make a name for himself in an industry that is falling down. You just happen to not like him. Being gay is totally irrelevant.

  47. Kissing was not the issue, it was simulated oral sex that went on for about 7 seconds, with Adam trying to justify it by saying other stars kiss on stage, however I've never see Ellen, Lady Gaga, or any other gay star so blatently simulate oral sex to an all-age audience.

  48. Adam Lambert is a megastar,there is no one as talented,sweet,honest and charimatic artist out there. Love his CD and have been following him since the begining of AI 8. If I had time off from work I would def. go to his cocert.

  49. Adam Lambert was a BIG PLANT on American Idol and had years of professional experience before he appeared on Idol. He had even appeared on a dvd with Val Kilmar and was working professionally before he appeared on Idol. He should never have been on the show because he already had entertainment contacts before he appeared on Idol.

    • erm Matt Giraud released a CD before going onto AI, Allison won another singing competition and actually had a CD contract prior to AI, what's your point?

  50. I have an almost embarassing combination of feelings for Adam… of pride over 'my little brother' in his successes, one of total, jaw-dropping amazement at his talent, another of desiring his smokin' man body and moves, and the other of wanting to sit down with him and a bottle of wine and laugh really hard and talk about things as a best friend. I'm totally in chaos, but I'm definately hooked! Sheesh!

    • You have a twin in me, Britte. LOL!


  52. i love you adam to death ande Iam 60 yrs. old

  53. i am 58 yrs, because of Adam i'm reliving my best years during the Glam 80's and have gone back to listening to the radio- in hope of hearing Adams voice break through here on the British music stations.
    I am scanning the web daily waiting to hear the dates of his European tour !
    I know there will never be another Freddy Mercury- but if he takes up Brian Mays offer to tour – or just one gig- there will be many old hearts happy again. When Queen backed Adam with Kris at the AI final, ever gracious Adam held back so as Kris wasnt over shadowed.
    In Europe he will be oceans apart from the biggots, and finally unleashed he will be able to give his fans what we crave.
    p.s- dont worry, we dont wish to steal either Kris Allen or Clay Aitkin from you ( altho we cant vote AI is broadcast world wide )

  54. I am really tired of the journalists continued use of the term "openly gay." Why can't you just speak to the talent?

  55. I am really tired of people who are afraid of the term openly gay. It means proudly gay. Adam is who he is and being gay is part of that. Staying true to himself is probably why he had gotten this far.

  56. Congratulations to him. He really has a nice unique voice.