Sony busts out a brand-new Move -

Sony busts out a brand-new Move

To counter the Wii system, Sony launched a rival called Move

Sony busts out a brand-new Move

Photograph by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc./ AP

It’s rarely a good sign when analysts and bloggers attach the suffix “-like” to your competitor’s product to describe your latest, cutting-edge innovation. But for Sony, which has finally unveiled a motion-sensor controller for its PlayStation 3 video game console—four years and 65 million units after Nintendo’s Wii first hit store shelves—“Wii-like” will have to do.

At a gaming event in San Francisco, Sony officially debuted the Move. Like the Wii, users hold the Sony controller in their hands and as they move, the game responds to their actions. But what sets Move apart is the PlayStation Eye camera, which tracks a glowing ball atop the controller and lets games better track your 3-D movements in space. The controller is due out later this year and will sell for around $100. Early reviews of the Move controller have been mixed. Some bloggers dismissed it as too little, too late, while others found it more refined than the Wii.

Still, for all the time Sony has had to come up with its response, many analysts seemed underwhelmed. Of course, the small matter of the Great Recession might explain why Sony has held off releasing its own motion controller until now—sales of video game consoles and games have been badly battered by the economic downturn.

But Sony has a good reason to get a move on Move. Later this year, Micro­soft will begin selling its own much anticipated motion control system, known as Project Natal. It involves no controllers whatsoever. Instead it relies on advanced infrared and motion-sensor technology so that players’ whole bodies become the controller. Microsoft even tapped director Steven Spielberg to unveil the device, prompting much speculation about hybrid movie-video games that star players in their own feature films.

Both the Move and Natal are still several months from launch, but already Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has predicted Microsoft will outsell Sony five to one. Ultimately, Move may end up going nowhere.


Sony busts out a brand-new Move

  1. Uhm…. i agree, the writer praises a bit too much the M$ device. and about Move, it can sell well if well supported by good software.

    Move >>> Natal, according to me.

    Good if the body is the "joypad", but what if you need to play something that you really need buttons? Or a combination of buttons?

    • then you use a gamepad! woah, that is huge concept there.

      See Natal can work directly with the gamepad and you can also do somethings a gamepad cannot do.

      Natal >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Move

      4 players out of the box, can do fingers, hands, feet, head, and body or just parts of the body and voice. The move can't do this out of the box (you only have access to one move and that is all unless you are going to pay $65 for a second one, which is doubtful.

      Sony does use a 2D camera, but those games get old fast and are not accurate at all.

  2. Pachter made that 5:1 comment a while ago, back when he thought Sony wasn't going to give much attention to the move. Now that they've announced their strategy for it, his estimates have to be much more toe-to-toe with Natal.

    Frankly, I think Natal's biggest selling point is the fact that journalists are hyping it up more than it deserves to be, and Move is the sleeper hit. Natal is going to be a big disappointment for all those people who think it's going to do Minority Report-level stuff.

    Primesense (company that built Natal) has a demonstration here:… and doesn't resemble Minority Report in the slightest.

    Now watch what Move can do: – Does Minority Report and THEN some.

    It would be wrong to predict Natal will sell better, when it can't even do what it's advertised to do.

    • Sony's move is going to bomb because its Wii too. To do that move stuff you need two moves. That is going to be close to $165 and they are not making any software like that. $300 for a PS3 + $165 to do what Natal does out of the box and that is only for ONE player. Natal does 4 players out of the box. Microsoft is doing their Slim $360 when they also drop the price later this year + Natal.

      Sony's software is too much like wii and just at a much higher price and like I said the demos were made by the small group of people that don't make games. In order by make money selling games you have to go with the largest common denominator which is the single move. That is why that fails because you can't really do much with just a single move and a 2D camera that the wii already hasn't covered.

  3. lame. Sony has been working on motion controls since the Playstation 2.

    In fact, if you do some research on your articles you would know that Sony beat Nintendo to this technology. The Wii is very Sony-like.

    If anything, Natal… Microsoft's much inferior motion control technology, can be defined as EyeToy-like.

  4. hehe of course, Natal will loose (cause we hate MS) and Sony will win (cause we own Ps3 :-)
    Natal will utlimately outsell Move because every kid will want to play with it – it does not necessary mean good games, just the experience. You turn your xbox on and you can switch movies, music etc without any controller – this is what may be attracting people. Move is going to work with games only, every day operation will not involve those weird controllers.
    Mark my words :-)

  5. "Ultimately, Move may end up going nowhere."
    Yes, in another life and another planet… right… bah, stupid article

  6. Hey, I just found your blog – thanks for writing. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up correctly on the BlackBerry Browser. Has anyone else had this problem?