Sun News Network's big mouths, small-town look -

Sun News Network’s big mouths, small-town look

  1. Sun news is the best thing to happen in Canada.The truth instead of the left wing liberal dribble we've been subjected to watch.I've been watching Sun news since day one and I'm hooked.Straight talk and good looking people to deliver it.

    • Ezra, is that you?

    • It's comments like yours that make me ashamed to be a conservative.

      Sure, they're offering a different perspective. But politics is no excuse for mediocrity.

  2. I tried to watch one night, not sure which program, and gave up. It had nothing to do with the sets!

  3. It's bleeding PKP dry. How long a slog will he go for before throwing in the towel? 4000 average viewers at a time does not a network make.

  4. A $20 million annual budget constrains things a lot too. No doubt that's what Bell is counting on, by refusing to pay a reasonable amount to carry Sun's programming … hoping to starve them out. But the article concludes correctly that it's the content that's important to (at least) 40% of Canadians who have been denied any view or thought outside the "progressive" (how I hate that word) GroupThink of CBC, CTV and G&M/Star … all Toronto-based outlets for a small "intelligencia" that seems to work out of the CBC's cafe-late lounges.

    The best thing we un-GroupThink Canadians can do is to demand from out politicians that CBC, CTV, and Global be transformed into "not mandatory to carry" status, like SunTV's current license, and that Bell be denied content creation and distribution (TV/radio/print) roles. In other words, if you want to be a carrier, you can't have the other pieces.

    Canada's news and opinion channels to us, provided by fiat by the CRTC, are concentrated in the hands of very few corporations, and that makes for sharply-restricted freedom of speech, expression, and unbiased news. Anyone that doubts this should review the unholy and unhealthy ABH-type of "news" biases that took place at CBC, CTV, G&M and TorStar during this past election. Truly disgusting.

    • The Sun Newspaper chain? The National Post? These are considered conservative mediums; thus, those who hold these values have never been denied any view or thought outside the left side of the political spectrum. This argument, from all right-wingers, is tired.

      • Yeah, but they have to READ it right? LOL

        Who wants that when they can have half naked girls, cool visuals and music loud enough to blare out any errant thoughts?

        If you want to give a particular perspective more value than logic lends it, you can’t do it without the dog and poney show.

  5. I watched Adler for about 5 minutes and changed the channel. the production was a small step up from local variety shows on communicty TV and the interview was a pathetic, ideologically driven piece of garbage. I was hopeful that a credible alternate source would emerge from this concept, but I should have known better. This is the Sun we are talking about.

  6. I am sure the quality will improve, and we can all only benefit from another news source in Canada – whatever the slant.

  7. I'm curious to know if there's a theory out there about how long new channels have to establish and attract viewers — I read that Oprah's OWN network is also strugglng — operating a flailing network would bleed money and advertisers won't want to advertise there if they aren't getting viewers. Can SUN match Oprah's deep pockets to keep funding until there's more viewers, or do they go broke trying?

  8. Agreed that suntv is neither slick nor easy on the eyes, but there is integrity there, and one hopes that the owners will get the format right for the new season starting after the summer silly season. Their right of centre, no nonsense viewpoint is desperately needed in Liberalized Canada.

  9. Once again, for all you thick-headed people out there that try to slag SNN, the network has nothing to do with Fox, and never did. It’s owned by Quebecor, the owner of the Sun newspaper chain. Criticize the sets all you want, but get off this “Fox news north” stupidity. Maybe they need to jazz things up a little, but that dumb tie-in exists only in the feverish minds of liberals.

  10. Sun News competing with Fox?

    You idiots, they are competing with you and knocking your socks off by providing content that your liberal livers can’t stomach.

    If it weren’t for them, yours and MSM’s cover up of Layton’s visit(s) to the sleazehouse would have been buried for ever. We had a right to know and ask questions about the moral character of a leader that was asking us to appoint him to the highest office in the land.

  11. A little nervous about losing your own government “subsidy” MacLeans? Your editors and Andrew Coyne represent to me, the “entitled”, as you attempt to discredit Sun – TV. Did you buy into Frank Graves “culture war” and are now upset that you lost? Yup, guess us old men in Alberta will just be votin’ for Palin and Sun-TV.
    By the way, I am a university educated woman who appreciates the “politically incorrect” programming of Sun-TV. Relevance is consumer-based, not media generated, as your self-important bias attempts to portray. You have expressed your “opinion”, now I am expressing mine. Get over yourselves..

  12. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed.

    About the only thing that makes people take Fox News seriously IS the high production values.

    It’s kind of a “if they’ll spend this much money to make it look good, the content just has to be better than it sounds” thing.

    As it is, the production values mimic the content: cheap theatrics.

  13. I think there are quite a few more people who like the idea of SunTV than the actual programming.

    I said it before, but I’ll repeat that the market for a right-wing political channel in Canada is minuscule, and if they can’t branch into other interests, such as business, they’ll die a quick death. If all they wanted was an alternative voice, a syndicated show, with 20 minute slots for Adler, Lilley, and Levant would have been a much more effective use of money.

    Maybe Quebecor will string this along as long as the Financial Post has been hemorrhaging money, but I doubt it.

    • ” … market for a right-wing political channel in Canada is minuscule”

      Really? What evidence do you have to support this?
      Right wing talk radio regularly tops audience ratings.
      Conservatives are sick of the two “me too” channels.
      They are sick of having their pockets picked by $1.1 billion to finance one of them. The other one abuses the subsidy it effectively gets by having a guaranteed spot on the basic channel line up.

  14. Maclean’s you said it. This network has some seriously low production value, and blows a lot of populist hot air. Ezra’s clown act here ( pretty much sums up SNN

  15. A twit like Doyle simply promotes Sun TV by including them in his columns; he is too dumb to figure that out.