Breaking Amish: ‘Brave New World’ a little dark and depressing

Manisha Krishnan on the season premiere


People are often resentful of how quickly reality TV stars acquire wealth and fame without really having to do anything.

In the case of Breaking Amish, it almost feels like someone should set up a donation fund for the cast.

If Sunday’s premiere of Brave New World is any indicator, life has not been kind to the five young protagonists who left their Amish and Mennonite communities behind. Their “new world,” is in fact a dark and depressing one.

The series kicks off in Lancaster, PA, with Sabrina, now a bottle blonde (with some serious roots), reading aloud a letter from her aunt, who is unhappy about her niece’s decision to leave the Mennonites.

“How would you live your life today, if you knew you had no tomorrow?” It reads. “This decision is truly the decision between life and death. What is your choice? Life or death?”

Things get bleaker from there.

It turns out Sabrina’s boyfriend Harry, with whom she moved into an old church basement, is in prison for assault. The 26-year-old now places a shotgun beside her front door out of fear.

“I’m paranoid now because I’ve been harassed so much,” she says. “I’m tired of people constantly knowing who I am.”

Abe and Rebecca, who have now been married nine months, are shacked up in a one-bedroom apartment in Punxsutawney, PA, with Rebecca’s daughter. Their families are nearby and have accepted their “English” (non-religious) lifestyle but almost no one else has. Abe is unable to find construction work because it’s mostly Amish people in charge of local projects.

“It’s hard not really being Amish anymore but also not really being English,” says Rebecca.

“I just think we’re a little bit lost.”

Meanwhile, Jeremiah, who looks and acts like he stepped off the set of Jerry Springer, is relaxing in Sarasota, Fla., — an Amish vacation spot — with his new girlfriend Kim. The two of them had previously been crashing with Sabrina, but things “got out of hand,” when Kim learned about Sabrina and Jeremiah’s romantic past.

“Kim’s a hot girl, but sometimes she can get very jealous,” remarks Jeremiah.

Kate appears to be doing better than any of her other cast mates, at least financially speaking. She’s pursuing a modelling career in New York City with some success. But she laments over the pressure to be perfect.

“I have to keep my skin clear, I can’t be too fat. If I break out it’s a problem,” she says.

After a good 45 minutes of doom and gloom updates, we get to the crux of the new season with Jeremiah convincing the rest of the gang to join him in Sarasota. Because they’re all depressed, and this is a reality TV show, they agree.

Oddly, Jeremiah decides to meet the others in Pennsylvania and road trip back down with them. He “surprises” Sabrina (she doesn’t seem too happy about it) and asks to crash on her couch for a few days. She obliges, and the show alludes to them hooking up again.

While packing for the trip, Abe and Rebecca get into a huge fight when Abe says his teenage sister Katie Ann wants to tag along.

Rebecca says she’s too young and worries that the couple’s reputation will be further smeared by leading someone else away from the Amish lifestyle. Abe, infuriated, tells his wife, “Go f–k yourself.”

Hopefully, Sarasota will breathe some new life into these five young ex-Amish. It doesn’t look like things can get a lot worse.

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Breaking Amish: ‘Brave New World’ a little dark and depressing

  1. You forgot about Dascht. I figure religous dissention was the key motivation for Hucheson to become a good teacher to the Scottish Enlightenment first generation.
    Too literal interpretations of Holy Texts are generally bad as people won’t learn the utilitarianism and engineering necessar to enhance Q-of-L. It would be nice to quantify what the positive is, for varying severities of the major religions. Does the world go down the crapper without at least some afterlife hope? I doubt it, but to sketch a progressive alterantive isn’t so easy. At the very least, we should be giving more funding to progressive religions and less to Biblical interpretations. Obama wouldv’e definitely been correct in his failed 2011 Jobs Act to attack the charitable funding of the Churches who are fermenting RW anarchist attacks on the USA.

  2. Strange. Without that adversity, without Oxford not taking in the Church of England graduates, Hucheson wouldn’t have had fire is his teachings. Things are strange at the highest summits…

  3. I think abe and Rebecca r sad abe is rude Rebecca deserves better I think the model girl is the best looking one in the group and is the most successful so I give her lots of credit

  4. Sabrina is also cool and pretty go for what makes you happy ! Abe shouildnt help his loser brothers and help his wife instead I think hes a bad husbAND

    • Sabrina is also cool and pretty” hahahahaahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahhahaaha

      she is such a slut when she was filming the first season she was married and cheat on her husband with that ugky guydead bet father Jeremiah. get real

  5. I watched the first season of this show, and ended with very mixed feelings. Now I am again watching it, with mixed feelings.
    Why does Jeremiah have to be so consistently rude to Abe’s mother? Why do these people curse like sailors, and worse then a lot of sailors I know. Are they trying to fit some pattern of what they think is ” English”. I just find it very trashy on the part of all of them.
    Now we add Mary and Katie Ann to the mix. Never did I think an Amish mother would leave home, husband, and other children, some younger, to run after one son, and take her young daughter with her. Mary is very sad, mixed up and doesn’t fit in at all with this group, nor should she. She is another generation. She needs come help to I think with her drinking.
    There is so much anger in the group. All of these people have certainly come up in hard ways, if not Amish, or Menonite, then something has restricted there ability to speak freely and act naturally in a lot of cases. In other cases they just no social graces at all. It seems they have no idea how they should behave in public. Especailly Abe with his elders as well as Jeremiah. And Rebecca could also use a bar of soap in her mouth. She has a toddler that now she has left in someone else’s care for the second time in that baby’s short life. They certainly do seem to be struggling to survive.
    TLC, to do a program with these people…..well you need to offer them some help, and pay them better. For whatever reasons they are lost and need some help. I don’t really care if they were ever Amish, and I certainly don’t care about their stupid mistakes when young kids, we all make them. No reason to put them down for that.
    I would like to see the show insist on less cursing, and for heavens sake get Jeremiah some help, and Serena with that hair!!.