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Real Housewives of Vancouver

Episode 5: There’s something (sad) about Mary


There’s something about Mary Zilba and it’s really, really unfortunate.

This week, the Housewives gang up on the soft-spoken pop star even more as it becomes crystal clear that Jody is winning the war between the two of them.

First we’re taken back to Q4 Ristorante where Amanda’s birthday is just getting heated.

Ronnie and Jody attempt to rehash drama from earlier in the night, but Mary, forever trying to be the bigger person says she “will not go there.”

Jody snidely replies, “You’re talking with your mouth full and that really bugs me.”

Mary then makes up a series of ridiculous excuses to leave early starting with an odd phone call from her friend, Mashiah, who supposedly says that her son got run over by a car. Mary is about to rush off “to the hospital” when Ioulia, who also knows Mashiah, calls her and asks what’s going on. Mashiah responds that there is no emergency — her son’s foot was merely swollen and looked kind of like it had been run over by a car. Easy mistake, right?

It’s back to the drawing board for Mary who now says her teenage boys are having a few people over — that number goes from 10 to 20 in a five-minute span. She takes off under a cloud of suspicion from the other women, who don’t waste time accusing of her being a liar the second she’s out the door.

“She doesn’t tell the truth and I find it really offensive. I find it disturbing,” says Jody.

It doesn’t help that when Ronnie gets up to use the washroom, she spots Mary drinking with a couple of friends right next door.

Robin and Ioulia aren’t quite ready to jump on the hatewagon yet so Robin visits Mary, hoping she’ll admit to telling a little white lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Robin’s pleas fall on deaf ears and blank expressions, as Mary insists that she didn’t make up any of the crazy stories that she clearly made up.

“It’s like squeezing blood out of a turnip,” says an exasperated Robin.

Next, we’re taken to Robin’s rehearsal with teen sensation Cole Armour, with whom she will be singing The Star Spangled Banner at the upcoming grand prix equestrian event.

She bosses Cole around some but he doesn’t seem bothered, perhaps because he’s already been on Ellen — a show that people actually watch.

Sick of all the drama, Ioulia decides to host an art party. She invites everyone to her apartment and posts a sign on her door that reads, “No fighting beyond this point. Beware of two pussies!” in reference to her cats. Lol (not). Mary doesn’t attend the party because she’s busy shooting a music video at a barn in Langley. Dressed all in hot pink, she’s how I’d picture Little Bo Peep in an edition of Where Are They Now?  There’s genuine sentiment behind the song Hero, which is dedicated to Mary’s son Chase who has tuberous sclerosis — a genetic disorder that causes non-malignant tumors to grow throughout the body.

Back at Ioulia’s place, a nude male model wearing a strategically placed sock surprises the ladies. They are all given canvasses to paint him but admitted sex-addict Amanda seems to have a hard time concentrating.

“I haven’t seen another naked man in a long time and I’m kind of uncomfortable,” she says, with an expression that looks anything but uncomfortable.

Ronnie doesn’t seem phased, however, and maintains the integrity of the exercise.

“It’s art and I’m going to draw the man with the sock on the cock the best I know how.”

At the end of the night, Amanda comments on how it’s “so nice to hang out and just be girls.” Um, have I missed something? Is that not the entire premise of the show?

Things wrap up at the grand prix event, mercifully, because I’m pretty sure no one but Robin cares about this storyline.

Mary belts out O Canada  without a hitch and Robin and Cole do just fine singing the U.S. anthem. Robin, satisfied, gives herself a 9.5. and the rest of the ladies inflate her ego for the rest of the night. Mary, meanwhile, is salty that no one compliments her on a job well done.

Jody, never wanting to miss an opportunity to stir the pot, then invites all of the girls on a trip to Toronto, where she has been invited to guest judge Top Chef Canada. All except Mary, that is, who looks stung when she founds out about the trip, saying, “I feel like the little girl on the school bus that nobody wants to play with.”

Yep, pretty much. But judging from next week’s previews, it looks like she goes anyway, giving Jody yet another opportunity to chew her out…


Real Housewives of Vancouver

  1. This show is like watching a train wreck! Can’t not watch because these women are so incredibly “mean”. Every parent should sit their children down and show them how not to act! This is all acting….right, nobody especially that many women could possibly be that nasty in one place. The very worst are Ronny, Jody and Amanda.

    • Agree, it’s got to be a load of bad acting surely…they do get dressed by stylists, and probably given roles to play.

    • Sadly, I think it is real.

  2. All of the Housewives shows are nothing else but a degradation of women! They behave like adolescents, self centered, petty, vain by nature, insulting each other, screaming, yelling plain just awful. Is that what it is like to be a wealthy women? I guess they like education because women with education such as Bill Gates’ wife or other would never go that low as to participate in such shows. MB

  3. If I were Mary I wouldn’t consider Ronnie to be her friend, that woman isn’t a friend to anyone. If she’s watched the episodes she’d see that its Jody that’s always stiring the pot and being nasty and if she really was Mary’s friend she’d stick up for her. As far as I’m concerned Jody, her stupid daughter, Amanda and Ronnie are meant for each other – nasty, unclassy, irritating women! Jody’s the biggest train wreck on the show, she thinks she’s sets the standard for “classy” – I suggest she look up the meaning of the word ’cause when I see or hear her speak all I see is TRASH!

    • She is terrible!!! Classy??? She has no idea…mean..bully…classless….

  4. Your article is very biased. You left out the part that Mary brings this on herself when she lies to everybody. Talks behind their back and never takes responsibility for her actions. You also neglected to give details like Mary trails Jody, invades her space and shows up when she is not invited. If not that she corners the host of a outing and forces the person to invite her. After awhile a person like Mary doing thing like that will get the most patient of people to get frustrated with her. Can someone tell Mary she sucks when she sings..

    • Oh lordy did you have a giant glass of Maryhatorade today. As your beloved Jody might tell you, Quit being a moron! Mary is going to these dumb dinners and trips for the same reason the rest of them do. Production tells them to and it’s their job. Personally, I wouldn’t get within 100ft of Jody Claman….they don’t make enough disinfectant for that, but if I were Mary, I’d probably go, just for the simple fact that I would never let that Troll Jody try to edge me out of the show.
      This show could be good, unfortunately the production set ups are so obvious, tedious and ridiculous.

      • Mary should get her own show and the other idiots should be fired. Jody is the troublemaker, her and the drunken daughter.

    • I agree with everything you said. Mary is awful. I can’t stand her!

      • hahaha jody give it up, you are a nasty bitch for someone your age, you sure show what a nut you are.

      • Are you one of Jody’s kids?

    • you must be the half jewish used goods sales woman jody, right muffin!

      i believe jody capable of coming in here and trashing Mary.

    • Another comment by the same person who calls hers self “Maryiscreepy” above by the sound of it, just changed her name slightly; Mary is legit invited everytime and doesn’t just turn up, only in Jody’s pathetic small mind sadly…

      • It is sad that Jody has kids that are following her evil ways!

    • Jody, we already know your posting as, wait what juvenile user name did you come up with? That’s right, Maryiscreepy. Is your brain so tiny that you went from that to Marysucks? What next? Right. Maryisziltch. Do you know how childish these user names are? Quit being such a coward by trying to hide behind such a stupid and anonymous user name.

  5. What a bunch of snakes, and watching the show you get a bit sick to your stomach. How can people be so consumed with revenge and hating each other. There is a level of stress that must really destroy their souls. You have to wonder if Jody and Mary contrive these battles to get the ratings up….in real life they would just avoid each other. Kind of like putting to fighting dogs in a cage, they will fight. Personally I would avoid these people like the plague, life is too short and it is not worth the stress. Imagine having to walk into that viper den. Oh well, hats off….gets the rating….I am just to weak for this stuff.

  6. 3 words, get a life.

  7. Jody and her slutty daughter are toxic to every place they go. It was fun watching this show before all this nastiness — now, I’d rather be entertained by something and someone who has some redeeming characteristics. Heck, cartoons have more to offer, and I don’t like cartoons!

    • I agree. She is EVIL! A bully!

  8. If they are doing all this for ratings it backfired on me. I stopped watching the show half way through last night. Tired of the bullying on this show. We just had a Pink shirt day and anti-bullying celebrated last week in our school system. How can kids learn not to bully when this type of thing is being done by adults (MOMS no less) with a ‘touch of glamour’ added in? As my girlfriend said to me, it should be called Houseknives not Housewives of Vancouver. Count us as two less viewers. Thank goodness for karma…

    • Ditto that for me! I am disgusted that a show that allows bullying to this degree is billed as entertainment. I am embarassed to admit that this is my hometown. Thankfully, this is not an accurate reflection of the REAL housewives of Vancouver. Count me out as a repeat viewer, too.

      • It is the worst “Housewives” show. Embarrassed that they are from Canada!!!

        • I totally agree..Ronnie/Jody/ Amanda and Jody’s mimi me…are an embarrassment to Canada- total trash…. The bullying is deplorable and is not needed for ratings or shock value…..whole new level of trash T.V… I’m out…one less viewer….

        • are any of them even from Canada?

    • I agree!

  9. Robin, go back to the USA. Amanda, go back to rehab. Jody, Mia and Ronnie, go back to the dark side from whence thee came. Ioulia, I don’t care.
    Mary, you deserve a medal!

    • I would change that order a bit. Its more like Mary go back to the USA. Ronnie, you don’t deserve a friend that uses you and lies. Mia you are a doll. Amanda keep going in your recovery for you and your children. Ioulia lay off of the caviar and I just don’t care. Robin you sung better than Mary ever could. You will be on her hit list soon. Jody you deserve a medal, a standing Ovation and pampering with what you put up with Mary.

      • Jody deserve a medal??? your mind is a little messed up lady…not normal if you think that! Sorry Mary is the only sane person on this programme and the most beautiful and a true lady at that, so sorry don’t agree with your sad line up.

      • Jody is sickening and she has an adult daughter that needs rehab. Sad that all her daughters are learning from her is how to dress without any style sense and how to bully! I think Jody was probably bullied as a teen and she had no friends so now she buys them and connives her way into their lives and sadly, bullies 24/7!

    • Mary and her friends should be given their own show (for putting up with the abuse and then, cancel the other show.

  10. ARGHHHHHHHHH- Mary is creepy. She gives me the creeps every time she shows up where she is not invited.

    • you must be the half jewish used goods sales woman jody, right muffin!

      • Haha agree Sandor, and Jody is a creepy crawly!

    • Mary shows up because she is invited, but not by creepy Jody who likes to make out that Mary wasn’t invited, but each time Mary is legitimately there….this all has to be a bad set up-feel sorry how Mary is portrayed in all of this though.

  11. Jody was made is trashy reality tv wicked witch heaven. I really want to know how real her character on the show is. It’s just hard to imagine that anybody could be that awful and miserable and cruel and desperate. It makes me think that part of the show is fake.

  12. Ronnie needs to go back for some more work on her lips – she looks like a lizard, poking her tongue out to lick them…. why doesn’t Jody make comments on what is obviously bad plastic surgery on Ronnie?

  13. jody is simply trash.. and gross..
    amanda reminds me of Homer’s boss, mr burns in drag..
    Robin and Ioulia, both hot and not back stubbing snakes like the other 3 women.
    Can’t believe a lady like Mary feels insecure and hurt by anything trash like Jody do or say.

  14. I think Jody is an absolute bully!!! Her son calls her an idol?? scairy…these women especilly Jody and ronnie have no idea about real life!!! I work with young people with terminal illnesses,.they have no idea about real life outside their riches… I hardly can watch that women anymore!

    • Agree.

  15. I agree completely with last two posts. Ronnie is no friend to Mary & Jody is a horrible human being. Jody and Ronnie should be best friends. Their values are deplorable. Every episode Mary gets attacked, and I am tired of watching mean people. One less viewer..

    • I agree! I thought we were suppose to promote anti-bullying and entire shows are about how to bully. Nothing interesting anymore. I keep hoping one of the women will grow a spine and tell Jody and her daughter to quit their deplorable ways.

  16. I am disgusted by Jody her slutty daughter and her mindless sidekicks, Amanda and Ronnie. I will no longer watch this show since its only raison d’etre is to have those witches bully Mary. What kind of an example is that setting to young viewers and has no one on the show heard of the anti-bullying lobbies? Before casting a stone, Jody should look in the mirror to see herself: a crass, vulgar, untalented witch whose only claim is her venomous nasal voice, hair extensions, bad plastic surgery and squinty-eyed look. Obviously, as the saying goes, you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl

  17. Here’s the deal, Jody quite mean at times but I think she’s a good person in real life, this is reality television after all. Mary however, as sweet as she may be, does have a fundamental problem with being a victim. I don’t know if she was abused, or has a massive ego, but she always has to be right. When Robin calls her out on a little lie, she tries to say Ronnie was setting her up.

    And about not being invited to Top Chef in Toronto, she isn’t friends with Jody, and doesn’t even like her. Why is she offended that she wasn’t invited? Get over it Mary, the victim card only goes so far. It’s not like Mary invited Jody to Mexico with her, so what’s the big deal?

    • What show are you watching? There is nothing that Mary can do in these situations to win. She’s damned if she goes to these stupid get togethers and if she decides to take the high road and avoid them, she’s damned for not going. Ronnie, Jody, Mia, and the other alcoholic/sex addict are all pathetic, manipulative human beings.

    • Antonio, please explain to me why Ronnie made her little comment about not being invited to Mary’s birthday party? They’re not friends anymore so why would Mary invite her? That whole victim card works both ways buddy! Everything these women accuse Mary of doing, they do themselves ten times over!

  18. Why give the bullies and victims any attention? Ioulia got it goin’ on…intelligent, classy, strong, funny, not always running her mouth or looking for allies….refreshing!

  19. After today’s episode I will stop watching. Ronnie and Jody and that slutty daughter are soooo jealous of Mary. How silly of poor Mary to believe that Ronnie is a friend. Ronnie and Jody are small petty people who slept with men for money….Never heard of Jody before this hate fest.

  20. Ronnie bothers me the most. As ridiculous as Jody is she is blatently ridiculous. With a “friend” like Ronnie who needs enemies. She is all offended that Mary would say she gets it the middle and stirs the pot but that’s exactly what she does, one arm around Mary’s back and the other hand she is sticking the knife in her back. Amanda….what can I say, absolutely anything for attention. Really, this is how the upper class behave? How embarrassing.

  21. Ronnie bothers me the most. As ridiculous as Jody is she is blatently ridiculous. With a “friend” like Ronnie who needs enemies. She is all offended that Mary would say she gets it the middle and stirs the pot but that’s exactly what she does, one arm around Mary’s back and the other hand she is sticking the knife in her back. Amanda….what can I say, absolutely anything for attention. Really, this is how the upper class behave? How embarrassing.

  22. With all this bullying going on… I can’t believe the behaviour of Jody. It’s truly disgusting… is she still in grade school or what?!!. I’m on the verge of not watching this show anymore!!! Totally disgusting!!! She should be charged with harassment and bullying!!

  23. One can only hope that there`s good deal of acting going on with TRHOV. After the last episode with the ladies all at dinner I`ve decided I`m not going to watch anymore. I`ve seen more than my share of bitchy, nasty women in my lifetime, and that Jody Clamon is the devil incarnate along with her demonic spawn Mia. What horrible, nasty, revengeful people. How do these women sleep at night ? Mary Zilba is the only cast member that I’ve seen exhibit any kind of dignity and grace. Lovely girl, but is she really that desperate for money that she has to be on this show and be degraded & bullied all the time? I have a particular issue with bullying and adult bullying is even worse than when kids do it. Mary, time for some news friends girl !! I can’t wait for Karma to prevail and deal with the rest of the nasties and they get their’s for being so mean and ugly in their hearts … that is all.

  24. Poor Mary. She just wants to be a part of the group. Mary tries to be civil and classy, but it’s always Jody who starts verbally abusing her. At the party she immediately started in on Mary about this puck bunny business. It’s sad a big woman has to behave so badly.

  25. Mary is by far, the classiest housewife out of all the housewives put together, from the O.C to Jersey. Jodi is by far the nastiest. Money doesn’t by you class Jodi. If ANYONE treated my children or a family member the way you treat Mary, I don’t know what I would do. Ets be serious Jodi, you’re a small town girl who has made it in the big city, but your character hasn’t matured. Robin and Uolia, stay away from the crazies!!!!

  26. Wow what a bunch of sad excuses for woman between the face puffiness and backstabbing and superficial lives. They need to see the real world and go help those in need on Hastings street. You would expect this from Hollywood but not Vancouver.
    One episode was all I needed to see …pathetic beings!

  27. A good episode for the future would have Mary on Top Chef, with Jody and Amanda being a judges. Mary could prepare them some pufferfish. Oh, Ronnie go easy on the scripts and you are trading a classy BFF for a manipulative snake. Love Robin, Uolia, and Mary….class acts all the way.

  28. I am not watching this show anymore, because I choose not to watch the verbal abuse and bullying that these women display. They keep bringing up the same issues over and over and its getting ridiculous. Its sad really, maybe if the show was more positive and focused on building genuine friendships, the ratings would increase

  29. Jody is the most stupid person on this show wearing trash and dressing like she is sixteen. And her daughter is a drunk and a slut. And Ronnie need a little help with her lips. And needs to get over her self and get a grip on life. And Mary you are a true lady not to lower yourself to Jody’s level of stupidness ..

  30. The Bullying of Mary is unnacceptable and not one person is doing anything about it. This is totally wrong, and really disturbing. Mary you are a million times nicer , kinder & classier than any of the others

  31. I think Mary is the only sane one on the entire show. She is the only real person, who seems to be the only one who really knows how to deal with conflict. Ronnie is second in my books, she still has some potential.
    I think they need to send Amanda back here to Toronto and have her talk the nasty way she talks…..I can tell you that her ugly, stank ass needs to get dealt with on a proper level. Its sad cause her ass doesn’t belong on housewives of Vancouver…A.) She cant dress worth a shit; B.) She has nothing to go on herself, as she ain’t no housewife, she’s a HOE; and lastly she ain’t no millionaire and has nothing special in her life other then a BIG FAT mouth. Get off the show AMANDA!

  32. i don’t think i will watch the show anymore, basically jody is a bulley and we really do not want the world to think vancouver promotes this bully type behaviour… and another thing… why are they casting women that are not true vancouverites

  33. Jody, Amanda, Ronnie and Mia are such good examples of “money can’t buy you class or integrity. These four women are bully’s personified…..without an ounce of class between the four of them!

  34. I have to say the the RHOV are an embarrassment to Canada…I have never seen such a group of cheesy wanabe’s that have no class at all. Anyone that has to talk so much about how wonderful they are and put others down to boost themselves do not represent the majority of Canadians…we have a lot more class than that. Even if it is just acting, I can’t believe anyone would lower themselves to that level for money which again tells me they have nothing and it’s all show.

  35. Nothing about Jody is anti bullulling! She is like the wicked witch. The others are only her friends cause they r scared of her, so high school and disgusting for a grown woman

  36. I love the real housewives shows and was excited to see one from Canada, but seriously considering forgetting about this one, Jody is so vile, this person is exactly what she says Mary is, this show would be so much better if they fired her