Real Housewives of Vancouver: Going out with a bang

Our recap of the season 2 finale


From last week's episode

Feeling much how I imagine Andy Dufresne does in Shawshank Redemption when he frees himself from prison, but not before one last trek through a sewage pipe, I settled down to watch the Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 finale last night.

Amanda has come a long way from the beginning, when she could barely pronounce Kombucha, and is now ready to launch her line of the sweet fermented tea. She decides to throw an Alice in Wonderland-themed party at VanDusen Botanical Garden for the occasion and invites all of the Housewives.

“Mary can be a mushroom. They grow in sh-t,” declares Jody, who plans on dressing as the Queen of Hearts, obviously.

Meanwhile, Mary consults with her matchmakers to see which suitors they’ve picked out for her. Bachelor 1, a suave Italian; Bachelor 2, an old-school gentleman with a penchant for skinny-dipping; and Bachelor 3, a tall 50-year-old (seriously, that was his entire description), don’t make the cut. The reason? They’re mere millionaires whereas Bachelor 4 is a billionaire, or as matchmaker Jane says, “he’s the whole package.”

With that out of the way, it’s time for the tea party. Amanda stresses about the decorations for a bit, but it’s really the guests she should be worried about.

As the ladies roll in dressed in costume, it’s clear that they’ve likely never even picked up a Disney picture book version of Alice in Wonderland, let alone the Lewis Carroll classic.

Jody’s “Queen of Hearts” is hardly distinguishable from her daily Kindergarten ballerina attire, and the others just look like they’re wearing generic Halloween costumes; Amanda’s boyfriend Kyle is a rabbit, Mary is a rabbit, Ioulia is probably a rabbit.

Ronnie at least acts the part of the Mad Hatter, or maybe just someone who’s been sniffing glue. After swigging some Champagne — “Why not?” (Um, maybe because you’re an alcoholic, just sayin’) — she chats up Mary, who Jody is in the midst of heckling.

“I’m trying to save you from Jody,” she says, much to Mary’s confusion. “I feel like we’re married or something, where did we go wrong?”

Mary barely knows how to start answering that question, but responds by asking Ronnie why she blabbed about their alleged one-night stand.

Ronnie admits that she should have kept their personal lives private. She also accuses Robin of drugging her at her birthday.

All the while, Jody’s nails-on-chalkboard screech fills the background as she calls for Ronnie to cease the conversation with Mary. It’s enough to make even the most peaceful person wish they had a Taser handy.

Further incensed by a hug that takes place between the two former friends, Jody gets up and physically drags Ronnie away from Mary. Then she essentially has a psychotic episode, screaming that Mary is “a piece of sh-t!”

“You don’t have fillers in your face? You look like a Martian!  You’re a piece of sh-t, Zilba! I’m glad you got f–ked in your life, you’re a hooker!”

Mary tries to stand up for herself, saying that she won’t tolerate any more of Jody’s insults, and everyone else has terrified expressions that are reminiscent of the prom scene in Stephen King’s Carrie. Even Amanda is crying, but Jody, looking more and more like a haggard version of one of the stars of Toddlers and Tiaras mid-tantrum, rages on. She finally explodes, “Go f–k yourself!”

Mary makes an exit, and things quiet down with Ronnie, Amanda and Mia all biting their tongues. Jody declares that she feels much better and demands a piece of cake and champagne. Frankly, I was surprised she didn’t ask for the blood of a unicorn.

Mary seems to be learning from her mistakes, though, and manages not to dwell on the insane clown posse for too long. She instead focuses on getting dressed for her date, and settles eventually on a deep purple ensemble with ample cleavage.

The moment of truth arrives and it turns out her bachelor is none other than W. Brett Wilson, investment banking mogul and former judge on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

The setting of the date, Seasons in the Park restaurant, is nice, but everything else is pretty cheesy. Brett surprises Mary with a wraparound bracelet/necklace from his company and presents her with his book, Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes. I would think that bringing your own book to a first date would be one of those mistakes, but Mary just giggles and the date seems to be the start of a successful arrangement.

There are a couple other minor exchanges. Ronnie confronts Jody about her utter ridiculousness, but Jody doesn’t see any problem with it, being the narcissistic cow that she is. And Mary fills Robin in on how everyone believes she drugged Ronnie.

Then it’s time for Ioulia to shine at an art show she’s putting together, which she describes as a make-or-break moment for her career as a curator.

With plenty of bubbly flowing, she works the crowds and manages to sell off her pieces, priced between $500-$30,000.

Although she’s invited all the Housewives, she warns, “If these women disrespect my event, I’ll ask somebody to escort them out.”

Shockingly, it doesn’t come to that.

Robin confronts Ronnie about the roofie accusations and Ronnie immediately gets her back up.

“You’re going to call me out on every little thing?” Actually, lying about being drugged is kind of a big thing and Robin is right to call her out on it. Ronnie doesn’t make a scene though, and leaves with a relatively tame, “F–k you, f–k you all!”

Mary also approaches her nemesis, Jody, claiming that she’s not a vindictive person and never meant to hurt Jody.

Jody asks Mary to say she’s sorry, and it almost looks like the two might call a truce. Then Jody breaks the spell, remarking, “You have bad breath.” Still, Mary feels it’s significant progress compared to when she almost got murdered at the tea party.

It’s hard to believe that these women’s lives are actually worthy of any more analysis, but the show ends by providing little updates for each of the cast members.

Jody is still the same (and a great example of what poor parenting and never hearing the word “no” will do to a person); Amanda’s relationship with Kyle is over; Ioulia has ditched her Porsche, condo and rich husband since shooting wrapped up; Mary is launching a beauty line; Robin hasn’t recorded anything with Mary but they’re still friends; Ronnie “is done messing with Texas, the rest of the world better watch out though.”

As a Vancouverite living in Toronto, I will miss seeing amazing shots of hometown scenery in this show and absolutely nothing else.


Real Housewives of Vancouver: Going out with a bang

  1. Jody is the one who is a price of s**t!! That woman is a BULLY!! Stay strong Mary.

    • EVIL, NASTY, VINDICTIVE PIECE OF S##T. I thought she must have been nasty throughout her life because it comes so natural to her. I have never seen that level of bullying in my entire life and I have worked with children with behavioral problems. Mary handled it with class and dignity. Money just can’t buy class eh??

  2. I have never watched the show but just to let everyone know I her Jody is just as much of a C**t and bitch as she was in high school

    • Can you share!

    • Do tell!!!

    • sounds like she was and still is a psychiatrists’ nightmare. She got to have some sort of a mental health illness. I feel sorry for her husband, WTF is he doing with her, surely he watches her in action on the show. I won’t watch it again, its sickening to me.

      • I think it’s highly offensive to call Jody “mentally ill.” Offensive to mentally ill people that is.
        an evil, braggart scum-bag (with a life so empty and dull the only way she can seek to fill it is with bullying) is not a mental illness – it’s a choice. Mental illnesses are not a choice.
        Jody chooses to act the way she does, this is demonstrated by the fact she
        doesn’t act this way with everyone around her.
        It is her choices and actions that have led to her failed marriage and businesses and she only has herself to blame for the negative things currently occurring in her life.

        Also, is it just my imagination or does she look like Miss Piggy and the Wicked Witch of the West have been spliced together?

    • The bunch of hags on this show are embarrassing to Canadian woman. I wish I could be on the show. It would take me all of 5 minutes to put Jody Ronnie and Amanda in their places, the stink on the bottom of my shoe after a walk through a dog park. I wouldn’t eat Jody’s food for fear of poison, nor would I grace her with my presence in her store. She’s so stupid she doesn’t even realize that Vintage and Used are the same thing. Moron.

      • With her attitude and negativity in the food, I wouldn’t want to have a bite of her food. You know what it would it do to your body!

  3. This was by far the worst season of the Real Housewives. Not sure where they find these women who are trying so hard to look interesting by making an embarrassment out of themselves. Not planning on watching the next season if the same women are on there, especially Jodi.

  4. Jody is insane. There is no other description for her except absolutely insane. She needs psychiatric help NOW. If she is on next season I just cannot watch.

  5. I am not sure why the show is allowing Jody to go off on Mary like that, it must be encouraged otherwise why would Jody show herself to be such an eveil person, there has to be some encouragement to do so, she is totally out of control. What a bully and aren’t we trying to say bullying is wrong, TV is full of adds saying stop bullying. I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is by far the most aggressive housewives show of all of them. If Jody is on the show next year I won’t watch it anymore, she is a sick sick person, and I feel soo bad for Mary, and no one except Robin seems to be on her side, Mary don’t do the show next year, surely you must have had enough of these ladies, especially Jody.

    • I totally agree with you Kim. It has got to be encouraged by the producers and if so the show deserves to flop. That Jodie is disgusting and an absolute shocking example to her children. Child protection should take her youngest child from her before she turns into a demented Mia.

  6. I hope you got some sort of major $ bonus for having to watch this pile of crap. these woman are fake, that old one in the ballerina dresses is batshit insane and a bully and that date with the Dragon’s Den guy was so fake. I watched to see what the fuss was about with this show. I concluded you have to be brain dead to 1 – watch this show on a regular basis 2- believe it.

  7. Thanks from all of us who watch the show Jody, on national TV you wigged out because Ronnie spoke with Mary. Even your minions (daughter and daughters friend) were uneasy with you blowing a gasket. You are mentally ill Jody, and should consider getting professional health. Ronnie you tried to walk the high road, but somehow most people know you are only slightly loyal, and are the root of your own demise. Amanda, you have improved and you need to see how people see you from the show. Every person that Jody influences and touches and who fallow her look like dummies, bullies and fools. Keep in mind the bully part, one heck of an image eh. So if you want to start that business Amanda, doors will close in your face. Word gets around, and people will just say no, because of what they think you are. Robin, you are everything a person should be..strong, intelligent loyal, and packed with integrity. You are attractive and some kind of lady…people would want you in their life. Mary, you are like a soldier, smart, tuff, and soft. You became a target of Jody, because she is jealous and low. Never apologize to that hag again, and be assured she is going to disappear soon. Ioulia, yo just want to have some fun and build a good rep…keep going you are very strong and smart…a beauty as well.

    • Well said beastyboy, very accurate

  8. This has to be scripted, no sane person would act like Jody. Jody should be on all the posters showing what a bully looks like. It can’t be for real. Jody should never discuss someone elses parenting skills, when here own are questionable.

  9. Honestly, this show is just about as embarrassing as the Vancouver Riots. Why are these trashy, classless women on television? They all look fake, act fake and are absolutely awful role models. On the plus side, it gives people a glimpse of what too much money and the quest for fame looks like … U-G-L-Y. Grown women they’re not … more like the Real Preschoolers of Vancouver – wait, no… that’s an insult to my preschooler who has manners.

    • I would rather be sober with no money. Life to too short to have this kind of drama in anyone’s life!

  10. Amanda’s an idiot. Apparently Kombucha has alcohol in it. Bad girl, knew she liked this fungus for a reason! And Jody is a nut job. I wonder if she has an addiction problem also.

  11. I turned over the channel just as that pathetic excuse for a woman, started her bottom feeder rant of hatred. I could not subject myself any further to such garbage. Congrats jody (note the small ‘j’), you are a tv show c**k blocker. Worst reality show ever because of her. I sincerely feel sorry for Vancouver with her and her minions in it. Hey Jody, Shitty ass actors called, they want their ridiculous English accent back.) Can we have it noted that its only your brainwashed children who think you’re an idol. What a joke. The closest you come to that is looking like Billy Idol will your old angry face.

  12. I am finished with this show.I will never watch it again. Jody is insane and the biggest bully I have ever seen. She needs professional help. I would not step foot in her store because I will in no way support a bully. I cannot believe the network thinks this is entertainment. The only sane ones on the show appear to be Mary and Robin. Ronnie is a train wreck both mentally and physically and she must have hired a cut rate plastic surgeon. These women are an embarrassment to Vancouverites and Canadians. Please Bravo…get rid of Jody and Ronnie!!!!

  13. Jody Camen is a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being and she needs psychiatric help – FAST! I am boycotting watching Top Chef Canada as a result of her having a guest appearance on it. Come on Canada! We’re better than this. @jodycamen is an embarrassment to all of us. It was interesting to see Brett Wilson on the show though!

    • I agree – i can’t believe Top Chef Canada would invite the lunatic Jody to judge anything? I guess they’ve never watched the show or else they”d have seen she has no taste, class or credibility – how embarrassing for Top Chef. The competing chefs must be feeling greatly insulted to have their amazing culinary creations judged by a lunatic bully. Shame on you Bravo & Top Chef for not recognizing this woman suffers mental illness and needs help not the encourgment of illsions of granduer.

    • You’ve spelled her name wrong, I’m pretty sure it’s Claman…

  14. This season was so bad. Jody was exhausting and her and Mia never bother to put a comb through their hair. And seriously, who is Amanda? I probably make more money than she does.

    • Amanda is a broke alcoholic with an ex-husband who could no longer deal with her. Take a look at Amanda’s sister, it’s apparent that she and her sister came from nothing and both didn’t bother getting an education. Jody has an alcoholic daughter (Mia Deakin) which is why she and Amanda relate and she defends her vehemently. Jody and Amanda are both white trash.

    • Let me add, when Amanda does her cameo she looks like hr clothing was borrowed from someone’s grandma. HIDEOUS!

    • Amanda is such a joke. She’s Jody’s little mignon.
      I find it comical to watch her follow and regurgitate everything that Jody says
      and does. She’s certainly not an original thinker. I found it particularly
      funny when she hosted her tea pReplyarty and bowed down to the “queen” after being
      scolded about “picking her loyalty”. And what a hypocrite this woman is, she
      doesn’t like Mary because of “fillers” yet she’s 15 years younger than Mary and
      doing the same thing. As far as I’m concerned she’s a self-serving, weak
      follower that needs to be removed from the show. There’s only room for one
      Jody. And if I had to make an educated
      guess I would have to say that Robin would definitely score higher on an IQ
      test than Amanda therefore, I don’t think that Amanda has any business calling
      Robin “ditsy” or “dumb”, opinionated , YES but that’s only because she has a
      brain that is able to construct original opinions, unlike her.

  15. They are all a piece of garbage. I’ve never seen so many mentally disturbed individuals in my life. So many alcholics in one room. Jody should be locked up, put her loonie daughter with her. These “women” profess to be friends, I don’t think any of them ever went to school to know the meaning of the word. I’m really concerned that Ronnie’s lips are going to explode. Now that would be good press! Really can’t say the city of Vancouver would be proud. Thank God Toronto has REAL class! No one here would do a gross show like this or any of the US shows.

  16. If I were Mary I would sue that thing they call Jodi for slander. She is nothing but a bully and a B**** and showing her Daughter how to be the same way.

  17. Is that woman Jody for real?? Seriously, she is a psycho’! She is such a nut case and obviously so very insanely jealous of Mary (probably since Mary is so pretty and Jody is an ugly loser). Her jealously is really eating her up inside she’ll probably get gangarine from it. What a bully – who does she think she is? She’s lucky Mary has so much more class that her – if she had done that to me I would have knocked her out with one punch! If she despises Mary so much why doesn’t she just be classy and avoid any interaction with Mary instead of instigating trouble. Jody obviously has zero class. It’s ironic she calls Mary a piece of S*** when Jody is actually the real piece of S***! What a nutbar – she seriously needs professional help. She’s an embarrassment to not only Canadian women but women everywhere.

  18. Its astounding that as a society that is supposed to be trying to get bullying under control…

    We have reality TV that promotes it…

  19. CANNOT believe this episode the best one ever i must say honestly this season was amazing!!!

    • omigosh, just when you thought the season couldn’t possibly get stranger, here’s this weird episode! Even given the show’s status in my world as a guilty pleasure, this season has been utterly off the wall. Actually, my friends and I were considering visiting Jodi’s West Van store – a sort of visit to the freak show event but with shopping – but now we’re all agreed there is absolutely no way we’d step inside the joint. Look. I know many “real” Vancouver housewives. Hell, I am a “real” Vancouver housewife, but I have no hesitation in confirming that these oddities, AKA “Desperate Housewives of Vancouver” – register at absolutely minus zero in Vancouver society. Were it not for the lovely scenic shots of Vancouver, there’d be not reason whatsoever for watching, but now the imposition of these women’s various psychoses on the landscape threatens to tarnish even the environment. Please, please, please get these people off the airwaves.

      • jody needs to know what goes around comes around iv never seen anyone so jelous of anouther .mary u r a sweetheart dont ever forget it. love hero your a hero to your boys and myself. thankyou 4 your dedication on bullying.ithink ronnie really is in your corner but cant stand up to jody . she needs everyone to like her or it seems plus the strees of remmie .bless her heart…. cant wait to try blue taloon love u in the show please dont leave….keep that pretty chin up

  20. Jody claims she is a lady her behaviour was not ladylike she is a horrible disgusting woman. She is an embarrassment to Women everywhere. I have been a fan however this show will be the last one for me. I would reconsider should they not cast Jody….

  21. I think Jody is going trough a heavy menopause with all the mood swings, outbursts etc. I have seen it first hand and it can be very challenging for everyone involved. She needs some hormonal treatment – she is definitely suffering from severe imbalance there. I have never seen anyone acting like a deranged dingo like she does. It seems the woman cannot control herself – she should be seeking help. I feel really sorry for her!

  22. All the power to Mary – that woman has just earned my respect. I hope everything goes her way from here on and that she really finds happiness with her new man etc. She is very pleasant and well mannered. She would be one of the few I would actually like to associate with. Speaking of that Ronnie who I thought was really great before, if I were Mary I would not even give her the time of day; what a two-faced disappointment that woman is “I need a break” – we don’t take breaks from real friends especially when they needs us. Shame on you Ronnie!

    • Ellie, you are absolutely right. ‘We don’t take a break from real friends’. If I were Mary I would not speak to Ronnie again. She is a two face cow

  23. How sad and pathetic this show had turned out, it consisted of: taunting, vulgarity, discrimination, favouritism, and adolescence. Pitiful human beings (if that) portrayed themselves as something beyond their realm of what reality truly portrays. Jody a foul vulgar being exposed herself as soiled garbage, filth; words cannot express the verbal diarrhea that spewed out of her mouth. She’s crippled in this illusionary make believe, and she’s done nothing but embarrass the women of Vancouver and the Jewish Community. This show is a disgrace…!

  24. I was saying the same thing to a friend, if you ignore the show the scenery is beautiful.

  25. I watch all the Real Housewives shows and this one is by far the worst one. Being a canadian, I was embarassed that these GIRLS are canadians. Jodi is disgusting, there is nothing lady like about her, what a horrible example to her daughters! My own teenage daughter left the room during Jodi’s rant! Bravo, you need to get rid of this demon woman, she gives canadians a bad name, I will not be watching the show if she is on it next season, nor will I ever shop in her store!

    • Ever notice that no one from Canada seems to know Jody was pregnant in her late 40’s? It makes more sense that Jody took Hannah from Mia as a baby and pretends she’s her child. People that know these folks all say that the drunken Mia Deakin is Hannah’s mother and Jody is Hannah’s grandmother. Either way, poor Hannah!

  26. The only two individuals that have any sense of dignity and respect are Mary and Robin – Touché Mary for holding your cool against Medusa (Jody).

  27. So ironic that Jody kept claiming this season the viewers would see Mary’s true colors, instead it’s Jody who comes off as an insecure, jealous and extremely unstable woman. I laughed at the “yeah right” look on Mias face, when Jody claimed she never acts this way and mummy only acts like a lady. priceless. Glad it’s over and I hope the reunion holds a mirror up to Jody, Ronnie and Amanda’s behavior when they look back.

  28. For whatever reason there isn’t going to be a reunion. Makes me mad because I wanted Jody, Amanda and Ronnie to have to answer for their nastiness,. I just hope they dump them I am over this.

  29. I think Mary Zilba continually proves herself to be the only classy one of the lot throughout all the shows.

  30. That Drunkin’ Donut, Ronnie…what can I say? I really thought she was going to come thru for her old friend Mary at the Tea party – c’mon Donut stand up to Jody and tell her to ‘back off’!! Now is your chance to, maybe, slightly redeem your psycho self…..But sadly, NO – Jody attacks, mary responds and the Drunkin Donut declares ” The two of you should take a slowboat to who the f**k cares, and I don’t care which of you return”. Ahhhh, such a lovely sentiment, so heartwarming, so classy,…especially because two minutes earlier you were hugging Mary telling her “I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and miss you”.

    I don’t feel sorry for Mary, as so many of you do…Why should I? Jody attacking Mary is a reflection on JODY not Mary….Jody reveals her very low character, Mary’s goodness is only highlighted. Instead of sorry for her, I feel sickened that she has exposed herself to people like Ronnie, Amanda and Jody.

    Mary is decent and classy and has shown herself to be a kind-hearted friend and woman. Her only fault, from what I can see, is that she believes the best about the people in her life, and when you see only the Good, or largely the Good in people, you can be let down by them (sometimes) and not truly see them for the Vipers they are (Ronnie).

    Amanda, vacant and brainless, worships at the alter of Jody – foolish little girl. Perhaps she will get wise after watching the show…nah, it will probably take many more years to grow up.

    Love love love Robin! Hope her and Mary have truly bonded.

    • Well said!!

      • What a sad sad nasty person Jody is,how dare she act the way she does towards Mary bullying is not accepted in society, people commit suicide over this.This woman is a disgrace, this show is a disgrace keep the real normal housewives in not the bullies and the alcoholics ! I will not watch another season if Jody is in, as it really upsets me when she opens her disgusting mouth and never has nothing nice to say. You really need to act straight away with this person and get her off the show because bullying is not ok to express yourself on TV…..

    • Ronnie is two- faced and I think Mary should stay away from her. Robin and Mary is great!

  31. I watch all the Housewives series as a guilty pleasure, and I know that much of the show is scripted or planned, however, RHOV has to be the fakest of them all! The show should at least attempt to fool the audience that the show is real, but it is too outrageous to believe! Furthermore, as a Canadian, I am disappointed that the Housewives of Vancouver is the worst. Canadians usually agree that Canadian shows aren’t as good as American shows and the RHOV has once again proven this! As for Jody, if her behaviour on the show was all an act, I am still DISGUSTED with her (and her nasty daughter) because I would never jeopardize my reputation for the sake of a “realty” show! Vancouverites should not shop at her store or support anything she is involved in! Hope the show bites you in the butt Jody!!!
    P.S. The Jewish community is probably embarrassed by her too!

  32. Wow what a joke! The worst show out there! Jody is ridiculous with all her follower’s. I thought the show is called the Real Houswives, how many are housewives anyway? Jody, Amanda & Ronnie should be totally embarrassed they seam like they are drugged or drunk, totally toxic for sure!

  33. It’s a trek through a sewer pipe alright!

    Shaming Canadian women and Vancouver all in one shot.

    “As a Vancouverite living in Toronto, I will miss seeing amazing shots of hometown scenery in this show and absolutely nothing else.”

  34. Isn’t it odd that this is Housewives of Vancouver and most of them don’t have husbands? To be a wife you need to have a husband? In the other Housewife shows most of the woman are married and the husbands are on the show too. Maybe these husbands are too embarassed?

  35. These housewives are the WORST of all the Real Housewives I have ever seen!! So self-involved, two-faced and MEAN with nothing going on in their lives except to host or attend awful, boring parties for the sole purpose of attacking each other.

    I was born and raised in Vancouver and am SO embarrassed that these ladies are representing the city I grew up in. UGH, it makes me sick to my stomach.

    FYI not all the ladies in Vancouver are like this! If I had the amount of money that these ladies do, I would probably be out doing awesome activities, loving and taking care of my friends and family and giving back to the community!! BOO RHOV

  36. This show seems so fake…and the women are so mean. They do not represent Vancouver women at all, in fact they are all disgraceful except for Mary and Robin. It is embarrassing to watch this show. These women are bullies and seem to find joy in hurting others. If I had the kind of money that Ronnie seems to have, I would spend a little less on my lips, and more on trying to make a positive difference. Amanda’s phone call to Robin at Mary’s party was so tacky that it really shows who she is. At the beginning of the season I thought all the women looked so beautiful but now at the end of the season they are all so unattractive with Mary and Robin as exceptions. I did enjoy watching Robin stick up for herself. Please Real Housewives of Vancouver….Select better Housewives….not superficial,catty, callous bullies….

  37. Glad I live in Toronto. Always thought Vancouver was off the wall.. Great impression of lady like behaviour. Wonder if they watch themselves, guess that’s the price of fame..negative….

  38. I don’t even understand what the problem is between Jodi and Mary. What is Jodi’s problem? What did Mary do to her? What a moron she is. Jodi really needs therapy. I’m so done with this show!

  39. Jody you are a real piece of work…or should i say s**t. If you are so offended by anyone questioning you Jewish background then why do you show such Nazi behaviors. Demanding everyone hate Mary to stay in your good books is just a Hitler-esque mentality. Your goosestepping puppets Mia and Amanda should hang their heads in shame. I feel sorry for your youngest daughter having you and mini-me Mia for examples of how women behave.Thankfully your son escaped,there may be hope for him. Ronnie should “get off the fence” grab a picket and put that wooden stake right through your black heart. Mary,Robin and Ioulia keep on trying to be fair and nice..find some “friends” worthy of your time.

    • very well said!

  40. Shame on Slice for not only paying but keeping Jody on the show. At a time when society is teaching public awareness for not tolerating bullying here is slice airing a adult who is a bully.

    • Absolutely Shameful! The world is fighting back against bullying right now; but this show was blatantly promoting bullying!!

  41. I love the American franchises, but this one – JOKE! I found myself yawning every time Hansen came on, cringing when Negus did and caring less what Claman said. Heard it all last year. The saddest part – to me is ALF threatened to come to Claman’s house if she wore fur on the show. Instead of stopping, re-editing and protecting one of their cash cows, Lark continued to let the episodes role, showing all of us, if it brings in a dollar, who cares who it might hurt – thinking of Claman’s daughter. Add in the fact they encouraged bad behavior, alcoholism and slander, the producers preyed on moronic idiots, who cannot help themselves and sold it to us as entertainment. I’m insulted by the show and pissed off at myself for bothering to watch. I was the same prey to the producers as the idiots they cast.

  42. Mary you are beautiful inside and out. Nice people (Mary, Robin and ioulia) and then the MEAN BITCHES (JODY, MIa, Ronnie and Amanda). Bitches need pschological help, they need therapy. Mary stay on the show and get rid of JODY, MIA, RONNIE and AMANDA. I am shocked that the network would allow such bullying to happen (mean bullying nice people). I will not watch this show if the bitches stay on. I realized Mean people do not have a grasp on reality and believe their lies. I’m starting to believe the producer of the show is american and portraying the canadians as pschos(jody, ronnie, amanda and mia). Not all canadians act like jody, ronnie, amanda and mia. Maybe, the producer has a problem with born canadians if they continue to allow bullying to continue. I can’t believe any magazines or show (top chef) would have Jody represent them, they should be ashame. Also, bitches have no class and i can’t believe any rich man would have these bitches as their wives.

    • Before watching the “ Alice and Wonderland” episode I would have agreed with
      you that Ioulia could be classified as a “nice person” but after seeing her
      participate in the nasty ambush that Mary had to encounter I’ve changed my mind. I suppose after being attacked by the “mean girls” at Jody’s party she has decided to join forces with them probably out of fear of being attacked again. So very sad, I always thought that Ioulia had a much stronger character and back bone than that. How very wrong I was. So disappointing.

  43. All I have to say is Jodi…is batsh!t crazy. Robin and Mary are fairly down to earth all things considered. Amanda is a follower (instead of hail hitler its hail Jodi lmao) Ioulia is definately fun loving, but very much a play all sides to suit her mood of the day (still a very likable person though as people go). I still just can’t get over Jodi though, how can any woman act that way and still call herself a lady hahahaha. She needs prozac seriously, she is crazier than a bag of cats, and is teaching her children that her type of behaviour is the norm. Ronnie is just all about Ronnie period, I don’t think she would know what loyalty was if it jumped up and smacked her in the face, and she needs to accept that she is an alcoholic and get some serious detox help and ongoing therapy after to help her keep the habit kicked. If I was as rich and on the radar as these ladies, I am pretty sure I would go out of my way to not bring myself into a bad light, once you are in the television spotlight, there is no going back and changing things it becomes a history you cannot change. And for Jodi, Amanda, Mia and Ronnie; that could be very bad for their prospective businesses as well as any future friendships, I mean its like putting a resume out saying “hey this is who I am, want to be my friend” and anyone who has watched the show is gonna say “HAHAHAHA Not on your life, there is to many black marks in your personality”.

  44. What pissed me off the most was jodie’s absolute nonsense and how she twisted things to only benefit herself – example, after screaming insults and slanderous comments at Mary she THEN says ‘women should support one another’ and related bulls*it. Are you kidding? Did you not just hear yourself?! Childish behaviour from a 50+ year old. jodie is insanely jealous of Mary, and is delusional, nonsensical, a terrible role model (and we have all seen her daughter mia behave just as atrociously) and someone who should not be profiting off of behaving like a beast. She had her chance to apologise and didn’t. She loved going off on Mary, thought she ‘deserved’ it. No conscience – THAT is a sociopathic. Jodie is all about projection – calling Mary a ‘sociopath’ etc was a reflection of what she despises about herself, but she is far too emotionally stunted to realise this is the actual scenario. J has to be the MOST VILE human being on any housewife show. Just go on youtube and see her screaming the same way in a hotel lobby. The show angered me too much because of jodie and that jerk Amanda. I am sure Mary will be off onto better things. I agree with others here who said that Mary only came out ‘on top’ and I think she is an incomparable spirit; jodie buried herself in the very sh*t she spewed. She assassinated her own character, by being herself, and the consequence of that has likely only just begun.

  45. We couldn’t have said better in that we agree with all comments.
    This show is embarrasing and an insult to us humble Vancouver housewives. What is the purpose of this show – it is national? Is it an elimination: if so, us girls unanimously vote: 1st Jody has to go. Perhaps I could assist in arranging a bed for her at Riverview. She needs to be on medication, perhaps Ronnie can share hers. Jody’s fowl, uncouth mouth does not match the tiaras she wears. And what is Mia doing on the show, we feel sorry for her little daughter. ………..never watching Top Chefs again, no credibility. – 2nd spiteful Amanda isn’t even a housewife?? But she has mastered the art of stiring the pot to cause offensive trouble. Her boyfriend should run a few miles, back down to Seattle. Her false laugh is pathetic. – 3rd Ronnie the dased flake that she is. Now her facial plastic surgery looks hidious, Jody & Amanda never commented upon this. That plastic surgeon needs to go back to school. – The other 3 are a tie. Mary you are far more refined & dignified than all of the housewives. If we can give you any advice, please don’t associate with Ronnie anymore. She is a back-stabber and will deceive you again. Walk away……….
    We propose you fire the Producers. Make the Housewives read these comments; then have them move………………escort them into the States……………
    but not here to St. John’s, Newfoundland
    remarks from us humble girls…….

  46. I would love to see Jody try to bully somebody that isn’t considered ‘weak”. Amanda was brought on the show to be another of the hate Mary club. So pathetic. Jody is just butthurt that Mary, who she considered beneath her, gets a lot of love and the fans hate Jody. Hahahaha Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  47. Read this. This little girl killed herself because of bullying. Slice is promoting bullying at the same time with RHoV.

  48. After watching the last episode I was so appalled by Jody’s behavior that I question whether this show is worthy of anyone’s time. Jody is nothing more than a bully who never grew up. It’s such a shame that this showcases this type of behavior when we have children across Canada who commit suicide because of bullying. Shame on you Jody and shame on Canadian television for promoting this type of show as entertainment. While some may view this as entertaining, it only goes to show that when you don’t deal with children who are bullies, they grow up to be adults who are bullies. And honestly, you talk about Mary dressing appropriately for her age….. tiaras and pink tutus at 50, really??

  49. I watch the show all the time I don’t miss one show .How can you allow Jody to be a part of series housewives ,if everyone reads these comments you would think twice about bringing her back .We tell are kids about bullying how wrong this is does she not realize that people commit suicide because of bullying .That smile she has is just make me sick .Get off the show you don’t deserve to be there ,bring your Mila daughter with you !!!!

  50. Stopped watching this show!

  51. I have watched all the Housewives shows from the U.S, including Vancouver and all I have to say is ” WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT and an EMBARRASSMENT to Canadians. Jody is disgusting, rude, and a Big Time Bully. How can we allow this on T.V, especially with all the hard work campaigning all across both Canada and the U.S. to STOP BULLING. Amanda, the follower.. needs to grow some balls girl. She’s a total a wanna be !! All I can say is you look really stupid hanging on to Jody’s tail. Ronnie, OMG, she is mentally ill. Her frozen lips look completely ridiculous, her accusation on Mary for slipping a drug in her drink instead of facing the truth on her drinking?? Did Ronnie realize that Ativan and alcohol don’t mix. Loulia, Robin, and Mary need to stay, the rest of the cast must go. I realize that it’s all the drama that might give your show ratings, but why does it have to be so poorly done. It’s cheap !! Your production really sucks!! You need to bring in some new people, and keep the 3 lovely ladies. Good Luck with that!!!

  52. Jodi is disgusting and not a good example for her children. Her daughter is the same as the mother. What a shame. Mary you are a lady unlike Jodi. Kick Jodi off the show. She is an embarrassment to Canadians.

  53. I’ve just watched my LAST episode of H.of V. I thought New Jersey was crazy! Jodie is psychotic and should seek professional help! They all show a total disrespect for one another.
    Count me out! No more housewives from anywhere. The show should come to Toronto and see how Real Housewives treat their friends.

  54. Jody should add a straight-jacket to her tacky wardrobe. And is this day and age of teaching our children not to bully, Jody is not only a BULLY, she is dangerous! If she wants to help someone, start with her drunken, amoral daughter. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.
    Please, if there’s another show next year DO NOT bring Jody back or you will have one less

  55. I think it’s sad that we have kids in Canada committing suicide because of bullying and then we have a ‘Canadian’ show that does nothing but showcase bullying and it’s supposed to be entertainment. Shame on you Jody — you are an example of what kids who bully grow up to be — adults who bully. And make no mistake, you are the classic bully. If you really want to set a good example for your children, you should make your children watch you on television and then tell them to behave the exact opposite. Having said that, it’s probably too late for your daughter Mia because sadly, she is a lot like you. It really is true that money doesn’t buy you class. Take off your tiara and tutus and grow up. Oh, and the Jody followers like Amanda and Ronnie — every time you rally around Jody and laugh at her cruel comments, or don’t walk away from her bad behavior, you give her exactly what she wants — an audience. You are just as guilty of the bullying — you might as well as chime in. You are the kids on the school ground who stand around and laugh, or do nothing, while the bully taunts and torments her victim. The final episode was the last for me… I will not be watching next season.

  56. If you want to see something even more scary. Look at Jody’s followers on her Twitter account, because they are just as or more rabid than she is.

  57. It’s a wonder Mary has survived such reckless bullying and outrageous violent behaviour towards her! It must have absolutely exhausting and draining for her to have to even tolerate such horrific bullying!

    • …shame, ….. that Robin & Ioulia didn’t stand up for Mary more. Hopefully those three remain good friends (Mary, Robin Ioulia). Mary is an excellent role model for her son. He must be very proud of his courageous, brave & reserved mom.

  58. OMG _ People actually have watced this show from start ot finish, and can tell the plastic faces apart?
    Some people must have really, really sad lives.
    I watched a few minutes here and there to see if I could recognize any of th eplaces, and maybe some of my old friends in the background, but I have a hard time looking at the weird, immoveable faces, that all seem to resemble each other’s ( do they all use the same plastic surgeon?) and listening to the ridiculous squabbling these idiots do.
    Vancouver should be ashamed that their city has been chosen as part of the title of this show.

  59. I like to watch Real Housewives shows as a form of light entertainment. However, RHOV has crossed the line of what is morally acceptable. I found the episodes of RHOV truly disturbing. Watching the bullying that was taking place made me sick to my stomach. Jody is a perfect example of a bully. I find it sad that, while there are so many people in this country working to curb bullying, scenes of bullying in its truest form are being used as entertainment. Bullying is serious and, at its most extreme, is costing people’s lives. I feel that there should be repercussions for Jody’s behaviors, such as no longer being allowed on the show. Slice should take a stand and demonstrate that bullying will not be tolerated. I will not continue to watch such dangerous and cruel behaviors. In a world where we are trying so desperately to protect our children from these hurts and abuses, it is sad to see grown women engaging in such behaviors. I hope that Jody gets the help that she needs so that she no longer feels the need to hurt others.

  60. Jody Claman is a hateful narcissistic monster who behaves like a child with no impulse control. She ought to be charged with assault and locked away if it wasn’t for the obvious fact that she has some serious mental illnesses. And for her to tell Mary that she looks ridiculous? Has Jody taken a good look in the mirror lately? If anyone looks stupid, it’s you, Jody. Check yourself. @jodyclaman

  61. Jody has real issues and I don’t think they are with Mary. She needs serious help. She is pretty enough and successful but she has a lot of anger and animosity toward Mary. She is teaching her kids how to hate. So What if someone said you are not Jewish who give a damn. Get over it. So what if Mary uses filler in her face so does Ronnie, and Ronnie needs to be careful with her medications and drinking you can tell she is using something, by the way she is incoherent and licks her lips. Amanda you don’t drink, good for you but you should be more understanding and stop feeding into Ronnies Alcoholism. She needs a friend not someone who is going to patronize her. Ioulia. You stand your ground, your young and your will learn that not everything is about you. However, I do think you have a great heart and you are beautiful. Texas Robin So far she is okay, she did for a minute try to play the game but she is not evil like the rest. Love the show, I even watch repeats and that is not like me to watch repeats of anything. Now If Mary needs a Bodyguard I’m in. lol i will kick Jody’s but for her . lol

  62. This comment was deleted.

    • Sorry, I strongly disagree, most wealthy women are NOT like this, not even close. Most do not have an addiction problem. They live a lot more quieter lives than you could imagine, are mostly private keeping their friends very close and cherishing them because good friends are rare and you treat them special (when you’re wealthy, friends are a huge treasure, you certainly wouldn’t let small issues jeopardize the relationship for fear of hurting the ones you love) they vacation in parts of the world where average folks will never experience live, so you probably haven’t rubbed elbows with many of them, sure many get facelifts but that’s their business and who cares?. They avoid wearing labels on their clothing as much as they can (but sometimes thats hard because a Hermes bag is instantly recognizable as is a burberry trench) because nothing is tackier than a label branded on your body and trotting around town providing free advertising to the over inflated prices of designer ware.

      Perhaps ‘new’ monied individuals, or women who haven’t really ‘earned’ money and have come from a very modest background (like Ronnie and Amanda) who have married into money, they are a separate breed, they are the ones who are wild and nothing in life has prepared them for this sudden vast amount of cash, they suddenly feel entitled and they expect everyone to be beholden to them (like Jody loving to get apologies for whatever reason she can find to be offended at and Ronnie expecting Mary to swallow whatever poison Ronnie is serving on any given day, and when Mary declines Ronnie is outraged)…but for the most part, the truly wealthy don’t go around acting like buffoons.

  63. OMG, the only person on this show that appears to be normal is Ioulia (love where she says they can’t stand Mary but spend the whole night talking about her). Mob mentality at it’s finest. Jody is undeniably ill, or at the very least mentally unstable, along with her very vapid daughter. The most annoying person to me though had to be Ronnie, who is sooo in denial and (giving her addiction credit for this) not capable of being a friend to anyone who doesn’t tell her how fabulous she is. I’m from the Pacific NW of the US and now live in Germany… I watched because I missed that part of the world and it never disappoints. That being said, I’m very happy with my very normal friends and this show just made me appreciate them more. I would steer a wide berth around the likes of Jody. The only reason I can fathom Mary exposing herself to that kind of venom is that it is encouraged by the producers. It is at the very least satisfying when Mary gets a word in edgewise.

  64. It won’t attack an following if all the woman got along. Jody wants what Mary has, her life and her friends and she will do anything to make sure that people turn away from Mary.. When she put her arm around Ronnie it was to take her away from Mary. It makes for good TV. So if no one watches, they would be cancelled. Some one has to be the bad guy, but Mary doesn’t deserved to be attack by that crazy woman. If Jody hates Mary so much she can leave the show. And she can take her little YES woman with her. Stop the high school mean girl attitude Jody, it will come back to bit you in the a** someday. At least I hope it does.

  65. After watching the last episiode and cringing at the hate-filed rant by Ms. Claman, I am done. This is not entertainment – it is garbage.

  66. So funny that the two biggest bullies (Ronnie and Jody) are the ones with the most messed up lives. How many different men fathered their children? How much of their “empires” were built by marrying someone they only intended to get knocked up by? Really classy. No wonder one lives in an alcoholic haze and took facelifts so far she looks the Jokers twin sister while the other covers her sloppy figure with helpless animal skins and fake tiarras. It’s sad to know these losers are representing Canada. Thank God for the rest of them. They’re beautiful independant women who show true class even though they’re forced to waste time on trash like Jody. Hopefully she gets hers in the end.. having her “second hand shop” (which was no doubt bought with her many different child support and alimony payments) vandalized is the least of what she deserves.

  67. So funny that the two biggest bullies (Ronnie and Jody) are the ones with the most messed up lives. How many different men fathered their children? How much of their “empires” were built by marrying someone they only intended to get knocked up by? Really classy. No wonder one lives in an alcoholic haze and took facelifts so far she looks the Jokers twin sister while the other covers her sloppy figure with helpless animal skins and fake tiarras. It’s sad to know these losers are representing Canada. Thank God for the rest of them. They’re beautiful independant women who show true class even though they’re forced to waste time on trash like Jody. Hopefully she gets hers in the end.. having her “second hand shop” (which was no doubt bought with her many different child support and alimony payments) vandalized is the least of what she deserves.

  68. We have only just got the 2nd season in the uk and I love it. I can’t get enough of it. Jody does need taking off the show but then think how boring it would be? Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her and she wouldn’t get away with it me but its like big brother, you take the baddy out of it and then the show gets boring and people stop watching. Jody is going a bit to far and should be spoken to about calming it down.

  69. we were so looking forward to the R.housewives of Vancouver, here in the UK, until we saw the amount of bullying poor Mary is getting from Jody. How can the show allow Jody (who was my favourite in the beginning) to bully Mary time after time. There are young girls and boys committing suicide because of bullying. I am shocked to how can you guys allow that amount and degree of bullying to go on in your show. Please, help us put a stop to bullying by setting an example.
    Like ·

  70. An embarrassing, nasty, evil bitch, who looks like something you would see on a Halloween night! She gives Jewish women a bad name, definitely no surprise shes divorced and very single! Who would want to be with that witch?

  71. I am watching Vancouver’jody the fraggil rock’ronnie the Draculas bride,ouili s##t stirrer,robin still on the fence with her, amanda awful to 2face woman.I think robin should sue for slander and putting a bad name about her naughty,this is the worsed house wifes iv seen you should have stopped the bulling on mary.She is a lovely lady who doesn’t have to get on her broom stick the witch jody,get rid of her no good that woman believe.and that amanda nasty its good job iam not on your show I would put them all down and make them cry with my words.

  72. I haven’t seen the last few episodes yet, being from Scotland it hasn’t aired here yet but what I’ve seen so far most of these women are disgusting vile human beings… And after reading this article Mary needs to get a back bone and tell that wicked bullying troll jody who by the way is as fake as a cheap copy of a Hermes bag, to stay out her face or she’ll rub it in the gutter where it clearly belongs!!! The vipers that are a disgusting excuse for a human Jody, jealous thick twit Amanda and two faced messed up, no loyalty ronnie are full of complete hate and nasty venom.. Its like watching cesspit full of snakes hissing at each other waiting for the prey to arrive!! (classy Mary)I get incensed when I watch this show.. I sit with my mouth open at the utter moronic behaviour of these awful bullies.. I can’t express enough contempt for them!! Shame shame shame on them its no wonder bad things are happening to them… I guess karma does exist.. Hope Mary is doing well and steers clear of that evil energy that is these vipers.. Ps I never write into any show never! And lastly young kids are committing suicide because of bullies like that horror jody and the people who cast and air this show have a duty of care morally to young people around the globe not to condone this type of behaviour by airing it as normality between friends, wives and human beings in general!! So shame on them too.. They should be barred from showing this as tv entertainment and fine them too!!!

  73. I watch this show from Ireland and I won’t go over again want everyone thinks of Jody but when she said to mary I hope you get an aneurism and die was about the most cruelest thing I’ve ever heard coming out of anyone’s mouth! She’s a mother for gods sake! How will Mary’s boys feel watching that?? My take on Jody is she is a money hungry social climbing toxic freak her and her side kick excuse for a daughter. I think she picks on mary because she is so nice and plus she has no man in her life that would take her by the troat and choke the life out of her. Now for ronnie who’s mouth moves but nothing else, well Jody is only friends with her because she’s rich and in Toronto she made it very clear that’s her kind of people the upper classes that’s rich coming from white thrash you know the saying you can take the girl out of the trailer park!!!! Now for amanda who is she??. Another wannabe who thinks her connection with Jody is going to make her rich? Lol sorry Jody is not the person to go to for help! Didn’t you see the knife behind her back!!! I always say living well is the best revenge!!, now if this was scripted the way I see it mary will meet and marry her billionaire have a no1 hit and Jody will be done for fraud and people will stop buying in her shop because they see how evil she is she will lose all her money go bankrupt and end up back in the trailer park were she came from
    Ps has anyone seen Cinderella !!!lol

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