Real Housewives of Vancouver have a train wreck trip in Toronto

A Top Chef taping, singing on TV and some cosmetic surgery: all in a day’s work


Jody with Lisa Ray on the set of Top Chef Canada

This week’s Housewives begins with a coincidence that would only ever occur on reality TV.

Mary’s agent informs her that she’ll be kicking off a press tour to promote her album and the first stop is — gasp — Toronto. This, of course, aligns perfectly with Jody’s TO trip to guest judge Top Chef Canada.

Out of the kindness of her heart, or maybe because she just wants friends, Mary invites Robin to sing background vocals during her performance of Hero on Global Toronto’s Morning Show.

Robin replies, “That would be the most exciting thing ever in my life.”

Really? I thought these women were meant to be Oprah rich.

Meanwhile, Jody lands in Toronto and surprises her son Josh while he’s at school. Josh’s facial expression betrays a mix of shock and horror, though Jody is likely used to getting those looks wherever she goes.

Next up, Ronnie and Amanda pile into a private jet and head out east as well. Amanda catches up with her sister Denise, and gabs about her boyfriend Kyle.

“I’ll still want to screw him when he’s 90 but he might have to have a junk lift.”

She then muses about how she might want to get her own privates worked over into “prom queen” condition.  Denise responds by offering her sister a butt lift at the cosmetic surgery clinic where she works and Amanda invites Jody and Ronnie along.

Jody’s daughters Mia and Hannah blindfold her and shove pastries in her mouth in a taste test to prep her for judging Top Chef. Her guesses of “nutty chocolaty” and “lemon zest” weren’t all that impressive.

When it’s time to film the segment, Jody has some trouble taking direction from the producer, but figures it out in the end. She and host Lisa Ray trade compliments about each other’s fabulousness, which I’m sure took a fair bit of acting on Ray’s part.

Mary and Robin rehearsing

Then it’s show time for Mary and Robin, who sing live to a small group of people including Ioulia whom they’ve invited along. Mary claims the mix is all wrong but still manages to give a decent performance, with Robin more or less humming behind her.

Over at Venus Concepts esthetics boutique, Amanda, Ronnie and Jody settle in to get work done on their butt, abs and face, respectively. Tracy, the short-skirted employee who greets them, is so plastic she could be the seventh housewife were it not for the fact that she has a job.

“I think she benefits a lot from the treatments there,” says Ronnie, though it’s unclear whether she’s disapproving or simply jealous.

While the ladies are lounging around half-naked, CEO Dominic Serafino invites them to a party at his mansion.

At about that time, Ioulia calls Amanda and asks what their plans are for later in the night. Amanda hesitantly invites her to the soiree then asks with a sneer if Ioulia flew to Toronto “on coach.” OH. SNAP.

Ioulia is not impressed with the joke and vows to confront Amanda about it later on.

The ladies arrive at Dominic’s swanky digs, which feature a swimming pool and grotto to boot. One can only imagine what goes on there.

Amanda, however, leaves little to the imagination, sporting a dress that her breasts literally pop out of. Seriously. You could rest a beer between those things. Sure enough, she has a few nip slips throughout the evening, though Dominic, aka Hugh Hefner, doesn’t seem to mind.

At long last, the drama begins, with Robin instigating when she mouths off about Ioulia’s bluntness to Amanda and Jody.  Ioulia asks Amanda what she meant by the “coach” comment but Amanda shrugs it off as a joke.

Enter Jody’s daughter Mia, who, clearly wasted, starts pouring rounds of tequila bottle shots for other guests.

Dominic invites the ladies to do a shot as well, but Ronnie, Amanda and Jody refuse. This creates tension with Amanda and Jody accusing the others of being insensitive to their alcoholic friends.

Ironically, Jody calls Mary “a bully,” to which Mary responds, “You should go take care of your very drunken daughter. She’s going to fall in the pool.”

Jody retorts, “You’re going to have an aneurysm and die, you keep up your bulls–t.”

Everyone at home: “Uh, that’s not physically possible.”

Ronnie starts crying, claiming that she has an anxiety attack whenever she’s around her friends, and is escorted out of the party by her sons.

Amanda and her boobs try to explain to Mary that she seems “inauthentic,” but Mary, like everyone else at the party, can’t concentrate on Amanda’s face, let alone the words that are coming out of her mouth.

On the way out, Ioulia, normally the drunken voice of reason, gets in Amanda’s face about her bitchiness.

“What the f–k is your problem?” she demands. “I’ve been nothing but nice to you.”

Amanda tries to explain that Ioulia’s rudeness is the issue, but Ioulia cuts her off, saying, “Don’t talk to me.”

There’s nothing left to do or say, so everyone climbs into their Escalades and calls it a night. Or, in Amanda’s words, “a train wreck.”


Real Housewives of Vancouver have a train wreck trip in Toronto

  1. The most uninteresting women on earth..

  2. The show is so heavily edited for entertainment purposes. I guess I am wondering who is dictating what is entertaining and what isn’t. A couple of episodes in and at times I feel revolted to the point where I don’t want to watch anymore.Yes it is great to be entertained and it keeps people returning and actually extracting an intense emotion from viewers could be seen as a success but people also like to walk away feeling good. If the entertainment consistently leaves them with a bad taste in their mouth then at some point they are going to stop watching. I really hope it doesn’t get to that point. In the last few years bullying (among school children) and the effects of it have been brought to the forefront of peoples minds. Why is it ok to profit from entertainment which, for the most part this season, has been focused on a group of women bullying another woman. The reasons for the bullying (lying etc…) are of little interest to me it is the behaviour used to expose and goad that sickens me. Each of these women are intelligent, successful and I suspect not particularly similar to the characters they portray. Attention, exposure and money are not to be sneezed at but somewhere integrity has to come into it …….. And this includes Mary. The ladies who play the part of the bullies and Mary who is the poor gormless victim …. unfortunately it doesn’t shine a particularly favourable light on any of the characters. The time for these shows will pass and the longevity will be determined by the entertainment they provide but I have to ask “is this behaviour entertaining” for me not so much x

  3. If these are “real” housewives then Vancouver is in trouble. These shows should be insulting to women everywhere!

    • You with the prize! You are officially the 7 billionth person to point out the fact that these women aren’t “real” housewives. Bravo.

      • awww and you took the time out to let me know that! Thanks!

  4. I think the show is a joke,And I hope who ever watches this show don’t think that all the women in canada are like that, I just watch now hoping to see who will punch jody and here s daughter out.boy are they trash, if being rich mean acting like that I rather be poor.

  5. Awefully bad show,,I would be embarassed to call myself a real house wife and appear on that show lol,tuned into it tonight for about 2 minutes and I can honestly say its the worst show ever,,bad acting,bad attitudes ,,,bad everything

  6. Get Jody off the show!!!! She is fake and a train reck waiting to happen!!!

  7. Ronnie seems slow and stiff, too many needles in her lips and face.

  8. I have always been an avid viewer of the show (RHOV), but
    the last few episodes were really disturbing. I think that, Ronnie, Jody,
    Amanda and somewhat Ioulia are horrid.
    They are bullies, but the worst being Jody, I think that she ought to be a
    shamed of herself for how wretched and rude that old gal is. These women if you
    want to call them that should be pulled from the show. You would think having
    daughters that they would be someone of role models for you ladies of Canada,
    but they are no role models. I would hope others don’t think that real women in
    Canada act like this bunch… Disturbing in not the w0rd how they treat Mary, if
    anything Mary is the only one who seems to have her head of her shoulders and
    actually has class the rest have no class what-so-ever! Robin is pretty cool,
    she doesn’t seem to be a backstabber like Ronnie!

  9. These women are proof that money does not buy class.

  10. Jodys a nutcase, and so are Ronnie & Amanda…Jody’s totally obsessed by Mary which is not normal….who comes up with these ideas?? Bizarre!

  11. Jody is a primitive bully!!! changing her religion like a fur coats on this show.Who is waring the fur now? only this low life physiologically unstable Jody ( need a good doctor).., Haw many animals has to die to cover her ugly body??You idiot !YOU ARE THE PART OF ANIMAL SAFARIING BLOOD OF THIS POOR ANIMALS ARE ON YOUR HANDS AND BODY ,ALSO ON YOUR DAUGHTER !!BE A JEW ALLOW YOU TO ACT LIKE LOW LIFE? . I ‘M JEW AND YOU ARE SHAME TO JEWISH WOMEN !!. RONNY AND THE OTHER ALCOHOLIC AMANDA THY LOST THEM SELF IN THIS SHOW! THIS IS TRUE MONEY DOES NOT BAY A CLASS!! THIS IS A SHAME TO WATCH THIS SHOW !!

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