Real Housewives of Vancouver: Like hamsters, the ladies eat their own -

Real Housewives of Vancouver: Like hamsters, the ladies eat their own

Our recap of episode 9, season 2


A scene from the last episode.

Last night, my roommates warned me that if the Blue Jays game didn’t end in time for Housewives, they would not be handing over control of the TV. I felt a glimmer of hope, but alas, the timing worked out fine and I settled in for my weekly dose of masochism.

It seems Ronnie’s gong show birthday was still top of mind for everyone.

Jody and Amanda meet up on the beach to discuss how Ronnie could have possibly gotten so drunk on the boat trip to Granville Island. The obvious answer seems to be: because she drank alcohol. But the ladies are determined to Sherlock Holmes it up.

“I don’t know how it got to that,” says Jody. Infuriated that Robin was drinking around her alcoholic friends, Jody concludes that she must have slipped something into Ronnie’s drink.

“I think Robin is the instigator of this event.”

Then it’s over to Ioulia, who is planning her birthday bash to be thrown at Ronnie’s West Vancouver mansion.  She pleads with Mary to make an appearance, but Mary — thank goodness, she’s finally catching on — is very reluctant. Eventually, Mary gives in though, remarking, “I think I just agreed to walk into a viper’s nest.” (An insult to vipers everywhere.)

As it turns out, Mary’s 49th birthday is coming up. Her friends Lisa and Marika offer to throw her a party at Lisa’s place.

“Ronnie is not invited,” resolves Mary. “I want real friends there, not fake ones.” We assume she’s referring to their personalities.

She tells her friends about Ioulia’s birthday and they advise her to go in with bodyguards.

As Ioulia primps for her soiree, she rocks a new pair of gold earrings from Holt Renfew, a present from her man, and a pair of wedges featuring a Russian matryoshka doll design. When her husband asks if she applied the doll faces to the shoes herself, she seems aghast.

“Do I look like arts and crafts to you?” she demands, noting the shoes are worth $1,300. “Do I look like I glue sh-t together?” That’s why she’s my favourite.

Robin picks up Ioulia in a limo and Mary calls to say that she won’t be coming after all. This annoys Ioulia, but she is quickly distracted by the party and all the presents — jewelry, champagne, caviar, a cheap book from Robin. Ronnie then reveals the ultimate surprise, a performance by Canadian classical crossover group The Tenors.

“They have sung for Celine Dion, Elton John, the Queen of England, and now they’re singing in my living room,” says Ronnie.

But I’m sure none of those people asked for an autograph on their boobs, which Ioulia hilariously requests several times throughout the evening.

Next up, it’s time for a peacemaking lunch amongst Robin, Amanda and Mary at Hapa Izakaya.

As you may recall, the last time Amanda and Mary saw each other, Amanda told Mary: “go f—k yourself.”

Comparatively, lunch has some warm and fuzzy moments, with Amanda conceding, “I don’t think it would be fair for me to say I completely dislike you, because I don’t completely know you.” Mary takes what she can get and invites Amanda to her birthday party.

Realizing that she’s nearing 50 and is flying solo, Mary employs a couple of matchmakers — Jane and Jill. She invites them, along with Robin, over to discuss potential mates.

The matchmakers ask Mary to rank looks, wealth and intelligence in terms of importance, but before she can reply, Robin interrupts with other criteria including height — “we don’t want midgets” — penis size and sexual kinks.

Finally, Mary gets a word in edgewise, saying she just wants “a partner to walk down the path with into old age.” Awww.

In an attempt to sabotage Mary’s party, Jody plans her own get-together on the same night and invites all the Housewives.

All except Robin agree to go, and they meet up at Reflections, an upscale lounge at the Hotel Georgia downtown.

Mary is disappointed that Ioulia chooses Jody’s party over her own, but not as disappointed as Ioulia is when she arrives to hear more chirping about Mary and Robin.

“We are an hour into this dinner and they are still talking about Mary. Shoot me now,” she complains to the camera.

“The only thing making this dinner bearable is the booze.” Replace the word “dinner” with “show” and she’s pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly.

Amanda, in reference to Mary, reads the description of a sociopath off her smartphone, but seems to struggle with words that are more than two syllables. And that’s before she takes a sip of booze. That’s right. The alcoholic accidentally grabs one of the other women’s drinks and tastes vodka, causing her to burst into tears.

Ioulia makes light of the situation, much to everyone else’s chagrin.

“I don’t know, I’m Russian, I cannot even taste alcohol these days,” she says.

The ladies start in on her, but at this point, she doesn’t seem to care and walks out on dinner.

Meanwhile, Mary’s party is going off without a hitch, and she finally seems to realize that she doesn’t need the approval of those trash bags to have a good time. Surrounded by her guests, Mary takes in a viewing of her new music video Hero, as the episode comes to a close.


Real Housewives of Vancouver: Like hamsters, the ladies eat their own

  1. That actually was Amanda’s own drink. She said she was drinking virgin mojitos and they served her one with alcohol. I personally don’t believe she had an alcoholic drink at all. I think she had to create some drama for the show. Her reaction was totally over the top. Notice she didn’t spit it out either.

    Jody is such an absolute bully and now Ronnie, her fledgling puppet, is following in her path. Amanda doesn’t have a backbone so she goes which ever way the tide takes her.

    BTW if that was a real Hermes bracelet pinnochio threw into the bay I hope Hermes sues her for trashing their product.

    As much as this show is my guilty pleasure I will be glad when this season ends. Jody is seriously losing her mind in her obsessive hatred towards Mary. Jody is self destructing.

    • Better yet I hope the environmentalists hold her responsible for endangering marine life – she’s already upset the anti fur folks.

      • She should get a ticket for littering and they should have her as punishment clean several days of cleaning trash !!!

  2. I actually can’t watch this show anymore. Ronnie, Jody, and Amanda’s behaviour makes me sick to my stomach. Ronnie, you seriously think anyone is going to believe Robin drugged you?! you know accusing her of an illegal activity on TV without proof to back it up is slander? These three are some of the trashiest women i have ever seen, and prove again and again that money doesn’t buy class. I find it funny that the only women on the show with obvious addiction issues and personality disorders hoard together to bash the normal ones. Well, i guess this show is meant to be all about drama, and i do like to watch drama but not when it becomes cruel. Bravo, you have lost me as a viewer and judging on the direction the show has taken, i won’t be the only one changing the channel.

    • Actually, Vi, it’s Slice TV via Lark Productions. Bravo doesn’t have anything to do with this franchise.

      Further, I totally agree with your statement. The four with blatent personality disorders are the three that band together like a pack of thieves. Disguisting to quote Pinnochio.

      • I don’t think she was talking about the network. Bravo as in, ‘congratulations, you’ve lost me.’ Not Bravo as in ‘OMG Andy Cohen!!!’

    • These 3 women are sad excuses of ladies!

  3. These women, with the exception of Robin and Mary are embarrassing. I hope to god, people around the world aren’t watching this and thinking this is how the women of Vancouver behave.

    Jody’s behavior really makes me wonder if this show isn’t just entirely scripted. The Real Housewives series goes through housewives pretty quickly with most women only lasting a few years before they’re ousted for a newer, younger, more dramatic housewife so maybe they think if they act like lunatics and cause drama, that’s the key to more screen-time.

    Scripted or not, my heart goes out to Ronnie’s child with the disability however having a child who is a little more special than the others isn’t a reason to use drinking and pill-popping as a crutch. Ronny needs to get her shit together and admit that she’s an alcoholic and seek treatment or her children will forever resent her and always have proof of her alcoholic tendencies thanks to RHOV.

    Not much to say about Amanda as she’s not really attractive, not really smart, not really charming, not really anything. I guess she’s just there repeating what the other bullies say.

    Ioulia is a firecracker. She might side with the mean-girls at times but the refuses to talk-shit about people and that is her redeeming factor. She’s also has excellent taste, them shoes!

    I hope Mary & Robin’s friendship is true and everlasting. Its strange that Robin constantly calls Mary an angel but she seems like the most caring and real person on this series.

    Everyone has little white lies and she shouldn’t have been crucified for wanting to be away from a hostile situation.

    Ps: Mia is a massive coke-head and she can buy all the fake Celine handbags she wants but we’ll always know the truth.

    Pps: All of West Van hates the Claman family, get out of my neighborhood, you bunch of trash-bags.

    • Well said Alexandria about Remy, Ronnie’s special needs child. I truly think she is special needs as she was a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Ronnie has said she was born very premature as some FAS babies are. She also has ‘visual markers’ other FAS children have. It is sad that Ronnie puts alcohol before her family, long term friendships and self respect. Then to try to blame others for her short comings is unconscionable.

      • think you nailed it 100% Ronnie is in denial.

    • One other question, Alexandria. From what you’ve said it appears you live in West Van. Is there any talk there that Jody is actually the grandmother of little Hannah? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she is Mia’s child. Jody, at what, 60, seems too old to have given birth to that youngster. Mia also seems awfully close to her; almost motherly close.

      • To be quite honest, I’ve heard many rumors regarding Mia being Hannah’s mother. Jody’s other children are in they’re 20s so quite a bit older than Hannah which might be a clue.

    • Total trashbags.

    • SO TRUE.

    • I reaaaaallly hope that Jody’s behavior is staged but than WHY would they call the show …REALITY TV!!!!

  4. Why hasn’t Jody been sued for selling ” blaque” designs as MIA desings designed allegedly by Mia? This is fraud and no one is calling her out on it.
    If robin had drugged ronnie why couldn’t ronnie have noticed alcohol in her water like amanda did. How can someone drug you to the point of intoxication without you noticing?

  5. I agree to some extent with Alexandria. Obviously the show is scripted.If Jody’s act is part of her character, you’d think she’d have picked a better one. She clearly doesnt care if anyone likes her, and doesnt care that she is a vile role model for any would-be female entrepreneurs. I wish could pity Jody, because, no doubt some past life experiences or mental problems have fueled this deplorable behaviour she displays. I cant however, pity someone who is filled with such hate and vengence. Heres to Robin and Mary for rising above and finally having the wit to stay away from their toxic company.
    The whole story about Ronnie’s drink being laced by Robin is so ridiculous, especially since the other ladies commented that Ronnie appeared liek she was already intoxicated before the yacht trip. I dont think Ronnie’s behaviour is an act. She really is that messed up. Total train wreck.
    Ioulia, doesnt pretend to be anyone else, which I like, and I thought it was telling of Ronnie, calling her a B***h, when she left Jody’s silly little counter-party.
    I’m sure Jody is just looking to be cast as a villian in some spinoff reality show. There’s just one thing, when you put the nasty act aside, she is just uninteresting.

  6. I am disgusted by Jodi’s constant bullying, whether, she’s bullying Mary or bullying the girls into bullying Mary, she makes me sick, and I would figure as a Jew! she would be a lot more careful in her way of life, since her people were treated with such brutality,hostility, and prejiduce,

  7. I really hope Mary meets a nice guy!

  8. I too, believe that Ronnie’s kid is a victim of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) at the end of the first season it dawned on me that it was a definite possibility – poor girl, to suffer at the hands of her mentally unstable mother. Sad. At least Russell Negus is rich enough to provide a comfortable life for his family. Why he married Ronnie, a damaged, unintelligent, empty-headed silicone barbi wannabe, is one huge mystery.
    Amanda adds zero value to the show: not bright, avergage looks, stunted personality stuck in the 10th grade, boring lifestyle ….
    Robin and Mary are normal – which of course makes them targets for the loosers…Love Mary’s body, I’m super envious at her amazing shape (esp. at her age!)!! Just wish Mary would IGNORE her attackers – just walk away, without comment…I hate when she engages them (although this season was a bit better when Amanda swore at mary and mary got up and left the table…) but I cringed when Mary agreed to meet Amanda with Robin, and then without any apology from Amanda for her foul behaviour in Toronto, Mary goes ahead and INVITES Amanda to her B-day party?! wtf. I was sick.
    Jody is your basic turd…she is so obvious, always on the attack for fear of being attacked. (notice when anyone questions or confronts her, she never answers she ALWAYS turns it around on the other person). There is nothing to like about this woman – if there is, we certainly haven’t seen it. Her obsession with Mary is disturbing to say the least. No one really knows why Jody hates Mary so much…? her explanation’s have always been stupid and non-sensical.
    I don’t buy for one second, that Jody likes/loves Ronnie, these two women share a full-on disturbed view of Mary, and that’s it!

  9. Mary and Robin are the only reason I watch this show any more. The rest are hideous, ugly-souled women who make me feel dirty watching them. Ronnie is the worst. I can’t believe what a lying, pathetic hypocrite she’s turned into.

  10. I am totally disgusted with Jody, her behavior, her bullying Mary and Bullying the girls into bullying Mary, it’s outrageous!! Did anyone tell her as a Jew! she should be a lot more civil and human, Jodi do you not know that you are prejudice,hostile, and extremely brutal towards Mary? That’s how Hitler was to your people wasn’t he? Hmmmmm…. I guess you haven’t learned anything about respect and not hurting another person and just the overall living of life as a descent human being, after what your people have been through you’d think you would!!! From what I see, Mary doesn’t do a dam thing to provoke anyone! Ronnie, is the one who I believe is jealous of Mary and I agree with Alexandria, her pill popping alcoholic ways a more than likely the contributing factor to her daughters disabilities!! Amanda to me is just a total idiot on a dog leash walked by Jody and going nowhere fast, oh and really, come on! crying because you had a little sip of alcohol, that was so pathetic!! Robin should stop being a rat snitch, she is an ok person but the she said she said thing is gonna ruin her. And Ioulia is or seems to be a pretty good person so far, she’s the only person on that show that I don’t feel like slapping out!

  11. Jody, Ronnie , and Amanda are disgusting human beings. Anyone who is that obsessed with another person (Mary) has some severe personal issues going on. I really hope they get help. I really enjoy Ioulia ( not sure if that the correct spelling) I hope she doesn’t get dragged into Jody’s puppet show as well.

  12. most of the woman on this show are giving canadians a bad name!!!! jody is a waste of space, the rudest person i’ve ever seen. ronny, jody and amanda are like 12 yr old bullies!!!!!! the only housewives show i don’t care to watch!!!!

  13. These women are a joke!! Mary and Robin are the only classy girls on the show. I really hate when children are brought up in negative light. People should really not diagnose a child that isn’t theirs Ronnie is doing enough to embrass her children. I hope she buys herself some help! Amanda is really evil and ugly I can’t stand her! Jody and her sidekick daughter need help and should really stop bullying everyone. The only reason why they keep talking about Mary is because she is much prettier then both of them. Anyways the show is really getting boring if Mary is the only one being picked on. Who ever is the writers it time to turn the tables and take down Jody and Mia! Along with Amanda

  14. Just wondering…. After the age of 5, who spends that much time and energy on their birthday. How long did Ronnie’s birthday go on? She was celebrating for days. How ridiculous. Just a reflection on how superficial and useless the rest of your life is Ronnie. How about this? Why don’t you actually go home and mother that special needs child? Better yet, stop telling the whole world how hard your life is because of her. I like spending time with my children. Too bad Ronnie doesn’t. Let’s hope that the nannies can provide the warmth and love and stability that you can’t be bothered supplying.

    • Your bewildered comment about people over the age of 5 spending so much time and energy on a birthday made me laugh out loud; I’ve been thinking the same thing! I thought Ronnie looked nearly as out of it on this episode as she did last week when she “fell off the wagon”; although I no longer think she was ever on the wagon in the first place, especially since she has continuously stated that she didn’t stop drinking because she was an alcoholic – no, she was just taking a “break” from alcohol because she “didn’t want to go down like that” – referring to the way she came across in the first season. Unfortunately, her goal to redeem herself this season has been a dismal failure.

  15. I am totally disgusted with Jody, her behavior, her bullying Mary and Bullying the girls into bullying Mary, it’s outrageous!! Did anyone tell her as a Jew! she should be a lot more civil and human, Jodi do you not know that you are prejudice,hostile, and extremely brutal towards Mary? That’s how Hitler was to your people wasn’t he? Hmmmmm…. I guess you haven’t learned anything about respect and not hurting another person and just the overall living of life as a descent human being, after what your people have been through you’d think you would!!! From what I see, Mary doesn’t do a dam thing to provoke anyone! Ronnie, is the one who I believe is jealous of Mary and I agree with Alexandria, her pill popping alcoholic ways a more than likely the contributing factor to her daughters disabilities!! Amanda to me is just a total idiot on a dog leash walked by Jody and going nowhere fast, oh and really, come on! crying because you had a little sip of alcohol, that was so pathetic!! Robin should stop being a rat snitch, she is an ok person but the, she said she said thing is gonna ruin her. And Ioulia is or seems to be a pretty good person so far, she’s the only person on that show that I don’t feel like slapping out! It’s embarrassing to me that people could think all us Canadian girls are like that, and we are definately nothing like that, we for the most part are not filthy rich and have nothing better to do than curse and fight all day and night! IF THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE RICH AND HOW ALL RICH PEOPLE LIVE, AND ACT, THEY CAN HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree 100% with everyone’s comments. I am glad that people can see that these women are nothing but bullies -they’re the pathetic ones for spending all their time gossiping about Mary. They need to get rid of Jody. I am sick of listening to her talk. Her life can’t be as good as she makes it out to be if she has nothing to do but talk or try to ruin Mary’s life.

  16. I wish Jody gets kicked out of the show because she brainwashed Ronnie,and Amanda to be mean and cruel to Mary. FYI Jody I hate you because you bully people and influence people into the bad path.

    • i do agree with you Erwin!!! kicked her out!! a MEAN, HORRIFIC, DEVILISH person i had ever seen on show!

  17. I don’t believe Ronnie when she said that Robin drugged her, as she was already quite tipsy when she greeted Amanda and Jody before they got on the boat as Amanda said in her talking head. She was also quite loopy on Ativan at dinner in Toronto few episodes ago where once again Amanda called her out on it, not to mention she (jokingly?) asked someone to fetch her some champagne at the doctor’s party. She probably just mixed her anti anxiety med with alcohol and rather own it she’ll blame someone else.

    Bravo to Amanda for not drinking for 2.5 years (might be why she’s so mean though lol) but her reaction at tasting alcohol was strange and she seemed to get over her tears very quickly to tear into Ioulia. Hmmmm – I’m not insensitive to the issue though.

    • I have not had a drink of alcohol for four years as it is my enemy. At a party once, I picked up a drink of what I thought was sparkling water. It wasn’t, it was champagne. I had one sip and put the drink down. I did not sob like Amanda or make a scene. I put the drink aside and sought out a non alcoholic sober drink for myself. I would not jeopardize my sobriedity for anything or make a scene of it. I surely did not lose it like Amanda did. No reason to.

      • I commend you on your sobriety and maturity!

        • Thank you. Then again, I am not on a ‘reality ‘ show. I see so much on RHoV that is not real and Amanda and Ronnie are not true. They have not embraced the 12 steps. I do hope that they do someday.

          • I have a serious issue with Amanda claiming abuse as a child while quoting darn near word for word the most simplistic story of a sex trader worker as offered in psych 101 case studies.

          • I, too, don’t believe her sex abuse stories. They just don’t jibe with her self proclamation of ‘sex addict’ now. I could be wrong and if I am please feel free to correct me.

  18. Wow Ronnie can’t handle alcohol she totally loses it. If I were her I would be embarrassed. Last night show Ronnie gets violent like she ‘s nuts. Jody has a real problem she’s obsessed with Mary!!!!! I think deep down she’s jealous of Mary. Her shop was broken into , she sells fur. She comes out and says its Mary’s fault for mentioning her store on tv, lol . It would not have anything to do with the fact she wears fur,lol. I really think jody has serious mental problems. Amanda is a bitch and can’t stand on her own. She needs jody. Amanda is a follower with no personality!!! Jody and Ronnie are bullies and someday it’s going to come back to them, karma can be a bitch!!!!!!

  19. I’d like to know how Jodi, Ronnie and Amanda would feel if someone treated their children the way they treat Mary. Karma can be a bit of a ch, be careful ladies!

  20. ALF is reporting on their website Jody sells dog fur. So the fur is not real and it is pet-grade fur.

    • A dog selling dog fur, ok. I have to say if Jody is wearing clothes from her own store then she is her own worst advertising. I have never seen such UGLY clothing in my life.

      • I think she’s trying to go for the I’m rich and eccentric look/.. I worry about little Hannah being exposed to such behavior and following in Jody and Mia’s footsteps.

  21. Those women are bullies!!!! Jody is a ring leader trying to push Mary to the brink of suicide. Honestly she needs to be locked up. She’s a disgust human being! They all put Canada to shame

  22. I am a fan of all of the Real Housewives series and I have to say that this particular series disgusts me. I don’t know why both the network and the girls (Ronnie, Jody, Amanda and Mia) feel that it’s okay to be bullies. In this day and age there are so many young adults and children who face these challenges day after day and we are trying to promote a bully free environment, yet we are airing such despicable females. It is not okay to be a bully, regardless of your age. After watching yesterdays episode I felt really disturbed, that grown women could act this way and they think it’s okay.

    My hope is that these women and the network look back at this episode and learn from their mistakes.

    Being a bully it not okay, be a good example to our younger generation, especially considering all of these women have children who i’m sure wouldn’t want anyone treating them the way they are treating Mary.

    I understand there are 2 sides to every story, but you need to draw the line somewhere and the way the girls reacted last night was embarrassing to all Canadians.

  23. OK Slice are you reading these comments? the only reason I’ve continued watching is that I am waiting to see Mary claim her rightful place as the good one, as all people that are being bullied you want that winning moment and Mary’s birthday party definitely was a true shining moment. BTW did anyone draw the same conclusion that when Amanda read the meaning of Sociopath she was describing Jody….It is time Jody goes ,when she pulled Marcus into her bullying-mean girl tactic I cringed and got nauseous what is she teaching these children. So Amanda you are being totally influenced you believe the lies, Ronnie wake and stop BS all of us you got hammered on your own Really we are smarter than Amanda….Mia get away from your mother she is poison stand up on your own, and yes I also wonder if Hannah is yours Mia! Robin you go girl you can think for yourself you are a bit bossy but I have no objections to a woman who speaks her mind as long as it is done with kindness not like Jody…and I do like Ioulia she does do things her own way I got the Russian reference and though I feel for Amanda on the alcool thing but it is a known fact mistakes can happen in a bar I would sniff my drink before tasting it…don’t tell meAmanda you never thought of this…every time you order you are at risk….maybe keep to the Perrier’s in the futur…I want to keep watching this show but will not if Jody remains..I have 0 tolerance for meanness and no patience for stupidity without Jody’s influence Amanda might be more interesting and hopefully she will read some blogs and change her behaviour….Amanda watch -Romy and Michelle, Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2 you will find yourself as sidekick #2 cause sidekick #1 has more ‘chutzpah” just a little bit more not much…

  24. Do Canadians actually like this show? Of all the Real Housewives franchise I’ve seen, this is the worst, mainly because these women are so mean and vindictive that it’s hard to enjoy. Very immature and stuck in high school, it’s so weird to watch. Jody is atrocious – I really want to like her and respect her as a businesswoman, but she clearly doesn’t understand the concept of taking the high road. Same for Amanda and Ronnie and it’s all just so unpleasant to watch. Ioulia can be “tacky,” but at least she displays loyalty.

    RHOV should really consider recasting, much like RHONY did after things got too ugly among the cast (and yet, they weren’t nearly as mean as these girls).

  25. If this stuff is real, then Jody is a sociopath. She’s narcissistic to a ridiculous degree, has a wildly inflated sense of her own importance and is an outright sadist. She projects her own faults onto Mary in a way that is laughably obvious. You have to chuckle at how she always hides her gut and butt with bulky furs and full skirts while, on one episode, claiming her ass is “perfect”. She’s clearly jealous of Mary’s beauty.

    Let’s not forget she’s so a thief, we know she has stolen from customers through fake credit card charges at the very least. That’s consistent with anti-social personaity disorder and I’ll bet there’s a long history of dirty dealing, if not outright criminality, behind her. That poor kid Hannah breaks my heart, Jody’s idea of spending quality time with her is doing the things ~she~ likes- baking and reading fashion mags, not the things children enjoy. She probably is Mia’s kid, no doubt the product of Mia’s habitual drunken promiscuity. What a sick, sad story that family is.

    Ronnie shows signs of borderline personaity disorder and her obsession with Mary has a creepy, stalkerish psychosexual component, hence the silly story about a lesbian affair. That’s her fantasy, and it won’t come true, thus she hates Mary. It even appears she may have had had some work done to make her look more like Mary-her cheekbones look more prominent this season. God, she’s repulsive with her over-botoxed lips and dead, drugged-out eyes. I agree with those who suggested her child has FAS. The empty lip service she gives to motherhood is just one of the many ways in which she’s a hypocrite and a fraud. She plays the victim constantly, when in fact she victimizes others and is the source of her own problems.

    Amanda is a dumb, insecure, mean-spirited little bitch. She claims she’s “dealt with” the issues that made her a drunk but she hasn’t, not by a long shot. She seems to have no sense of identity or purpose in life outside of being a recovering alkie, which she uses to get attention and sympathy. She’s trailer trash who moved up in the world by marriage, now she makes fun of people who don’t fly first class, while living a parasitic, worthless life off child support. I wonder if this loser has ever done an honest day’s work in her life.

    Ioulia is vain and self-centred, but she’s not mean and crazy like those other hags. She’s funny as hell and the best character by far. The “hamsters” line was classic.

    Mary perplexes me. She seems a decent enough person (albeit shallow as they all are), so what on earth would have ever motivated her to be friends with a viperous, vapid asshole like Ronnie in the first place, let alone forgive her over and over for her nastiness?

    Funniest moment- watching those two morons Ronnie and Amanda so easily fooled by a psychic who had obviously watched the show and knew just what a couple of vacuous, self-involved bitches wanted to hear.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with all of your observations and just want to add my two cents to it. I’ve thought that Jody has always been jealous of Mary because of her relationship with Ronnie and that’s why she has wanted to get between them and push Mary out. Maybe Jody sees Ronnie as a way into a new circle friends with power and influence….those with money that can buy her lies…I mean wares!! It is getting so tiresome to hear Jody complain about the work that Mary has done to her face and Jody’s latest scheme to ruin Mary’s birthday party was really annoying and childish. Can’t Jody find another sandbox to play in where she can be the center of attention??

    • Hihowareya I, as well, absolutely agree with your observations. Could not have summed it up better myself. You did, however, leave out one description of Ronnie that I notice every time I see her try to lick her lips: reptilian. She truly looks like a reptile with those over botoxed inner tube lips.

    • Bullys always choose a victim who are usually sensitive and caring, and blame their victim for the Bullys own faults…so anything Jody says, reflects 100% on herself and her own personality traits…

    • I do not understand why the “Ronnies” look in the mirror and actually think they are pretty with those pumped up faces>>>>>..All these botox etc….woman all start to slowly look like freaks! Scary!

  26. Does anyone else think that Ronnie might be going through marital problems. Just some things i have noticed. First off, her husband didn’t show up to her BBQ which was in honor of their daughter when in fact he showed up last season to a wine event and Ronnie’s birthday. If your wife is having a party to celebrate your daughter and those who helped save her you will reschedule your business trip.
    Second, seeing that Ronnie’s husband is a successful business man, there is no way he would want his wife to make him and his family look stupid and foolish on national television. I think that he took the Kelsey Grammar route, keep her busy with a tv show while you he prepares his departure from what seems to be a marriage from hell.
    Lastly, marital problems might explain why Ronnie is taking so many anti depressants to the point where she appears out of it most of the time.

  27. I think I become more appalled with each episode. As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed. Although the other real housewives franchises display women whose only value seems to linked to their new worth, at least there is not constant bullying and harassment. Jody, her disgusting daughter Mia, Ronnie, and Amanda are truly ugly, from the inside-out. Slice should be ashamed to display this kind of behavior. These 4 women are not behaving like women, but instead like bratty 4 year olds. Hopefully some day someone will out them in their place.

  28. Jody and Ronnie are pathetic OLD bullies…and now Amanda is following suit! I don’t care how bad they want Mary to look, it just makes them look worse.

  29. Anybody know that Jody’ store got tagged ALF and spraypainted – it was hilarious i read an article where blamed Mary –
    and I ran in to Reiko Mackenizie nice lady

  30. There’s a youtube video of Jody yelling in the lobby of some hotel on NYE-sounds like she is trying to get someone fired. She’s def not playing a character and this proves she’s just as rude and mean in ‘real life’.

  31. Bring back Reiko & Christina. They were fun! Ditch those toxic pigs, Jody, Amanda & Ronnie. I want to see some women supporting each other, not concocting BS stories that leave you feeling like you need a shower….Out with the old & ugly and in with the awesome!

    • YES!! I agree with you 200%! I loved quirky Christina. Bring in the best side of female relationships, support for one another, true friendship where you don’t question every word and action or look at your “friends” from the worst possible angle – some personality and character rather than brainless, uneducated, heartless trashing!

  32. Mary you look awesome, when you said you would be 49, could not believe it. Thought you were 30 ish. You are honest and hole-sum Mary. Robin, you look great something very sexy about you and you have great leadership ability and loads of integrity. Ioula, you are also very sexy, maybe you think of yourself a bit, but you also think of others. You are stable and balanced, just want to have some fun. I think Mary and Robin are going to make the show fun when the dating starts maybe a good place for you. OK Hags, how come you have to talk about Mary at your attempt to sabotage her birthday…low life’s I can’t stand to watch you eat Ronnie, it looked like you were going to swallow your own over large lips! Amanda, drama queen, look up all of the indicators of a social path …you had one sitting across from you “JODY”. Amanda, you a weak, and easy to manipulate, trait’s social-paths look for in their minions. Ronnie, watch some past episodes you would be embarrassed about what you are. You are no friend, you are obviously on something. Jody, you are an evil social-path certainly a narcissistic You poor children have been poisoned by you.

  33. Quoting Jane1000: Amanda adds zero value to the show: not bright, avergage looks, stunted personality stuck in the 10th grade, boring lifestyle ….

    Well, that’s exactly what alcohol/drug addiction does to a person – arrests their development. What’s Jody’s excuse? Socially bullied in high school and now is pay-back time?

  34. Not sure if this question has been posed or not so here goes. Does anyone think that Ronnie is on drugs/alcohol because her marriage is falling apart? I don’t recall seeing him on the show at all this year.

    In Toronto Ronnie made it a big deal to mention her ‘husband’ and the flowers her ‘husband’ sent her (flowers she immediately gave to Jody even though they were still one night in Toronto). Seems as if she is trying to reinforce she still has a husband. Whatever is going on that woman is a complete mess.

    LOL @ Jane’s comment about Jody being a turd. How true and, as the old saying goes, ‘you can’t polish a turd’. Jody keeps trying to polish herself but it just won’t work.

  35. Ok, I feel like I have to say something now, Slice TV, and I hope you are listening. Watching Jody Claman repeatedly and relentlessly BULLY Mary Zilba is NOT entertaining TV. Watching her send away her beautiful, precious daughter while she berates “Auntie Robin” for refusing to say she won’t be friends with Mary is just unreal. Watching as she tells the camera “I guess I will have to make her obsolete now too” – is chilling. Watching her cackle with glee while she shows her young nephew how to bully another woman by sabatoging her birthday is just so unacceptable. Really? Is this really what you want to portray to your audience? Because it made me sick. The last episode shows her turning on Ioulia who made the “mistake” of giving Mary a gift. I have watched Jody get crazier and crazier when it comes to Mary. The preview for next week shows her screaming that Mary is “a hooker” and “I LOATHE YOU!” – Really, Slice TV? Since when is that responsible programming? I like the idea of watching Real Housewives go about their lives. A little drama in a social circle is normal. But this is NOT normal social drama. This is getting serious and it is sickening to watch. Jody Claman has NO RIGHT to be on this show any longer and is out of control. Please, I am begging you – take her off before you have a bad situation on your hands.

    • i’m jus going to make a comment here. one thing i notice in this world because it’s not canada alone, is that talking about anything doesn’t really help we have to take action and that is to stop watching the show. i have made several post about this so does other people but we have to jus stop watching then it will come off tv or they change the cast members. in schools with bullying we dont jus talk about it we do take action and bullies starts to realize. its time for action.

  36. Jody and Ronnie are two of the worst kinds of bullies you can find. I hope when the tables are turn and their children are bullied I hope they will believe the saying ‘What goes around, comes around’. I just cannot understand why that old hag jody hates Mary so much, is it jealousy, because Mary is one hot lady and Jody and Ronnie you’re not. Ronnie your mouth looks like Donald Duck.Jody you should spend your energy wisely, maybe if you were bullying Mia she would turn out to be a good person. Stop bashing Mary, you’re a evil, hateful, old witch and a devil. You and that Ronnie will never be a lady like Mary, not if you tried in a million years. Ronnie I do not think you’ve learned, if I was in your shoes I would look at what happen to your daughter Remy and thank god she’s alive, and spend the rest of my life trying to be a nice person, because if you continue to be such a wicked, hateful person to mary, the next time around might not be what you expected. There is a god above watching each and everyone of us and our behaviour to others. just remember that

  37. Amanda stop being Jody and Ronnie’s sidekick, grow backbone. mary has done you nothing, you’re just jumping on the bandwaggon. Remember you have children and you would not like if they are bullied. Stop being evil, you’ve been down the evil path already, try to be a good person.

  38. I am total shock.I just saw a comercial with Vancouver house wife Jody…this woman is the exact kind of person who runs around hurting people….being a bully….gathering others with her bullshit and bullying. What has happend to this big band together against bullies. This woman should be ban from the show for her outragious actions….and everyone is watching this……so much for being against bullies ….this show promotes bullying!!!!

  39. I was honestly cringing in my seat watching Jody lose it on Mary in next week’s episode preview. She was spewing so much venom and hatred I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s just a case of petty jealousy against Mary or if there is something much more that we don’t know about? I know Mary exposed her shady business dealings, and also Jody said that Mary accused Jody of owing $1M to Mary’s ex (I think I read this in an article online so don’t know if there’s any truth to it)

    p.s. I’ve commented more on the RHOV this season than I have in the past few years combined. THAT’s how strongly the bullying behaviors have affected me.

    • Jody said Mary would have an anuryism and die …. sounds like Jody’s words are coming right back at her.

  40. Wow!!! 59 comments condemming ( more of less) Jodis bullying Mary. This is bullying, no otehr way to describe. Shame on Slice for allowing the ruthless form of bullying against Mary to be on TV. Bulllying is not only limted to children and teenagers. Recently, in the news, I read about a Montreal Firefighter, 48 year old man , Stephane Archbaulit. who commited suicide due the constant harrassmant of his collegues.

    jodi, ronnie, mia and Amanda are bullying Mary and thier actions should not be appluaded by Slice. Jodi, i hope you are reading this. Shame on you. Shame on your constant bullying of Mary. I saw next week episode where you call mary a hooker, How dare you. This is women with three sons, a mother. I wish i was there and believe Jodi, you would not have such a easy time getting away with this bullying if I was there hearin you say this to Mary.

    Types of Adult Bullies

    Narcissistic Adult Bully: This type of adult bully is
    self-centered and does not share empathy with others. Additionally,
    there is little anxiety about consequences. He or she seems to feel good
    about him or herself, but in reality has a brittle narcissism that
    requires putting others down. JODY

    Impulsive Adult Bully:
    Adult bullies in this category are more spontaneous and plan their
    bullying out less. Even if consequences are likely, this adult bully has
    a hard time restraining his or her behavior. In some cases, this type
    of bullying may be unintentional, resulting in periods of stress, or
    when the bully is actually upset or concerned about something
    unconnected with the victim. RONNIE

    Physical Bully:
    While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are,
    nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult
    bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the
    threat of harm, or physical domination through looming. Additionally, a
    physical bully may damage or steal a victim’s property, rather than
    physically confronting the victim. JODY MIA and RONNIE

    Verbal Adult Bully:
    Words can be quite damaging. Adult bullies who use this type of tactic
    may start rumors about the victim, or use sarcastic or demeaning
    language to dominate or humiliate another person. This subtle type of
    bullying also has the advantage – to the bully – of being difficult to
    document. However, the emotional and psychological impacts of verbal
    bullying can be felt quite keenly and can result in reduced job
    performance and even depression. JODY MIA and RONNIE

    Secondary Adult Bully:
    This is someone who does not initiate the bullying, but joins in so
    that he or she does not actually become a victim down the road.
    Secondary bullies may feel bad about what they are doing, but are more
    concerned about protecting themselves. AMANDA

    Jody, your fit all these decriptions. you are a terrible human being, useless, waste of space, hate your face. and your ulgy to boot. inside and out. And Ronnie, you are following suit, you my dear are ulgy as well

  41. Someone sent me Jody’s twitter acct because she and her minions are saying that it’s just a show and they do that for ratings. But, they go on to call Mary names on twitter (which is NOT the show) and make fun of her cheeks saying that they are going to throw her in the ocean and see if she can use her cheeks as floatation devices. WOW! This is so abusive.

  42. It looks like Jody doesn’t appear to have real friends like Mary has, and has to rely on the rest of the pathetic group of housewives who she holds onto with her claws but it has to be a story line and bad acting, as no one in real life behaves or talks like that , especially mature adults….it looks like Mary and Robin are the only sane ones left . Loulia is two faced, sad lady you can’t have your cake and eat it too…

    • Check out the youtube video of Jody Claman trying to get a hotel worker fired. Jody is an utter piece of classless trash. Jody, go back to the rock you slithered out from under.

    • Totally agree about Jody, also have you noticed Ronnie never brings any other friends on the show either? Robin, Amanda’, and Mary have, but Ronnie only seems to invite her “niece” to every party.

      • You’re so right.

  43. I am not above saying that I am a fan of all the real housewives shows, I love me some girl drama but this show in particular is crossing the line. The producers are acting irresponsible for ratings. We have Ronnie, who is clearly dealing with alcohol/drug issues. We have Jody and Amanda, who are spreading lies that Robin drugged Ronnie because there is no other way that Ronnie ( who went to rehab but denies being an alcoholic) can get intoxicated. There were cameras on board Ronnie’s boat and I’m sure there is footage out there of Ronnie voluntarily drinking vodka. They should have had the decency to show this footage to us. This is not the kind of fun, light hearted drama that i like to indulge in. This show has crossed into the realm of socially irresponsible, for both the cast and the fans.

  44. Jody Claman has as much charm as a mass grave.

  45. Manisha’s synopsis is more amusing to read than watching another excruciating episode of RHV. Besides I can predict each episode: A haggard Jody berating Mary; Death-mask donned Mary acting psychotic; Inane Amanda exposing her bits; Twangy Robin dilly dallying and Saint Mary accepting the abuse. What I would like to see is: Mary and Robin in a wrestling match with Jody, Ronnie and Amanda with the latter 3 requiring serious plastic s

    • i thin you mean death masked donned Ronnie!!

  46. Does Jody not realize how much damage she has done to her image and business reputation by behaving in such a malicious and classless manner towards Mary and Robin? I would think her husband is mortified that his wife takes such pleasure in being so nasty. It can’t be good for business. The show has never shown us one reason for any of the housewives to have such a longstanding grudge against Mary. Does Slice pay Jody a premium for trying to out-do everyone on the “evil bitch from hell” act? If so, they should be ashamed of themselves too.

  47. I still can’t believe that Jody was invited to be on Top Chef Canada… if I were a TV producer, I would not want to be associated with Jody at all. I thought last season of RHOV was bad with Jody’s bullying, but this season is even worse. And considering how serious the bullying issue is, after people literally commit suicide over being bullied, one would think that Slice would be more careful with this. I feel like this entire season has been a bad episode of being back in high school where people have to pick sides and friends. It’s disgusting that grown adults are doing this. Despite that, I will watch the last episode to see how things pan out for Mary. However, if I were Mary, I’d be running for the hills if Slice approached her for Season 3. It’s not worth it.

  48. I used to like this show alot but I feel like its the same everytime and is getting abit much. I am sad at the way these women are acting. I cant stand Jody anymore there is something wrong with her and she really needs to take some lessons on how to be a lady since she thinks she is so much better than everyone else. I really really think that she needs help mabey with her own issues. Now Ronnie she drinks way to much and I cant stand looking at her this year with all the BOTOX in her face. It does nothing for her. Very Very sad…….. I really dont think I am or want to watch the show anymore….

  49. The only normal one on this show is Mary, Jody and her followers are promoting hate, bullying on tv. It’s like they are from a mental instituion honestly they are pathetic women. The show should be shutdown these women are a poor example to young adults.

  50. The episode I watched today will be the last, can’t stand it any more…. What do you think you are doing SLICE? You are promoting verbal abuse, name calling, alcoholism, lies. And more importantly – bullying. What on earth???!!! We, Canadian women are not like that, you are showing the worst kind on a national TV, not cool guys. Not cool at all. Jody is a poisonous snake, the worst example of a human being. It’s absolutely horrendous how she puts down Mary and manipulates the others. I understand you have to make the show interesting, but not this way guys. It’s appalling and very disappointing. I like Robin, and finally see that she went over that “hesitation” fence and is 100% in Mary’s camp. Mary – please, please, please, for once – stand for yourself! You’re classy and sophisticated, but you have to tell those b..tches to go to hell. Amanda is a shallow white trash and so is Ronnie – an unhappy, jealous, treacherous creature. And an alcoholic indeed! She secretly drinks, I’m sure. But declares otherwise, of course. Phony, fake and quite stupid. And when I see that hyena Jody, I got chills and have an instant urge to smash my TV with the hammer. I wish that if there is the next season, SLICE will not bring the trio everyone hates.

  51. Forgot about Ioulia! l like her too. She is honest and funny, and actually very beautiful, and the youngest by the way. She grasps the reality much better than the oldest of them all. And yes, I mean you Jody!!! Get out of the show, no one needs to see you stinky antics.

  52. I will no longer be watching this show. Who does not love drama, but this is bullying. Top Chef is also off my list…not sure why they thought they needed such an unkind person on the show. Jodi is truly an awful person…. over and out!

  53. I have been trying to think of who Jody reminds me of, and it just struck me..Phyllis Diller! I mean this similarity is in looks and voice only. PD was a lady of character of the first degree compared to Jody. Jody is a cartoon, Ronnie’s a sad money-can’t-buy-you-fame wannabe, and Amanda just doesn’t rate comment. Mary, Robin and Ioulia could have some potential with the right Director.

    I feel badly that the producers of this show have taken the route of showing the “characters” in this amateurish storyline. Really, LeftCoast, is that the best you can do?

    As usual, Canadians for some reason, feel the need to take an American show format and exaggerate it to the 9th degree. They seem to feel this is the only way they can compete with their American counterparts. Come on, grown some acorns. We are better than this.

    • OMG YES, Sandra. You are so right. Except Phyllis was funny. Jody is not. She is cruel.

  54. I so agree with you Alexandria Robin and Mary are normal the rest areflippen stupiend discusting and thats to say the least..I cant stand them at all

  55. sorry arent normal

  56. ok let me try this again lol Mary and Robin are the only normal ones the rest are nuts..I cant believe they honestly think that the way they are acting is the right way …lies ..lies and more lies..Robin and Mary are the only ones that make sense..there I got it right now..sorry my computer was acting up and couldnt see what I wrote

  57. I have to ask this question. During the lead in commentary Ronnie talks about whatever. What I notice is her lack of a belly button. Is it plastic surgery or is it out of focus camera? I think, given she is nearly 50, it must be plastic surgery. BTW, Ronnie, you ARE close to 50. Mary embraces it, Ronnie hides from it. Jody tries to embrace it but given her skin she is closer to 60.

  58. With all the bullying going on in schools I am extremely surprised that the producers of The Real Housewives of Vancouver seem to have this going on constantly. In my opinion Jody, Ronnie and Amanda should get a life and stop bullying Mary. Jody is everything she is accusing Mary of.

    • The producers should condone this bullying behaviour – they could be sued.

  59. There should be a category for women like Jody to be locked up for bullying! She is the most pathetic one,,,,,,,her clothing is absolutely ………….I labeled it the expensive trashy line………the clothes might cost $$$ but they look sooo cheap and stupid on her! Being ugly does not help either and that means ugly inside and out. She reminds me of a mix between a rat and an insect! And her puppet …mini me…Amanda – another ugly inside and out jealous, vindictive, miserable woman. Misery seeks misery! – Show me your friends……………………!!

  60. I can’t wait to watch the last episode and have this season come to an end. I’ve resolved to no longer watch the show, and now I’m more interested in the millionaire housewives who wouldn’t make the cut to be on it, but who are probably doing amazing things with their lives. And I know it’s a long shot but if there was ever an event that highlighted both Jody and Mary’s charitable sides together, and bringing some peace, then I’d tune in for the last time. Drama be gone!

    • This is more like the Jody dog and pony show. She is a joke. To think Jody truly believes in herself as a ‘lady’ is laughable. I have read she was born in Merrit BC. WHAT is with the fake British accent she often affects? Such a joke. Such a pathetic woman. Mary has lied, yes, to tactfully get out of difficult situations. I have done the same thing so as not to hurt anybody else’s feelings (i.e. host). Jody doesn’t get that. She is so socially clueless. Complete moron Jody.

  61. Shame on these women for giving ‘women’ a bad name. There is nothing ‘real’ about them.

  62. Mary needs a protector, it would have been nice if she had got serious with the new boyfriend she was set up with – but good things take time, they still might get serious.

  63. I am french and i watched the show and let me tell you that Jody must be kicked out of the show. She thinks that she is classy but yelled at people and insult them. She thinks she has moral but she never admits she is wrong when it’s obvious. She said that she takes good care of her children, look at Mia, she behaved like a child totally immature. In France, a Woman like that would be cut out of the show because it shows to much bad manners and behaviour. There Will be to much criticism and i wonder if the show itself could survive. And Jody in the jury of top chef? She is not rôle model except for Mia.
    I Will be so ashamed to see myself act like that. Nothing but a lady.

  64. The one word that sticks out in all these comments was ‘bullying’ and I totally agree with all of them! Shame on the network for allowing this without any comeback for the perpetrators! Unfortunately I missed the last episode but would have loved to have seen the ‘wicked witches’ (jody, Ronnie, Amanda and Mia) get their comeuppance!

  65. Hi ! I hate Ronnie , Amanda. And Jodi . OMG there are so ugly . Greetings from Sweden ! There such a nasty uggly mean girls