The Bachelorette: Brooks breaks Des' heart -

The Bachelorette: Brooks breaks Des’ heart

There are plenty of tears as this fairy-tale love story ends



Breakups are the ultimate equalizer.

Young or old, rich or poor, we’ve all experienced heartbreak and it sucks.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Part 1 of the season finale of Bachelorette, where Des’ fairy-tale love story with Brooks comes to a crashing end.

But first, she has fantasy dates in Antigua with the other two men — and it’s glaringly obvious they are in a distant second place.

Des and Drew play the part of tourists in love, pulling over to kiss on the side of the road and buying kitschy souvenirs from street vendors. All the while Drew is blindly (foolishly) confident that they’ll end up together.

“All of this stuff is going to go in our house one day,” he says. Sure.

Meanwhile, with Chris, Des says a strong physical attraction and shared values make for a solid foundation.

“It’s something I could see lasting.” When they discuss uprooting, Des says she’d be open to moving to Seattle for him.

With both men, though, there’s clearly something holding her back — her love for Brooks.

Brooks isn’t on the same page. He visits his sister and mom, admitting, “The idea of me proposing to her at the end of this makes me really uncomfortable.” Later, he has a painstaking conversation with host Chris Harrison where he comes to the conclusion that even though he loves spending time with Des, he’s not in love with her and never will be.

“I wish I were there,” he says.

Bearing that in mind, he sets off to break the news to her. Des can barely contain her excitement to see him.

“I’m in love with Brooks and I miss him every day that he’s not around,” she says in a straight-to-camera interview.


As soon as they spot each other, Des senses that something is wrong. Brooks launches into his speech and though it’s somewhat convoluted — “There are all of these things that I’ve checked off”; “I want to be madly in love with you” — Des begins to see the picture. She starts sobbing, placing her hands between her knees and flinching at Brooks’ embrace.

Then she comes clean with her feelings.

“I don’t care that you just broke my heart. I love you,” she says. Later, she admits that her feelings for Brooks are what kept her conflicted throughout the show.

“I didn’t want to share my heart because I wanted to give it to you.”

There’s that awful post-breakup awkwardness when both parties realize that nothing will ever be the same. Eventually, Brooks grasps the idea that he can’t be the one to comfort her and they say their goodbyes. He leaves in tears proclaiming, “This is the f–king worst day of my life.”

Brooks is shocked by the intensity of Des’ feelings for him, but now that they’ve been revealed it’s clear that there’s no way she can be with Chris or Drew.

“For me, it’s over,” she says.

This last comment means that in next week’s finale we can almost certainly look forward to two more brutal breakups. It’s almost depressing enough make me yearn for the cliché fairy-tale references. Almost, but not quite.


The Bachelorette: Brooks breaks Des’ heart

  1. Come on… Surely you realize that Brooks is coming back and that the final episode will reveal that they are together to this day, engaged, and happy together. There is no other way this could end, given the way everything was set up during the most recent episode!

  2. I got alot of work done during the 2 hours of the two of them crying.

    • Brooks is not like the other guys. He wants to be sure and not have it end a few months after the show ends. The show is scripted and the contestants must agree to follow it. They can do what Sean and Catherine are doing. They are engaged but not rushing to get married. The show must hate that! Catherine has a ring on .

      • Yes, in so many ways, he’s probably one of the most honorable men that have been on this trainwreck of a show. Just so happens that they got 2 “real” people in Des and Brooks.

  3. Nauseating to say the least. Why in he** doesn’t Brooks cut that damned hair!!?
    He was wimpish from the start..something about him I didn’t like at all. If he’s not in love with her, why stay on the show as long as he did. This is becoming a joke of a show.
    She confessed to loving Brooks, not something the Bachelor or Bachelorette is permitted to say, yet she said it. It was more than hinted a few weeks ago when Des & Chris Harrison had their talk. Harrison seemed to be coaching her to say she loved Brooks.
    Des…move on from that creep. Drew or Chris ..take your pick. If it were my sister, I’d be encouraging her to go with Drew. Brooks is short term. He doesn’t love you now, he won’t love you in the future. Move on for pete’s sake!!!!!

    • I couldn’t handle the hour the show attributed to them crying and the sniffling and although I have watched it up until now I may not watch it ever again lol. It was gross and sad and pathetic. I hate that he second guesses himself in the end. And that it took him so long to leave. And that she kept saying “you broke my heart but its fine”. But most of all I hated that she has two amazing men that she will probably treat the same as brooks treated her yet she thought it would be ok to make him feel like s**t for it. Bottom line, he didnt love her. You don’t destroy someone you live and she is better off knowing now……

  4. Annnnnnnd the Earth explodes……, wait…….that was just my head, from the realization that people actually watch this shiza on TV.


  5. I think it was all staged, because she blurted out that she loves him way too soon. As he was leaving he said, I miss her already. I agree she can’t choose Chris or Drew, they just needed a fix to make it dramatic. Who do they think they’re fooling.