The Bachelorette: Mr. America and a superstorm of a date

A Keeping it Real recap: ‘And then there were 11’



And then there were 11. (Really? Still?)

It seems like Bachelorette Des only has real chemistry with a very select few guys, but at least she cuts a couple of them loose in Episode 4.

The excitement starts with a vacation to Atlantic City, where Brad is chosen for the first date. He and Des stroll the boardwalk, eat chocolate pretzels and hang out in a custom-built sand castle, though none of it is enough to mask Brad’s incredible dullness.

When asked at dinner what he dislikes in a person, his answer is essentially “conversation.” Des leads him to the top of a lighthouse and gives him the axe. The single dad leaves in tears.

Then, just in case the rap video from a few episodes back didn’t make you cringe, it’s time for a Mr. America Pageant.

“As a young kid, I often dreamed of being Mr. America,” lawyer Michael G. admits, likely ruining his chances of ever getting a date after he leaves the show.

There are three categories: talent, interview and swimsuit.

Ironically, Mikey T., the gym monkey who looks like a Jersey Shore extra, says in his interview that men who work out are too often seen as meatheads. Then he complains about not being given a Speedo to wear and performs a strip tease for his talent.

Kasey wins the competition, though there’s no prize other than bragging rights — and even those are questionable. It’s Zak W. though who steals a rose after wooing Des with a song.

Later James accompanies Des on the Debbie downer of all solo dates. The couple is taken on a helicopter tour to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

They meet a married couple, Manny and Jan, whose home was destroyed by Sandy, and give them their fancy date in Atlantic City. While on the date, Manny and Jan are given a replica of their wedding album, which was lost in the storm.

Meanwhile, Des and James grab pizza and chat; James admits he cheated on his ex as a college freshman. Des, who has been cheated on, isn’t pleased about this information but she gives him props for the honesty.

Both couples reunite for a private concert — there’s at least one per episode — by Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish.

Back at the penthouse, the guys vie for Des’ attention at a cocktail party. Michael G. chooses to turn her name into an acronym but adds a G. at the end, representing his last name. Des smiles and says, “You’re so funny” in a really disingenuous way, and he kisses her awkwardly.

Bryden struggles a bit because he feels like things have cooled off between him and Des, but in the end he sticks around. Publisher Zack K. gets the boot, which makes sense because I totally forgot he was on the show.

Next week, the crew heads off to Munich, Germany, to continue the sausage fest in a more literal sense.

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The Bachelorette: Mr. America and a superstorm of a date

  1. Manisha, it should be “between him and Des”, not “between he and Des”.
    English grammar, my dear, English grammar.

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