Transgendered beauty queen lands reality TV show

Jenna Talackova will star in ‘Brave New Girl’


Chris Young/CP

Jenna Talackova loves the spotlight.

The transgendered Vancouver beauty who made Donald Trump eat his words when she demanded the right to compete in the Miss Universe pageant will be starring in her own reality TV show this fall.

E! and Bell Media’s Brave New Girl (the show’s working title) will follow Talackova, 24, as she moves to Toronto to launch her modeling career. The eight-part, “unscripted” drama is set to begin filming this summer. “It will be fun letting the world watch as I take the next steps in pursuing my dreams,” said Talackova in a media release.

Last year, the beauty queen made international headlines when she was banned from the Miss Universe competition because she was not a “naturally born” female.

After hiring celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and gaining media attention, Trump, who owns the Miss Universe organization, reversed the decision.


Transgendered beauty queen lands reality TV show

  1. To the naysayers, I say “Balls”.

  2. While it’s great that trans-gendered people are receiving the respect and acceptance they deserve. I’m not so sure this world needs another reality show =/

  3. Donald Trump did not have to “eat his words,” his office was the one that stepped in and decided that she was allowed to compete after all. It was Miss Universe Canada organizers that had originally disqualified her. Trump is not a likable guy but he did do the right thing in changing his organization’s decision to be consistent with Canada’s recognition of gender. I think it would be better for the issue of LGBT rights (I don’t really like using that term as it should only be “human rights”) if news articles simply acknowledged good decisions like Trump’s, instead of being antagonistic about it. A good decision is a good decision even when the person who made it is one of your least favorite people.

  4. Oh, wow…another reality show…with a transy seeking stardom…can’t wait…oh, no, I don’t have a cable box…guess I’ll be missing all the excitement

  5. This is pretty disgusting honestly. A person who should be getting psychological treatment is heralded as a great success and now gets to promote this sort of thing on TV. What has Canada come to…..

    • You may or may not know that Transgenders are required to go through psychological treatment before any “treatment” is prescribed or under taken by any Dr in Canada…I too had to “jump through the hoops” for 3 months before I could be prescribed hormones. After a year (or so) of assessment by qualified Dr’s, gender reassignment surgery may be under taken (but not before seeing 2 highly qualified psychologists for a full assessment)….As for a Transgender show, it wouldn’t be the first of its kind…

  6. I want MY own reality show.. I’ll call it “Why do people buy into this junk ?”

  7. Yep, what we need is another “reality show”, especially one starring a “transgendered beauty queen”. WTF happened to the idea of quality entertainment – oh, wait, I forgot – this is Canada! Where all TV is government produced/regulated/regurgitated crap.

  8. Every time a new reality TV show comes out, I can’t help but notice the similarities between our reality shows and the “Freak Shows” of the past. Whether it’s large families, midgets, siamese twins or transgendered people, all we’re doing is gawking at how different they are from us. That desire to gawk doesn’t come from a place of acceptance or liberalism, but from pure commercialism. This is in no way a step forward for the trans issue.

  9. I just want to say that channel is a waist of time. Remember the Ks, pd for knowing, doing NOTHING. Plus their other shows.

  10. Macleans, you should avoid the term “transgendered” – it is more appropriate to say “transgender.” Also the transphobia in this comment section – only days after the Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – is quite gross, and you should be monitoring the use of slurs.

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