Warning: Real Housewives of Vancouver, immature content

Manisha Krishnan recaps episode 7


I have to admit, Housewives is getting harder and harder to stomach.

And it’s not just because, as a friend said, “they all look like aliens,” or the fact that I’m losing brain cells by the second watching the show. It’s more that the constant barrage of immaturity and nastiness — scripted or not — is infuriating and, as Ioulia points out in episode 7, kind of boring. If I’m going to watch a show with high school themes, it should really be Glee.

This week picks up in Toronto, where Jody is still judging Top Chef Canada.

Jody and her daughters Mia and Hannah decide to take Jody’s son Josh, who attends Ryerson, on a shopping trip.

It doesn’t take long for Jody to launch into the creepy mom act, stating that the boutique is “filled with yummy things” for her baby. Mia joins in too, saying she wants her brother to look like “a sex stud,” and complimenting him on his cute rear.

Ronnie and Robin also catch the shopping bug and step into Canopy Blue in the Lawrence Park area. We assume most of their brainpower will be zapped pairing sequined tops and skinny jeans, but things take a turn for the weird when Ronnie brings up a First Nations legend.

“Do you know the story of the old Indian chief?” she asks Robin, who is trying on a blue mini dress.

She then relays the story, which has to do with two wolves, one evil, one good, that are battling out within the chief. When the chief’s grandson asks, “Who will win?” — well, that’s when Robin asks, “Should I wear this tonight?” because she’s far more interested in trying on another skanky outfit than hearing the punch line to a fable.

Robin later lunches with Amanda, who spells out Robin’s choices relating to the Mary-Jody-Ronnie drama, in no uncertain terms: “Here’s the fence. You’re either on this or you’re on this side, but if you sit on the fence you’re going to get f–ked up the ass!”

At this point, Mary and Ronnie get together at Toula Ristorante and Bar. Both resolve to either bury the hatchet, or cut their losses and end the friendship.

They waste no time calling each other out on everything that has been pissing them off. Mary says Ronnie took a dig at her when she sarcastically asked “how many millions of records” Mary has sold, knowing full well that the pop star has never sold a million records.

She’s also very upset that Ronnie told her family, and particularly her kids, about her first marriage, which apparently was a secret.

Ronnie retorts, “You know what the snowball headed for hell is? Your lies.”

There’s a lot of back and forth, where the two women essentially echo each other: “Don’t talk to me that way,” “YOU DON’T TALK TO ME THAT WAY”; “You’re condescending,” “You’re rude,” and so on.

Finally, Mary apologizes for hurting Ronnie and Ronnie tells her that means a lot.

Says Mary, “I want to share our lives and share the bad times and good times. I want to go for our facelifts together.”

Looks like the latter has already happened a fair few times, judging from both of their attempts to cry during the exchange.

All of the Housewives then meet up for dinner at Brassai, where Ioulia immediately addresses the blowout that took place at the pseudo Playboy Mansion the night before.

“I do swear a lot, that’s my Russian thing, but I was really hurt to find out that I rubbed you the wrong way,” she says.

Robin starts crying recalling the incident and how Ioulia wouldn’t reply to her texts. This puzzles Ioulia, who says, “These women burst into tears too easily.”

Mary and, surprisingly, Ronnie take off early when Jody starts poking holes into their newly restored friendship.

Then it’s time to finish off Jody’s stint on Top Chef Canada, a canapé challenge that takes place at a backyard mansion party. Everyone except for Mary and Robin — who got too drunk the night before — are in attendance. And how do they choose to spend this lovely afternoon at an amazing house in a new city? By bitching about Mary, of course.

Ronnie, encouraged by Amanda and Jody, basically changes her mind about everything she said to her friend, and decides they should take a break. Then she rehashes all 20 years of their drama-marred history for the other girls. Ioulia is the only one who notices how pathetic this is, commenting, “To be so obsessed about Mary, it’s a little bit crazy.”

After the party, Ronnie, Amanda and Ioulia hop in a limo to meet Robin and Mary. On the way there, Ronnie comes to the conclusion that she is like Greek legend Maximus, from the movie Gladiator, leaving us to wonder what she’s been using as a substitute for her alcohol habit.

Ioulia, likely exhausted from all the crazy, forces Ronnie to confront Mary the second they sit down. Ronnie admits that she wants a break and then says, “You don’t really like me.” Mary admits that she doesn’t like a lot of things Ronnie has done. (Like opening her mouth? Yeah, I sympathize there.)

Amanda, the spoiled, bitchy Chihuahua of the group, chimes in, telling Mary, “Go f–k yourself.”

That’s the last straw for Mary, who takes off, trailed by Robin.

“You wanted me off this fence Amanda, well guess what?” she says as the episode comes to a close.


Warning: Real Housewives of Vancouver, immature content

  1. I know most people fall for the Holy Mary shtick, but I don’t buy it for a second. Mary is the typical polite, soft-spoken, holier than though snake, who’ll sneak up on you from underneath. I know several wall flowers like her who get their knickers in a double knotted twist from a swearword, but are the most evil manipulative witches underneath.
    Mary is truly pathetic and the worst liar I have ever seen!
    She wiggles her way into every dinner, invites herself to events, and then acts like a poor innocent victim, when she is in fact the centre of all the drama. I agree with Ronnie’s husband that Mary is not a friend. The only reason Mary’s desperate for ROnnie’s friendship is because she hates to be excluded all the time. She has no pride or dignity. Honestly, if I was around a bunch of women who did not like me I’d stay away from them instead of craving their company.
    I’d rather have a loud crass girlfriend who tells it like it is, than a pathetic needy loser wallflower liar like Mary – I don’t buy her crap for one second.
    Having said that, Amanda is trying to stay on as housewife, because she’s doing a great job at making unnecessary waves. I don’t dislike her though, but her dress sense is terrible, why on earth does she want to look like an extra from a 90’s dance-pop video?
    Jury’s still out on Ioulia, I’d like to see more of her. Not sure about RObin yet either.
    Unlike most people I don;t mind Jody and Mia, they’re not the most wonderful people I have seen on reality tv, but I don’t’ think all the hatred they’re getting is justified. They’re honest and tell you what they think – i respect that.
    Unlike Mary who does nothing to deserve any respect.

    • You sound like Jody in disguise…. Mary has done nothing to make her look like a snake, so why pick on an innocent woman unless you have an agenda?

    • Wow, you are taking this show way too seriously. Im really staying tuned for a) to see if Mary finally stands up for herself and b) Ioulia’s one liners which are often hilarious.Nothing more, nothing less. Its just tv.

      • …for sure..lol..

      • Touchee!

    • Big Momma (aka Jody) you threw Amanda under the bus where she belongs but you failed to comment on your terrible sense of style and Pinnochio the second’s terrible sense of style. The lack of class you both exhibit is laughable. I am still trying to place your accent but can’t as it changes so frequently. Jody truly is a joke; a wannabe woman of distinction but simply rises to a woman who stinks.

    • So, let me get this straight….Jodi tyies to provoke Mary by initiating the combat whenever they are together…. the first to sling mud and it’s Mary that is a snake? Like I wrote above, “Are you watching the same show we all are.?

    • Are you on meds, or watching another show? Mary has more class in her pinky finger, than Ronnie and Jody and the new Skank queen. The American, and the Russian are both above the garbage as well. I would rather have dinner with Mary, Robin and Ioulia any day of the week. Jody and the Skank should be ashamed of how they bully Mary! Schools spend huge sums of money to help kids who are bullied. As for Jody, forget about a career on a TV show like top chef, you are poisoning your own future. Ronnie get a backbone, stand up for Mary next time the hags go on the attack. Show people you are loyal, a good friend and have class…get off the meds!

    • Is this Jody, Mia, Ronnie or Amanda writing this?

  2. The real houswives of Vancouver show = A master class in the art of Bullying, shame on everyone involved in this pathetic representation of Canadian females.


  3. Holy crazypants episode. Ronnie is bananas. Wow. She’s high as a kite for starters on booze or pills or both and she absolutely has the market cornered on delusion. Gak. I half wonder if her conversation with her husband wasn’t just her talking to a potted plant in the hotel lobby.

    • I have nothing but admiration for Ronnie’s strength (and on a lighter note her style is fabulous too). Nobody is in the position to judge her substance abuse, knowing what we know about her child and what she had to go through. I can not even fathom how a mother can live through what she lived through, and if (God forbid) I were in her shoes, I’d have a substance abuse problem too!
      It is vile and disgusting to judge her, and people who do should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Her daughter didn’t die. Her daughter lived! My husband did die, suddenly and traumatically, and you know what I didn’t do…..fall apart and act the fool and make it all about me. She is a grade A narcacist. Her very much living children could probably use a mother who isn’t an embarrasing train wreck. Oh and Big Momma, when Ronnie went on the show and tried to play herself off as mother of the year…..she very much opened herself up to judgement.

        • I would’t want to be you since I believe in Karma. What a vile heartless judgmental nasty bi*ch you seem to be. YUK!

          • this karma biz fascinates me….so just how awful must Ronnie be if all this bad keeps happening to her? really awful? god awful?

          • Eeek any woman who supports Jody, has serious issues, yuk!


      • big Momma – Are you Ronnie? Or a friend of hers? Maybe her Momma – ’cause you keep posting the same thing on all kinds of RHOV sites? Are you watching the same show we are? Ronnie is clearly on something and it appears that her agenda has been to mess with Mary right from the very start of first season possible because of something in the past. In trying to make Mary look bad all she has done is make herself look like a the unstable “trainwreck.” I cannot also imagine there is truly a person like Jody. Either she is completely acting or she is dilusional. The producers couldn’t have thought someone up like her if they looked the world over.


      • Right on Big Momma! You bring it just like a Real Housewife of Vancouver. YIKES! With that kind of strength and style, Ronnie could be on a republican presidential ticket in the U.S..

    • LOL Jane Smith, love the potted plant comment. You are absolutely right, though. Ronnie is on something. She sure fell off the wagon with the champagne at the garden party. Then Jody tells her she is flatlined; pretty accurate.

      Every time she mentions her little girl who was born preemie and is thus special needs I cannot help but wonder if Ronnie boozed it up when she was pregnant. I truly believe this little girl is a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome.

  4. OMG – i rather watch water boil!

  5. I believe Mary is true blue … Ronnie needs to wake up before she Looses her only loyal friend and Jody her drunk daughter and Amanda makes me sick.. I have never seen or met anyone as errogant and ignorant as Jody .. Don’t worry Mary; believe in karma and Jody will one day get her wake up call and people will realize what a terrible bully insincere person she is and you can laugh in her fake face

  6. Wow these women are real bullies and I can’t watch this anyone,they are false and nasty and I am done!!!!

  7. This show wasn’t to bad when it started. I keep trying to watch it this year but it turns my stomach. All these women can do is party, booze and fight amongst each other. They are all a disgrace as far as I am concerned. Will not watch another episode

  8. I have to say these women are the worst bullies I have ever seen,sad,nasty,rude people,I am done with all this,can’t stand to watch anymore

    • Agree! Beyond sad and the worst part they have kids seeing this!!!

  9. “Contains immature content”? The whole premise is immature. Have never watched any Real Housewives from any city – and never will.

  10. What surprises me is that all these women have children and are the worst role models for them. I would love to ask each of them would they like their children bullied the way they all bully Mary any chance they get or sometimes each other. I feel sorry for their kids because they have no one to teach them how to treat others properly. Bullies produce bullies. Shame on them. Done watching this show.

  11. These women on this show are making me sick. They continue to bully Mary, Ronnie is no friend . Jody needs a kick in the ass for how badly she behaves. She talks about Mary the woman needs to look in the mirror she the biggest bully on the show .jodyneeds to look at her wardrobe and dress her age she looks ridiculous in the short party dresses. She remindes of a old Madame,lol. Seriously does she realize how old she is and certainly is not young looking. Amanda lives in a fantasy world she tries to portray she’s comes from money. The girl has no class and not from the same calliber as the rest of the women on the show.

  12. Junk food for the mind

  13. Ronnie is hopped up, irrational and needs to be the center of attention. Mary, Robin and Ioulia, have more class than anyone else on the show. Jody is a manipulative witch and Amanda is a bully-skank. I. am sure the Jews in Vancouver have all put Jody on ignore

  14. Thank Goodness I don’t waste money on cable.

  15. I can’t stand Ronnie’s Over Filled Lips!! She can’t even talk properly. Ewwww

  16. When I was a young man I worked for a pool company in West Van. Met more than few of these types of housewives. Very bored, very friendly, very ready. Amazing times in some of the finest homes in Canada. The good old days.

  17. What a nice picture their behaviour paints of women in Vancouver? Do they actually kiss people with those filthy mouths?

  18. Easiest, simplest solution… don’t watch…..

    • You’re right….we shouldn’t watch.

  19. Why is this an article on macleans…?

  20. These kind of shows are not to be taken seriously. They are edited to portray everyone in a certain light. The cast members sign something before the show starts filming stating they have no control over how they are portrayed. And If there wasn’t drama, the show wouldn’t be as good! I agree though despite that, Jody is probably still actually a bully. And maybe Mary has some stuff up her sleeve that she doesnt deserve their respect but she is definitely smart to not show her bad side because people will always remember her as the nice one and Jody just looks like a nasty insecure woman.

    • Even if they are in some respects playing roles, the Television doesn’t lie, and if there was any bad in Mary it would have come out with all the horrible pressure she was under, and the TV shows Mary is just one good pure person.

  21. Ronnie is a crazy addict in active addiction. Jody is just a plain old fashioned, social climbing mean ‘girl’…actually it makes me laugh every time she refers to herself as some type of ‘Jewish aristocrat’, how pathetic. Amanda…well she is a desperate cougar. I bet she was the ousted girl in high school and ganging up on Mary is her ‘payback’. I like Texans, I have several friends from there so Robin doesn’t bother me. Ioulia makes me giggle, I’d love to drink Vodka with her and then run into Amanda in the ladies room…LMAO. Mary, well, she just needs to get a backbone and tell everyone to F-OFF.

  22. Wow! I guess being an adult bully is cool?! These women that are bullying Mary has some serious ISSUES! And Amanda, you just came on board and already showing your Nasty-Unladylike side?! SMDH…Listen up! (When one is truly happy and content with their lives, you don’t worry about other people or try to break them down to feel better about uourselves.) You all need some serious help, selling your sanity and integrity is not cool.! And by the way where are all the husbands? This show is Disturbing! Like my grandmother would always say: “YOU LOOK GOOD, BUT YOUR CHARACTER IS BAD”

  23. I’d like my girlfriends and I to have dinner with these women and we could show them down to earth Canadian class.jody a self made ,weird dressing ,biotch ,who must have extremely low self esteem because she is so afraid of Mary.Mary is self made, pleasant,polite she can join my friends and I.Ioulia is funny and friendly she can come too.robin is struggling to fit in, but she should be at our table.amanda is another stupid, full of herself, biotch too.she can stay at jodys table for sure.and then there’s Ronnie,who may or may not have serious mental health issues.shes a two-faced coward who desperately needs to watch herself on this show and will hopefully see how much she needs help.and Mary stay away from this it’s toxic.mia is a pig for sure.apple doesn’t fall far from that tree.i personally feel embarrassed for the families of these women.maybe that’s why the husbands don’t go out with them.ill keep watching hoping Mary will open her eyes and just have alliances with robin and Ioulia .

  24. Ioulia is the only one on this show who seems to have a clue. If I was Mary I would leave the show. Is the bullying with the pay cheque and ratings? This show is clearly set up to create drama but I am so disappointed with how low they go every time I tune in. I think I am done with this train wreck.

  25. Man oh man I want to jump into my TV and punch the denlie back stabbing pathtic shit destribing lying wanna be RONNIE Ifg I was to win the lottery I would guve it to just spend 5 min to break down the wall WHY DOES MARY EVEN BOTHER MARY is the onl;y one with a sensablity on her side Ronnie is the key to everything that has gone on thats shit and Jody our little wanna be she forsure second line goods even if her store is vintage HELLO SECOND HAND WOULD U LIKE TO SUE ME COME ON ID LIKE TO SIT UN FRONT OF U ALL SUCH BULL GET RID OF THE GARBADGE RONNIE AND JODY FIRST THEN WEÈLL HAVE A GOOD SHOW…mARY I HAVE UR BACK I THINK 90 % OF US DO DOLL

  26. ps sorry for my spelling fat fingers Little people like me are neven given the chance to be choosen for this kind of feed back and desire to say my truth Id love a chair when they join for truth and feed back It hurts that evil people who have money can say and do whay ever ive never been so desired to confront anyone HOWEVER RoONNIE IS AN ALCOHIC DENILE AS I AM HOWEVER I AM HUMBLE SHE IS EVIL MARY STOOD UO TO HER ON LAST NIGHTS SHOW SEE how ronnie coward then after walking out with mary she looked back to see she was alone and in noway does Ronnie not be a part of the in LMFAO group IF ANYONE SEE THIS I ASK CALL ME LOL

  27. Good grief, Amanda has to be one of the most vile housewives I’ve ever come across. Ronnie is just a hot mess, but this girl is ugly inside and out. Her head is not proportional to her body, she looks like a turtle and the only way she can get attention is to make herself look attainable by walking around with her boobs hanging out. I hope that during the reunion, someone addresses her jealousy towards Ioulia and puts this disgusting shrew in her place. Such a shame that she is from Toronto………

  28. This isn’t entertainment anymore!!! I feel nervous watching the show….these ladies are all bullies in their own way, the storyline revolves around being malicious, attack one another, backstabbing, exposing secrets and attack one another! i hope the producers are reading our comments…..episode 7 was the last straw for me! the American housewives have way more class

    • I completely agree, I have been following the American House Wives and they all have their drama but with much less bullying and alot more class. I literally feel sick to my stomach watching RHOV but seem to always be drawn back to the new episodes HOPING that Mary will come out on top and have an alliance to fight back against the “mean girls”. Everyone has their faults and I am sure Mary does too but why do they always gang up on her and her alone. In a society full of next-generation kids that bully constantly, this show really should not be aired any longer because of the “pack” mentality it brings to television. Tearing people apart and kicking them while they’re down! It makes me furious that nobody is doing anything to stop Jody from her insane rants. I really hope the producers realize the long term effects this show could possibly have!

  29. I’ve just given up on these shows. I can’t be bothered anymore. These shows are just so unheathly and it just proof of how low our society has sunk.

  30. Does anyone seriously find these women attractive? Jody has nasty lines starting around her mouth from the discontented moue she continually affects. Mary’s hoarding at least a year’s supply of nuts in those cheeks. Ronnie, with her comically swollen lips is starting to look like a caricature of herself. Ioulia is just a Ronnie in training: her lips may not be injected as much as Ronnie’s but she never goes anywhere without her ridiculous duck face. Unapologetic as she may be, Ioulia is just a narcissistic social climber. Amanda and Robin may look less puffy and botoxed but Amanda is filled with rage and Robin is a weepy, insecure mess. They all seem to be caught up in a world where the knives are out 24/7 and nobody can relax unless they’re drunk or on Atavan.

    And have none of these women any brains or culture? They routinely make embarrassing grammatical errors, their impoverished vocabularies are peppered with profanities, their conversation remains mired in nasty gossip instead of talking about books, art or politics. I get that this is a show which thrives on parading a sleazy display of excess and scandal before an eager, admiring audience of ‘have-nots’, but couldn’t the producers at least have found some smart, educated women among the rich and nasty? This lot is truly pathetic. Not to mention what a social menace a show like this is, especially with such a large audience among teen girls, as it glamorizes bullying, drunken behaviour and an idle, superficial and parasitic lifestyle.

    I am sorry I tuned in.

    • The smart and educated women would have turned down the offer of being on this show. That is what smart and educated women do

  31. The women in this show are idiots! Ronnie……no need to wait for Halloween! Jody……tiara…fake diamonds, fake face, fake hair, horrible daughter!

  32. Ronnie is not the only one in the world that has a handicap child..But at lest she has money and that help’s i don’t feel bad for her, She has more then most parents could dream of she is a shellfish person to make it about her she could be help out in the place she lives in ..Instead And. all she does is the o poor me thing drug drink and what ever!

  33. I am very saddened that Slice would air such crap. We are trying to teach our children about bullying and we turn on the tv and watch it in is’t finest form. These women all need to take a long hard look at themselves and see what loosers they are portraying, I was really shocked that top chef Canada would be interesting in such a horrid women to judge on there show! I just pray the fools are playing it up for the camera and couldn’t possibly be this disgusting. I hope this show is cancelled and those women fly off on the brooms they came to town on. What a good representation of Vancouver not!

  34. Ronnie looks like a reptile about to swallow her food…she licks her lips constantly and cannot even blink because of so much surgery. She should take a hiatus from plastic surgery, hit the bottle and become her normal self…a hapless drunk. Jody is a filthy sow and the only thing that comes out of her orifices is a nauseating and whining noise which she thinks is actually speaking. Her only claim in life is the transferring of her defective genes to her daughter, Mia. Amanda…what can one say about a 34 year old drunkard who flashes her surgically replaced placed nipple for notoriety…girl, get back to being a presence in the lives of your young children. These drag-queens hopefully will be delegated to obscurity sooner than later.

  35. I’m so happy to see someone supporting Mary. I have had to turn the show off during Jody’s mean rants. She has to be Vancouver’s Mean Girl Queen. The bullying really got to me. Doesn’t Ronnie look weird this season? She was very attractive last season, but now, she just looks like a series of cosmetic procedures gone way wrong. Bottom line, I can’t take the bullying by Jody, Ronnie and Amanda. Hopefully, Mary will not sink to the level of these other trainwrecks.

  36. OMG! What is everyone’s problem with Mary! These women are fucked! I cannot believe that Jody, and now Amanda! Mary is ok! That fkn Jody is a bitch with some real problems! I thought Ronnie was ok till she did that to Mary again! Amanda should fuck off too! She is gross!!

  37. What a strange bunch of women i use the word women loosely, there like a pack of wild dogs, and Ronnie and Mary’s faces look terrible stunning looking women before all the face and lip pumping, Jody and Mia well there are no words for them really,ok maybe just a few words spoilt rude ill mannared no bodies, i think Christine in season 1 was the best, funny down to earth bit crazy but like able, i’m going to start a bring back Christine petition……

  38. just watched it for the first time…never again….should be renamed “How to be a Bitch!”
    How embarassing!

  39. Ronnie needs to quit putting shit in her lips. And she should have told Mary to her face BEFORE dinner that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. Cowardly fish face. And she’s stone cold crazy too.

  40. This show needs to be cancelled. It blatantly supports bullying!!! Jody you are a disgrace to all women!

  41. I have always been an avid viewer of the show (RHOV), but
    the last few episodes were really disturbing. I think that, Ronnie, Jody,
    Amanda and somewhat Ioulia are horrid.
    They are bullies, but the worst being Jody, I think that she ought to be a
    shamed of herself for how wretched and rude that old gal is. These women if you
    want to call them that should be pulled from the show. You would think having
    daughters that they would be someone of role models for you ladies of Canada,
    but they are no role models. I would hope others don’t think that real women in
    Canada act like this bunch… Disturbing in not the w0rd how they treat Mary, if
    anything Mary is the only one who seems to have her head of her shoulders and
    actually has class the rest have no class what-so-ever! Robin is pretty cool,
    she doesn’t seem to be a backstabber like Ronnie!

  42. I have always been an avid viewer of the show (RHOV), but
    the last few episodes were really disturbing. I think that, Ronnie, Jody,
    Amanda and somewhat Ioulia are horrid.
    They are bullies, but the worst being Jody, I think that she ought to be a
    shamed of herself for how wretched and rude that old gal is. These women if you
    want to call them that should be pulled from the show. You would think having
    daughters that they would be someone of role models for youg ladies of Canada,
    but they are no role models. I would hope others don’t think that real women in
    Canada act like this bunch… Disturbing in not the word how they treat Mary, if
    anything Mary is the only one who seems to have her head of her shoulders and
    actually has class the rest have no class what-so-ever! Robin is pretty cool,
    she doesn’t seem to be a backstabber like Ronnie!

  43. I can’t believe these are the women that are chosen to be on this show. It’s embaressing how these women are representing Canadian women. Ronnie seems to be an OK person but when it comes to Mary, I just have to say that I am thankful she is not my so called friend. Its almost as though she enjoys the other women lashing out at her. I would sit back and watch new women come around and viciously attack my so called friend of 19 years or the godmother of my child by saying she was going to have a brain anarasm and die or go f yourself. Ronnie is the one that threw Mary underneath the bus to begin with. Amanda makes comments about robin being a kiss ass when she kisses jodys behind and follows her like a lost puppet and doesn’t think for herself. The only real ones are Mary and oulia. My heart genuinly goes out to Mary. Its sad that everyone attacks her every time she goes somewhere and Amanda is so pathetic that she has to pick on the weakest link Mary by telling her to go fuck herself for absolutely no reason. No wonder last seasons cast members left the show.

  44. Gladiator is set in Rome.

  45. You know, I really wanted to like Housewives of Vancouver – I thought it would bring “some” good exposure of what a beautiful city this is and how friendly the people really are. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I just find the show disappointing. I will say that I met Ronnie years ago when her children were younger, and I have to say that she was always very friendly and talkative and her children were always polite and very well behaved. She’s obviously going through some difficult times – and I hope she’ll be ok. But I find the show very difficult to watch – not the representation I was hoping for!

  46. Time for rehab Ronnie, time to volunteer at a school in a Bully program Amanda, Jody. Robin, you are a class act, look good in a swim suit, are clear of mind and have a conscience. Ioulia, you rock have tones of class, look great and would make any Russian proud as heck. Mary, chin up you handle yourself with grace and are the kind of person anyone would love to have with them. You have star qualities, a big heart and frankly need to keep the nut jobs (R,A,J) away.

  47. My heart goes out to Mary,she is such a kind soul. How does Jody live with herself. I never thought that a 50something so called lady, be such a bully. The hatred she has for Mary is becoming scarey, she needs therapy. I am not sure her real age but that long dyed hair does not match her aging face, time for a new short style. As far as Ronnie, she is just as bad. What happened Ronnie,I remember last season you said you are done with the show,never again. Do you actually need the money or you just want the fame. The way you have been behaving this season,so mean and hateful and quite honestly you are using something, if not alcohol it must be pills, forget the money and getting your faced recognized, because I would not want to be recognized as a drugged up bitch. Sorry,the truth hurts.

  48. Jody and her so called friends are total bitches, Mary is the only normal one with a good head on her shoulders. Ronnie shouldn’t have drank when she was pregnant with her daughter. Fetal alcohol syndrome…nice. This show promotes that bullying and hate is ok. Just pathetic and I hope it is pulled from tv. Oh, and Jody your own daughter is an alcoholic and maybe the truth should come out that your youngest daughter is your own daughters child Grandma….

  49. i dont like jody and her daughter mia to old hags that want to be young lol jody is 75 year old lady wanting to be young but would never pass for a young lady lol

  50. Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said? I’ll start with Mary, she does know how to behave, so as to be remembered as normal. Jody? You’re not even good enough to be called a Witch. Please, don’t give witches a bad name. Amanda? Who the f are you, honey? LMAO. Puh-lease. And Mia, train wreck in the making. Interesting to hear the gossip that the youngest alky in the making is prolly Mia’s ACTUAL daughter….what, did Jody have to control and take over there too? Mia, get off your ass and raise her, if shes indeed yours, get off mommys fur coat tails dear..
    Ronnie? Sucks to be rich or what? Lay off the Injections and the pills and booze, none of it works for you. Be a mom. Ioullia, I really enjoyed you and I wish the show would pair you with Christine. Two real, tell- it -like -it really -is gals. However, don’t complain about how much your birthday gifts cost, and don’t ask classy tenors to sign your boobs. Go to a CRÜE concert for that. :) ~~

  51. I would love to have read some actual bit of journalism… instead of a horrible and pointless recap of a junk show.