The secret to Susan Boyle’s success -

The secret to Susan Boyle’s success

Other reality stars (think Adam Lambert, Kris Allen) try to be originals. Boyle knows better.


The secret to Susan Boyle's success

Is Susan Boyle about to cross over from reality star to singing star? The 48-year-old Scottish woman, who surprised Simon Cowell earlier this year with her powerful singing voice on Britain’s Got Talent (and then lost the competition), is one of many reality-show contestants to release an album. But I Dreamed a Dream, her debut CD, is performing at a level that goes beyond the usual TV tie-in. According to Billboard, the recording sold 701,000 copies in its first week in the U.S. alone, “the best opening week for a female artist’s debut album” since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking album sales in 1991. She’s just as popular in Canada, though she doesn’t exactly love us back, having twice cancelled plans to visit here. No matter where she goes or doesn’t go, she’s the most popular recording star produced by Cowell’s Talent and Idol TV franchises. And not just because of her famously dumpy appearance, or the publicity she got for a recent bout of exhaustion. She’s the first reality contestant whose CDs have unlimited appeal to reality TV viewers.

Not that Boyle is the first reality star with a hit album; Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, among others, came before her. She isn’t even the first successful loser: Adam Lambert is famous for finishing second, while Jennifer Hudson recently got the ultimate mark of star status, her own Christmas special. But none of them have achieved the success of I Dreamed a Dream. Lambert’s debut album hit Billboard’s chart with 198,000 copies—a good figure but not in Boyle’s league; the man who beat him, Kris Allen, couldn’t crack the top 10. Critic Ryan White pointed out in the Oregonian that Cowell’s shows are a launching pad for older songwriters “looking to get their music back out to a broader audience,” and no one cares about most of the people who sing those songs. But the wide audience that watched Boyle’s Talent debut on YouTube is actually buying her CD; they wouldn’t buy Lambert’s or Allen’s.

This might be because Boyle has staked out an area of pop music that is popular on Idol and Talent, but not in the recording industry: proudly middlebrow music. Other reality stars feel a need to go on to something personal. Lambert’s debut album features mostly up-to-date pop songs, while Kris Allen co-wrote most of his own songs, none of which has really caught on. Boyle does not pretend to be a songwriter; she chose 12 standards, ranging from a Madonna hit to public-domain favourites like Silent Night. Not only does this reassure customers by giving them songs that they know in advance are good, it means that there will be at least one song that appeals to any buyer in any age group. That gives Boyle’s album the same demographic profile as American Idol, which the New York Times’s Bill Carter described as “a phenomenon built on new artists singing mainly middle-of-the-road pop songs of the ’60s and ’70s.”

It helps that Boyle’s tracks are calculated to appeal to Cowell’s audience—which is to say a mass audience. Her singing style is based on Broadway and West End divas like Patti LuPone and Elaine Paige (Evita), a breathy, heady voice that starts quietly and builds to a big climax. It’s a style that can be applied to any kind of song, and makes them all sound more or less the same. Choosing the Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses for the first track on the album brought Boyle some notoriety for branching out into a new kind of music. But while the original song is a downbeat country-rock ballad, Boyle’s version—with its arrangements dominated by strings and piano—makes it sound exactly like the title track. In a fragmented market, this kind of arrangement may work because it’s not really anything in particular: like the uptempo, all-purpose arrangements on the hit show Glee, Boyle’s recordings can’t offend fans of country, rock, or show tunes.

No wonder Donny Osmond has recently become friendly with Boyle; with her all-ages appeal and her choice of songs from every era, Boyle is a throwback to the mass-market, all-purpose variety style of Donny and Marie—just like Britain’s Got Talent is. The question now is whether she can keep this up. One possible warning sign came when she told the Korea Herald that including the song You’ll See was “a kind of way of saying to the ones who made fun of me at school—well, I can really do better than some people.” Her record company had better watch out. If she continues on that path, she might be tempted to pull a Kris Allen and make an album that’s completely personal—and unpopular.


The secret to Susan Boyle’s success

  1. Susan Boyle has the biggest debut album by a female of all time, topping Clarkson and Underwood.

    Susan has already had her first Television special (so far aired in the UK and USA only, but will air in other countries in 2010 called I Dreamed A Dream – The Susan Boyle Story, so Jennifer Hudson is not alone or even faster.

    This album was personal to Susan – who else would include such a unique mix, including the hymns which mean so much to her?

    Susan is 9XPlatinum in New Zealand, 8XPlatinum in Australia, 4XPlatinum in UK, 3X Platinum in Canada, 2XPlatinum in USA (soon to be 3) Platinum in Sweden, Gold in Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina – and that's just in the first 4 weeks. You underestimate her longevity and huge appeal at your peril. Her fans are not fly-by-nights and her next CD is already eagerly awaited.

    • Stop being a know it all. Anyway 2x platinum (soon to be 3) in the USA is probably more than all the other countries combined.

    • I can only say thank you to Susan for awakening the spirit within, thank you, thank you thank you. Rob Australia

    • SuBo is a one hit wonder… they're called novelty acts for a reason. Her next album sells 100K max. But your wishful thinking is charming, like her.

      • Let's hope she uses that "one hit" to knock you Brits a good one. One good hit to the "Subo" brits (what a dumb name), forever at hit in the USA. You people may not want her but she is here to stay in America. Ship the know it all CanadianBill to the UK cuz he's about as useless as the "Subo" dubbers.

      • she may well sell only 100,000 but it will still be 99,000 more than show me yours and i will show you mine lamberts

    • Can you also tell me what the winning number in the lottery is? Coz you like pulling numbers out of your ass. :)

      • well sue ,unlike an uneducate dummy like you ,he has the ability to do research.don't you wish you had that ability,but then again the dumb lamberts wouldn;t believe it if it fell out of the sky and hit them on the head. Jeeessshhhh Loopy Lou ,go and check it out for yourself then we can die laughing at you for not doing it in the first place before making such a stupid comment

        • then he should give us the link to this"research" then. LINK so we could SEE it? coz if you just state it that's totally made up. This is the internet. Give me a link to a respectable source. :P

    • Get a life!

    • Truer words have not been spoken rearding Susan and her appeal! What a beautuful voice and a beautiful person. I am glad I am alive during her lifetime so I can hear her songs, and I hunger for more!

    • When you listen to her voice without actually seeing her you csnnot imagine it is coming from a 48 year old lady,
      at a time in life when a lot of singers voices are weakening she is getting stronger
      I particularly like the track (who i was born to be) that is the susan boyle story Good Luck Girl

  2. Susan 'doesn't love Canada back'? Canada was the ONLY country Susan taped a special thank you for, which was added on to the end of her video. She cannot be blamed for the schedule changes, I'm sure it was not her doing, but her management's decisions.

    • I am sure Susan has no ill feelings toward Canada—-It is just that she got caught up in something bigger than anyone could imagine—–Hang on Canada=====I am sure she will do you PROUD & YOU'LL SEE.

    • There was no explanation as to why Susan's performance in Canada was cancelled twice. Don't make assumptions. Whenever a perform cancels (most especially without an explanation) it makes her look bad.

    • I think the real question is: why would anyone want to go?

    • Susan Boyle loves Canada – she just doesn't love you CanadianBill and she won't until you get in touch with reality you know it all.

  3. The closing paragraph about Susan doing something "personal" is confusing, as it is well known that THIS cd was all picked to relate to her life and "Who I Was Born to Be" was written for her. She's already done the personal album so, fear not, her next one will blow us out of the water AGAIN! Can't wait.

  4. I am very glad for Susan and her wonderful Cinderalla story, but I have never been nor liked mainstream and I am to old to change. It may not be for everybody's taste but I rather listen to Adam Lambert CD.

    • Susan Boiyle doesn/t even compare to Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is deffinately in the bottom…especially after that awful x rated performance he debuted on TV, Susan Boyle is definately in a much higher league than Adam Lambert

      • But Adam's cd is better.
        I liked it a lot more than Susan's or Allen's. :/

        • What the hell does Adam Lambert's cd have to do with Susan Boyle's? They are not similar in any way. Adam didn't beat Susan Boyle so get over it die hards. In fact he was squashed by her so if you are hell bent on swaying people from Susan's cd to Adam's give it up. She sold more in the first week than he has sold to date fools!

          Adam Lambert was a great singer until he started releasing cd's. His song choices are painful to the ear, mind, life in general. Great voice – suckass cd.

          • speak for yourself, Lambert's album reviews from experts are great unlike Susan's. Do some research. But apart from that you can't compare both albums mainly because Susan's album is pop classical or pop opera and she's gonna be stock in that genre for the rest of her career, cool I like that music too. Adam on the other hand made an eclectic album, he didn't put himself in a box and he's versatile. If you don't like him cool but his vocals are just amazing and undeniable also reviewed positively by vocal coaches, he can hit any note without any effort, just check him singing acapella impromptu in the Miami Jingle Ball he hosted a few weeks ago. I don't get what people have against electro and commercial pop music.

        • The difference is her record company know for a fact she will sell at least 1 million even on her bad day,whereas they must be terrified of taking the risk of spending money on such a loser as lambert

          • But a person with good music taste would sooner buy Lambert's cd than Boyle's. So sorry for your life.

    • I like Adam's CD too! :)

    • I agree, I love this Cinderella story, in this day it's very unique that such a sweet untapped jewel could be found in an obscure tiny village in the UK. I'm not a fan of mainstream either and Ms. Boyle has been huge here since her breakthrough. I had to actually google Adam Lambert to find out who he is and I live in Brussels, Belgium (Europe) and we don't receive either Idol nor BGT programme broadcasts here. I work in radio some 20+ yrs and for xmas I received 3 copies of Ms. Boyle's CD … not that it will ever make it on air during my programme but I very much doubt Lambert ever will either.

  5. Well, I bought both Adam Lambert's and Kris Allen's debut CDs. I would never in a million years buy Susan Boyle's. I WANT personal CDs, and up-to-date songs actually written by the musician performing them, and/or unique, entertaining songs. Susan Boyle is boring, her voice is average and her covers of the songs are dull. If they broke down the demographic of the people buying her album, I would wager it is 80+ % people over the age of 55.

    It's a nice Cinderella tale for Boyle to be sure. But I am not going to add to her success, sorry.

    • I'm guessing you are in the 20 to 30 year old range. Is there something wrong with being over 40? I hope you get there, too. It's great to have the background to enjoy all kinds of good music. Susan isn't boring to us. Her voice is crystal clear and pitch perfect and her voice is well above "average" (whatever that is).

      • I am nearing 40yrs old and I agree with "guest"!!!

        I grew up in he 70's & 80's and when there was "80's music" like Duran Duran, Cyndy Lauper, Madonna and "hair metal" and loved the soulful funk of the 70's!!! Don't forget about that time period when Michael Jackson was crowned the King of Pop! Rap/Hip Hop was king in the 90's! I also enjoy some country (can listen, but won't buy), opera (will visit show, but not buy music), jazz, classical, R&B, rock, alternative, dance and others. And I own a little something from each genre (except country and opera). You don't have to be a Baby Boomer "to have the background to enjoy all kinds of good music". I do! And from the comments of men when I'm out and about, I'm far from being one!

        • "I do! And from the comments of men when I'm out and about, I'm far from being one!"
          I was right you need help, you are just one eclectic sexy mama aren't you. Your "hubby" must be really proud of his hott mama and all the comments all the other men throw her way. So instead on New Years eve you dress your "hubby" up like Adam and have the fantasy of your life, and probably your husbands as well. You are way too cool and hott for me mama.
          You need help you self infatuated, delusional BEAUTY, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • Adam Lambert is the one for me out of the new bunch of entertainment hopefuls this year. I like a little sizzle in my Pop and some raunch in my Rock, and you can tell with everything he does he brings it from the depths of his soul. Adam Lambert knows exactly how to put on a show "For Your Entertainment"!!! He's ELECTRIC! After EVERY performance I see of him, I feel "sizzly"! YOWW!!! I'm sorry, I just can't imagine stepping out this New Year's Eve in my "get-up", "dropping it low" to "I Dreamed A Dream"! I can't even imagine listening to Subo on a daily basis while I clean house, drive, get dressed, cook, study, "primp & preen", hang with friends, go out, spend "sexytime" with my hubby, or anything else!

        • i like him too :)

        • well no point in you calling lambert for a date is there, as he is sure to ask to speak to your hubby and not you. after all your a woman and have nothing to offer him.and we sincerely hopes he puts LOTTTTTTS of sizzle in more pops as they will only be in sleazy bars as he has no career left.

      • Oh well, the planet is getting older and so are its inhabitants (which is why the coveted 18-49 demographic may shift older). So…to each his/her own!

        Until I'm ready to have quiet evenings at home as the norm for me with a snuggie wrapped around me, a cat or the crosswords on lap and look forward to watch others party in the new year on network tv – GIVE ME MY ADAM LAMBERT!!

        Congratualtions to SuBo on all her current and possible future successes!!! I hope she's enjoying her new red leather couch! ;)


        • Your caps are blindingly large and I find this to be enough evidence to not take your comment seriously.

          You are in fact being sarcastic about this praise, with regards to Ms. Boyle. Therefore, since CAPS imply slight insanity and non-seriousness, you are in fact saying that Susan Boyle sucks and that you worship the fierce mofo that is this person named Mr. Lambert. You are in fact a drug addict yourself, which explains the CAPS and the lack of intelligence and proper punctuation.

    • Im 23 and I love Susans CD… I also have alot of other 20 something friends who also bought her CD and love it… so its not only for over 55 year olds

    • People over the age of 55 also have 80% of the money. Maybe that's why she's so successful. Baby boomers still rule.

    • guest, that's fine, she doesn't need you to add to her success as I won't add to the success of the singers you like.
      To each his own.

    • if I was a record company executive I would want to record someone who will sell millions, Is adored and make lots and lots of money for my studio and for them, Susan Boyle qualifies, I would not want someone who will stick someone's head between there legs, kiss another guy on family TV ,Give one of the most atrocious live singing performances ever, And send his career down the toilet. And she cancelled her Canadian performance, like she had any say in it. Strange she is so boring that she is number 1 in so many countries, and world record holder in every one of them and on Amazon, number 1 on all amazons and 6 itunes,number 1 on European charts, Now I may be cynical, But if I was Adam lamberts record company I know who the hell I would want in my corner right now and it sure would not be him. And I would wager he will not have a big career as his sales after ama and after he was number 3 with 198,000 on week 1,have completely crashed and his total has only amounted to,118,000 in the last 3 weeks. From number 3 to number 30 and nowhere else in the world is he a hit. Check the world charts.

    • Guest, are you jealous about Susan Boyle's success? This is one of the great feel good stories of the decade, despite all of the doom and gloom surrounding the world. It shows you anything is possible in life. You are entitled to your opinion, but most peope would disagree with it.

    • Just to let you know I am 34 and love her album which I am sure many people of all ages do.

    • Hey guest; Then listen to your drag queen and who ever the hell that Kris character is. Your opinion actually adds absolutely zero intelligence, hence explaining why you bought the CD's (cross dresser in Lamberts case) you did. Susan Boyle is a far fresher cry than the below average talent that sounds like every other bubble gum act that come and goes. Your CD's are like a fart, they will be around a while and stink up the place, but they will go away. You obviously needs to expand your horizons so you can expand your mind. Pity, you seem intelligent, what happened? Oh and I'm 28.

      • Your bigotry and small-mindedness is so fascinating to watch. Like a car crash and my eyes are glued to the scene.
        Drag queens have more intelligence and charm in their eyelash than you do. Susan Boyle may be new now, but she really has nothing to offer. She's an old lady who can sing.

        • You're rude.

      • 28 years and no proper education. You poor thing.
        It is very sad. :(

        • the real sad thing is most people are smarter on there worst day than the lambert brigade will ever be on there best day

          • the "lambert" brigade… LOL
            well, they ARE smarter than you on ANY day :)
            not sorry to say
            (god trolling is FUN)

      • Hey vag,remember if you told these nutcases lambert liked women they would believe you,It is a pointless excersise,It mus be awful for them to realise after Ama that he really was rubbish,And his record sales like his career has gone to pot.And if he releases another cd ,who will buy it.After all how many tv and radio stations will take the risk of a public backlash and lose there sponsorship which without they cannot survive.Answer,Very few of them .Just look what the public outcry has done to tigers sponsorship.the 3 biggest gone.Anyway vag after xmas walmart have a sale on.Buy 1 lambert cd get 57 free.

      • I guess I love drag queens. lol. It's funny to see that while people like Boyle and Lambert are making tons of money are others who waste their time insulting them. They are both entertainers, great by the way whether you love them or hate them. Talk and write all the sh*t you want but that's not gonna hurt them. What is really pathetic is how people waste their time trashing others. Where the respect has gone? I know, it sunk down the toilet.

    • Young grasshopper…OK, I'm not quite 55 yet, but a mere young 52 and I don't understand the comparison between Adam and Susan… To me it's like mixing apples with oranges. I happen to like them both (although I think Adam is a bit too risque for my tastes, but I have to admit that the child has lungs). They each bring a different style and flavor that make them unique. I also don't understand the age prejudice comment either – this is a problem because??. Like it or not, us baby boomers are here to stay for awhile and I would wager to say that there are more of us then there are of you, and we have the money to burn… and burn it we are. I have personally bought several copies and given it out to enthusiastic recipients this year. Let's not compare Adam with Susan. They are both great artists within their own right, however, Susan Boyle is more my style of singer. I just love her!!


    • I guess you are one in a million who gets bored with Susan. Do you ever wonder why Susan is #1. My daughters are young and love Susan's music, my friends kids love Susan's music Adam is talented but brainless to put up a porno show on national tv and Kris is just ok. Susan rocks , rocks, rocks. She is all ages artist and is here to stay. I wonder why your idol kris who you say wrote his own songs did n't even make it to the top 10 in the billboards. Where are the young fans as you say why didn't they buy the cds to make Kris at number one. I also want to ask what is wrong with people over 55? Susan is number one in the world and you don't have to buy Susans cd she has sold too many already and doesn 't need your purchase. Enjoy Lambert and Kris I am sure they need your support.


    • Amazing how one small paragraph can so clearly demonstrate your ignorance. While I enjoyed Adam Lambert's performances in American Idol, he showed his total disregard for his fans in his uncouth gross performance. He will fade away, so your 'modern CD' could become junk. On the other hand Susan Boyle's performance will shine on, along with the great artists she chose to honor in her first Album.

  6. Too many people think they have to analyze Susan's success. She has a thrilling,beautiful voice,and she can sing better than anyone in the world. For the past several decades, music producers have given us little more than mediocre singers who dance and have some kind of gimmick. The world has been waiting too long for the real thing — why be suprised that we love her? (P. S. I hate reality tv and never watch it.)

  7. While I am very happy for her, to be sure, I cannot lie and jump on the train that is buying her cd. For me, it is boring. If all the people that are buying it are enjoying it, I say that is great—-she has brought joy to many. However, I love Adam Lambert's cd, for his voice, and his style. I say, to each his or her own!!! That is the beauty of art and music.

    • Cindy,
      Lambert never was or never will come close to Susan Boyle!!!

  8. I find her CD boring after hearing it twice. I love 'Wild Horses' though. But, hey, I did buy the CD. Just as Michael Buble has two albums in the top 100, it is because of 'pretty music' and after hearing Adam Lambert sing, he far outsings Michael Buble, but he creatied a wonderful multi -genre album, original songs and it is diamond. I thint one of the reasons Susan's album is selling is from all of us middle age and golden age tv viewers who still like listening to easy listening, don't download/ipod but purchase actual hard CDs – and that means all tracks-unlike looking for a single, unlike getting one burned by a friend. Summed up, easy listening hard copy CDs are wanted and purchased by more tv viewers than the younger ipod crowd.


      • Hey Candis, Caps are not necessary all the time. It ain't that deep. lol

  9. Yo Susan Boyle, I'm really happy for you, I'ma Let you finish, but Adam Lambert has one of the best albums of all time! lol
    OK, I'm really happy for her and I do think that her voice is extraordinary but to be honest I didn't like her album. The people who are buying it are those who liked her on Youtube and that prefer to buy the album instead of downloading from iTunes.

    • True. I bought Adam's from iTunes too.

    • One of the best albums of all time,jeeesh you must have only heard 2. sgt,peppers,dark side of the moon,thriller,rumours.brothers in arms ,jeeesh i could go on and on.lambert in the same league as your really brain dead if you believe that nonsense

  10. I don't typically like ballads, I enjoy Beck, Fleet Foxes, Quix*O*Tic, Robert Plant, Tom Waits, David Byrne, Nouvelle Vague
    but Susan Boyle's CD is fantastic. You must really listen, and not just play the songs to say you've tried them. Up to the Mountain has a wonderful gospel sound, DayDream believer is a sweet lullaby, and Proud is heart-wrenching. I download
    most often, but I had to buy the entire album. The woman can sing!

  11. I love reading all these comments on forums, ever since Susan came on the scene. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no-one should be forced to 'love' Susan Boyle. Personally, I am a 38 year old man who has partied pretty hard in his life to all kinds of music. I've gone through my early years listening to pop, rock, whatever. I bought her album partly because I'm a Scot, who is very proud of Susan's underdog status and the fact she has sold (upwards of) 7 million copies of her album so far. I love listening to her album but tomorrow i may play some Bon Jovi, or Madonna, or Celine Dion, or Green Day. I'm proud to say I have eclectic music tastes. It also means I will never get to the point that I am shut off to different artists.

    I look forward to Susan's next album. I don't think it will sell the same amount as I Dreamed A Dream, however, it WILL sell. As a footnote, my favourite track on her album is Proud. It sends shivers down me.

  12. I think Susan's album would have been successful no matter what material she chose to sing on it. You underestimate her as an artist and instead boil it all down to strategy.

  13. Only reason I watched the Youtube vid of Susan [I dream a dream?] was to understand why she was mentioned last spring in an episode of South Park. Basically the character was sick of hearing how good Susan was and wanted people to move on. I guess I am like the character… no denying, Susan is a good singer, but I had no interest. Ma even sent me a link to Susan's new single, good singer, no interest. But my ma also has been telling me all year to check out another guy, but she never sent me links, so not until November did I see this guy perform: Adam Lambert. He can sing too, but he also just has something to him, I admire. Adam was the first Idol that I: was bummed for not watching AI, bought the debut CD, and actually want to see in concert [this is rare thing], and not listening to my mother sooner. CD complete mixed bag of stuff, awesome. But like others have said: music is subjective and to each is own. I hope Susan has continued success.

  14. I think Susan Boyle is on of the greats But sorry I love Barbara Streisand that is talent all around

    • Sixfoot . Why are you comparing. Susan and Barbara are two different singers there is noithing to be sorry about. Please make your comments relevant if you know what that means.

  15. Hey, I'm over 40….way over 40, and SuBo's album is Boooring to me. I remember Joan Baez who is still performing in her late 60's. If you really want to hear a voice, tremendous guitar work AND original music, listen to Baez. The reason for her success: She and her CDs are everywhere; whereas, you can't find Adam or Kris. Costco a huge display for last minute gifts of SuBo…absolutely no one else mentioned in above article!! Visited a couple large chain bookstores yesterday, and they both had huge posters of SuBo with her CDs. Again, no Adam and no Kris!!!No why is that? And you forget about QVC, the mega international sales channel. They sold literally hundreds of thousands of her CD in the US alone. Nothing like featuring one artist for an entire hour promoting her CD. It's safe. SuBo is a great story. It's a true dream to come from nowhere, especially at her age and–frankly–with her homely looks. We'll see where she goes from here. Without some originality, I don't see a future. I would not go to a concert. I would surely fall asleep. On the other hand, I would travel far and wide to see Adam Lambert perform.

  16. Bought the album for my mum for xmas,but we are dissapointed with the music in the background,the piano drowns her out,she has such a beautiful voice which needs to be heard not drowned out like they do for those who can't sing.Give us her voice and have the accompaning music softley in the background.There are so many songs I would love her to sing,I could listen to her all day.Good luck to her.

    • I agree, Carolyn, that the accompaniment is pretty heavy…almost like competition…but I love the cd and listen over and over…still, llike you, less background and more voice because she has such quality and versatility

  17. The secret of Susan's success? There are more "Susan Boyles "in this world than "slim, attractive, sexy singers". Susan's demeanour, singing style, presentation speaks loudly of the person next door, the man or woman on the streets, the housewife, the person with disability, the bullied, the underdog, the ones who triumph through adversity, the normal "you and me." She is a beacon and her CD is all about the human heart, mind, soul and spirit.

    • Ikawgarud@ I agree there are more people like Susan B. than the more exciting artists. I believe you hit the nail on the head; Susan B. is a story. People are buying a Cinderalla story and they are touched by the music because of the story. I personally feel Streisand is so superior vocally thought that I am therefore not fully swayed by the story. Though I certainly wish SB well and all the success she can find. As far as the other artist you mentioned, well Adam Lambert for example has the 2nd best selling debut album this year next to SB. Nope the numbers don't compare, but I think the long lasting impact will be greater from an artist like Adam Lambert. I say let's just enjoy what we enjoy and be happy for the success of all.


  18. i feel bad for canada that it was canceled twice, and I am very proud that you all are buying susan's cd. well, i think when she gets there it will be well worth it. she sure needed a bigger venue than the 2,000 for 21rst of dec. but no one seemed to know that when ti was booked…

    go susan go, to canada

  19. SuBo is an old woman who sings for old people. Albums aimed for this category are not produced very often (i.e. boring, boring, old, boring, old). Therefore all “oldies” jumped on the this CD. Otherwise, SuBo is ONLY a person with a great voice. ABOSULUTELY NOTHING ELSE.

    FYI, I am 52 and new music/concerts and dancing had always being part of my life (it started with Elvis). I like Gaga and I am addicted to ADAM. I have one copy of his CD on each level of my house. When I am home, the whole place sounds very entertaining.

    I like smart sexy, performers with fascinating personalities: the anti SuBo.

    • When you say your 52 i assume your refferring to your iq, you sound like like you have the personality of a gravegigger. i think it would be nicer to be deloused than to have people like you in my life.

    • Agreed! And I'm only 20. There are TONS of artists better than Susan Boyle. Imogen, A Fine Frenzy, Adele, etc…. THEY have her beat. God why am I even reading this shit? I want to buy Adam Lambert's cd now just to spite the Subo crazies. :/

  20. I find it very hard to believe that Susan is selling that many CDs. First off, when Susan was going to perform at Rockerfeller Center in NYC, people had to be bribbed with VIP tickets and a promise of brunch with Susan to get people to show up. Her team had to beg people to go to the airport to welcome Susan to NYC. Plus Canada was cancelled twice because hardly anyone was going to be there to watch her perform. It's beyond me who's buying all her CDs but I wouldn't touch one with a 10 food poll. She's a very sad person and it shows in her choice of songs and how she sings them.

    • Good point Caroline. I think it's a matter of availability. The CD is everywhere and easy to use as a stocking stuffer. She has a decent voice, but it's not anything special. So I don't get it either. Must be the whole Cinderella thing.

      • A matter of availability? Stores ran out of it the first week.
        If anyone wants to buy a CD all they have to do is download it if the stores run out.
        That's a pretty silly argument if you think about it.

    • caroline, you are a liar. I was in NY. The Today Show knew a large group was going and offered to let us go in as a group.
      Do you really think that allowing people to stand in the front would be enough to get people to stand outside for 3 hours if they didn't want to be there in the first place? Think about that, your lie doesn't even make any sense.
      You're obviously a very sad person to make up such lies. What did she ever do to you?
      Don't buy her album, she'll be fine because 5 million other people did.

      • The Today show wanted as many fans as they could get up front because it looks good on TV, The VIP tickets got them into the brunch with Susan. They were able to get more fans by offering that.

    • You have twisted everything. The fans instigated and asked for everything, not the other way around!

    • Sometimes the stupid are stupid because they know nothing,As in your case caroline,Susan Boyle had agreed to meet the fans from the rockafella centre at the restaurant so they could present her with a quilt that had been made for her by the amazing susan boyle fan club,Her team had to beg,What planet are you on,This woman has over 340 million hits of her and they had to beg.When she arrived in Nyc her cd was Amazons biggest pre order in history and a nutcase like you comes out with your hands christian anderson story.Caroline you need to go back to the doctors dear as the pills he gave you aren;t working,Jeeesh what a fruitcake.Canada was cancelled twice because an idiot like you would never understand the reason.Now caroline save your dollars and get a personality transplant

      • WOW! Spot on, sir! I'm printing myself a copy of your response to Caroline and taping it to my wall to remind myself of the only words that properly convey to those who are incapable of taking known facts and coming to an appropriate conclusion about the Susan Boyle Epic Saga. Thanks for saying it like it needs to be said. David Francis, USA

  21. carolin seems to be lying. I tried to get VIP tickets for the performance at Rockerfeller Center in NYC and they were all gone so I could not get any such tickets. Also I know at least one of the people who went to the airport to welcome Susan to NYC and she went without anyone to beg her. I know this because I wished to go there myself but got called off by other duties.
    As a young professional working 12 hrs a day, I don't have time to listen to anyother music than the soothing music like susan's.

    • How dare you call me a liar. It was announced on the SusanBoyle website that her team was looking for people to go to the airport to meet her. Fan passes were emailed to whoever wanted them and the Today show wasn't getting a good response so they added the VIP tickets to get more people to show. There were maybe 200 people there at the most for the free concert.

      • You're a LIAR!!
        You think that getting someone to the front of the crowd would be enough to get people to stand outside in the cold for 3 hours if they didn't want to be there?
        You're not only a liar, you're a stupid liar. That wouldn't even make sense.

        • You're the one that's the liar. Her fans were there but not more than 200 and only 25 at the airport too.

      • Caroline, You are definitely a liar. I was at Rockefeller Center in NYC and there were lots more than 200 people there. I attend these events often and that was a good size crowd. Music is subjective, you don't need to like an artist, but there is no need to lie about SB's popularity. I am not a fan of Hip-Hop or Streisand or Britney Spears, but have never felt compelled to begrudge or dismiss their appeal or fans – or make up things about them just because I am not interested in their music. Good for all of them – their music makes people happy.

    • JFK2009, you're right, she's a LIAR.
      Someone that has nothing better to do with herself than lie about someone she obviously had a grudge against.
      Plus she doesn't believe that she sold 5 million CD's.
      There's an idiot born every day.

      • You're the idiot. There were a couple of Navy ships docked that day and none of them even showed for the free concert. They always show up for a free concert. People stopped on their way to work to see who it was but they didn't stay. Susan Boyle isn't as popular as you think she is. 5 million CDs? Probably someone with more money than brains buying it.

        • Poor jealous liar.
          You're really sick.

          • Oh please! I can think of much better to be jealous of.

    • You missed out on the VIP ticket because you were too late. There was a time limit. The Today show wasn't getting a big response for fan passes and then offered VIP tickets which included admission into the brunch with Susan.

      • Right, people traveled to NYC, paid for a hotel, and stood outside for 3 hours, to get a GD brunch.
        OMG, you're really crazy, but you are entertaining.

        • Yes they did.

  22. JFK2009, what does being a hard working young professional have to do with your taste in music? That is such a strange statement. It is elevator music for sure, and if that's your preference, go for it. A Susan Boyle concert? I don't think so. I can't imagine anything more boring.

    • Susan Boyle can't even draw a decent crowd for a free concert let alone a pay concert. Anymore than 3 songs and even Susan would fall asleep because singing more than 3 songs is too much for her.

    • Britt your not upset because susan did not stick the hairdressers head in between her legs are you.

  23. "One possible warning sign came when she told the Korea Herald that including the song You'll See was “a kind of way of saying to the ones who made fun of me at school—well, I can really do better than some people.” Her record company had better watch out. If she continues on that path, she might be tempted to pull a Kris Allen and make an album that's completely personal—and unpopular."

    Generally a decent article. But these closing comments fall into the kind of petty, smarmy psychobabble better suited to the British Red Top tabloids.

    • angela, that's not what she said.

    • Check out the last 3 sentences of the last paragraph of the article. I just cut and pasted it into my comment.

    • Susan spoke what was on her mind and good for her. It's just a reminder to those folks who hurt her that she remembers them. She didn't state that she's going to get back at them. She is simply honest; not passive-aggressive. Hey…she's an artist and is expressive!

    • That article was written reasonably well except for the last paragraph. Susan has more intelligence than some writers realize. She does not have to write songs about herself. biography and a movie avout her life will be the icing on the cake, and all those who try to devalue her melodious voice will be wishing that they could receive the blessings that she has done at this stage in her life. We all have to age with wrimkles, etc. But a clean heart and putity of spirit is what the world needs and anyone at any age can give us the calming spirit that Susan has allowed us to experience in this world of turmoil. Thank you Susan.

  24. I have just finished listening to Susan Boyle CD & I love it . During the Britians Got Talent I watched with interest at the results. Was very dissappointed that she didn't win but she has won alot of hearts with her lovely voice. Go for it "Susan".

  25. I would rather go to work unpaid for 1 day than to listen for 1 hour to that boring , old and disgusting person. Our days a big voice doesn't mean too much if there is no REAL talent added: charisma, outstanding personality, creativity, hot looks, dance sexy moves, grace, fashion style, etc…

    Yes SuBo go where ever you want , I would so much appreciate if I will not see you or hear about you for the rest of my life.

    • I'd rather get a tooth pulled without freezing than listen to her CD and listen to her talk. She's disgusting. She's not even a lady. She acts and talks like a moron.

      • Ah, but did you ever hear her say an unkind thing about anyone?
        No, you didn't because she IS a lady.
        Only morons degrade people that don't deserve it.

        • She wasn't very kind and acted like a lady when she lost to Diversity was she? She even used foul language on young children. You have a warped idea of what a lady is.

          • So… when you said that I immediately looked up the video of her losing, and you're completely and utterly full of it. She said they deserved it and a couple of other really nice things. I watched the entire ten minute video and I think she's got a little bit more talent than those kids, no offense to them. They're great… but she's got a greater quality of talent than them.

          • Emily dear ,shame on you for trying to explain susan to 4 people who between them would not have the iq of a pork pie.remember they are probably upset because someone burned there new m&m song called, will lambert be my toy boy,or other great lyrics he writes.AND WHAT THEY BUY DOES NOT COUNT ,SUSAN 8 MILLION WORLDWIDE,LAMBERT 400,00.THEN LET THEM CRY OVER IT ,WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO

  26. I buy music that appeals to me and not because they are top sellers. Susan Boyle has a terrible singing voice and her songs are all boring.

    • I can't comprehend exactly HOW you can possibly say… regardless of your taste in music… that Susan Boyle has a terrible singing voice. Saying that she is boring, or simply that you don't like it would suffice. Actually putting her voice down is going to far. She's got great pitch and a good voice all around. Get over it and quit being a jerk.

      • that is nice considering lambert only listens to music that causes him to stick there heads between his legs while he is reading pervert weekl

        • blah blah blah. You don't even know the kind of music he listens to, so why don't you shut and get some facts right.


  27. Susan you are great singer. Nobody of these modern singers can be compared to to you. Terrific voice, charisma. You sing with your heart and bring a lot of joy happines to many people listening to you. Best wishes to you. I hope for the new songs from you. Go on Susan.

  28. Isn't it great to know that a star has been born. A star who has already given so much happiness and enjoyment to so many people . I'm sorry for those who don't yet recognise her. You don't know what you're missing.

    Happy Christmas everyone and may the New Year bring us lots more from Susan Boyle, First Lady of the Charts.

  29. Susan, I am 17, high school student. Michael Jackson was my favourite singer. I could never imagine that I would like your songs. But when I heard your CD in my friends house, his sister bought it for their mother, I was shocked. Wonderful voice, wonderful songs. I have not much money but I managed to buy your cd. I am waiting for your next one and hope it would be as good as this one.

  30. Susan Boyle has taught the world that pre judging someone (which we all do) can come up and bite you. I think she is what the world needs at this time in our confusion. I know it was for me.. Rock on Susan you've earned it.

  31. I would rather go to work unpaid for 1 day than to listen for 1 hour to that boring , old and disgusting person. Our days a big voice doesn't mean too much if there is no REAL talent added: charisma, outstanding personality, creativity, hot looks, dance sexy moves, grace, fashion style, etc…

    Yes SuBo go where ever you want , I would so much appreciate if I will not see you or hear about you for the rest of my life.

    • Well, do you feel better about your insugnificant life now? If you don’t like her why take the time to read the article? Why can’t just rejoice in the accomplishments of this beautiful woman. I feel sorry for you.

  32. I was watching the night Susan sang. I heard the reaction as she walked out on stage, the titters and shuffling in the audience. Even the judges looked a bit surprized. "is this dork gonna sing, nah!". And then the magic voice, pitch perfect, annunciation of the words, the emotion, the depth of feeling that floated out over the audience, is beyond understanding when we equate the mastery of the artist with the quiet and restricted life style that poor Susan has had, mainly because she had to look after her aged mother. So it only leaves one answer, maybe there is a God. I am far from a teeny bopper. And you young and critical music critics will possibly change your music likes and dislikes a few times before you go to the big "Rock Band" in the sky. . So enjoy while you can. But to listen to Susan Boyle is to understand that you have been witness to a great performer, once again, I say pitch perfect, her diction, or wording of her songs is perfect and the emotion she elicits, for whatever reason is incredible for a "simple country girl", I wish her every succes in the future. That is all from an old fart who was there in the 60's when it all happened.

  33. Susan Boyle already crossed over to being a singing star rather than a reality star even while she was still on a reality show. We just had to wait for that to end so she could be where she is now. And stop being a bitter Canadian just because she canceled a couple times. Anyway her team makes those calls not her – don't you listen to her interviews? She doesn't know where she will be from one day to the next. Get with the program.

  34. I saw her on Dancing with the stars and still don't know who she is and why all the fuss.


  35. Hi, my name is Tom. I’m not old, but I’m not 20 anymore either. I am an educated US military officer who absolutely loves the “Susan Boyle” story. Since I saw her online audition in April I have followed about every footstep she has made. I have admired her courage, perseverance, and humbleness. Needless to say, I love to hear her voice, too. I am currently in Afghanistan and can’t buy her CD. I’m still waiting on it to come from home. I do have her “wild horses” single on my computer. During my deployment, if I get discouraged or lonely, I listen to her song and think about her journey. I will often find an internet connection so I can look up “Susan Boyle news”. It always lifts my spirits and encourages me. My combat tour has been more pleasant staying in touch with SuBo. I would say I have to be in the top 10 of her fans.
    Congratulation Susan. I expect nothing from you but success. You deserve it.
    By the way, Susan doesn’t just appeal to the older folks, I have met very few young, studly GI’s who have not heard of Susan Boyle and like her voice. So you critics can go jump in a lake–jealousy sucks doesn’t it.

    Tom B., U.S. Army, Afghanistan

    • Tom you have to remember,there lambert cd was the next coming of christ to them,they bragged he would be a world superstar and no one outside of north america hardly knows him.go check the world charts tom.he is nowhere in site.his total worldwide sales after 4 weeks 400,000.susans sales will be 7 million after this week. so it is so nice to make fun of them tom. susan will always have something lambert never will,what' the word i am looking for.oh yes ,career is the word.

  36. One of the most patronizing articles I have ever read-truly nauseating.

  37. I think some young people are a bit annoyed that someone like Susan can be so popular. Young people don't understand that their choice of music will change as they get older. Susan has done well and we should all wish her well as she beaten the odds as she is not glamorous. So often society turns its back on people because they don't fit the celebrity mold.

  38. The choice of songs on Susan's album is not the reason I bought it. I'd love anything she sings. The quality of her voice coupled with her story, her personality, and her courage have made me a loyal fan–the first time in my life that I've been a fan of anyone. Susan totally won me over with her audition. I will keep buying her CDs no matter what's on them.

  39. I am sitting next to the cd player listening to Susan on my new cd. I cannot ever express the depth of emotion her voice evokes from me. She is marvelous.

  40. People buy her album coz they don’t know how to pirate it. I’ll go to hell for this but to me it wouldn’t really matter much anyway, since in a few years her fanbase (i.e. old people) will be gone anyway. It’s important to milk the cow while it is still alive. :)

    Furthermore, she has no artistry to speak of. None of her songs are original, none of her stuff has interpretation at all… At least with Mr. Lambert and Mr. Allen, they wrote songs, they want to be original. They want to have a future in the music industry.

    It’s just as well that SuBo do well with sales now, coz to be frank, I don’t see her writing her own songs, making her own music, coz she just doesn’t have that much talent to do it. And in the long run, she won’t get that much industry respect. So, it’s just as well.

    • celle your not one of those that wrote in april,her 15 mins of fame are up,she will never sell many cd's,my god she is one lousy sure that wasn't you celle.because if it was you must feel real stupid right now considering she is the biggest selling artist in the world.Do you mean like the original songs lambert sang on AI,Born to be wild and Mad world.,silly me thinking they were done by steppenwolf in 1969 and mad world by tears for fears. Adam lambert has Co-written 4 songs.Lamberts future was sunk after the ama and there is no going back for him.his career is over

      • Although I like SuBo's voice and I wish her the best and I'm not gonna write crap about her coz she deserves the fame that she's got. I want to tell ya this, Adam's career is NOT over. Adam may have co-written 4 songs only (great songs by the way) in his new album but he has written plenty of songs before Idol. His voice is versatile and unique and he's also a showman, he can't be compare to SuBo in any way. Two different stories. And I'm sorry to tell ya this but SuBo may be is the best selling artist of 2009 but she's is not better than Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and so many great female singers out there, Tarja Turunen for instance to name one, Tarja can out sing any other female singer in the music industry without doubt including SuBo.

        • his career is not over then tell me this,after his ama backlash,over 77% of the public said they would never condone what he did or buy one of his cd;s which tv or radio show is going to take the risk of losing there sponsorship over him.your one optimistic person if you believe they will take the risk .he is hardly on any station i know.he went on tv 5 times since ama and his sales still crashed big time. so good luck if you believe that nonense you typed.And Tarja Turunen is not in the same league,Not even close. For the lambert fans Tarja is Finland's most successful singer, with 3 gold awards and 3 platinum awards, My Winter Storm, sold 5.5 million worldwide.a number that will take lambert 3 lifetimes to achieve.

          • wow, you know Tarja cool. I like you just coz you know her. lol I know Adam is never gonna be in her league. She's the most amazing singer with the most beautiful voice on earth. Sorry but she's my top one. lol. Fan since Nightwish.
            Apart from that, chill out man, it ain't that deep Lambert is just starting, he made a mistake for some people but Adam's fan base has increase since his performance on the AMA. He has the second largest online community of official webs for artists. The number of complaints were nothing compare to the amount of viewers that night, he's also getting more radio play and his sales have increase this week. Besides there's the illegal download factor and that really hurts a lot. I just want people to stop trashing both performers because I like both and I'm in the middle of the war. I also dislike some Glamberts because they are really annoying and I hate cult of personality and some of them are putting Adam on a pedestal and he's not perfect. But he's also been an open book from the start and he's done a lot for art projects in public schools and recently to fight against domestic abuse. Both are really great performers but in different ways. I'm obsessed with him I'm not gonna lie but I love music in general.

    • Celle, do me a favor. Cut and paste your posting into your calendar program for January 15, 2011. Attach an alarm to go off that day — maybe to send yourself an email that says, "See I was Right!". On January 15, 2011, open the calendar item, read it, and then think a long time — not about Boyle, but about yourself.

  41. People buy her album coz they don't know how to pirate it. I'll go to hell for this but to me it wouldn't really matter much anyway, since in a few years her fanbase (i.e. old people) will be gone anyway. It's important to milk the cow while it is still alive. :)

    Furthermore, she has no artistry to speak of. None of her songs are original, none of her stuff has interpretation at all… At least with Mr. Lambert and Mr. Allen, they wrote songs, they want to be original. They want to have a future in the music industry.

    It's just as well that SuBo do well with sales now, coz to be frank, I don't see her writing her own songs, making her own music, coz she just doesn't have that much talent to do it. And in the long run, she won't get that much industry respect. So, it's just as well.

    • listen,when your a world record holder,Number 1 in 13 countries.platinum sales in all countries you get a lot of do NOT get respect shoving some guys face in your crotch and hoping to have a career afterwards.I know who is more respected and it is NOT adam lambert

  42. So none of Kris Allen's co-written songs have caught on? And you know this how? Kris has had only ONE song released so far, so I suggest you check your facts and keep such comments to yourself. I have Kris' CD and plenty of the songs on it appeal to me, particularly "It's Alright With Me" and "Before We Come Undone." On the other hand the Lambert freak has received accolades for dong absolutely nothing. Lambert is an insult to the music world and it was evidenced when at the American Music Awards where he chose to focus on shocking the audience by simulating sex on stage rather than focus on his singing which was even worse than it usually is. In addition, Lambert's fans (sparkle cows) are mostly older women who purchased MULTIPLE copies of his CD. Clay Aiken fans (Claymates) did exactly the same thing and look where Aiken is now. I do like Susan Boyle's voice but I do not believe she will have long term success.

    • Ahahaha, look at the bitter KrisTard spamming comments of unrelated article.

      • The article IS related, however, your blind obsession with the no-talent freak and menopause has blinded you.

    • But Kris fans also bought multiple copies, I know people from the communities who promised to buy like 3 different copies. (And they did: electronic, hard-copy and one from amazon). He's also been promoting for much longer time period than Susan and Adam. I think there just isn't much interest in the guy. David Cook did it better last season anyway. You also underestimate Susan Boyle. I think she will do well in the future. She has a magnificent voice. I also think Mr. Lambert is a good person, and that he is very creative with his choices, and his manner of presentation.

    • Your resentment is DELICIOUS.

    • Kris' bias alert. lol
      I'm proud to be one of those sparkling cows, well not really I'm 20. lol. Most of Adam's younger fans don't give a damn about others opinions.
      I'm also pretty sure that SuBo will have a successful career.
      Musical taste is personal not general.
      I mean a lot of the bands/singers I love are pretty successful and they are not mainstream and they have fans all around the world.

  43. But… I really like Adam Lambert’s CD…. It’s got a song for every mood, and the way he sang the songs… gorgeous and FUN. I can see myself paying money to watch a concert where Adam can perform those songs from his CD. I also understand why despite “scandal” and whatever hoopla that follows this guy, he is amazingly grounded. I see that in his TV interviews, he is a good person, and very humble. His parents raised him well.

    I hope Susan Boyle does well with her stuff too. I think she’s a nice old lady even if her music is not my thing. :)

    • you mean this good person who stuck his finger up to the audience because they realised he was a lousy performer .Now now enma,your a typical lambert fan.There is no reality.If he was grounded and going to be ok then his sales would not have plummetted. He has been on numerous tv shows and radio since Ama and it has done him no good whatsoever as far as his sales are concerned And,he would not have been slaughtered by the public would he.Am glad i did not raise my kids like him that is for sure.And all the lamberts come back is to everyone.You all must be homophobic,they cannot grasp in a million years his sexuality never will have anything to do with how everyone percieves him.And you are entitled to your view and 77% of all the public who now say they want nothing to do with him have there views to ..

      • Correction, his sales has increased a 37% this week and his new single is gonna enter on Billboard 100 in a good place. The tv shows performances have helped and also the number of complaints about his performance were nothing compare to the amount of viewers that night. You have no clue how great person Adam is, I mean have you watch any of his interviews? or Do you have a clue how many famous and important personalities support him? Like for instance Steven Spielberg, even the ladies of the View felt under his spell. lol. So, please get your facts right.

      • I like his CD. It is a CD I would recommend my friends to buy and share, because it is FUN and original.

        I don't like Subo. I don't like her music. It;'s fine if you do, but that won't make me like her. I like Adam, that's not going to change. And I don't care about sales. Music is an art of expression. Adam understands that and I like him for it.

        I like Adam for who he is, and I've been a fan, not just because he has that AMAZING voice, but because of who he is as a person. He is nice and gracious when meeting fans and he's down to earth, despite all the crazy that goes on. I like him for that. Whatever success he achieves, I believe he deserves because he is a nice human being, setting up a charity ($250,000 raised) and reaching out to fans (like that mother that was a victim of domestic violence, with one tweet about it, Adam's fans have set up a donation drive to help her children who are now orphans).

        Adam is a good person. When I have a son one day, I'd wish they could be half the person Adam is.

        • really, his sales on week 3 were 46,000,37% of 46,00 is 17,020.If your trying to justify that as opposed to 198,000 on week 1 . 50,000 on week 2 then your seriously deluded.His new single by the way,today on billboard 100 top singles for week ending 2nd jan 2010 not in the top 100. so you picked speilberg and barbra walters.a woman who did not pick capt sully on her list for the 10 most important people of the what an impressive duo. so do you really have a clue how many did NOT buy his cd after week 1.

        • So you want a son who is going to be a pervy and stick his fingers up to classmates if they don;t like him.what a tragic life you must lead.i would rather raise a son as a criminal than a lambert

      • Oh!
        Do you know what you got into
        Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do
        ‘Cause it's about to get rough for you
        I'm here For Your Entertainment

        I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
        You thought an angel swept you off your feet
        Well I'm about to turn up the heat
        I'm here For Your Entertainment

  44. Now do these lambert fruitcakes talk some rubbish or what,and I would wager 80% of his fans have put someone's head in between there legs and kissed another guy and are all mid 20s.And the lamberts women fans who say he is sex on legs, Like he is going to give them a call. NOT, Now how's that for a reply. And they all have high pitched scream voices that are far less than average. And if you believe his singing on Ama was any good at all, then you evidently need to go and buy new ears.

    • I went to see Adam perform live and he drew a huge crowd. How many can Susan draw? Just a few desperate fans.

      • you mean a few desperate as in she has sold 2.4 million in the first 4 weeks as opposed to lamberts 310,000.Oh silly me,or do you mean the few desperate ones that bought 4.5 million in the first 2 weeks worldwide as opposed to lamberts 231,000.listen like the lunatic fringe you lot are, remember this ,she has wiped the floor with lambert,currently by 8-1 in the usa and by 20-1 worldwide.and a dodo brain like you thinks that she would not fill a bigger stadium than him.jeeeesh who taught you maths for gods sake.shame really because if you lambert fans mothers had known you were going to turn out this stupid they would have traded you in for a pet chimp.When will lambert recieve his platinum cd,Oh that;s right he won't will he as you have to sell a lot of records to get one and he hasn't qualified.,Susan will recieve all platinum from 11countries .so when you see his figures you reall must feel so silly eh.

        • What are you talking about? Susan Boyle can't even get enough to show for a free concert.


  45. So let put you right shall we'll of the best vocal coaches in the Use called her voice outstanding, Barbara Streisand says her voice is like listening to a poet. Sir Cameron McIntosh ( producer of les mis ) better tell you who he is as your sure not to know, says no one ever owned I dreamed a dream until Susan boyle sang it, Mick jagger,wild horses is ghostly and better than anything I have ever done. Now do I believe them and the 10 million that will end up buying her cd,or,you and the fans Lambert will have left ,singing, Carol Bayer Sagers big hit, your moving out today, to tiger woods.Oh,silly me, Tiger will be broke so Lambert will only have the sleaze bars in downtown La to sing in.


      • for gods sake sue,If that is the best line available to you,Then i highly recommend you sell your lambert cd adn buy the book,How to think of more than one line to will do you the world of good

  46. Your not by any chance the lambert clan who bragged with many others that he would outsell Susan Boyle 3-1 are you.Jeeeesh she sold more in her tea break than he will all yr.Simon cowell went on worldwide TV and said how proud he was of Susan,Now i do not think after his crappy singing and appalling show at the Ama did cowell either go on TV or call lambert and say that. In fact i think he would have said ,Wow,WTG Adam,not only have you torpedoed your career you dodo brain,But your the only artist ever that my record company has lost money on.

    • TROLL

      • your right sue,you are indeed a troll

  47. Everyone goes on and on about her boring CD… well then get over it. That does not mean she is any less talented than the next artist… she just doesn't sing to the genre you guys prefer. GET OVER IT AND QUIT BEING RUDE. The chick's a real person, more real than half of the rest of us. She has an amazing voice and an equally amazing story. You all need to realize that acting like some American Idol contestant is "ooohh so much better than her because they chose songs that are unique" means nothing more than they chose their own songs and have a totally different genre of music than Boyle. She has a great voice and that is an amazing talent. None of you… regardless of your taste of music can act like she does not, and if you do… you're kidding yourself and being a typical "oh it's mainstream so I don't like it" person, and those people are annoying.

  48. Susan Boyle is an inpspiration to people all over the world! I look forward to following in your footsteps on America's Got Talent in 2010!

  49. I am a Susan Boyle fan and think her album sales prove her level of success. I love her singing and never tire of watching her Britain's Got Talent audition. It still moves me to tears.

  50. I do not understand these people who have a strong need to bash Susan Boyle!! If you do not like her singing, then DO NOT LISTEN to her! You people make it sound as if somebody is forcing you to listen to her! Obviously, from # of cd sales, millions of people DO like her singing.

    • Obviously some don't.


  51. I would love to see a competition about who would sell out a concert hall quicker-Susan or Lambert. My $$$$ is on Susan hands down!!

    • Tiger Woods would have a better chance of getting into Susan Boyle's pants than her selling out a concert.

      • Do you have a room to rent between your ears???

      • you see,how silly you lamberts really are,you would not have enough money to lose , such a shame ted maths are not your strongest point,340 million hits v 65 million lambert hits,8 million sold v 400,000,every single 1 of the BGT tour which was completely sold out this year,susan boyle took part in 27 out of 31.every survey was that they went there to see susan ted ted,you really are 1 sick puppy when your comparing a nobody world wide to susan boyle. imagine him having to play in ,ireland,uk,canada,japan,switzerland,australia,new zealand,holland. Apart from Canada,he has not had an album hit in any country .boy you are one deluded person.the same lambert,adam will wipe the floor with her in sales,october 2009.DREAM ON

    • i feel sorry for these people who will die of boredom

  52. and notice celle,she has outsold him 8-1 on billboard 200 and 20-1 worldwide.puts such a nice smile on our faces woohoooooooooooooo.Oh he will get triple platinum cd,oh,silly have to sell a lot to get one of those and he does not qualify,whereas susan had already achieved that in all 11 countries.must suck to be him right now

    • outsold who? I was referring to Mr. Lambert and Mr. Allen. Outsold does not mean talented. You can buy a cd but that does not equal artistry nor talent.



  53. And lambert fans can say what they like but they will never in a 1000 yrs have the success for lambert as susan will have nor the adoration by a whole look forward to seing lamberts cd on ebay soon as he will struggle to sell another one.

    • Well based on cd sales there does not appear to be many of them around!!


  54. I think Susan Boyle is selling more albums because she appeals to an older demographic. Those people are less likely to download music for free. Anyone can get Adam or Kris's music for free off the internet. Older people are more likely to have the free cash to buy CDs than younger people in college or starting jobs. They are also less likely to copy CDs and distribute them to friends.

    Can anyone find out how many Adam or Kris CDs are downloaded for free?

    • You are so damn right.

    • So you like Lambert and Kris but you download their stuff for free rather than buy it? Some fan you are. This is another reason why Susan Boyle will outlast both of them. How long do you think an artist can keep recording with no money coming in? Success is measured by sales, no sales due to rampant piracy means no contract renewal for the artist.

      • I bought their CDs and downloaded them too. Adam fans online gifted me the two other bonus tracks. So yeah, I AM part of those sales. :P

      • Joe ,you are definitely one of the articulate fans on here,you are saying exactly what i have been trying to tell the lambert fans,they can say he is fantastic,wonderful ,every which way but lose.but without sales his record company will ditch him like a brick as they would with susan boyle,the beatles or anyone else that did not sell..they just cannot fathom that talent will always take second place as far as sales are concerned.if they are pumping a couple of million into someone they want there money back and as quick as possible.and they think that 350,000 is a lot of sales out of population of 320 million.boy are they real or what

  55. i must admit you would not even imagine that susan boyle was the one singing after i listened to her cd but i realized that not all songs fitted her voice. she was okay with the le miserable song plus amazing grace and other church songs but the other NO she did not sound good, boring actually.

  56. i do not foresee susay boyle concert, she has the voice but not the personality. boring actually.

    • If I go to a concert , it's for the music; not for a conversation!

      • Still boring though. lol

    • i like you :)

  57. People don't understand that nowadays to really have good royalties from album sales the artist has to sell millions and millions of albums and that current performers these days don't achieve that. The real deal is merchandise and tours. Illegal download is hurting the music industry really bad. So if we take into account all that info. Those people buying Adam's album are those "sparkling cows" and hardcore fans who saw him on idol but young people who spent their whole life online or don't wanna spent that much money on music, they are gonna download it for sure. I bought it because I love to listen to music with good quality but most of young people don't care about that. Now, lets analyze SuBo's sales, I love her voice and I listen to her album online. To be honest the only song I liked was Wild Horses but not enough to buy it, but that's just me. But she's a global phenomenon and buying her physical album is like having a piece of human history, lol. Most of the people(I'm not saying all of them) are old people or those with good jobs who can afford to buy it. For instance, today my Godmother told me that she was gonna buy SuBo's and not Lambert's coz she likes music for old That just made me laugh taking into account that Lambert's album has a strong influence from the 70's sound. People who judge him for what he is doing has no memory because, what he's being doing, other performers like Bowie, Iggy Pop and other Glam Rock starts and hair metal bands/performers has done it before. People are just pathetic sometimes.

    • I just saw the CD for $12 at Barnes and Noble. How good of a job do you need to scrape together $12 for a CD?

      • I bet a lot of people don't think like you I guess. I was talking about young people, those who depend on their parents. Do you really think that if they want a new album, their parents are gonna give them money? Do you have any idea how much music kids are listening to these days? I guess not. If parents pay for all the music their kids want they will probably won't pay rent, food, insurance or everything else important to maintain a house.

    • uhhh. i'm not an idol fan. i bought his cd anyway, because he's cool.

      • I'm not an idol fan either but I bought his album because I like him.

  58. susan if I may call you susan,
    I am writing from Sydney, Australia, when I asked my daughter to buy me your CD for xmas,she laughed at me,what do they know about music anyway, I played it today,boxing day, all I can say is,I was totally inspired,
    My opinion?…… sing such beautiful music,means only one thing,it is coming from a most beautiful person inside as well as out.
    Your CD is going to top of my list as favourite music,
    I think it has crossed new boundaries,and filled in the gap between Barbara Striesand and any of todays female artists,I would like to,but I dont think,that my congratulations is not up to the applause that you would have already received for this CD………so I will be just sitting back and enjoying it……..You have rekindled the love in me ……………………….kind regards Rod Porter

    • you have poor taste

  59. Susan is a unique singer in our days. I am listening to her cd at home, in a car and it always brings tears of joy.. What a voice, what a talent. i am in my 30th but never ever enjoed any singer as much as Susan. Susan, You bring joy to many . I do not understand the people who hate you why they come to Susan.s page to tell their rubbish. Jelousy sucks. Give Susan a break and go to your favourite singers with your praises for them. If i do not like someone i would never go to their page to tell it. So you haters, leave Susan to us.

    • Very well said!

    • Susan isn't going to be around that long so let us have our fun with her k?

    • it is rubbish, just wait until someone with a better voice comes along…

  60. I purchased Susan Boyle’s CD and it is amazing. It is so nice to listen to
    someone who can sing for a change. For those who say only the “old” are
    buying her CD, I would say “we old” have listened to music all our lives and
    recognize what is good and what is not. But, don’t blink too fast, you too will be
    there before you know it.

    Rock on Susan – there are a lot more of us “old folks” out there and we will
    purchase whatever you release.

    God Bless You!

  61. She's simply singing crap music for old people or for younger people that are old at heart. It's being a long time since such b***s**t CD was put on the market, so all "old fats" took the advantage to buy it. And they bought a lot because they don't know how to get it from the computer.

    Other WAY MORE TALENTED singers/performers that are intended for young people have more problems (i.e. ADAM LAMBERT). First they have to have to face a fierce concurrency (in November only ~7-8 similar albums were released)., while the boring music of SuBo has no concurancy. Second, young people are less likely to pay for music (they have no money and they know how to download it for free) while old farts have money and they don't know how to get it for free.

    So Bo is a big old cow with a big voice. That's it that's all.

    • Hate to inform you that you too will be an "old fart" someday!!

    • She/he already is an old fart having some delusion that she controls the opinions of everyone it knows. See its other post where it gives its age. It doesn't even know that there is NO SUCH THING AS SUBO! That's just a dumbass name made up by jealous brits who are about as interesting as this dud (Not interesting at all).

    • I can tell from you comments that you are an ignorant young person the way you down older people. Let's face it one day you will be either old or dead. You aren't forced to listen to Susan Boyle or anyone else. How many people are downing the Adam Lambert or Chris Allen music, or any other recent musicians. Older people are too polite to make nasty comments about singers.

    • agreed

  62. good for all singers- but my interest has been susan boyle- proud for her and identify with her songs and yes i am over 40- i am pulling for susan's success and enjoying listening t o her beautiful voice along the way. i feel connected to her like many. many people all over the world.

  63. The average age of the world's population in developed countries has shifted and there are now more people over 59 years of age than under the age of 20 and the music industry is VERY aware of this. (We who make up the "mature audience" are now out-numbering the IMMATURE audience.) We've lived to experience Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, New Age, Celtic, Acid Rock and Rap (God help us) and appreciate the crystal clarity of Susan Boyle's voice. We're tired of seeing scantly clad performers who distract the audience with boob implants, injected lips and blatant sexual moves in order to mask their lack of true talent in order to sell their music. Out with "Fake" and in with “GENUINE”… Adam Lambert has sold himself short by using the cliché sexual shock factor to make himself a "unique" artist. He doesn't need to resort to this, because he IS talented. Puhleese! It's about time to see talent promoted without the titillation and this explains the positive response which has lead to Susan's success.

  64. I am 53 years old (married for almost 30 years with the same person) and I can't stand the cow. None of my friends (same age or older) can, none of our children (~25 years old ) can. Nobody that I know can not see nor listen to cows. I presume the old and boring people are a lot more. Is a mixture of age AND personal test. I was always into new music and dancing, therefore I will die listening to cool music.

    • Sounds like you are a good HATE trainer or maybe you are just full of sh*t. Yeah you're probably just full of MariadanSh*T!

      • Reminds me of those "old folk wannabe's" who have never grown up. They are more interested in dressing and partying with the teenagers instead of acting their own age. We have all seen the types – walking down the street in a mini skirt and over bleached hair, until they turn around and you find yourself facing a wrinkled up old prune… everyone silently exclaims "oh my god" and walks away in disgust! My ex 58 year old husband is that way too. Shops at places like "Hot Topic" wearing rapper and Gothic clothing trying to pick up girls 1/3 his age.. much to both my daughter's chagrin who stay clear of him. They are so busy trying to prove themselves to be "cool" by putting down true artists like Susan, that they don't realize just how stupid and insecure they appear. Yeah keep taking Mariadan, Tony and the rest… we are all having a good laugh — you miserable, hateful, disgusting old biddy's. Susan has out sold the Lambert's of this world and us baby boomers are here to stay… so grow a pair and just deal with it!

    • I'm 55 and I don't listen to that old cow either. Neither does anyone else in my age group and neither do my grown children.

    • My ! someone is terribly jealous !

    • You have just disproved my comment about older people being too polite to make nasty comments about singers. You may be 53 years old, but your comment about Susan being a cow sound more like something coming from a teen ager. Grow up!!!

    • You are a woman with GOOD TASTE.

  65. I find it interesting that you refer to her as a "cow". That says a great deal about you and I don't think that statement needs to be explained. I frankly doubt your age as quoted. It is unfortunate that the Adam Lamber fans are known to be so nasty. These two performers do not even compete (Thank god). I suggest you take your nastisness somewhere else OR stick to a Lambert fan board.

    • If you give nastiness then nastiness is what you receive. You call him Drag Queen or whatever you want to call him then Glamberts are gonna call Boyle cow. What would you expect?

    • You haven't seen nastiness until you visit the Susan Boyle fan site.

    • You are right–these Susan haters are just a bunch of trolls trying to piss us off!!!

  66. Susan has a beautiful, breathy voice which is also powerful when necessary. Her diction is good as well. The sign of proper vocal training.

  67. Let me tell you; given the Lambert sales figures his next cd will probably have Cry me a River!!!!

    • Be careful what you wish for.

  68. The secret to Susan Boyle's success is, quite simply, she can sing.

  69. Hey author Jamie Weinman – What the heck are you bellyaching about Susan Boyle canceling in Canada for anyway. From your so called article it doesn't sound like you want her there anyway. Or did your feeling just get so hurt that she canceled twice that you couldn't resist publishing some anti-Susan Boyle trash on the internet for monkey writers? It's too f**ing cold to go to Canada anyway man so just get over yourself!

  70. All the sad people on here hating on subo are obviously bitter adam lambert fans who can't accept that susan thrashed adam in the album sales. No contest. He didn't even make 2nd but came a dismal 3rd. Susan is a GLOBAL star and a household name. Adam is known mainly in america and most people hate him now after his ama debacle. Susan has already sold out many concert halls throughout the uk on the bgt tour(she was the star attraction and the main reason most people bought tickets.). She will sell at least 10 million copies of her album to young and old alike(i'm 38 and the girl in front of me buying her album was about 18….disproving the theory that only over 60's like her). She is a megastar and is here to stay!

    • nope, i just hate susan just because she is not relevant to music :P

    • bla bla bla bla what are you talking about young people? I bet that those young people who are buying Subo's album are just 1% of sales, lol. Adam is not only know in the US, he is know in South America, Asia, Autralia and Europe as well. I still prefer Lady GaGa over Susan any time.

      • if not being relevant to music is being world record holder in all countries where you were number 1, the only person in u s a music history to debut at number 1 and stay there for 5 weeks,world record holder on amazon.then tell me what relevance lambert has with a number 3 and number 6 in canada and 22 in new zealand to his name.and not a hit in any country in the world . celle,better to have someone believe your an idiotic fool than to open your mouth and prove it beyond all doubt.


    I SO enjoy Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent Debut even now. It's such a "feel good" story no matter when it happened. Whether it is Simon Cowell's face or an audience member's face, I get fixed to the amazement of the audience from a stunning performer.

    I read so many comments about her and I state: It happened when it happened because it was supposed to happen when it did.

    People needed hope and inspiration in our unsure times; with Susan Boyle, we're sure of what we saw and what we've got.


  72. Susan Boyle is a big old fat cry baby who gets people to feel sorry for her. It worked with her parents who took care of her all her life. I didn't think that that many people could be so stupid but am shocked to see that there are so many of them. No one has to have talent anymore. Just be a dumb fat lazy tub of lard with hairy armpits and a mustache. What a joke. Susan is the biggest laugh in 2009.

    • Now now Hbic,were you really born that stupid or do you practise every day. Now wouldn't you like to be the biggest laugh ( which you probably were to your parents when they realised at birth you were such a dumbass ) with 20 million dollars in the next year, the worlds biggest selling 2009 cd.over 340 million views and accolades from the best in the world. so you see Hbic we love you lamberts coming on here, It is very rare and unique to find so many of you that have an iq higher than thank you for your wonderful contribution and command of the English language. We normally have to go to a bar fight to meet someone of your calibre. And we can just see lamberts management team when he walked off Ama.I would have payed a lot to see there faces.,ok guys,was i good, hmm,tell you what adam read the reviews in the morning.Omg i would have p****d myself.

      • She looks like a complete retard in that picture. Or is it a he? I'ts hard to tell.

    • You are crying yourself a river. Some people are just disrespectful and jealous because the lady is becoming a millionaire, and will soon be making all the haters eat their words.

    • AGREED.

  73. 5 million stupid old farts and 100 with something very smart music lovers. Wake up. Jelousy sucks. Susan, you are a rock. You are a big inspiration for millions of your fans all over the world including me. We need you. I live in Australia and my friends from Russia asked me to send your cd for their christmas gift. I was surprised that you are famous in Russia too. That is why you have many haters who come to your page to abuse you and your fans. But nothing will help them. I personally think Adam Lambert is a nice person and he would be shocked to read all these bullshit about Susan. Haters live Susan to her fans.

  74. 5 million old stupid fans buy Susan's cd and several so called progressive music lovers abuse Susan and her fans. Wake up! Jelousy sucks. Susan you are a star. You are inspiration to millions of people around the world including me. I live in Australia and was really very surprised when my friends from Ukraine asked me to send them your cd.You are famous there too. That is why your haters come to your page to abuse you and us your fans. I personally think Adam Lambert is a nice person and he would be shocked to read all this rubbish about Susan.Haters go to your favourite singers pagers and leave Susan to us, her fans.

  75. I brought her CD. I love her voice! It is like an angel's voice from Heaven. I could not believe how some people described her voice and songs as sad and that her team had to beg people to welcome her in NYC. If I were in NYC, I bet I would find myself welcoming her in the airport too.

    I am very happy for her success.

    • Susan Boyles team got in touch with the admin of the Susan Boyle fan web site and asked him to ask fans to meet her at the airport. There were about 20 or 30 at the airport to greet her. Not very many people for someone who sold that many CDs huh?

      • caroline caroline,jeeesh another one who is so upset,for gods sake dear.the people there were those who knitted the quilt. for gods sake learn to research.

  76. Lots of lamberts fans have said he would draw a bigger crowd in a stadium than susan boyle.and heres me thinking i ate a turkey for xmas,Not realising lamberts idiotic fans were still out in the wild.Isn;t it real nice when you can giggle over xmas at the stupidest comments on the internet.NOT even close by a million miles.So in the last hr i researched the world charts.Lambert is not in a single chart mentioned on the worlds i have put the data after this message.READ THEM AND WEEP LAMBERT LUNATICS.AND TELL HIM THAT KARAOKE IS STILL OPEN TO HIM

    • Susan boyle v adam boyle in filling a stadium.The lambert fans would not have enough money to lose,No contest,Not by a mile.It is absolutely impossible to go against the numbers.No one with one ounce of interlect would say otherwise.But then again lamberts fans do not fall into that category.So here are the numbers. as of week ending december 26th,Wow what a superstar he is ,Not recognised in a single country for a hit,And not even in the top 20 in the usa or canada.And you fruitcakes think he would have a bigger crowd than susan boyle.If you do then your the only ones on this planet that believe that.

      • World Album Charts December 26th 2009



        • Well said. The stats prove everything!

        • andrew–do not let these imbeciles get the better of you. Ever since Susan appeared on youtube; these idiots have always tried to put her down over her singing or her looks. the bottom line is she will be around as long as she wants to be around. She is a gold mine for Simon Cowell–he loves her!!! Being a cover singer means her cds are cheap to produce, and she has a big fan base(who buy cds). Perfect recipe for Cowell.

          • fudgemeister,how is it possible to get the better of someone who is wiping the floor with you lol.i love making fun of them.they are some of the most despised fans in the world.what is really lovley is that no matter what they type we have every number in our favour by a mile.that is what really upsets them and it is magical to watch lol. and they actually believe that pervy is a nice a worldwide vote who would be invited to someones home ,lambert or susan.susan by at least 7.5 million as that is how many more cd's she has sold than him woohoooooooooooooooooo

        • Bravo , yay, keep hating. muahahaha, Glam's back btches. lol Hate all you want as the great Freddie Mercury said once:
          "If you have no haters, or people are indifferent to you, you're doing something wrong."
          So I guess that both Lambert and Boyle are doing great.
          I still prefer listening to this:
          [youtube MSlWzvkJO9g youtube]

  77. Susan has a beautiful soul and a beautiful voice and now she'll have a beautiful career. It's *wonderful* to see one of us "less than beautiful" women make it to the big time. And you have to love her incredible persistence. I'm a big fan!!

  78. Susan Boyle's cd gets even better each time I listen to it. I'll listen for a day, in my car. Then I'll take a breather and go back to it four days later. It sounds even beter. Then, another breather. A few days later, listen again…and all that was endearing about the album is all the more. Really nice album The kind that grows on you with time. I like that. That's why I still listen o Elton John and so many of the long-time greats.

  79. The reason she sold more than other reality TV stars is straightforward: Her demographic doesn't download as much, so her fans actually purchase CDs.

    • Demographic or not, CD sales are what determine whether an artist gets their contract renewed or not. All you downloading fools are killing your favorite artists careers before they even get started. If you want to show your support then buy the CD, don't download it.

    • TRUE

  80. I got Susan's CD for Christmas and finally listened to it last night in it's entirity. I loved it and the variety was great! You have to listen and feel the songs to understand. I believe she can sing almost any type of music she chooses. Very proud of her and she deserves the best life has to offer her.

  81. I bought susan's album for Christmas and just love to listen to her voice. Thanks to all that helped make her dream. Christmas in PA

    • i see the trend and it is called "CHRISTMAS"…

  82. I would never, ever spend a cent on this "person" with big voice. I like REAL talent (the whole combination). I find she's disgusting. Is not about her appearance: is her personality . I am not mean , this is what I honestly feel when I see her.

    • Thank God no one is forcing you to buy Susan's cd!!!

    • I agree she's a disgusting mess too. I don't care how popular her CD is, I don't want it either. I appreciate the whole package.

    • And we honestly believe your mother would have swapped you for a bag of cookies if she knew you were this stupid

      • SuBo is just a Simon's puppet. She's a cash cow. She represents the revenge of Opera pop over commercial pop. lol


      • F*ck You, I Wont Do What You Tell Me.
        I'm not falling in Simon's claws like you. Those who are buying Susan's album are giving your money to him. Plain and simple.


  83. I find this whole 220-some odd comment extravanganza really amusing. Arguing the relative merits of Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen is almost as big a waste of time as arguing over the relative merits of Coors Light, Bud Light, and Moose Light.

    • for the record all those kind of suck

      • My point exactly.

    • Damn you make sense. I just like trolling this page.

  84. I can't help it. I think Susan is great! And despite any other opinions, comments or remarks, I find her to be quite attractive, especially on her album cover. She's absolutely terrific and I'm happy for her. I wish her all the best. The only shocker (to me) was the track "Cry Me a River" where I was expecting her to belt it out like Joe Cocker. Oops. Same title, different song.

    • it's okay you can't help it… (would you like some medication though?)

    • LOL yeah attractive for a lesbian LOL

  85. adam almost on the verge of not being allowed to enter a karaoke contest. His next gig is singing at the ,touch me hotel in downtown san fransisco.i love making fun of the lambert clan,they did it to susan for long enough .and boy 8 million sold against 400,000 looks rea sweet.and we think adam should do,cry me a river.oh silly me he is already singing it every day lol

  86. i love arguing on the merits that he is a pervy and she has wiped the floor with him,slaughtered,hammered,walloped.thrashed.and boy does it bring a smil to 300 million.Oh,whats that i hear,no renewal of a recording contract.well adam you truly deserve it wooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Susan only a couple of thousand to the biggest selling cd of the year wooohoo


  88. well. i doubt subo would sell magazines or other merchandise, like mr. adam and kris would… cds– well i feel sorry for the people who didnt want her cd for xmas and wanted the new lady gaga (or adam lambert) one but dammit stupid idiotic parents with their LAME taste… (cough myparents cough)… T___T needless to say another xmas with another hated gift. i like new music, mom and dad, not recycled trash.
    I DO NOT LIKE HER. That is all.

    • I'm with you in that.

      • erika it is so refreshing to see how p****d you all are.and it makes us so happy.lame music with 8 million lamberts record company would swap her sales 80 million dollars against lamberts 4 million anytime of the decade.announce today.Susan Boyle has become the first artist in the Billboard 200's 53-year chart history to enter the countdown at number one with a debut album and spend five consecutive weeks at the top. Lauryn Hill and Ashanti both scored three weeks at number one with debut albums. another 1 for susan and another 0 for lambert.

  89. I did not include the Usa as he has you,his mother and a few unamed fans around.he could probably fill, the biggest strip bar in california,apart from that she would wipe the floor in any worldwide venue with him,NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  90. woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo susan number 1 for 5 weeks and 2.98 million sold in the usa, Lambert stayed at number 29 because his mother bought 3,000.well lambert would sell can go buy them at buy 1 get 15 free

  91. susan now has the biggest selling cd of the year in 7 countries,she will not beat taylor swift in the usa,but then again swift did have a 10 month start on her and susan will only get beat by a couple of thousand,and 516,000 sold last week ,omg lambert hasnt sold that many in all 5 weeks around the world.jeeesh what a loser he is.

  92. announced today,Susan Boyle has become the first artist in the Billboard 200's 53-year chart history to enter the countdown at number one with a debut album and spend five consecutive weeks at the top. Lauryn Hill and Ashanti both scored three weeks at number one with debut albums. is there ever going to be good news for lambert fans,.keep on bringing it on lambert fans we love you for at least trying to make him sound more than a pervert.

  93. The secret of her success – infinite blessing all the angels in heaven for her selfless service to her mother. She sacrificed her youth to care for her mom who blessed her with all her heart when she left this mortal world.

    We all should learn to earn the goodwill of our loved ones, live for others and success comes knocking at our door.

    • You got it all wrong idiot. Her mother took care of her. She can only take care of a cat. I have a bridge to sell if you're interested LOL.

  94. Susan Boyle is unique. She has a 5-Octave range, a rare talent that came from heaven above. You can't put her in any box – any more than you could put Aretha Franklin in a box. I repeat, the reason she was signed by Simon Cowell is because of her 5-Octave range. Cowell, who is known to give advice to people who audition before him, just totally went hands-off because S. Boyle was just Susan Boyle. There is no box that she fits into, nor should their ever be.

  95. She came, she sang, she conquered!

  96. SuBo is only good for side shows AKA reality TV talent shows.

  97. And more stunning news today from Lady Gaga about susan boyle:
    Meanwhile, Gaga has joined a long line of musicians eager to cash in on the SuBo phenomenon.
    The eccentric pop star has revealed she is desperate to record a duet with Susan Boyle, whose sudden rise to fame has seen her dominate music charts around the world with the release of her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream.
    It comes a day after it was revealed Andrea Bocelli would team with Boyle for a TV performance next year.
    Gaga said she was shocked by Boyle's meteoric rise.
    "I love Susan Boyle," she said. "She is my woman of the year . . . this time last year nobody even knew who she was, and now she is knocking the world's most established artists off the album and singles charts.
    "Our styles are different (but) it would be great to work with somebody of that talent." And the lambert fans think only old people buy her music eh,so she joins 50 cents and others who want to sing with susan.wtgggggggggggggg susan

    • dude, you're really desperate to prove your point. We all know that SuBo is a great singer now get over it already. She's just another recording artist. Big deal. GaGa has worked with Michael Bolton and a lot of performers including Adam Lambert. I hate cult of personality so put SuBo off the pedestal, she's not better than anybody. You're getting worse than Twittards.

      • well that is true escapa but it is no different to you lunatics for months saying he was the second coming of jesus,when in fact he is a second rate wannabe porno star,and boy am i loving it.and if it annoys you then all the better for em.and when you see her accolades against his number 3 it is beyond description and to see him fall flat on his face makes it even better .wooohoooooooooooooooooooo.and by the way the point is to upset the lambert fans .and look,they are not around here any more.

  98. And this from 50 cent:

    IN a last-ditch attempt at relevance, rapper 50 Cent tried to invoke Susan Boyle to help sell his new album, signalling "comfort music" is the the new cool. In years gone by, a new record by 50 Cent was almost guaranteed to head straight into the top spot on the US charts.But in 2009, he faced the stiffest competition of his career, and not from his best mate Eminem.If 50 Cent had little hope of beating the underdog of the decade, Susan Boyle, he wanted to join her."Susan Boyle is hot right now. I got to get her on a track, for real. We'd make a hit," he said."Everyone is talking about her, the lady from Britain's Got Talent."She's got an amazing voice, and together we'd get everyone dancing. I'm always looking to do something new and she's cool, so I'll ask somebody to let he what i have been saying since day 1,you lambert fans talk nothing but rubbish.Lady gaga and 50cent susan is fantastic,Aint life sweet.


    This fad will die as fast as Crystal Clear Pepsi…..

    • This singing Elmo will be on sale for half price after the holidays.

      • theres no need to call lambert elmo,silly me ,yes there is and your right.

  100. I'm over 80 and do not get to wrapped up in many artists ….but Susan Boyles don't come along every day

    • My grand pappy is 80 and he still likes his women singers to have a great pair of legs to go with the voice.

  101. exactly john,will she sell as many next time,probably not.but as sure as night follows day enough to wipe the floor with lambert a second time. and she will still be number 1 in all the countries she was first time atround.And in Japan she has recieved rave reviews for her performance.damn i was only getting started and the lambert fans have gone into hiding,so they are really following what there leader did after the ama porno show lol

  102. Announced today:
    I Dreamed a Dream, despite hitting shop shelves just six weeks ago, has become Australia's biggest selling album of the year.The Australian Recording Industry Association 2009 end-of-year charts, released today show that Boyle – whose appearance in April on a British talent show, and its subsequent viewing more than 83 million times on YouTube, shot her into the global spotlight – edged out Pink (Funhouse), the Black Eyed Peas (The E.N.D.), Taylor Swift (Fearless) and Lily Allen (It's Not Me It's You).

  103. Boyle's late run means Pink, who has toured Australia tirelessly in recent years, has to settle for second place on the nation's album charts for a remarkable fourth consecutive year. Funhouse was also the nation's second-best selling album last year while Pink's previous album, I'm Not Dead, was Australia's second-best selling album for each of the two years before that.Boyle's album has remained at No.1 since its November 20 release. It has sold more than 600,000 copies and has overtaken Guy Sebastian's 2003 record for the most number of albums sold in a week.

  104. ''It's the fastest selling record we've ever seen,'' says an impressed John Parker, both chairman of Aria's chart committee and Australian general manager of marketing at Sony Music, Boyle's label.

    ''I've been with this company 25 years and I've never seen a record sell this fast. It's unstoppable. People are captivated by that voice, people are captivated by the story – and the story is a big part of why people buy into artists these days.''

    • Are you Simon's bitch?

  105. 6 weeks in a row in the usa wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  106. Susan number 1 for 6 weeks in a row woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.No wonder the lambert fans have gone into hiding

  107. I've just spent an hour reading all the comments on this site regarding Susan Boyles. I heard her cd today for the first time and wanted to see what others thought of it. I love her voice – though I appreciate that she only does "covers". I enjoyed the cd – though I thought it a bit "over-produced" I also appreciate that she is a private person that is new to this celebrity status.
    What I have read here (along with many normal comments) is a blistering tirade of mailings that put her, and her songs, down, for no good reason.
    Why do you compare her with your personal favourites ? This is not a battle for supremacy.
    Why would anyone, for example, call her a "Cow" – has she ever hurt you personally ? That is a really cheap-shot .
    I thought she just, simply, recorded her first cd – that seems to be a crime on this site !
    What makes you so combative ? She's just an older person who's released a cd for the first time in her life.
    You guys are waaay too precious for me. I'll just buy the cd – play it now and again – and hope that at least some of my dollars filter down into kibble for Pebbles.
    What's important in this life – actually isn't.
    Get a grip guys !
    If this is what the new generation looks like, then I'm glad that I've probably only got a few years left – and I'll remember to not expect you to care about us "old folks" that are over forty.
    If I ever need you – be sure that I'll NOT ask !