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Why are they remaking these movies?

Halloween Special: The Top 10 least-anticipated horror movie remakes


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Why are they remaking these movies?

  1. Movies that are post Jaws are all about money, remakes are pathetic and actors & actresses DO NOT earn awards for on screen performance. The entire film industry has lost ALL credibility. Every aspect of todays films are of very low low low quality.

  2. Cronenberg’s “The Fly” was a remake. So was Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    They were both better than their original versions.

    Perhaps we could see the same with others.

  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street might be good if they brought Johnny Depp back again to reprise his role. It's hard to imagine how Child's Play could be remade as a worse film.

  4. sadly, because they can. It's less about the art.

  5. I do not go to the movies no actor is worth the money they are paid.

  6. no no not Rocky Horror Picture show