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What to really expect when you’re expecting

Emily Oster took your questions on pregnancy advice (a lot of which is just plain wrong)



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What to really expect when you’re expecting

  1. and yes…it really is a baby!

  2. “There is no question that heavy drinking during pregnancy can harm your baby”. Note: always ‘baby’ here. It’s only a foetus when you want an abortion. ‘Foetus’ doesn’t sound as human as ‘baby’.

  3. Wow. How is it that so much misinformation has remained unexamined for so long? I’d have thought a few more doctorate researchers would have made a splash about the weight gain and food issues – always popular – by now. Makes me tired to think of all the re-examining still outstanding that seems to fall on the shoulders of us common folk, and makes me wonder if open and publicly sourced pools of information like Wikipedia aren’t creating a false sense of personal intelligence that results in complacence.

  4. Dear pregnant women reading this article: Please do not drink! Don’t risk
    your baby’s health, mental and physical development just to get a buzz
    or have a good time. It’s not worth the risk. Please look up FASD.

    a mom that reads this magazine and takes it’s advice that drinking
    during pregnancy is fine as long as she’s not binge drinking. Maybe the
    baby would be fine. But maybe not! FASD
    (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) is Forever. It’s a horrible thing to
    have to struggle with, for both those affected by it and the

    There’s a good support page for Fetal Alchol Syndrome on facebook if you
    or someone you’re raising has it.

    P.S. I like when dads man-up and give
    up alcohol for the duration of the pregnancy too!