A whole new Samsung Galaxy makes Apple Inc. uncomfortable

How does this ‘almost theatrically overblown phone’ deliver on user experience?


Jason DeCrow/AP

With its five-inch screen, 13-megapixel camera and software that senses whether you’re looking at it, Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 is “an almost theatrically overblown phone, stuffed to the plastic casing with hardware and features,” according to PC Magazine.

It was not quite the revolutionary device many had hoped for, but it’s still making über-minimalist Apple Inc. uncharacteristically uncomfortable. In a Wall Street Journal interview, marketing chief Phil Schiller dismissed the S4 and other phones that run Google’s Android software as unworthy iPhone competitors, citing a subpar user experience.

He may well be right, but the comments came off looking petty and defensive, given that Apple’s stock has dropped by 35 per cent over the past six months, while Samsung’s has soared 11 per cent. Besides, it’s unlikely consumers will punish Samsung for offering them more for their money.


A whole new Samsung Galaxy makes Apple Inc. uncomfortable

  1. Someone once said that marketing is BS.
    And that Apple has the best marketing department.
    Out of which, Schiller is the head marketer.
    Which makes him the best b*ll*shi**er on earth.

    He’s either completely deluded (doubtful), or is full of it: yes, Apple will always have a following of blind devotees, but great phones like the S4 (and even S3) are whipping the iPhone left right and center, as evidenced by Apple’s spectacular marketshare slide over the past 2-3 years (incidentally when they stopped really innovating and started to fall further and further behind their competitors).

    • Apple is selling more smart phones in the US and possibly Canada and a number of EU countries and the gap is growing- and Apple rakes in the greatest profits, 68% vs SS’s 31%, world wide, also growing the gap. SS’s shares in smart phones are in decline (SS sells a lot of feature phones which are often added into the mix). We will have to see how this year pans out but in the meantime, Apple’s profit share continues to climb and that is what makes all the difference. See Dediu for analysis.

      • You mean the gap is growing, but Apple’s market share is shrinking, right? Apple’s smartphone market share has shrunk to below 20% (down from 85%+ just a few years ago), and, other than small blips on the quarter that Apple releases a new iPhone, it has been a steady decline.
        This holds true in the US as well as Canada. Don’t just look at one quarter’s results (it went up by 1.3% on the quarter when the iPhone5 was out, and that’s it)

        • Check out http://www.asymco.com, my friend. I do notice you do not argue profits yet Apple takes the lion’s share in these tech markets which says something about strategies between the two. Don’t know a businessman or woman who wouldn’t take profit share over market share any day.
          And, no, regarding marketshare- do check out Dediu as above where true analyses are done, unless you are not really interested in anything other than ‘anger’ which I hope you are not. Ain’t healthy, bud.

          • Sorry, I didn’t realize that Samsung lost money, BUD

          • “lion’s Share”, noun:
            the biggest or greatest part.

            Again I blame the education system and baby formula.

          • any consumer than talks about profits and is glad about the profits of a company is a fool. You brag that they take your money and give you less? wow! no wonder people laugh at isheep like you. apple is shrinking down to single digits market share. wake up ifool

          • ‘Profit’ is the name of the game in business and what keeps the best in the ring. If you think otherwise, Michael, then the chimp in your name suggest your thought processes. Of course we would want everything free in life, but it just isn’t going to happen, my friend. I would truly love to return to a world where we could live off the land without mercantile misadventures, but it just isn’t going to happen. To expect any corporation to produce their products without reward is a dream.
            All that Apple’s high profits shows is the health of the company. Profits are why Apple at 68% and Samsung 31% rule. The left over 1% are the companies floundering at the bottom, and who are in the dance of death.

          • we are concumers you dumbfucking hick! praising profits is the dumbest thing you can do but then again ichimps love to be emptied of their cash!

      • Apples iphone sales in Europe, i.e EU countries fell last quarter as indeed are its profits, they were 75% in 2011/12 now down to 67.4%…..Samsung sold 230 million smart phones last year, Apple, 130 million. Now I dont know what school you went to, but when I did maths, 230 was a lot bigger than 130. In addition, Apple have 19.4% of the global market last year, Samsung had 35.3%.

        • There are many stats bandied about to feed the dreams of every warrior, SJ. I look to asymco, a professional in the business of tech analysis. Anyone can post statistics and that does not make them true. Statistics and measurement is Dediu business and how he makes his living. He does very well and must stay true to his craft if it is to succeed.

        • Wrong……That is what they shipped. As a Korean company they have no obligation to report actual sales. As I said before; get the boat ready for the return trip to Korea.
          AAPL reports “sales” (money in the bank) versus open unpaid invoices.

          • sorry little boy but what you spew is apple PR. Samsung sells more phones than apple and by a lot.

    • mihaelb:
      “…Apple’s spectacular marketshare slide over the past 2-3 years” ???!!!
      Apple’s total iPhone shipments increased 46.9 percent last year, from 93.1 million handsets in 2011 to 136.8 million in 2012. Global smartphone market share for Apple increased from 18.8% in 2011 to 25.1% in 20112. Source: IDC

      • getting a new market will increase your numbers, but new markets will eventually run out, and then what? while Apple’s sales may have increased 47% (your words, I’m not checking the number), then Android’s have increased 500% at the same time to have destroyed Apple’s marketshare so much (from over 85% to under 20%).

        • On non-smartphones; which AAPL does not make; but not 500%. That is patently false. Also I guess you think makets run out when everyone that can buys a phone. How about new ones when contracts expire. C’mon.
          And when they do expire people then defect to AAPL.

          • My point exactly! Control a bigger market share, means more renewals. Apple right now is getting higher than before sales numbers, despite a huge slide in marketshare ONLY due to new markets. These new markets (and increasing sales that go with them) will run out, which then brings us to market share (and said renewals)

            As for the 500%:

            Before, Apple had 80% marketshare. Or 8 out of 10 smartphones sold (and the competitors thus make 2 of those 10).

            Now, let’s say Apple sells 50% more, or 12 phones. but the competition now has 80% marketshare. So if Apple makes 12 phones, the competition makes 48 phones, which is a 24x increase, or 2300% increase. So thanks for pointing out my error.

  2. Crap Article:
    There is nothing new about galaxy. its true crap

    • All reviews on the new Galaxy say it is nothing but a bigger screen and a complete disappointment.
      Where do you get this crap from; and have the nerve to print it. Only explaination would be that you are paid by Samsung

      • Hope you’re not being disrespectful to God, Angel #2. You must mean the journalist? of the article. Both you and God should check out Gruber (http://daringfireball.net)- . Sadly, the BBC is in the same brine as Macleans’.

      • “All reviews on the new Galaxy say it is nothing but a bigger screen and a complete disappointment.”

        Many people said the same thing about the iphone5.

        • They did indeed, Russ. And now look how the iPhone5 is the largest seller in NA. Let’s give it a year and see where the new Galaxy sits then.

          • It sold 27 million in a holiday quarter…..lets see what it does this quarter shall we?

        • Which is why they still kill with the 4 & 4S. I actually prefer my 4S to my friends 5. I can roll the screen and don’t need another row of icons.
          As far as Samsung is concerned….as the saying goes; “there is an ass for every toilet”

      • Aha…nice try. I will try to find the link, but there’s actually a website that tabulates positive vs. negative reviews for a new device. It has the Galaxy S4 65% positive, 25% neurtral and 10% negative in terms of reviews. The iPhone5, in comparison had 40% positive, 20% neutral and 40% negative reviews.

        • Do that:

          Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has grabbed the top spot in J.D. Power and Associates’ latest Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study. That’s a bit of good news for the company that yesterday was said to be less “inspiring” than it was a few years ago, according to another survey.

          • J D Power is a US corporate proganda tool! lol you are not only tech iliterate but know nothing about the market

      • You are one inbred ichimp! GS4 is the best phone on the market and the upgrade from the gs3 is a good one. It doubles the power of the phone and adds many features including new sensors. ichimps like you never understand anything if it doesnt have an apple on it.

        • Do you work for the monkey, or are you just an asshole calling me inbred.
          I guess the latter.

          • you are either a paid to post apple pr ichimp OR just just dumb tech illiterate fool.

          • are you retarded?

          • says the inbred american hick! gs4 beats iphone 5 by twice! iphone 5 barely touched the gs3. you isheep are the dumbest people around. iDrones

      • Exactly what people are saying about the iphone 5…..almost word for word.

  3. Bullshit….read below:
    Citadel Advisor picks

    Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was a 91% increase for Griffin last quarter and is now his largest stock holding. The tech giant has been in tumble mode since September last year, having fell close to 40%. However, with the selloff, the stock now carries a 2.5% dividend yield and Apple still remains the top tech stock loved by hedge funds (see all 10

    Read more at http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/billionaire-ken-griffins-top-five-shakeups-apple-inc-aapl-mcdonalds-corporation-mcd-comcast-corporation-cmcsa-90439/#CIPsuImaDlg706pK.99

    • It’s the same old story, second Angel. So many equate stock value with profits, eh? Fortunately, ye and I and hedge funds know the difference.

      I blame the education system and baby formula. Neither are natural.

    • You should direct your anger towards the people that continually hype aapl with words of grandeur and accolades.
      They are the ones that convinced (suckered?) you to buy at $600.

      • Bought at $335…Sold at $705…..bought at $600….Net cost to me $130.
        I’m playing largely with house money…and those figures don’t include dividends.
        $2.65 X3; plus the upcoming dividend gift.
        Who is the sucker. LOL

        • still sounds like you are the sucker, if you’re out $130.

          • hardly

        • “Net cost to me $130”

          You only bought 1 share? I don’t think so!

          “$2.65 X3; plus the upcoming dividend gift.”

          And how many years of this $2.65 “gift” will it take for you to recover your so called $130 cost?

          • Sorry to let you know I own hundreds of shares. Not worried a bit

        • sound totally BS that you sold at 705. right at the top? if you had the ability to sell at 705, sure would have ability to avoid buying at 600. AAPL is now 450 and still a posibility it heading lower to sub 400. wouldn’t be surprise you gonna hold that all the way to 335. LOLOLOL gimme a break from the BS will ya?

          • I guess according to you anyone making money on AAPL is lying. LOL
            I have my UBS statements to prove it; which you would never get to see.
            The top was $705.23 and I sold at $705 on that day. Check the sales at $705 and then tell me there weren’t any. So how can you say BS; unless BS means “better strategy” You are a jealous fool.

        • You may or may not be the sucker, I really don’t know but I would wager that $130 that you are a complete tool. I could loose that bet but reading some of your responses I think my odds are very very good.

    • doesn’t mean anything.
      and with a 2.5% dividend, who cares. Even if, as some suggest, it doubles to 5%, it’s still less than the return on a decent mutual fund, or even just locking your cash with certain investment vehicles in the bank itself, sans the risk involved in owning one single company’s stock (especially one doing as craptacularly as Apple lately).

      • Not my only investment bud. I’m smarter than that. As far as AAPL goes; lets see who is eating cat food when they retire. Won’t be me.

  4. American people don’t know the real world, they don’t go to other countries. if you go to other countries, look at what phone people using. they all use Samsung, HTC. no one has iphone, iphone is easier to use, but all control by i tune, only good for people don’t know too much about computer. you can use other phone in any way you want,

    • Mostly true, but I wouldn’t say that iPhone is easier to use anymore. It may have been the case 4 or 5 years ago, but not anymore.

      • Still easier. Sorry to disagree.

        • you have trouble operating a toaster I bet! It is not and if you do find it easier then you are a dumbchimp

      • That’s ridiculous. IOS is a simple App launcher, plus it does some simplistic notifications, it doesn’t do anything else. With Android, you’ve got Google Now, full file system access, multitasking, widgets, integration between various apps to name just a few things, plus of course extensive customization capabilities. It’s actually a real computer and can do an enormous amount of things, and it is therefore inherently more complex. I would agree that it is as easy to do many things in Android as it is to do in IOS, but as a system it is far more complex.

        • you don’t have to use the aforementioned features. They are there if you want them, but otherwise, you can make a phonecall, launch an app, look at the notifications and that’s it, same as you would on iOS.
          It’s like saying you can’t drive a Mercedes S class just because it has heated seats, navigation and dial by voice. At the end of the day, if you’re content just driving it from point A to point B, like you would a Lada (or other car with no frills), you can.

          My point is that the complexity, though available, is not mandatory for usage on Android. But it can save your butt if there’s a problem later, or it can let you grow if you care to invest some time and learn/try new things in it.

          • … or make you phone crash, fill your ram and slow down your phone.

          • I think you’re confusing Android with iPhones. It’s the iphone that crashes apps when it’s out of memory and kicks you back to the home screen.

            Android tells you when you are low on resources, which hasn’t happened to me since the Nexus One, which only had 500 megs of RAM, if I recall correctly, and even then was rare, even with all the apps I constantly ran (and multitasked YEARS ago, which the iPhone still can’t do properly).

            So yes, go buy a Lada just because you’re afraid that the GPS and heated seats in the Mercedes will somehow kill the car.

          • You should tell that to my nexus phone who can’t listen to music while using an other app (the music lag), need to reboot every week (if it doesn’t crash by that time), can’t sync my email properly, and drains my battery down once in a while for no reason. Also, the button on my headphone and the lockscreen control for music works only 75% of the time. Even basic things such as the shuffle mode for the music caused me problem.

            And did i mention it cost 80% of an iPhone and i don’t get the kind of customer service you have with an apple device.

            The only problem i had with my ipad after 2 years (i use it every day) or the ipod touch i had before that is when i have to wait for the jailbreak to come out after an update. As soon as my contract ends, i’m getting an iphone.

            In other word, i bought both cars but the Mercedes need a mechanical repair every 4 days so i’m forced to use the lada to go to work.

          • Bad luck? Have you tried wiping it? Friend of mine has the Galaxy Nexus (I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about), had to restart it just two or three time in the year he owns it (outside of system updates), and he tries tonnes of new apps all the time.

          • Tried that a few times but no luck.

            As soon as my contract ends, i’m getting a windows phone or an iphone. Maybe i’ll get back to android if it gets better in a few years

          • Give the Z10 a try too. All the offices we work with that tried it resulted in quite a wide adoption within those offices (once people see it with those who got it first)

          • complexity? let me guess, your microwave still flashes midnight?

    • It’s a matter of distribution. Before i-Phones were available in China they were being smugged from HK by women at $40 USD a pop; until China caught on and decided to join the party. If AAPL is so irrevevant in China, why is China Mobile spending $6.7B to upgrade their network to work with AAPL?
      It’s like “Field of Dreams” …..Build it and they will come. Period! This is a matter of record. Nobody thought they could succeed in India; but they did by financing purchases.

      • they’re upgrading it because it needs upgrading, not just (not even largely) for iPhones.

      • Logic, logic, logic. Don’t confuse ’em with the facts, my sentient friend. The telling answer would be to the question, “Why does Apple make the news (all the time) and Samsung has to manufacture its own news? (Check out Gruber’s ‘Daring Fireball’ comment on the BBC.)

        Look at all the hits any article that even mentions Apple gets. FacsimlieSam, not so much. Now that must hurt, like the pain the pimple boys at a high school prom must suffer.

        But it’s good it shows that we second Angels truly take no pleasure in any being’s pain. It’s agin the rules.

        • AAPL makes all the news because most of it is bogus.
          Competition always wants to try to knock the top guy off the peak; thus Samsungs manufactured news and lies about shipments as opposed to actual sales.
          Get the boat ready for a big shipment back to Korea; unless Obama gives them all away.

          • You are one of the dumbest ichimps I have seen on the net! Apple is down to 18% market share. They had 70% market share 2 years ago. It ain;t coming back. Apple will be in the single digits within a year. as for your obama comment, I hate Obama because he is a dumb right wing corporatist like you. also, I know you are a white tacist american. Live in the south?

          • Do you really believe that drivel you are spewing? The sad part is you sound like you really believe it too.

      • Err…China Mobile are NOT updating their network to work with Apple, they are using a completely different system that the iphone 5 does not support.

        • Check your facts. They are spending $6.7B USD on the upgrade because what they have does not support AAPL and they won’t live without it.
          Do you really think a govenment owned communist country would allow the two private carriers go to the party while they stay home. Not a chance

    • Are you sure? I’m a Japanese and I used to live in Vancouver now Toronto. I say at least 50~60% of the Asian ppl here all use iphones. Try to go visit countries in Asia, like Japan and Taiwan maybe China (not sure, never been there). At least 40~50% of the ppl there use iphones. If you go on public transits (subway,bus) and look around, you’ll know what i mean.

      • sorry little ichimp but apple has only 18% market share making it impossible! you isheep delude yourselves

    • Not true. I’m American, I’ve done a LOT of traveling, and I currently live in Australia, where it seems most people with smartphones use iPhones.

      • apple has 18% market share! 8 phones out of ten are not apple therefore your chimplike comment means nothing.

    • I’ve been all over Europe and Asia. The most affluent have i-Phones. The more common have others.

      • elitist jerk

      • right! You do know top tier android phones are just as expensive and offer twice as much? If you get paid to spread apple pr ok, if you do this of your own free time, then you are one inbredchimp!

      • Yeah, everyone in the American tourist hotels. Try hitting the streets and take a look around and see what the everyday people are using.

  5. I have an iPhone 5 and Phil Schiller is just plain crazy. iPhone is an app launcher with notifications. That doesn’t equal a better user experience. It’s a more simile user experience, yes. A person with little tech saavy can pick it up and use all of its features much more readily.

    Android is more like a desktop operating system with a small-screen touch interface. It is as complicated as the user wants it to be. Only reason I use iPhone is that there is a specific app that is better on iPhone than Android that I need for work, else I would have an Android phone. Well, that and the dang touch sensitive buttons on Android. I hate those Blackberry days left-over buttons. They should be on the screen someplace and presented only when relevant.

    • “A person with little tech saavy” you just ruled out at least 8 out of ten people. I study engineering and even here (at my school) I see people having a hard time making their android phone. Most people i talked to had a few bad stories about android. The only bad things i heard about iphone/ipad was the cost and the jailbreak not being available after an ios upgrade.

      I own a Samsung phone and an ipad, as soon as my contract ends, i’m getting an iphone.

      • Exactly what I said in a response above. Contracts expire and Android and BBY defect to AAPL

        • yeah go apple…pay more to get less! dumbfuckingrightwingchimp!

        • I really wish i could say i had a good experience with my android phone or the nexus tablet i borrowed from my brother, it would save me a lot of money.

          In a few years, when android gets better i might switch back, but until then I will never buy a phone equipped with that shitty OS.

      • You make a good point. Not everyone is or wants to be tech savvy. But as people become more accustomed to using mobile tech, which they have been becoming, they will demand more of their devices and so far iOS is not delivering the higher level functions, or even simple ones really. I would like to add that engineers are not necessarily tech savvy. I know quite a few that aren’t.

      • if you were tech saavy you wouldd’t get an iphone. iphones are for kids or mentally handicapped people.

    • Great. Do all your business on your Android phone and go blind.

      • I don’t follow?  How will info blind?  Seriously.

        Sent From My iPhone

      • You act like a dumb chiuld. let me guess, a fat white and old american from the south? a right wing fascist?

  6. pretty trendy to bash apple and rave about samsung these days. I wonder when it will become trendy to bash samsung?

    • When they are honest about what sales are versus shipments.

      • They are. Everything is checked. Apple pr chimps like you are the only ones contesting because Apple is down to 18% market share! hooah!

  7. too bad the i-phone did not look like my I-pod if it did i would buy one.

  8. well plus the fact that samsungs handsets somewhat act as a tablet also, that is a big plus. From reading about Apples new “under development” I-Watch, from what i can tell they got it wrong sorry to say, that design is a battery hog. If allowed, i could give them a design whereas the battery would last at least minimum 6 months on a single charge.

    • There is no AAPL watch. It’s a fake to prompt Samsung to try and fail again.
      I think this will be their third attempt at a watch.

      • right…you…and dumb tech illiterate ichimp knows what others dont! lol

  9. Apple uses Samsung parts to make their Iphones. So,when an Iphone is sold Samsung makes money.

    All IOS devices use Samsung CPUs. Apple buys a good part of the screens from Samsung. On a Macbook Pro Retina, Samsung screens are preferred over LG screens. People who bought Macbook Pros with LG screens are returning them in exchange fro Macbook Pros with Samsung displays.

    this is the part number for the A6 cpu chip used in the
    iphone 5
    Samsung part number: K3PE7E700F-XGC2

    The Iphone is a good device because it uses Samsung parts.

    Apple retina is a marketing term. The screens are made by LG,Samsung,Sharp, with Samsung being the leader in screen technology.
    Apple screens do not exist and never did. Apple just slaps the Retina logo on it and calls it innovation.

    • Anyone can make them,, if i remember well the ipad 2 had 3 different suppliers (one of them was samsung) for the screen and their was a slight difference in quality/contrast between them

  10. Who cares about Apple? Apple isn’t keeping up with anyone at this point, each year is just slapping lipstick on that pig of an operating system.

  11. In a strange way, this defensiveness and dismissiveness reminds me of how Mike Lazaridis dismissed apps just before the demise of Blackberry.

  12. What a ridiculous article, it lost all credibility after I read the title, actually. The Galaxy S4 is an iterative update, like the iPhone “S” models. There is NOTHING “whole new” about this phone.

  13. Another Android vs. Apple article, another comments section populated by sad people whose self-worth appears to hinge on having their personal preference for smart phones acknowledged as superior by the rest of the world. Not much different from guys debating Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge pick-ups, I guess – just seems nastier and pettier in an on-line forum, though just as pointless in the end.

    • Bravo! I think you’ve hit on the essence of the matter. I was once a pretty loyal Apple guy, but when they introduced a campaign which asked “Which iPod are you?” they were in effect saying that they no longer were going to attempt to conceal the fact that they want their customers to equate their very selves with Apple’s products, that some little electronic gadget is now going to displace that which encapsulates and constitutes my very essence, indeed it is itself “me” and I am it. How creepy in a totalitarian way is that?

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