Advertisers leave after Knicks lose Lin


That didn’t take long. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the New York Knicks let point-guard Jeremy Lin—as in “Linsanity“—go to the Houston Rockets for US$25 million over three years and already advertisers are pulling out of Madison Square Garden. The 23-year-old Harvard graduate became an international sensation last year—thanks in part to his unlikely story (he went undrafted out of college) and his status as the first Chinese or Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA. The Knicks, however, apparently believed the price of keeping Lin around was too high. We’ll see if they were right.


Advertisers leave after Knicks lose Lin

  1. One-time sponsorships. Whatever, he’s just one reasonably good player that has a long way to go to be a star point guard. He had some great games, but he also turned over the ball a lot and was basically over-rated player of the year. If he learns and gets stronger on the ball, he’ll earn his contract. Otherwise the same shallow media that made him a celebrity will turn on him for underperforming.

  2. Blame this on a backloaded deal. It would have cost the Knicks a hefty and not insignificant amount of luxury tax in his final season.

  3. Was Yao not from china ?

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