Advertisers leave after Knicks lose Lin

That didn’t take long. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the New York Knicks let point-guard Jeremy Lin—as in “Linsanity“—go to the Houston Rockets for US$25 million over three years and already advertisers are pulling out of Madison Square Garden. The 23-year-old Harvard graduate became an international sensation last year—thanks in part to his unlikely story (he went undrafted out of college) and his status as the first Chinese or Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA. The Knicks, however, apparently believed the price of keeping Lin around was too high. We’ll see if they were right.

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Advertisers leave after Knicks lose Lin

  1. One-time sponsorships. Whatever, he’s just one reasonably good player that has a long way to go to be a star point guard. He had some great games, but he also turned over the ball a lot and was basically over-rated player of the year. If he learns and gets stronger on the ball, he’ll earn his contract. Otherwise the same shallow media that made him a celebrity will turn on him for underperforming.

  2. Blame this on a backloaded deal. It would have cost the Knicks a hefty and not insignificant amount of luxury tax in his final season.

  3. Was Yao not from china ?

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