Black Friday creep

This year, many big box retailers plan to open a little earlier than the normal 4 a.m.

Black Friday creep

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The day after Thanksgiving is a quasi-religious shopping experience in the United States. It kicks off the all-important holiday shopping season with a day of frenzied buying amounting to over $10 billion in sales. This year, many big box retailers plan to open a little earlier than the normal 4 a.m.—some on Thursday, Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day itself. Target, Macy’s and Best Buy will all open at midnight on Thanksgiving, reports the New York Times. Wal-Mart, the hours-expanding trailblazer of the bunch, will open at 10 p.m. Thursday. Critics say this is yet another sign of the evils of consumerism. Employees will have to work on the biggest holiday of the year, while shoppers will have to head to the mall before the turkey is even carved, if they hope to beat the lineups. But with recent data showing worrying signs that retail sales are slowing leading into the holiday season, retailers appear to be wisely searching for any kind of advantage—even if it’s only an extra hour or two with the tills open.


Black Friday creep

  1. Thought this guy made a lot of sense.   The US can keep Black Friday.

    “Speaking at an interfaith reception attended by the Queen this week, Lord Sacks said: “People are looking for values other than the values of a consumer society. The values of a consumer society really aren’t ones you can live by for terribly long.
    “The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs coming down the mountain with two tablets, iPad one and iPad two, and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.

    He went on: “What does a consumer ethic do? It makes you aware all the time of the things you don’t have instead of thanking God for all the things you do have.

    “If in a consumer society, through all the advertising and subtly seductive approaches to it, you’ve got an iPhone but you haven’t got a fourth generation one, the consumer society is in fact the most efficient mechanism ever devised for the creation and distribution of unhappiness.”


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