BlackBerry's Thorsten Heins disses tablets—jealous? -

BlackBerry’s Thorsten Heins disses tablets—jealous?


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BlackBerry’s Thorsten Heins disses tablets—jealous?

  1. It is conceivable that in 5 years one just has a smartphone which docks physically and/or wirelessly to large “dumb” touchscreen tablets.

  2. Macleans is now reporting on month-old news? A little late, no? I thought the idea of having a website was to break the problem of the print edition containing outdated news.

    • They actually did report this at the time – which makes me wonder why they are recycling it now. Slow news period?

      Heins may not be too far off the mark though; tablets are not as versatile as regular PCs and not as portable as smartphones. My daughter has one but is using it less now that she has a smartphone – she uses the phone or my laptop. I haven’t bothered with one because they strike me as a neither/nor, in-between device that doesn’t give me anything extra.

  3. What good are wristwatches? there is a perfectly serviceable timepiece in that church tower in the town square.

  4. And I notice this is the criticism that both Microsoft and Rim proffer… in a market where they both have done miserably. Because they don’t get it. It ain’t about the hardware.