Canada's inflation rate rose to 1.3 per cent in July

Canada’s inflation rate rose to 1.3 per cent in July

The Bank of Canada’s core index was up 2.4 per cent from a year ago


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OTTAWA — Statistics Canada’s consumer price index shows Canada’s inflation rate rose to 1.3 per cent in July, led by increases in food prices.

Economists had expected an increase of 1.4 per cent, up from 1.0 per cent in June, according to Thomson Reuters.

Prices for seven of the eight major components in the price index were up from a year ago with only the transportation index that includes gasoline showing a decline.

Food prices were up 3.2 per cent compared with a year ago, led by meat prices which rose 6.1 per cent. Prices for food bought from stores was up 3.5 per cent, while food bought in restaurants was up 2.7 per cent.

Consumer prices were up in nine provinces compared with a year ago as Saskatchewan posted the largest increase, followed by Ontario. Prince Edward Island saw prices drop to post its eighth consecutive year-over-year decrease.

The Bank of Canada’s core index, which excludes some of the most volatile items, was up 2.4 per cent from a year ago.



Canada’s inflation rate rose to 1.3 per cent in July

  1. I’d like to know why there is so much frozen fruit in the freezer section of all our grocery stores! Why can’t they lower the price of the fresh products (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangos, bananas, kiwi, melon, etc.), so we can afford it, and eliminate all that processing and the cost of operating freezers?

    • Add to that list of frozen food, all the bottled fruit and vegetable juices that sell in the grocery stores, particularly in southern Ontario:

      carrot, carrot apple, carrot mango, carrot mango kiwi, etc., etc.,.

      All that fruit that goes into the production of these juices and all those plastic and glass bottles that end up in our recycling boxes need not be produced or manufactured.

      Just sell us the raw product at a reduced rate and we’ll buy it right out of the produce section! Downtown Toronto is just dying for fresh fruit and vegetables since there are no stores in their neighbourhoods selling it anymore and the few that are still operating sell out of stock!