CRTC set to rule on Sun News Network

Conservative news station wants mandatory spot in satellite and cable packages


The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC, is set to rule this week on Quebecor’s application to get its Sun News Network a guaranteed spot on the cable dial. Sun News vice-president Kory Teneycke has argued the all-news station will go out of business unless it’s included as part of basic satellite and cable packages. Another option is to require cable and satellite providers to simply make Sun News available to subscribers who wish to pay for it—a move Teneycke has said would still amount to a “death sentence” for the station and its 150 employees.

Many observers have found it amusing that Sun News is demanding the CRTC force private cable and satellite companies to carry its programing. Sometimes referred to as “Fox News North,” the network has positioned itself as a conservative voice whose on-air personalities frequently champion free-market principles. Teneycke, however, has argued that Sun News only wants what other channels like CBC Newsworld (now CBC News Network) and CTV News Chanel received for years. If the CRTC grants the application, Sun News would get a small cut of subscribers’ monthly bills and would be able to attract more advertisers. Sun News has been on the air since 2011.

The CRTC’s decision comes at a difficult time for Quebecor’s media business. It recently announced plans to stop printing 11 newspapers and lay-off hundreds of employees.


CRTC set to rule on Sun News Network

  1. Although it is amusing that Sun News is asking the CRTC to force private cable and satellite companies to carry its programming, free market principles require that all competing organizations are treated equally. If CBC and CTV receive different treatment than Sun News under the law then you do not have a free market

    • When Sun News decides to hold itself to the same standards of new reporting that CBC and CTV have it can have equal treatment. Since it does not, preference will continue to be given to the networks that have some journalistic integrity.

      • And what are those standards you speak of? Sun news has a different view on issues and that is fine. Its up to the subscribers to choose what they they prefer. Preference in this case is a form of prejudice.

        • See, that is the problem. What you’re talking about is opinion. News is news, particularly reporting facts, it is not somebody’s particular take on the issue.
          News stations should actually be renamed opinion networks, as 90% of their content is not news.

          • Now that I can agree with! Everyone is putting on a left or a right spin to news, while common sense is a victim.

            So what is the answer??

          • Actually, “everyone” is not doing that. The SNN does. Their claim that they are trying to bring balance relies on their false claim that other news networks are as biased as they are.

          • News is news, particularly reporting facts, it is not somebody’s particular take on the issue.

            Nothing could be further from the truth. All depends which facts you choose to omit.

      • I’m sure what you really meant to say was “preference will continue to be given to the networks that have the correct leftist slant.”

        There. I fixed it for you.

        • Should we all tune into Rush Limbaugh’s brand of right wing propaganda instead? Haven’t we all been fed a steady diet of this kind of toxic political crap for the last seven years or so here in Canukistan? If you think that snooze-fest called the CBC News, Power and Politics, The Bottom Line panel, Rex Murphy et al, is left of center, then I’d suggest that you pick up a Cliff Note’s copy of Das Kapital. Now that’s a left wing rant/slant if there ever was one.

          • No, of course I don’t think those shows are “left of center”. I think they are so far left they are about to fall off the edge.

            Left of center. LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

            And I don’t know where you tune in to Limbaugh. I didn’t realize he was broadcasting in Canada.

          • LOL? It sure doesn’t take much to amuse you does it Barbie? And judging from your inability to understand a rhetorical inference, it’s pretty obvious that reality’s just never been your strong suit as well.

          • Luckily I don’t wear suits, so we’re good to go!

            Ah heck. Are you trying to tell me that we DON’T get Limbaugh on the radio here? Is that what you call a “rhetorical reference”? Huh. I call it hyperbole. But thanks for the laugh anyway.

          • More mindless blond jokes Barbie? How original. It seems that you’ve got things all sown up on that corner of the market. Just in case you haven’t noticed, but we’re being careful not to use any big words in our exchanges with you. Fact is, that’s for your benefit alone. Your welcome.

          • Blonde jokes? Don’t those normally involve blonde people?

            Oh, I get it! That’s another identifiable group that the compassionate and tolerant Left mocks. I get it! Funny!

          • Blond: Blonde: It really depends on what dictionary your using, assuming that you actually possess one. In your case you probably just google everything.
            And more vacuous laughter Barbs? It might be just the right time to actually drill down into your grey matter and see if there’s anything of any substance in there. Let us all know what you come up with next.

          • I’m still not getting your point, Metro. Are you attempting to be humorous? Or are you just mad at me because you stated something as fact and it was actually … what was that phrase you used? “Rhetorical reference”, yes? Not even those left-leaning facts that darrell talked about. Is that it? I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I heard that left-wingers are really sensitive. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

          • You consider Rex Murphy to be far left? The same nutjob denying climate change and freaking about atheists? You have an unusual definition of the left.

          • As do you. You really believe in AGW? I didn’t know there were any of you left.

          • Yeah, it’s just me and 97% of scientists.

          • Nope. Not “scientists” Go check your facts again.

            No wait! Who cares about “facts” when you’ve got your religion, right?

          • Sorry I should have clarified climate scientists. Which should actually be more convincing, but to you is less convincing because they don’t agree with your denialist blogs and pundits they must not be real scientists.

            But who cares about elephants when you’ve got a big gazebo, right?*

            *(sorry, I’m thought we were having a game when we use words completely out of context)

          • Ha! Tony Clement should have been FIRED for that fiasco. And here he is, supposedly balancing the government’s books. Crazy.

            But yes, you got it right. “Climate” scientists was what I was referring to. I find that the True Believers (TM) tend to leave out important words like that. I guess it’s an attempt to make their position seem more reputable. So from now on you, of course, will be correcting your statement and saying that 75 out of 77 “expert” active climate researchers agree.

            Which leads me to my next question. Prior to Copernicus, how many scientists declared that the sun went around the earth? I’ll bet you it was a consensus.

          • I couldn’t remember if it was climate or general and guess wrong, other surveys have suggested 90% of scientists from all fields.

            Prior to Edmond Halley how many scientists declared that the Earth wasn’t hollow? I bet you that was a consensus as well.

            The Copernicus comparison isn’t relevant in the way you’d like.

            Once scientists examined Copernicus’s theory about orbits the consensus moved to his theory, when they examined the hollow earth they moved away. When scientists examined global cooling they very quickly moved away, and when they examined global warming they very quickly settled on it.

          • Thank you for making my point. Consensus has nothing to do with science.
            Oh, and I know this may be a shock to you, but the science is NEVER settled!

          • Well you missed the point, it was about consensus in context. Of course there wasn’t a consensus about the theory of orbits before it existed and evidence was shown, a consensus about relativity didn’t exist before Einstein developed it either. But once the theory has been around and has been investigated, then consensus becomes much more important.

            Either way, the original point was that Rex Murphy is clearly a right wing commentator.

          • ” … there wasn’t a consensus about the theory of orbits before it existed ”

            I’m not sure where you got that information, but you were misinformed. There very much was a consensus that the sun revolved around the earth. In fact, the consensus of both scientists and theologans was that the earth was the center of the universe.

            And my point was that Warren Kinsella is definitely a left-wing commentator.

          • I was completely informed. I wrote “the theory of orbits” because I thought it was clear I was talking about Copernicus’s theory in particular and the new evidence he brought to the table. A theory and evidence that became the consensus once the Church was dealt with.

            The point is that new theories and evidence came to light and changed the consensus. They changed the consensus on orbits, and on climate (AGW wasn’t the consensus before the theory and evidence). But the pattern you’re backing is having an old consensus (no AGW), introducing new evidence and theories, having a huge body of research and everyone settling on the new consensus for decades (AGW), then switching back to the old consensus without and serious new evidence or theories. That final step is where your Copernicus comparison breaks down, that kind of reversal is very rare, I honestly can’t even think of an example in modern science.

            And I can’t find the original post where Warren Kinsella is mentioned so I don’t know the context.

        • the reality is facts are left leaning… the right functions on beliefs and perception, not facts

          • You’ve got the funniest “reality” I’ve ever seen. Facts are left-leaning. Did you learn that in school? Did they teach you that there are two kinds of facts? Left-leaning and right-leaning facts? Or did you think that up all by yourself?

            But of course the facts are just that, sir. THE FACTS. Your view of those facts may have a left-leaning, but facts themselves have no inherent political leaning.


      • I keep up to date by reading Macleans, CBC, CTV and Sun News reporting. They all provide different perspectives and the combination of these views is much more enriching than any one of them individually. If you choose not to watch/read Sun News because you don’t want to hear their view point don’t claim it has anything to do with journalistic integrity.

      • The biggest problem in journalism today is the deliberate spiking of stories that damage the left by the establishment press.

        Sun News is far from perfect. They are overly partisan and amateurish. But they help fix this problem. For that reason and that reason alone they should be part of the level playing field.

        • Uh huh.

          • If you think that story supports your assertion that the media “spikes stories damaging to the left”(which incidentally Obama is not a member of) you should actually try reading it.

          • If you are saying that Obama is not a member of the left, then you’re insane. I think we’re done here.

          • Democrats have complained for years that Obama isn’t ‘left’….and is in fact pretty much like Bush.

            Even Cheney has said so.

          • I’m not sure what constitutes left and right any more, but I’m pretty certain that Obama is to the right of Harper on most issues.

          • How can you say that after he’s nationalized the health insurance industry, sent billions in military aid to Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela, bailed out Wall Street and raised taxes on the rich to levels not seen since…uh…Reagan.

          • nationalized health care, while it may be an inititiative of the Left, shouldn’t really count…every other nation in the G8 has some sort of national health care system…Obama’s just trying (with much opposition ) to pull his country out of the dark ages.

          • He didn’t nationalize health care.

          • I believe one of the first early studies on cognitive dissonance targeted. the Nixon Kennedy debates. People watching exactly the same coverage swore either Nixon or Kennedy had won hands down ,depending on which side of the fence they were on to begin with.

        • Interesting that the first story about Chief Spence and the corruption on her reserve was first reported by CBC not Sun News but the CBC story was buried for a year.

          • Why was it buried? Did they ever explain?

        • You may well have a point there. If its true that stuff is intentionally spiked in order not to embarrass liberal or left pov ( not that I buy that conspiracy crap wholesale ) then sun has a purpose… but not on my dime.

        • the politics of sun/cbc/ctv is irrelevant. their view on any issue is irrelevant.
          the issue here is our government is yet again going to tell everyone who SUBSCRIBES to tv that they HAVE to HAVE a particular channel. That is wrong. yes, they have done it in the past. that is no excuse to keep doing it now. this is the issue. not whatever sun broadcasts or whatever the channels before them got. it has to stop somewhere. IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

        • If making us dumber fixes the problem, sure they are helping!

      • You have got to be kidding!!!! Ever heard of “level playing field.”

      • Are you afraid of a different opinion that does not agree with your own.Typical Liberal phony.Rights for everyone long as it is your rights

      • they do! And how about how the CBC refuses to report on the deliberate sabotage of rail lines by the various radical groups? Hmmm? or how they REFUSED to report on Liberal Senator Mr. Harb until the story got too big!

        and how they rEFUSE to do some serious reporting on the gas plant scandal in Ontario, or Ornge, or the massive deficit!

    • You see the problem here is that Sun news network hires “Opinion column writers” not actual “journalists” and they typically do not interview anyone of a different opinion to themselves, so no investigative approach. It is also widely understood that they operate as a propaganda service for the conservatives. I wouldn’t have a problem as long as all the shows they broadcast contained a banner that reads: “for entertainment purposes only”

      • they also violate broadcast standards and make entire bizarre afternoons of breaking news out of seeing some muslims downtown.

      • they typically do not interview anyone of a different opinion to themselves

        Umm…not from lack of trying.

        Maybe those of a different opinion are just more…um…comfortable staying in the “safe” bubble-like environment of CBC / CTV / etc.

        Again…all the more reason why both sides of the spectrum need to be represented.

        • Lousy and banal as the CBC (tv)sometime gets, to compare the level of professionalism of CBC or CTV with that of sun tv is laughable. If they even attempted to present another perspective professionally you might have a point. Shilling full time for the CPC is not professional or respectable journalism. As Potter memorably wrote at Macleans , Lilley and Levant are the journalistic equivalent of intellectual street walkers.

          • Maybe you missed earlier where I call them too partisan and amateurish. I don’t disagree with you on professionalism. Sun’s format needs serious work.

            But to suggest they don’t try to get other opinions is laughable. They still let Kinsella on the air regularly. But instead of blaming this on Sun…how many liberals do you think are willing to go there? They prefer the strategy of marginalizing Sun. Showing up there gives them a legitimacy they’d rather not. Same reason Obama & his cronies will have nothing to do with Fox News. Same reason Suzuki has them thrown out. Same reason Justin Trudeau will have nothing to do with them – even when asked a legitimate question from CBC, he thought it was a “setup” from Sun.

          • I get your point. But really, if I were any of those guys why would I want to legitimize them in any way by appearing on their programme. You’re pretty close to blaming the victim here. Presumably Harper doesn’t throw CBC a bone very often for pretty much the same reason, but with far less excuse. None of this excuses in any way bad journalism. If sun upped its game they’d probably get a shot at Trudeau or Suzuki. But then they’d run the risk of appearing less edgy to their followers. Somehow I doubt they really want them there. IOWs it cuts both ways, it’s all part of the game. I just don’t want to subsidize Ezra any more than you likely do the CBC .

          • “how many liberals do you think are willing to go there? They prefer the strategy of marginalizing Sun.”

            Strategy? Are you serious? I don’t remember any strategy discussions at the super-secret left-wing Overlords’ meeting.

      • Sun News has two sections, there’s the ‘straight talk’ which are opinion pieces, and the regular news which aren’t opinion based. They have people of differing opinions on the shows as well. Ezra Levant spends a great deal of time on his show interviewing people who obviously don’t agree with him.

        It’s not as if you’re going to fall over dead hearing a different perspective. If you’re someone who’s anti-Harper (I’m not saying you are), try reading the comments on any CBC article and see how often your views are challenged.

        As far as it being widely understood that they’re a propaganda service for the conservatives, it may be widely understood by those who have never watched Sun News.

        • Michael Sona during an interview at CBC said that “it is widely understood that the Cons use the SUN network to disseminate their talking points ! ” (remember him, one of the robo call scandal scape-goats used by Harper). Besides to address your point about balanced opinions, … having an Ultra far right interviewer interview a politician or person with right leaning views etc… doesn’t really count. Their new service is crap, their papers are “tabloids” similar to ones in the UK, It becomes obvious that when you sample a few other papers from across the country on any subject they cover, they interpret it generously from their point of view “THEIR POINT OF VIEW” not a balanced opinion. The whole setup is like a fake news service to sucker the lazy minded person into settling for their brand of conservative brain washing.

          • I wasn’t able to find that quote but I do remember Michael Sona, he’s also appeared before the CRTC to testify against them granting Sun News a guaranteed spot on cable.

            I see that you’ve gone from discussion to hair-brained conspiracy theory rather quickly though so I don’t see the need to pursue this conversation beyond this.

          • It’s on youtube, you can find it easily, just search “interview with Michael Sona”. As for what else you wrote I have no idea what you are talking about .

          • I actually buy the Sunday edition of the Edmonton Sun primarily for the TV guide, which is surprisingly well done, not for the news content. This paper is so top heavy with advertising I’m surprised that it allows the inclusion of actual news coverage. Although the editorial page is at times critical of both the federal and provincial Conservative brand of politics, the mix of mendacious right wing rants within the the rest of it plays strictly to its base. No harm in that except it dumbs down the readers ability to see what’s actually going on versus the spin that they’re putting on things.

          • Respectfully I point out that “no harm in it except that it dumbs down readers’ ability to see what’s actually going on” is an extremely serious harm…and this is the reason why I will ditch my entire satellite service if I have to pay even 2 cents for this rot.

            I am not a CPC supporter, but I don’t find CBC to be left-wing either. If anything, I am troubled that since the majority Harper government, CBC seems to treat Federal government members with kid gloves. I appreciate hearing intelligent members of the government explain their reasons for policy I might not agree with: it is rare that it happens but I find it enlightening. We don’t need SUNTV, we need a better resourced truly arm’s length CBC, with independent oversight of the budget. We need CBC’s mandate to engage in investigative journalism beefed up.

        • The head of the freakin’ station left his post as Harper’s communications direction to run the darn thing! It’s

          Why everyone is all “ho hum’ about this is BEYOND me.

    • Canada isn’t a free market. It is a cartel. By definition, media, cell, cable and phones are all cartels in Canada. CRTC runs the racket and politicians get the lobby money. All making your services anti-competitive expensive for what you get.

      CRTC is about cartels and racketeering to keep prices high and competition out.

      • Bingo. You’ve got it. Cartel is the best way to describe the Canadian (and American for that matter) media. That is exactly how they operate; in particular to “outside competition” like Fox News / Drudge Report / Sun News.

        And I agree with your take on CRTC, so my guess is that they will turn Sun’s request down tomorrow.

        • Yup. And they’re all in the bag for the LiberalsNDPGreenSeparatists as you can see. Even this very magazine.
          Now, I know what you’re thinking: but, lenny look at all those Conservative endorsements? And that’s EXACTLY how they fool you. You see, they’re guessing you’ll do the opposite of what they tell you and vote for the LiberalNDPGreenSeparatists like they secretly want you to!
          As for the CBC, if they really don’t hate the Conservatives, don’t you think Rex would have donned an orange wig for the broadcast when Layton died, or cut down a potted plant on Earth Day?

      • Good point. I agree with you.

    • The CBC should be set free, meaning………………………………………………………….. NO MORE TAXPAYER FUNDED SUBSIDIES.

    • the CRTC has no problem with the mainstream media. After all, look at who occupy the seats on the CRTC— former CBC and CTV personnel!!

      I don’t watch Global TV but its mandatory. I don’t watch CBC either. (yet taxpayers fund it to the tune of over a billion dollars a year!)

      There is no free market in Canada despite what the CRTC or the so-called mainstream media tell you——-because if it were, people would be able to pick and choose.

      Look at who the CRTC approved and you’ll find French language tv—-hmmm. I guess thats politically correct for a DEAD language outside of Quebec.

      I can turn on CTV and CBC and watch the same stories with the same slant, but more tellingly is what the CTV and CBC do NOT report. They are selective like all the mainstream media which in reality does not reflect the viewpoint of Canadians as a whole.

  2. I think that the CRTC should go the other way and stop forcing cable and satellite companies to carry CBC Newsworld and CTV News.

    • Agree I have Sun TV now because I have a promotion through Shaw too bad it can take Newsworld with it when it goes the end of the month.

      • I prefer US stuff and fortunately they like BBC are on the Internet.

        Sun News should also explore on-air broadcasting as you can get most local channels in high def of air with a $100 antenna from Walmart of Best Buy. No need to wait for Bell, Telus, Shaw and Rogers cartel family to move. Maybe even put a how too on the Sun news sites to show people how easy it is to get local channels in high def for free.

        Best way to hurt a cartel is get people to disconnect.

  3. In an ideal world, there would be a free market. In a free market CTV, Global, CBC, none of them would get preferential treatment and $$$. And American networks wouldn’t be required to water down their content with boring, weak, Canadian drivel.

    Ah, it would be grand.

    • There is no free market. There never was, and there never will be.

      Because it doesn’t work.

      • There never was? So how do you know it doesn’t work?

        • Adam Smith wrote the book on ‘capitalism’ in 1776. The US was a tiny nation of farmers and merchants at the time. And they had slaves. The founding fathers who signed all that stuff about freedom and equality….were slave owners. Slaves later literally built the White House.

          The US moved into the Industrial Age some years later….and because farming was crashing, it freed up a lot of workers to man the factories…

          Capitalism can’t function without cheap labour.

          Which is why manufacturing moved to China and other cheap labour places….and Americans are unemployed.

          • Capitalism can’t can’t function when no one has money as governemtn taxes it out of the, Capitalists are different than workers, nether goes to work to lose money.

          • Enough with the taxes dave….if you don’t want to pay any….move to Somalia.

          • Move to Somalia? No Emily, I’d much rather see my taxes not being squandered on Harley Davidsons for an air ambulance service.

            Is that wrong of me …?

          • Taxes are the price of civilization

            Somalia has no taxes….and no civilization

            Politicans since day one have fooled the gullible by saying they’d ‘cut the waste’……

            It’s been 146 years so far….and they are still using that line successfully.

          • “Taxes are the price of civilization”

            And the price of ORNGE Harleys and moved gas plants.

            “Somalia has no taxes…”

            Where did you get that idea from? Yes they do.

            “It’s been 146 years so far….and they are still using that line successfully.”

            And yet for some reason you as still willing … or is the word gullible enough … to allow the same lying and cheating SOBs to be re-elected and you mock those of us who want smaller government.

          • ORNGE is mostly Cons m’dear….so I suggest you drop that line.

            Somalia is in a civil war, and the only economy they have is a black market.

            If you want ‘smaller govt’….abolish the Senate.

          • ORNGE is “mostly” cons? Please fill out that thought a bit, would you? Chris Mazza started the company in 2005 … when did the libs take over ….? 2003?

            As for Somalia, they may be in a civil war, but they still have income tax. Not easily collected, granted, but they still have an income tax. So once again, I do have to question where you are getting your “facts” from. I don’t mind if you give a disclaimer, or use weasel words, but when you present something as fact which is nothing more than hyperbole. Well, we expect better from you.

            And finally, I agree wholeheartedly with you that the Senate should be abolished. Fewer pigs in the trough is the way to go.

            See? We had to hunt for it, but we DID reach common ground.

          • Most of the people involved in ORNGE were Cons….sorry.

            Somalia doesn’t even have a govt much less taxes.

            And you have no education….actually you sound a lot like HI and FV…..cuz if you’re auditioning for Summer Temp…you’re way too late.

          • Oh Emily, please. You gave me all kinds of links to show me that some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves – let’s just look past the fact that you couldn’t back up your claim that ALL the Founders owned slaves, which is what I disputed – yet you can’t google a simple “Somalia taxes” search? You must be getting tired.

            And you’re apparently right about no education, because I have no idea what that last sentence is supposed to mean. HI is Hawaii. FV, beats the heck outta me. Summer Temp? I’m sorry, I don’t live in the center of the universe (Toronto) so I have no idea what that is. It must be like a secret handshake, something that only Torontonians know so that they can feel good by calling rubes from the rest of the country “uneducated”.

            Rest well, Emily. We will live to fight another day.

          • Ciao is Italian for goodbye.

            Make it so.

          • We have lower tax rates (particularly on corporate “persons”) than we have had in decades, and as you can see the problems are getting worse, not better. Reaganism has had a long time to prove it’s value, and as you can see, it is not working. There is a reason FDR and Mackenzie King were able to bring us out of the depression, and it had little to do with “free enterprise” or lower taxes.

          • “The founding fathers who signed all that stuff about freedom and equality….were slave owners.

            Wow. I mean … wow. Please tell me where you got your “facts”. Was it the result of a Canadian education? I’m not trying to be mean, but … wow.

          • Emily, there were over 50 Founders. The American Revolution and the Founding Fathers were instrumental in moving forward in the abolishment of slavery.

            Except, of course, for the Founders from the southern states.

            And do you know what they were called, Emily?


          • Everyone knows this stuff….why don’t you?

          • You didn’t answer my question, Emily. There were over 50 Founding Fathers. You claimed they were slave owners and gave me sources that didn’t include at least half of them.

            Emily, did you know that there were Founders who DIDN’T own slaves?

          • Barb m’dear, you are simply covering for the fact you gobbled up rightwing crap, and were unaware the US was founded on slavery. Even the founding fathers.

            I don’t play games….so don’t even go there.

          • Oh my. It’s worse than I thought. You really think that the US was FOUNDED on slavery? Seriously? I thought you were just saying that all of the Founding Fathers owned slaves. But you were actually trying to say that the US was FOUNDED on slavery? So Canada was founded on slavery, too?

            Dang it, girl, you’re giving me a serious headache. For someone who claims not to play games, you’re awfully good at them.

          • Barb….this comment section is about Sun news….not your very confused view of US history.

            Either focus, or go away. I don’t waste time on fools

          • Thank you for the compliment,Emily. I’m glad you don’t consider me a fool, because you’ve sure spent a lot of time responding to my posts.

            Hey, speaking of focus, do these words sound familiar, Emily?

            Adam Smith wrote the book on ‘capitalism’ in 1776. The US was a tiny nation of farmers and merchants at the time. And they had slaves. The founding fathers who signed all that stuff about freedom and equality….were slave owners. Slaves later literally built the White House.

            The US moved into the Industrial Age some years later….and because farming was crashing, it freed up a lot of workers to man the factories…

            Capitalism can’t function without cheap labour.

            Which is why manufacturing moved to China and other cheap labour places….and Americans are unemployed.

          • We’ve seen this gimmick many times from Cons, Barb/HI/FV.

            It’s tired, it’s old, it’s boring….and it’s another red herring.

            <*(((—< . . . . .

            I am not the topic….Sun news is.

            Epic fail. Go turn in your mouse and get your pink slip. Ciao.

          • Um….no…not at ALL…not at ALL…

            See, what happens when you post bulls*t (the art of pretending you know what you’re talking about, but when someone who does reads it, it starts to smell REALLY bad?)

            It was only the Civil War that did that…and even THEN they were waffling on it…

            Founding Fathers: 1776
            Civil War: 1861

            So, unless you learned your history from a book called “Founding Fathers: Immortal Vampire Edition” , I’d suggest sticking to your role as pseudo-economist.

          • Pseudo-economist? Where did that come from?

            Your claim that “only” the Civil did “that” (I’m not sure what “that” is, but I suspect it might be the emancipation of slaves), I’m afraid that you display what you accuse me of – ignorance of the topic.

            You claim that the Founding Fathers had nothing to do with putting an end to slavery. I guess you were completely unaware of the Declaration of Independence, which stated:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            You don’t think the Founders fought tooth and nail over the concept of equality? Of course they did. That’s one of the most interesting eras of American history.

            I appreciate this discussion because it reminded me of how fascinating American history is. Thank you for taking time to debate. It was fun.

          • You do realize that she is correct don’t you? Thomas Jefferson not only owned slaves, but has a child out of wedlock with one of them. Washington was a plantation owner, as were almost all of the southern representatives to the Continental Congress.

            The original Constitution (completed and passed in 1788/1789) included a provision that allowed slave owners to gain votes based on the number of slaves they owned (2/3rds of a vote for each slave). This was done to protect the slave owning South and give them equal votes with the more populous North (if you don’t count the slaves as people, in which case the populations were pretty close).

            Barb_R, I hope that rather than showing your ignorance and outrage and blasting the education system, that you actually look these things up.

          • Yes Randy, I am completely aware that SOME of the Founding Fathers owned slaves. I am also aware that women were not considered persons at that time. Does that make the Founders evil, too?
            As for the 2/3, it was done to protect the anti-slave north. Please re-read your sentence and talk to me again about ignorance. The south had a greater population than the north, so the north rigged the system so that slaves wouldn’t be counted one-for-one and wouldn’t give the south more power than the slave-free north.

            Seriously, did you guys learn this in Canada? What province, if you don’t mind my asking?

          • Barb,

            Do you have some belief that the slaves got to vote? The only people who got to vote were the white males, and the North had more of them. The slave “votes” went to plantation owners in order to equalize the system. If the slaves were considered people and could vote, then yes, as I already stated, the South would have been more populous.

            When your reply to Emily stated that, “(t)he American Revolution and the Founding Fathers were instrumental in moving forward in the abolishment (sic) of slavery”, I certainly hope you were trolling. When the Constitution was written it was meant to create a series of independent “States” (which is equal to the term “country” everywhere but the USA) that were tied together loosely for the benefit of all (the “Founders” were worried about reprisal attacks from Britain). Of those who signed and pushed for the passing of the Constitution and then the Bill of Rights, very few were in favour of abolition. Even noted freedom fighters like Thomas Jefferson still thought of slaves as possessions, and gave little to no thought of their “freedom”, even the slave he had a child with and was reported to “love”. The only thing that ended slavery in the South was a rather large war, which begat the Jim Crow laws and nearly a century of institutional and cultural oppression of an entire race as payback. So no, Barb, the “Founders” did not have anything to do with abolition. They created a document that was meant to maintain the status quo, and make future generations deal with the problem.

            Finally, yes, I was taught these things, as part of a series of University courses I took a decade ago on my way to an honours degree in history. I graduated near the top of my class and have spent the intervening years doing more study and research on these and my other topics. My University thesis was on Enlightenment History, of which the American Revolution plays a significant but minor role in the larger landscape of the social and political changes that took place.

          • I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get past the first sentence of your dissertation.

            No, blacks were not given the right to vote. The 2/3 was for purposes of counting population.

            And no, I wasn’t trolling. If you checked more sources than your U of T approved list, you might learn something.

      • Oh, it works. Just that cartel Canada has never tried it.

        • It doesn’t work anywhere.

    • Us networks water down their product!!!!

      • Fine. So don’t watch them. It’s not rocket science.

        But just because YOU don’t like their product, don’t be saying that nobody else is allowed to watch it.

        • That’s pretty funny, given you took precisely the same tack on Canadian content. I suggest you take your own advise; or move to a country you like. We don’t force folks to live here you know.

          • Huh? I took what tack on Canadian content? I can’t get American programming because the CRTC has imposed its will and forced us to get a noxious mix of Can-Am programming. I don’t have a choice to turn off Discovery Canada and watch Discovery Channel. You have a choice to turn off Sun News and watch CBC.

            And why exactly should I move? If wee little Omar doesn’t have to move, why should I? I’d rather hang around and get our country back from the Trudeaupians. And it’s a bonus that I get under their skin.

          • Barb_R • 7 hours ago −
            . “And American networks wouldn’t be required to water down their content with boring, weak, Canadian drivel.”

            Your pov was pretty clear. I’m pretty sure they’re still equipping tv with off buttons.

          • You’re right. They ARE equipping TVs with off buttons. So while I watch my American channels on the grey market, you go ahead and turn off Sun News.

            I knew we’d be able to reach an amicable settlement.

          • We already have one…I don’t pay for SUN TV because I already pay for propaganda from the PMO’s office…it’s called the millions of dollars spent on “Economic Action Plan” ads

          • And I already pay for leftist propaganda on the CBC. I guess we’re even. Or not. You’ve got me beat by $1.3 billion a year. Congratulations.

            I agree that those useless commercials need to stop. It is time to stop allowing governments to take credit for advertising that taxpayers pay for, as in “brought to you by the government of Canada” or “brought to you by the government of Ontario”. No, it wasn’t brought to you by the “government”. It was brought to you by the taxpayers of Canada and Ontario, so quit playing fast and loose with OUR money.

            I’ve written and complained to my elected representatives, the PM, and McWynne, but what else can we do? The provincial ads were at their height before the general election. It’s rather galling that they didn’t even try to hide their malfeasance.

          • But here’s the difference, and the point I’m most serious about.

            I get from your posts, and what you’re follow you’re likely a fan of Harper and the Cons. That’s fine. It’s a democracy. I respect that.

            First…the CBC…yeah, we do all pay taxpayer dollars, and as a result, we all own it. Bell Media or Telus, or whoever doesn’t. If there’s a big cover up at Bell where they’re ripping people off, can we expect that to make the news on any station Bell Media owns? Ever watch Marketplace? They bust businesses all the time who rip off consumers. I’ve found great Canadian bands on the CBC I’d never find elsewhere, Canadian actors, and Canadian comedians.

            So, one hand people call the CBC a “government lapdog.” On the other hand, they claim that it spends all of its time talking about “Conservative scandals”. REALLY? It’s not like they’re haven’t been any. Our short attention spans don’t remember them taking the Liberals to task during their heyday, but they sure as hell did. And as a national broadcaster, they have to have high standards. Very few CBC stories are not fact checked with a high level of journalistic integrity. They may not report on everything we always like, but it’s high quality reporting.

            Now, let’s turn to SUN “News”. Before it even started, Harper and his communications director, Kory Tenneycke met with Rupert Murdoch, the head of FOX News in New York. This wasn’t an official Canadian visit.

            Soon after, SUN News opened its doors, and who was at the helm? Why, Steve Harper’s communications director.

            So, what can we expect from SUN “News”? 24 hours of political ads, or as North Koreans call it when they turn on the TV and turn on their great leader’s message, “propaganda”. So, no, I’m not paying for a Conservative Party channel. Nope. And it’s absolutely CRAZY that he thinks he should have one! (REALLY – think about it — Harper’s communications team masking as news…seriously…isn’t that called “pravda” in Russia? If you didn’t know that, you might want to wonder WHY)

            I’ll tell you – I’m no Harper fan, but if Mulcair were to win, and had his own TV station, I’d be watching it with a thousand grains of salt – “Is he telling me everything?”…sure as hell not gonna mention any kind of coverup here…

            This is the problem with the evolution of Canadian politics (Thanks, America!) We’re so stuck with our “team” that we let politicians get away with anything they want. Every senator that bilked taxpayers out of money should be in jail. I don’t care if the Globe and Mail doesn’t mention the liberal ones (or Dalton Mcguinty who disgraces my entire view of the world), or whether Harper-TV deflects criticism of Duffy. Nope. Jail. All of them.

            Liberal. Conservative. i don’t give a s**t. A crook is a crook.

            Oh, speaking of crooks, and SUN TV, Mike Duffy tried to influence the CRTC in their decision — it was totally inappropriate, but for some reason he REALLY wanted SUN TV to thrive…

            Go figure.

          • I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I am anti-Harper since he has shown himself to be farther left than Chretien – the public service has grown to ridiculous levels under his watch, he spends more than a liberal (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either), how many cabinet ministers do we have now? All we’re missing is the Minister for Silly Walks. So no, I am not a Harper fan.

            I’ve never heard the CBC referred to as a “government lapdog”. Corporate welfare recipient, yes. Lapdog no. I wasn’t here when it happened, but didn’t the CBC bust open the sponsorship scandal? They have shown themselves capable, but inconsistently so. If they are so sure of their high journalistic standards, why aren’t they under the eye of the CRTC? They get their very own ombudsman. What are they trying to hide? Who knows, because they won’t respond to FOI requests.

            I agree with you that all the crooks/politicians need to be thrown into jail. That includes Duffy, Whalen, Harb, Trudeau, McGuinty and Wynne. I don’t care what their political affiliation is – if they steal from the taxpayer, they should be thrown away. I think we can at least agree on that.

          • Thanks for the interesting discussion…if you’re suggesting that Harper is “too left”, may I suggest dressing up as Thomas Jefferson and starting your own “Canadian Tea Party” (Start in Alberta)

            Anyhow, the better news is:



          • Yes, dear, I know. I announced it 30 seconds after the CRTC did and offered all the opponents congratulations. Enjoy your ongoing diet of CRTC-approved pablum.

            You don’t see Harper as being too left? When he spends more money than Chretien, increases the size of the PS more than Chretien, increases the number of cabinet ministers far past the number of ministers Chretien had – you think that is right-wing? If you still think that Stephen Harper is right wing, what does that make Jean Cretien? So far right he falls off the edge?

            BTW, there’s no need to start a “Tea Party” in Alberta. They already have one. It’s called “Wild Rose”.

            You sound like an intelligent individual. I’ve actually enjoyed our discourse because you’ve kept the snark to a minimum, and I thank you for that.

          • Well, I do enjoy snark (but only for overly racist, homophobic or otherwise stupid comments)…otherwise, this is like fencing.

            As for the CRTC approved stuff…I don’t spend much time watching TV. I read a lot…(even books!)…and find that with the advent of the internet, facebook and youtube — as well as the demise of Cable News to pundits (who don’t read much), society is suffering.

            This is why I’m glad that SUN TV lost…we don’t need another reason for lazy people being spoonfed what they want to hear, (by the PMO for God’s sake), instead of being able to look beyond what talking heads tell them.

            It’s pretty sad when I can read one comment on pretty much any forum like this one, and pretty much guess where that person stands on: immigration, crime, abortion, the environment, and race issues (and I’m not talking about you specifically)

            We have the chance via the internet to obtain almost infinite knowledge. But we play Candy Crush Saga instead.



          • But sometimes people surprise you. I am far right-wing ( no duh, eh) but along with being pro small government, I am also pro-choice and pro- decriminalization of pot. That usually surprises people who peg me as being a “typical” right-winger. But of course there is no such thing as a “typical” anything.

            And that’s why I enjoy watching Suns News. I get to see stories that interest ME. Each to his or her own. Hopefully the CRTC’s upcoming hearings will give Sun News the extra boost it needs to stay in business. We’ll find out soon.

          • The CBC, like any other broadcaster, is regulated by the Commission. On the technical side, its broadcast operations are regulated by Industry Canada. And they are not treated favourably by the Commission: when I attended a CRTC panel to decide the fate of an available frequency in Vancouver, the CBC’s R3 submission was rejected. The CBC staff presenting their submission complained to us (CJSF, CO-OP radio, CiTR) that the Commission rarely gives them the leeway they allow big private broadcasters.

          • You are absolutely right. What I should have said was that “complaints” go directly to the Ombudsman rather than to the CRTC. Thank you for correcting me.

          • As far as I am aware, the Commission is a complaint-driven model of regulation; however, this is my experience working for campus/community radio. The Commission’s staff for radio stations with 50 watts of ERP is probably limited to a couple of full time staff, whereas the department that monitors the CBC for compliance is probably a massive sprawling affair. Thus, a complaint made to the Commission about a CBC radio or television show would be kept on file with the Commission. Hmmm. I’m going to look up the Broadcast Act to see.

          • I’d be interested to see what you find out, if you’d be kind enough to share it.

          • learn to use the “internet” — you’d be surprised what’s available…I know it’s “newfangled” and “progressive”, but given some time, you may learn how to operate Youtube…

            And you know, as a patriotic Canadian, I kind of like watching what my countryfolk create…

            I know we don’t have “Paula Deen” here, but…

          • Unfortunately the American channels I am most interested in aren’t available here. The content is blocked, no doubt another public “service” brought to us by the CRTC.

            As a patriotic Canadian who enjoys watching your countryfolk create, I’m sure you agree that Sun News needs a spot on Cat 1 cable. As close to 100% Canadian content as you can get.

            BTW, Paula Deen’s show was available on Food Network Canada (yet another one of those watered-down American networks) but has been off the air since that unfortunate “n” word incident. If you had used that internet thingie, you could have checked before using it as an example.

          • That’s EXACTLY why I used the Paula Deen example ;) – cuz I’m guessing you’re no friends of minorities either…

          • How sad for you that you make assumptions based on what an individual said decades before.

        • “It’s not rocket science!”

          1 for Barb…

  4. If I remember correctly, Sun News launched as a Category B licensed service which is a totally different license than what CBC and CTV were awarded years ago. So they KNEW what they were doing and getting….if their business plan assumptions were misguided, why should we be forced to pay for their mistake?

    • You remember incorrectly. They weren’t given a choice. If they wanted a license, it had to be Cat B. They weren’t offered the same deal as CBC and CTV.

      So by your thinking they shouldn’t have even bothered trying, right? How very Canadian.

      • Yep, a nation of lazy whiners of other peoples money for no real effort on their part.

        • Not the entire nation, but far too many. They are called Liberals, NDP and Greens. So I guess you’re pretty close. Two-thirds of the nation. Meh.

          • Barb – I really enjoy reading your posts. You’re vehemently opposed to “intellectual elitism” as well, aren’t you?

            You know, there are books out there that aren’t written by Ayn Rand, right?

          • Which I enjoy very much, but I must admit that, being a product of her times, she did tend to ramble on and on. “Atlas Shrugged” could have been slashed down to one quarter its size and it still would have made the point.

      • Ok Barb! Thinking like an American, build your business plan to the reality of the situation….the Canadian way is to build it, cry poor and look to the government for help. In your world Barb, everybody that starts a tv news channel deserves automatic subscriber funding.

        • Ah dear, you misunderstand. Or spin. Whatever.

          What I would like is a level playing field. They all get funding, or none of them get funding.

          Is that really so hard to understand? Sadly, it seems so.

          • It is easy to understand if you don’t work for Quebecor!
            CBC News was awarded the license in 1989, CTV in 1997….different era, different circumstances. No Netflix, dial up internet, no smartphones, no iPads, etc…. There are different classes of TV licenses and only so many that are mandatory! If the playing field was level for everyone, then why wouldn’t The Star, The Globe, The National Post, Huffingtion Post and Macleans, etc not start news channels? Gravy train!

            The CRTC rules are simple, 9 (1) the service has to be of exceptional benefit to Canadians….if you don’t like the current list of mandatory channels, talk to the CRTC. Don’t keep expanding the number of mandatory channels…there is too many now. Besides, SUN News said they didn’t need subsidies like the CBC on their first weekend of broadcast. I guess they goofed!

          • Quebecor said they didn’t need subsidies like the CBC. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but obviously the taxpayer can’t afford another expenditure of $1.3 billion a year like it’s giving the CBC.

            A level playing field, BTW, doesn’t have to mean that everyone can belly up to the trough. Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, NONE of them should get a subsidy?

            As for too many mandatory channels: hogwash. Have you seen Roger’s basic lineup?

          • Apparently we could afford 16 Billion in flying death machines. Oh ya plenty of money to keep up with the amerikan murder machine.

          • Yes, Open2Debate, thanks to Jean Chretien.

    • We are not paying for their mistake. We pay for CBC to the tune of over a billion a year. And at least CTV makes money. Why the complexity? It doesn’t add value. Why not let Sun (even though I don’t like them) have space? Have we come that dependent on government managing us like mindless sheep?

  5. is the underlying principle ensuring that the market is adequately served with news coverage, or that everyone who manages to squeeze into a small bit our airwaves deserves cash shovelled at them regardless of quality, utility, or not-being-morons?

    Because if it’s the second there’s an argument to be made for mandatory Sun coverage.

  6. I say let them have the coveted spot on basic satellite and cable packages. Otherwise, there’ll be endless bleating on the right about a leftist conspiracy among the media and the regulators.

    Judging from the ratings and its abysmal content so far, even with regulatory protection it will continue to bleed red all over QMI’s books and will eventually collapse in accordance with the very free market conditions it (otherwise) lustily applauds.

  7. I have the Sunnies on my cable. Which is fine. I watched it
    a couple of times when old Bugs Bunny cartoons weren’t
    available. These days CNN ( and,sadly, CBCNN increasingly)
    serves that function. That’s why Gawd made remotes.

    • I find Bugs Bunny more credible than Trudeau groupies like Soloman and O’Malley on CBC.

      • As a society, we are better when you are helped rather than enabled.

      • Oh yeah … Yosemite Ezra kills me.

        • Guess a job doesn’t get in the way of watching Bugs Bunny,eh?

  8. If the Sun Network was smart, forget cable TV as many like me are one price gouge increase away from ditching cable TV.

    The future is Internet. Problem here is while Sun has presence, the advertising is far too pervasive for me even to visit their site although I do comment in the Sun news site, I avoid all videos like it was a terminal disease.

    Better get fair advertising or people will just tune out. I don’t need to see underwear, FDS, perfume or some hard sell 5 times every 30 minutes in gorilla saturation mode. As for not being part of basic cable, if Shaw charges me more for it, I will disconnect. CRTC might support media monopolies, but like when I ditched the cell phone 4 years ago for its cartel practices, I can ditch cable TV too. Can’t force me to pay if I disconnect.

    Never did regret ditching the cell phone after 19 years of being a cell user. In fact, I was surprised how few times I missed it.

  9. I like watching programs on the Internet as CRTC can’t yet block conservative-less government journalism on the Internet. They only let Malher in on HBO as he is a conservator hater but loves statism.

    Less mind control the better. Let people be free to think as left-statism wants your mind and economic liberty.

    • What are you talking about? No one is talking about blocking anything.

  10. “We are not nor have we ever asked for mandatory carriage of this station where Canadians would have to be obliged to pay. We’re saying that we would like to have it offered but theoretically it could be carried by no one.”

    Kory Teneycke, 2010.

    • That was surely before even KT realized the vast majority of news junkies aren’t remotely interested in being forced to subsidize Ezra’s dog and pony show, leave alone witness it.

      • It’s perhaps more accurate to state it as having been before he realized that almost no one would VOLUNTARILY pay for Ezra’s dog and pony show, and so making carriage mandatory and taking away the choice is the only way to keep the network afloat.

        Sun News Network may well one day be a successful business, just not so long as they’re forced to sell their product to customers who have the option to not buy it.

  11. Canadians should only be exposed to Michael Coren and Erza Lavant’s whine if they choose to pay extra for it. This is not news it is sPun news.

    • I am exposed to the whinings of Evan Soloman and a forced to pay for it.

      • Sometimes the truth hurts. Now bring on 2015.

  12. Sun News is nothing more than a “right wing” (Conservative) propaganda vehical for all of their “left wing” BASHER reporters. They should not be able to get into mainstream cable. They are a disgrace. Their head office is in Montreal. What does that tell you?

  13. the ONLY issue is another company that has proven it can not attract customers on its own merits is asking our government to help them out. i dont care what other channels did before them. that was then, this is now. i personally have this channel, so they are getting my money, but no way in hell should they or ANY OTHER CHANNEL be added as must carry EVER AGAIN. It really is that simple. our tv bills go up all on their own, regularly as it is. we all know that giving ANY channel must carry status will only increase our bills again.
    the “competition”(cbc/ctv) benefitted from ill adivsed decisions at that time in history. its about time our regulators grew a set of balls and just tell ALL applicants NO. it really is that simple. Please CRTC, you have made bonehead decisions in the past, dont repeat the same mistakes again.

    • let me work this theme…it’s actually one of Harper’s communications guys, Tenneckye, asking our government to help him out with his own TV station.

      So, it’s our government asking our government to help them out…

  14. Sun news has every right to be on the basic channels. Are we Canadians so damn scared of another opinion than the Liberal media produce. for me if i cannot see this news out let on the basic channels I will drop my cable altogether and I hope others will do the same thing.

    • No,

      The station is run by one of Harper’s ex communications guys, who left his post just to run SUNCON-TV….Harper doesn’t need a station.

      If you like that kind of thing when you turn on the news to hear your Great Leader tell you how it is, move to North Korea.

      It’s not news – it’s sheer, unbridled propaganda.

      And if you, like others have no problem with that, especially being injected into unwilling Canadian’s homes, then, well…

    • then buy the channel. no channel has a right to be forced on people. just because others are does not make it right. this has nothing to do with what sun/ctv/cbc has/is offering the public. it is about our government yet again telling us we have to pay for this, even if we dont want it ( as long as you use cable/sat/telco tv ).

  15. What everyone here is missing is THIS:
    (1) The head of SUN TV is the PM’s ex communications director, who retired to take over the helm of FOX North
    (2) Harper and Tennecke meet with Rupert Murdoch prior to the launch of SUN TV.

    So, forget about this “balance” crap — the PM doesn’t need his own channel — North Koreans do that…is the CBC or CTV “left”?…I dunno…but at least they fact check and don’t blurb out the latest and greatest messages from our “Great Leader” on a daily basis…

    Jeez – we’re already paying for Economic Action plan ads, costing millions, every 4 minutes.

    Has anyone noticed that the timing and relevance of SUN’s “talking points” to Harper’s initiatives?

    I dunno…what do they stand for? hmmm…energy sector, bashing David Suzuki, bashing Trudeau, bashing Ontario Liberals, bashing the CBC, bashing Natives, bashing Muslims…yeah, it’s from the top down…

    SUN TV is NOT news – it is propaganda — in the STRICTEST sense of the word.

    Start with the article below, and then have a quick look for the report by the CBC staff member HARPER-TV tried to poach, whose assignment would be to “attack David Suzuki.”

    Make no mistake — CBC may be a nationally owned station, but SUN TV is state run…

    (and now I’m on the “enemies” list…look for me on an Ezra Whoever exposé)

  16. Oh Sun news… I got to say that they are so ridiculous they should focus on comedy!

    • That drunk Don Martin trying to stay sober and sound like a professional is much funnier.

  17. CBC news should be shut down or sold to the highest bidder, then they will have to fire some of the horrible investigative reporters that seem to find all their stories from the freedom of information act requests they make about government spending and just conservative bashing. Every time I turn on the news at night you have Peter mansbridge or his ex wife bashing conservatives over and over the same stories but a diferent angle. I really think that the CBC is run by liberal loving staff that hope for more funding if they can get the libs back in office. Time to cut the millions of dollars in tax payer money that keeps the CBC on the air. Now that is a scandal. CBC SPENDS BILLIONS OVER THE YEARS

    • I hear ya, buddy. When I turn on the radio I don’t wanna hear all that “investigative” reporting and all that stuff the government is doing. The “science” and “arts” reporting. And those really loooong “in depth” stories about weird brown people on the other side of the world. Ugh.

      I wanna hear what the people who aren’t the government might do if they ever become the government, and if that doesn’t fill all the dead air I’d like to know how the the Roma, Muslims, evironmentalists, homosexuals, scientists, bureaucrats and academics are plotting to destroy civilization. And I’d like to know if I should buy gold bars, and if I can get a free hotdog at the Ford dealership this weekend, and maybe hear some Nickleback or Eagles.

      • And if SUN TV gets its way, it will represent about 18 million dollars in profit…from people who get nothing from it.

        Did you read the latest how Mike Duffy (not even making this up?) tried to interfere with the CRTC’s decision whether or not to allow the PMO’s office to have its own station?

        And…you know…I *LIKE* hearing about corruption in the government…that is NEWS…if the CBC were a government lapdog (like SUN “News”), then we wouldn’t hear a damn thing about misspending…

        Who the hell is all about, “I wish when the government squandered money, no one ever told me?”


    • How many Mike Duffy stories has the CBC run they barely touched on Harb and have totally ignored the Liberals who have not paid their leadership expenses

      • I’m guessing if the liberals paid off Harb’s debts and lied about it, and then lied again, and then lied some more, that would be news.

        But they didn’t. So it’s not.

  18. Sun should be granted the request as we do need another view of the world and Canada on Cable. Because CTV & CTV are carbon copies and it is becoming pretty boring watching the same stories and the same clowns for so many years. Give Sun a chance

    • Another view? Fact based reporting not good enough for you?

  19. News in Canada has become a joke. I watch CNN, because I can watch CNN and see them lean towards the Democrats and I know this because I am neutral to the stories as it does not have any affect on me or my Canadian life. It is like watching an episode of Seinfeld. As for Sun news, they should be given the same options as CBC and CTV period. Who are we to say what is proper standards or proper news reporting. Maybe we are so use to CTV and CBC that we don’t even know what news is.

  20. This is ridiculous, its going bankrupt because people don’t watch so why force us to pay for something we are not going to watch. I don’t have much faith in the CRTC since most of the people who make the decision have probably worked for Quebecor before or have friends there.

    • Where would the CBC be without the billion dollars every year,bankrupt

  21. To Barb R. I listen Rush Limbaugh on the internet and through Buffalos WBEN AM/FM talk station. It’s nice to hear a proper conservative on the radio for a change. It’s makes me forget about how Trudeau Screwed Canada in 1978. I would like to see The Sun News Channel on cable ,Satellite etc. Only reason the CRTC is holding back is because they don’t want a Conservative opinion on an overly oversaturated liberal Canadian tv universe.

  22. Fox news (faux news as the Americans say) north? Well we do need more comedy channels. This one fits the bill perfectly.

  23. Congratulations to you all. The CRTC has made sure to protect us from other opinions.

    Luckily those of us of the right leaning libertarian persuasion still have the internet. I hope we find Sun News streaming online soon.

  24. This is going too far. There are already several news networks. How many do we need? One shut down in Toronto just recently. Since the CBC already gets some of my tax money, I want that in my basic cable, but the others are just repeats, local or international. The others I really would like to pick and choose on my cable bill, but that’s another story!

    It bothers me that SNN spends far too much time on opinion shows. If they produced -any- shows like the Fifth Estate or W5, I’d be more than happy to consider them on my cable bill.