How much do Canadian premiers make?

A greater population doesn’t necessarily mean more pay


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How much do Canadian premiers make?

  1. That doesn’t seem like enough money to pay your first minister.

    • Their net incomes are higher, retirement is 55, they do not pay the full taxes on it, their pensions are only second to Ottawa MPs in the world. Only 6 years in office for that juicy pension. Medical, dental, travel insurances for life.

      Even get extra for meetings you might not attend.

      Its a lot better than it looks. You can bet they do not want to show their filed income taxes.

  2. Not mentioned is part of it is tax free. No CPP nor EI ether. Lots of time off, olympic vacations included for Redford and others. Pensions so juicy, only Ottawa MPs beats them. Retirement 55 while the tax slave class gets 67 and much less benefits.

    $211k may not seem much, but when you calculate all the perks its closer to double the face value in normal earnings of non government job.

  3. This is evidence of either lazy research or having been mislead. Yukon’s government leader is paid something approaching $200k but the representation sadly gives an impression of someone who is humbly paid. He should be, perhaps something equating to $1k for each point of IQ and then it would be less than $87k. However, there is a story in why McLean`s reported this terribly distorted picture. Please correct with decent research or report on your source which badly mislead you.

  4. Where did you find these numbers? NS premier was paid like $87k last year. His pension is sadly higher at just over $100’000, which in itself is outrageous. Check your facts?