How much do top Canadian CEOs earn?

Salaries for business bosses in retail, energy, banking and charity


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How much do top Canadian CEOs earn?

  1. The word obscene comes to mind.

    • If you had it, you wouldn’t think it was obscene.

      • typical low life answer. layoff employees putting said folks out of work under the guise of business needs and saving the companies money only to pay do nothing senior executives millions in bonuses….that is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich…..disgusting lesser human being actions.

        • Hey Hood….companies are not in business to do charity work for people that think they’re oppressed. If you don’t like the job, find another one.

          • charity, you’re referring to the senior executives sucking the companies dry, psuedo extortion, like nortel? intersting every country on the planet is deep in debt, near bankrupt or bankrupt.

          • Some do, most don’t….same as everywhere else. People are people.

            However companies are not bankrupting countries.

          • same ole bogus response. you’re justifying mismanagement, extortion, lobbyists, distortion of facts and historical data, tax breaks, at the expense of individual countries tax payers. royalty is not just at buckkingham palace, it’s right here in the form of senior executives and politicians (senators,mps,mpps,councillors,mayors,etc,etc).

          • You poor oppressed creature, you. Everyone out to getcha.

            Time to return to TGIF.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • And you’ve spent far too long at TGIF.

        • further end result is less staff, reduced ability to service customers and inability to improve the individual companies operations

      • This comment was deleted.

        • There are only 13 MILLION Jews in the entire world.

          There are over 7 BILLION other people.

          So if you think the Jews rule the world….you have mush for brains.

          • Although Curious is going a little overboard in his accusations about Jews ruling the world (because there are still a lot of countries in the world where Jews don’t live per se), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a handle on companies that operate in those countries. Jews know where the money is, and they tend, as a group, to follow it very closely. And, they don’t mind if it made illegally — eg. the Jewis mafia in Vegas.They have an inordinate power in American politics, and with the Zionist organizations they virtually control what is going on in the Middle East. You need to start reading details of what is happening in Israel, start with a book written by an Israeli — THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE.

          • A LITTLE overboard??

            Well you just joined him in crackpottery!

            Nobody rules the world, and certainly not the Jews.

            I don’t agree with Israel’s treatment of Palestine….but you are confusing religion with nationality. Israel is 20% Arab.

            And there are more Muslims in the US and Canada than there are Jews.

            Also a small percentage of Jews are rich….same as RC, Hindus, Presbyterians and so on. There is also a percentage of each religion that is poor….some of them dirt poor.

            Human beings all have the same DNA, and we all came from Africa apparently….so give it a rest.

          • Read the book. You are clever, but not as smart as you think you are

          • Hon, I was reading books on it before you were born

            I was, in fact, born before Nakba.

            I know all the quotes that Israeli leaders have made about Palestine. And in this situation, I favour the Palestinians…always have.

            But stop hating ‘Jews’

            What you people are scared of all the time I don’t know….always with this paranoia about ‘the other’!!

            And you have NO CAUSE….unless maybe you have a guilty conscience.

            The black, the brown, the gay, Jews,Chinese, women….[who are half the GD earth!]…it’s always something!

            Do you have to hate someone to feel better about yourself or what??

            Stop with the bullshit.

            It’s a land dispute. The UN screwed up and we have to find a way to resolve it…adding bullshit to it makes it worse , not better.

          • You are old! Just kidding. No, I’m up there with you.

            I’m not biblicly inclined, but the book of Revelations does predict a lot of things that are slowly coming about — and I for one, unlike some of the southern Baptists, don’t want to see a war happening between all the nuclear armed countries of the world in the Middle East simply because one country, Israel, is trying to make old biblical predictions of re-acquiring their “promised land” come true. I don’t judge those Jews who have long ago seen the light, but I despise all greedy peoples, anywhere in the world; but, you have to admit that by and large the Jewish control of Congress in the States has been largely responsible for allowing the Israelis to push the Palestinians out of the land that they had occupied for over a 1000 years without significant conflict. Otherwise, why would the 100’s of UN resolutions condeming Israeli action against the Palestinians be defeated — because the US (Jewish controlled) vetoed them. And the billions of dollars that have been donated to Congress, hence their military, hence weapons being sent to Israel by the Zionest movement in the States.
            If you don’t want to read the book, keep up with what is happening there —

            If this doesn’t worry you, nothing will.

          • The book of Revelations is like a horoscope….it’s general enough to apply to anything, anytime….we’ve always had wars, famines, volcanoes, earthquakes in recorded history.

            Won’t be the first war in the ME either.

            I’ve watched the ME for 67 years….it’s relatively quiet at the moment. Nice thing about getting older….you’ve seen it all before, and don’t get hyper over it.

  2. Hell….we have “Right Honourables” that STEAL that much!!!

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Better not tell Hunter Harrison and Gord Nixon that they are Jewish! Now they’ll have to worry about ignorant anti-semitic comments and sentiments from people like you too. Why not claim that the rest of the people on the list are Jewish too? Isn’t that what people like you do? And let’s be clear: Reisman and Schwartz were not handed their hefty paycheques to them by you poor oppressed soul. They CREATED the companies that they manage. Why don’t you try to do the same instead of spewing hatred and infecting our beautiful country.

  4. Curious as to why the biggest earners are Ashkenazim white Jews? Don’t give me that bullshhit about them working hard to reach where they are at..that would suggest the Indians and Chinese working in sweatshops are trillionaires.

    Something is wrong with Canada. It looks occupied by a bunch of cronies and a tribe who leeches the morality of a nation to make their cronies richer. My History teacher used to show her butt to students and make sad stories about Jewish persecution, but the more injustices I see which have damning evidence towards Jews, the more i see this world as a complete monopoly of white Jews who are controlling our lives and preventing us from being successful in life unless we take on usury and debt from the bankers.

    • I am so sad…and so scared…by what I am reading. Glad that my father, a Holocaust survivor, whose entire family and community was decimated by the Nazis because of ignorant ideologies and nonsensical propaganda like I am reading here, isn’t alive to read this. Guess what? His family were dirt poor in Hungary (as were the majority of Polish and Russian Jews too). Guess what? They were murdered anyway.
      Here’s the revelation: Jews don’t control the world! Jews don’t control Congress! The Arabs are in mess of a situation – not because of the Jews! If the Palestinians would come to the table and accept one of the many extraordinarily generous peace agreements offered to them (Oslo, etc.), then they would have land and prosperity and peace. But that would mean that thieves like Arafat wouldn’t have a wife in Paris living off billions of dollars meant for education (and given by democratic countries)! And, of course, anyone who signs a deal for peace would be as good as dead and the Palestinian leaders know it. Much better to steal the money and point the usual finger at the easy scapegoats – the Jews!
      You know what I tell my children? Learn, learn and learn. Go to school. WORK HARD! Get a job or a career. And if you don’t succeed then YOU are to blame. Not because of the Jews, the Nigerians, the Costa Ricans or the Nuns in the Vatican – but YOU!
      Wow! How smart I must be because I am Jewish! Excuse me a moment while I go out and monopolize the world and prevent YOU from being successful. Might as well. It’s what we Jews do, isn’t it? (Sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch it.)

  5. Canada is the land of exploitation .

    Yet, no sign of public outrage or revolution.