Skipping out on the Blackberry 10 hype -

Skipping out on the Blackberry 10 hype

Nokia files a lawsuit and Yahoo moves away from RIM


With its much-anticipated new smartphones still weeks from release, Research In Motion found itself under attack yet again last week. Rival Nokia filed a lawsuit against the BlackBerry maker after a Swedish arbitration panel ruled RIM was in breach of a key wireless patent. At the same time, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was widely quoted dissing RIM’s phones: “We literally are moving the company from BlackBerrys to smartphones,” said Mayer in an interview with Fortune.

Yet despite the bad press, things are suddenly looking up for the Waterloo, Ont.-based firm. Goldman Sachs recently raised its rating on RIM from “neutral” to “buy.” Market confidence has been quietly rising. National Bank and Jefferies have also boosted their outlooks. Over the past two months, RIM shares have risen 75 per cent, to over $11.

Investors don’t expect RIM to shoot back to the top of the mobile industry when BlackBerry 10 arrives. But it has fallen so far in recent years that even a modest turnaround seems a safe bet that could yield results. “We now assess a 30 per cent chance of success for BB10 given positive early reviews, broad-based carrier support, attractive features and interest by carriers and consumers in broadening the field beyond Android/iOS,” said Goldman Sachs in its report.


Skipping out on the Blackberry 10 hype

  1. Is that the best you got? Have you even looked at the BlackBerry 10 landing Page? A redisgned back of the BlackBerry 10 device that would make the iPhone drool over, and everyone that has tried it said it beats the iPhone which is “suppose to be the best phone” 100 times over. Don’t have time to sit here and explain how bad Apple will be when it’s all said and done, but you’ve been warned!

    • Do you use flip-phones? Why dont you go get yourself a smartphone and see for yourself if you can’t find any of the BB 10 features in iPhone, android or Windows 8 phones..

  2. Yahoo?!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Typical canadian bias, trashing its own great achievements….c’mon Macleans, leave the bash RIMM bandwagon to the Toronto Star and Amercian journalists.
    iPhone looks like a dinosaur next to BB10 fyi.

  4. Funny how Yahoo (a company that is only good for fantasy sports (and that too because it pays to be chosen)) is trying to trash RIM! LOL
    Yahoo doesn’t count as a search engine, an email service provider, a reliable news source, and you get the point..

  5. Yahoo and McLeans be out of business before RIM. What a rag!
    Ironically, I got a free subscription to mcleans from Rogers. It goes in the recycle bin immediately, week old news.

  6. It seems to me everyone is guessing on how BB will do in the coming year. In my opinion the stock will be around $25 by this time next year.
    How can I predict this….
    because no matter how you slice it BB is a better technically superior Operating system then anything else available. any IT person having a choice of which phone to use is probably going to pick a BB if security and closed system is important.

    Reading up on BB the main reason they dropped was simply because other phones offered bigger screens and video, and social interactions were thereby more all encompassing and had more games, features etc. even the Ceo’s casually acknowledge they never imagined how the evolution of screens,cameras,sound,video etc, would become the main selling features of a smart phone vs talking and email.

    It will be like what the automatic transmission did to manual transmission designed cars. better yet I think they have and are going to release features that have yet been on any other phone yet or existed,,, my guess come Jan 30 they will not only release the new OS BB10 but new inventions that naturally no other phone company has. And we all know about patents and round corners not being allowed to be copied. Imagine how protected their new system will be.

    Just think would BB let info out before the release on Jan. 30 no I think they are leaving the best to the last… I have a feeling they have something no one imagined was possible.

    My last five phones were a motorola 720 flip, then a blackberry, 8120, then an iPhone 3gs, then a samsung galaxy 2, culminating with a galaxy 3 phone….

    why the latest upgrades ,, bigger screen period… and perhaps faster system.

    all other features like email and such basically all the same for each phone.

    BB never had this one feature ….

    after using the galaxy 3 phone touch screen, my old I-phone screen became extremely tiny. i’d never go back to a smaller screen smart phone.

    Note that the new BB phone will have a full touch screen and later model with a key-board.

    By the way I put my money where my thoughts were and recently have had a 38% gain in my savings account. (8.65/share to now 12).

    Having closely watch and read what has been reported by analysts and magazines etc. they all seem to re-write posts that just refer back to what some other guy said. without actual coming out with any actual new pertinent info.

  7. In that comment from Yahoo’s CEO (how ironically fitting BTW), she said that they’re moving from Blackberrys to smartphones. Kind of almost gives the BB a status that nothing else is like a Blackberry; it’s in its own division and not among the other “kool-aid” devices out there. (Of course people will bash that comment, give ‘er 90 if you so desire.)

    Everyone sues everyone. Apple and Samsung may as well have their own ligitation departments…all they do is sue each other! RIM won’t allow Nokia to bar their sales, so RIM will pay the royalties and all is well.

    BB10 looks extremely promising. I’ll be getting one the day of release, as well as two of my closest friends who were loyal iOS fans. After 6.1’s awesome glitches with wifi/FaceTime/maps/data/battery life, and the boring interface, they said they’re going to BB10 and I don’t blame them.