Infographic: What Canadians choose to study today -

Infographic: What Canadians choose to study today

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The programs post-secondary students choose these days suggest they’re somewhat aware of the job market. The first three charts in the infographic below, via Maclean’s On Campus, use data from the Ontario University Application Centre’s January 2013 statistics, which show the number of first-choice applications to Ontario university programs from Ontario secondary school students. Degrees in fields with jobs to spare, like engineering and nursing, are increasingly popular while applicants are shying away from things like forestry, journalism and education. The other charts, from a new Statistics Canada report on what post-secondary enrollments looked like nationwide in 2010-11, show that social sciences and humanities continue to account for half of all enrollments.


Infographic: What Canadians choose to study today

  1. can u b more specific and break down students by race and nationality?

    • Race and nationality?

      Human and Canadian.

  2. 358,689 students wasted their time and money in 2010/2011. Believe me, I know.

    • That’s absurd.

  3. Is there a similar graphic for graduate studies? How many students choose law, a doctorate etc?

  4. somethings is seriously wrong with this information. There are not 184,500 architectures students. There are only 11 school of architecture and most only have around 100 students per year. The total number of architects in Ontario is less than 5000 and nation wide it is less than 20,000

  5. Don’t forget we also have a generation that is being experimented on with antidepressant medications and being labelled crazy for not having the same opportunity, flexibility, resilience and wealth as our parents.