INTERACTIVE: A weather forecast for the world economy

It’s mostly storm clouds, but there are still a few sunny spots


The global economy is in dire straits. Fiscal woes and persistently high unemployment are hampering the recovery in the developed world. Emerging economies like China and India are once again confronted with weaker demand for exports from rich countries, but they are also grappling with a host of domestic troubles. High oil and food prices aren’t helping. The IMF announced last week it is planning to revise down its global growth forecast for the rest of 2012, and one famed economist warned of a “perfect storm” threatening the world economy. Use the interactive chart below to see which countries and regions face the worst turbulence, and who’s still enjoying sunny skies.

Infographic by: Amanda Shendruk.

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INTERACTIVE: A weather forecast for the world economy

  1. Is it just me or is the rez on the pop up images really low?

    • Yes rez is low

  2. The forecast might get a lot sunnier when everyone stops forecasting the economic future in terms of growth. The “easy apples” growth is darn near plum picked. Getting to the harder to reach apples always slows how fast one can grow. What you measure you pay attention to … start measuring something else like value and watch things start to shift.

  3. Would it sem bad to point out that we could learn a thing or two from Austrailia?

  4. Norway is not part of the EU and should probably not be shown as part of the “Eurozone”

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