‘Hopper’: A little black box to skip over TV commercials

Dish Network Corp.’s new DVR is a broadcaster’s nightmare


It is every broadcaster’s nightmare, and a TV viewer’s dream come true. Last week, Dish Network Corp. unveiled a new DVR with a feature it calls the “Hopper,” which automatically skips over TV commercials. Other companies have flirted with such technology before but ultimately backed off for fear of angering content providers. TiVo no longer offers an automatic ad-skipping featuring (just the ability to fast-forward ads). Dish says the Hopper will only work two hours after prime-time shows have aired. And analysts say such features are critical to attracting customers at a time when Internet-streaming services are on the rise. Cold comfort for the networks. “How does [Dish chairman] Charlie Ergen expect me to produce CSI without ads?” CBS Corp. head Les Moonves asked reporters at an event showing off the fall TV schedule to advertisers. Ironically, Dish is promoting the device through TV ads on the networks. Fox and NBC have said they won’t run them.


‘Hopper’: A little black box to skip over TV commercials

  1. Well I could understand the networks being outraged if Auto
    Hop actually worked on live broadcasts and on every channel, but it doesn’t and
    all the commercials are still there. Auto Hop has just made it easier to
    skip-forward through commercials on those recordings, like I’ve been doing for
    years with my remote. It has to be enabled each time as well, so really I don’t
    see what the big deal is. I use it in the mornings before I head off to work at
    Dish, especially since I can watch a 60 minute show in 40 commercial free and
    save an extra 20 minutes to get ready.

  2. Note to TV execs, no one who has DVRed a program watches the commercials.

    It may take 1 or 2 extra button hits to get past them but they are not watched.

    Are you all clowns???

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