New Apple ads are a bit of a flop -

New Apple ads are a bit of a flop

Critics question confusing ‘designed by Apple in California’ tagline

Missed message

Apple Inc.

Sharp marketing has long set Apple apart from rivals, including its long-running “I’m a Mac” ads that painted Apple users as cool and PC users as frumpy dads.

Now the iPhone-maker wants to draw a similar distinction between itself and Samsung, the world’s biggest handset maker. Apple’s latest campaign emphasizes that its products are “designed by Apple in California.”

But it’s a questionable approach (Apple’s devices are built in China), strangely executed. Critics say the ads are confusing and rambling. “You may rarely look at it, but you’ll always feel it. This is our signature,” says one ad, showing people in slow motion using Apple products.

At least one ad-tracking agency, Ace Metrix, says the spots are a flop. The misstep could hardly come at a worse time. Apple’s shares have fallen 25 per cent over the past six months as investors fret about its ability to keep wowing consumers. Suddenly, Apple looks like the one wearing Dockers.

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New Apple ads are a bit of a flop

  1. Ace Metrix has Samsung as a major client – this might factor in why they are calling Apple ads inferior. Just a thought for your editors.

    Personally I think these are reminiscent of the ‘Here’s to the crazy ones..’ ads of many years ago. The target audience is not ‘us’ but the 70,000 employees of Apple, who must feel as bruised as AAPL investors. A ‘feel good’ ad about great efforts despite bad press and constant criticisms. Keep going Apple. Ignore the iHaters and the media. There are many that applaud what you have done and are waiting for the next big thing.

  2. So silly to suggest that an analytics company would tilt the scores in favor of clients. What good would the data be to anyone if they did…besides, has anyone asked if Apple is a client. Wonder why.

    • Apple is not a client. Samsung has been found to pay people to post negative comments on blogs and even write negative reviews on devices that they did not own. Not just Apple, but HTC as well. All to discredit and harm competitors reputation. IMO and many others, they are entirely capable of biasing companies that depend on a Samsung pay cheque.

      So ‘justsayin’ – how much does Samsung pay astrofurfers to post crap?

  3. Hey… I wear Dockers and I’m 19… lol

  4. The first thing I thought when I saw the ads was Yeah but they’re made in China. The ads actually underline that to me.

    • :)

      Soon yo will see how microsoft will do the same.


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