Most Canadian seniors now use a cell but few have a smartphone: poll -

Most Canadian seniors now use a cell but few have a smartphone: poll


TORONTO – A majority of Canadian seniors now own a cellphone but only a small number have made the leap to using a smartphone, suggests a report by the Media Technology Monitor.

Researchers conducted telephone interviews with 6,014 anglophone Canadians in the spring and fall of last year to track how technology usage was trending, including among those in the senior demographic, which was defined as 68 and older.

About 61 per cent of the 774 seniors polled said they owned a cellphone, compared to 87 per cent of the younger respondents.

Only 13 per cent of the seniors owned a smartphone, versus 63 per cent of the other Canadians polled.

The seniors had a very slight preference for Apple’s iPhone but BlackBerrys and Google Android devices were owned in similar numbers.

Only seven per cent of the seniors said they used their device to connect to the Internet (versus 54 per cent of the other respondents) and only two per cent tried social networking on their smartphone (compared to about a third of the younger smartphone users).

About 12 per cent of the seniors polled had a tablet, most commonly an iPad.

Other figures in the report:

— About 17 per cent of seniors said they sent text messages, compared to 73 per cent of the other respondents

— Seniors estimated they spent about 6.3 hours a week online, while younger respondents guessed they used the web for about 20 hours a week

— About 23 per cent of the seniors said they use social media, versus 68 per cent of younger users

— Of the senior social media users, about 87 per cent were on Facebook, while only about 17 per cent were on LinkedIn and nine per cent were on Twitter

The seniors’ figures are considered accurate within 3.2 percentage points 19 times out of 20, while the numbers for the rest of the respondents are considered accurate within 1.2 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

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Most Canadian seniors now use a cell but few have a smartphone: poll

  1. Costs have a lot to do with it. Higher costs, slower and less adoption rate.

    USA charges half and gives more. So its more affordable. It isn’t CRTC price cartel in the USA and other countries.

    I actually was a cell phone user for 21 years, and ditched it 4 years ago as I was being gouged and just fed up with Canadian racketeering. Why feed the cartel?

    Protectionism comes at the cost of fewer people adopting it, and fewer can afford it.

    Add in, with the loonie drop in value of 9 cents, CAD money now has 9.9% less value. So in fact seniors have more money going to food and less to spend on cell. Worse, their pensions are 9.9% less in value so don’t expect improvements.

    Yes, I am a 57 year old tech savvy. Have tablets (WiFi only), 2 laptops and a desktop. But I choose not to have over priced Canadian cells as the money was needed for 6.5% property tax increases.

  2. Bet when the next shipment of iPads come in, the 9.9% inflation from currency drop will spike the prices and less people will be buying them.

    Government debt fraud isn’t free, just a mater of who and how its paid for. But we have to fund our governmental bloat as big government is more important than the people who support it.

    In 3-4 months, the iPad prices will pop 10% or more. As Ottawa wants to step up the hidden taxes. Few realize consumer hidden taxes are over $40 billion a year, GST/HST extra. And these taxes, tariffs are on food, clothing and items working poor, disabled, retirees eat and need. How many know 1/2 your dental bill ends up in government coffers locally, provincially and federally in one tax/fee or another?

    More for government and less for the people who support it.

  3. Yes it is true that you don’t see senior citizens madly texting while eating with family and friends in a restaurant. They actually visit with one another. Perhaps they viiew their cell phone as a tool to be used to contact others in case of emergency. What a novel concept!

  4. Seniors have to be frugal, and even moreso with the next generations of Senoirs (no thx to out present corrupt gov’t …).
    Anyway, I look at this way. I’m on a $25/month (basic cellphone plan)plan with Wind, cheaper rates than Robbers, Bhell, Gougeco, …
    I paid $80 for Cellphone, If I lose it, I buy another one. It’s a great/cheap service, but you have to buy darn phone.
    A freind of mine, who like me, doesn’t “really” need a smartphone, decided to buy one anyway.
    Yep, he paid around $600 (after taxes), a couple years ago, for his “smartphone”, and then recently lost/got it stolen?. …so another $500 later for another “smartphone”, plus with his data plan,…, he pays around $40/month.
    It’s simple, for the money he wasted on that “not-so-smartphone” idea, that he barely uses, he could have had cellphone for the next + 7 years.
    Like I said, most Senior people really don’t need “smartphones”, and yes, it’s definitely, and primarly becuase of the prohibitive co$ts involved.
    … and of course our corrupt CRTC is a pathetic joke.