Pepsi hopes Michael Jackson is still the king of pop -

Pepsi hopes Michael Jackson is still the king of pop

One billion Pepsi cans plastered with Michael Jackson’s silhouette will soon be on the market


Pepsico’s long-time relationship with the late Michael Jackson has been both lucrative and controversial, in life and death.

Nearly three years after Jackson’s overdose, Pepsi is still counting on him—or at least his likeness—to do battle with archrival Coke. As many as one billion Pepsi cans plastered with Jackson’s silhouette are set to hit store shelves as part of a marketing deal brokered with Jackson’s estate. Not surprisingly, some have called the campaign in poor taste. But others argue Pepsi will cash in with consumers who yearn to remember “MJ” the ultra-talented entertainer, not “Jacko” the tabloid freak.

The irony is that Jackson’s drug problem may be traced to the shooting of a Pepsi ad in 1984. He took painkillers after his hair caught fire following a pyrotechnics mishap. Jackson nevertheless settled with Pepsi out of court for US$1.5 million and continued to appear in Pepsi ads well into the 1990s and, it turns out, beyond. The King of Pop, indeed.


Pepsi hopes Michael Jackson is still the king of pop

  1. Does the new MJ Pepsi also contain powdered kidney from aborted fetuses for flavor enhancement as well or is this “Live for Now” campaign just a distraction from such?

  2. Mr. Sorensen forgot about a 5 week trial that found Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray committed 17 egregious acts of substandard care which resulted in the death of Jackson. Jackson was under Murray’s care for the treatment of insomnia but Murray was too busy yakking on the phone to his stripper girlfriends and lying to emergency services about the anesthetic that he gave to Jackson to help him sleep. According to autopsy and toxicology reports, there were no other drugs in Jackson’s system at the time of death. Jackson admitted to prescription drug problems in the early 1990’s for which he sought treatment. He again had a problem in the early 2000’s for which he sought treatment. The invisibility of Murray, the doctor serving time in prison for Jackson’s homicide, continues to amaze me at the shoddy writing in articles such as these. Pepsi and Michael Jackson had a very long and lucrative business partnership that began in 1984 with the Victory Tour. Pepsi went on to sponsor two of Jackson’s world solo tours. Jackson and Pepsi again worked together in 2008 for the Thriller 25 release. 10 million people attended the Pepsi sponsored concerts. Jackson has millions of fans around the world. And, frankly, we are all getting tired of poorly researched opinions masquerading as journalism.

  3. @
    Tabinformed I couldn’t have said it better myself! Lazy tabloid ‘journalism’ … and I use that term VERY loosely.

  4. This writer could not make it more obvious that he views Michael Jackson not as the musical genius he was, but as “Jacko the tabloid freak.” Small wonder, as it’s “jeernalists” such as this that manufactured that caricature, marketed it, profited by it, payrolled lowlifes to add false lore to it, and pretty much drove Jackson to his grave with it.

    Biased writing such as this only indicates you’ll not contribute even the tiniest fraction to the world that Jackson did–the joy, artistry, and spectacular showmanship that makes him the unquestionable King of Pop.

    Is adding more useless, uninspired, and witless snark to the world what you want to do with your life, Sorensen?

  5. Your use of ‘overdose’ intimates self inflicted death, which it was not. Murray’s trial was not that many months ago and, please recall, he is sitting in jail at the moment because of his ‘medical experiment’ that resulted in Jackson’s death. In addition, there are many, many people who do remember Mr. Jackson for his music, dance and visual art rather than buy into a manufactured caricature. Of course he utilized pain relief for a serious burn and, by the way, that $1.5 million award…donated in total to the establishment of a Burn Unit at Brotman Hospital in LA.

  6. What? More yellow journalsim! DO your research /homework – it is lost on journalists these days…and it seems many of us know MORE than you so-called journalists bother to find out. (Rolls eyes)!

    Michael Jackson did NOT have a “drug problem”. The medication he began to over-medicate on after the 93 allegations broke worldwide, was the pain-relief medication which had been prescribed for the recent scalp surgery he had had before embarking on the Dangerous tour – a painful surgery whereby a balloon is insterted into the scalp, (research ‘Scalp Expansion’ Surgery) to help stretch the painfully contracting scar tissue; and also in the hope that hair may be able to be restored in that area in the future. Michael admitted he had “abused” the meds and went to rehab for that.

    The other time was sometime after bridge collapse accident at a benefit concert in Munich in 99 – where he suffered a damaged vertabrea in lower back; not many seem to know or don’t care for that information, either. MJ may have had another *short-lived* dependency problem after the second allegations broke /05 trial -just to be able to sleep / dull the horror of what was happening to him again… However, I cannot even say that for sure – but either way, that trial finally broke his spirit and he walked from that court a broken man, regardless of the “Not Guilty” verdict; he was never the same since.

    Michael Jackson had an on/off – and more OFF than on – dependency on certain medications for GENUINE ailments; just like many others around the world take prescription medicines for their OWN ailments – and often on a continual basis for the rest of their lives. Michael suffered from insomnia – especially when anxious – whether it was a negative or positive, (Excited) anxiety – and to the point where he resorted to an unsual form of sleep theraphy.

    However, Michael died after he put his life in the hands of a trusted doctor, …feeling he would be safe enough once being monitored; yet it was a so-called DOCTOR who turned out to be less than responsible when using a substance which he KNEW demanded *extra*
    vigilance with the patient. He simply walked out on a propofol patient and was way too busy – and for a fatal amount of time – with unnecessary miscellaneous phone calls, while the patient ran into difficulties that he could not actually wake to save himself from.

    Had Conrad Murray done the EXACT same thing WITHIN a hospital setting – (abandoning a propofol patient) – he would have been fired, at the very least. Furthermore, the so-called
    “stash” of prescription pills found in his rented mansion were *literally* hardly used. The viols found contained many pills that had not been taken according to the date of issue / expiry on the viols …ANOTHER telling fact the selective media chose not to highlight/ignore regarding Michael Jackson!

    At the end of the day, it was not Pepsi who caused Michael emotional pain – (they had actually worked together after the accident) – It was the likes of the Chandler’s – The Arvizo’s – The backstabbers – The slanted media / journalists and it’s sheep who are all collectively responsible for Michael’s emotional pain in his later years.

    The cause of physical death = “Acute propofol intoxication”.
    Cause of “Acute propofol intoxication”= Conrad Murray. FACT!