Right-to-work legislation isn’t worth it

If the goal is economic prosperity, simply lower taxes and cut red tape, says James Cowan


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James Cowan is deputy editor of Canadian Business.

Canada’s largest industrial union lumbered into existence on the Labour Day weekend under the moniker Unifor—the sort of name usually reserved for dating services and antidepressants. Born from the merger of the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communication, Energy and Paper Workers Union, the new organization boasts 300,000 members spread across 20 sectors.

It is a good time for organized labour to gather an army. Politicians in Ontario, Alberta and on Parliament Hill are championing “right-to-work” rules, measures designed to hobble unions in the name of prosperity. Similar laws have antagonized American unionists since 1943, and they yield a valuable lesson for Canada: they aren’t worth the trouble.

Simply put, right-to-work legislation allows workers in organized shops to opt out of union membership and paying dues. Twenty-four states have them, with Michigan and Indiana joining the ranks last year. Within days of Michigan passing its bill, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre began pushing to import the idea. Alberta’s resurgent Wildrose Party are also fans, along with Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives. Leader Tim Hudak released a policy paper this summer calling for “worker choice reforms,” positioning the issue as a hot button for the next election. If Hudak becomes premier—a decent possibility—the laws would mean individuals could no longer be required to join a union as a condition of employment. “Numerous economic reports and academic studies confirm that such reforms boost economic performance,” the document asserted. Indeed, a Fraser Institute study released earlier this month claiming Ontario could boost its economic output by $11.8 billion and add 57,000 jobs if it adopted right-to-work laws; in B.C. the figures were $3.9 billion and 19,000 jobs.

The Ontario Federation of Labour parried with its own report, claiming workers in right-to-work states make an average of $5,300 less than individuals elsewhere. The opposing reports are indicative of the reams of research on the subject. Right- wingers say right-to-work creates jobs; lefties say it drives down wages. All of it is woefully inconclusive.

Even the Fraser Institute report concedes this ambiguity. Its projections for Ontario and B.C. were based upon Oklahoma’s experience after adopting right-to-work laws in 2001. Since then, the state’s manufacturing has grown two per cent per year. But manufacturing grew seven per cent annually in neighbouring New Mexico, where there are no right-to-work rules. Economic outcomes across U.S. states are literally all over the map.

The problem with most of these studies is they zealously focus on a single variable, the right-to-work legislation itself. As the economist Thomas Holmes has noted, the new laws tend to come alongside other “smokestack-chasing policies,” like lower taxes, subsidies and the loosening of environmental legislation. It’s not the right-to-work policy that creates jobs and boosts economic output: it’s a holistic pro-business package. For example, far more manufacturers have located in Mississippi than across the border in Louisiana. Both are right-to-work states, but Louisiana’s attitude toward business is otherwise apathetic.

Canadian right-to-work legislation would never resemble American laws anyway. The two nations have very different legal approaches when it comes to unions, both based in legal precedents more than 60 years old. At the heart of American labour law is the 1947 union-restricting Taft-Hartley Act; in Canada, we have the Rand Formula, from 1946, which affirmed unions’ ability to collect dues, even from non-union members. This means any Canadian politician seeking to pass right-to-work laws would not only have to fight a protracted war with every union in Canada, but a lengthy legal battle as well.

For those with a principled objection to unions’ influence, right-to-work laws are a righteous cause. But if the goal is economic prosperity, then it is wiser to chase smokestacks with initiatives like lower taxes and more streamlined regulations. Right-to-work laws generate plenty of debate, but no clear results.

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Right-to-work legislation isn’t worth it

  1. I’m curious to know whether the Fraser Institute or other right to work proponents place any economic value on management-labour peace. It would seem to me that getting a contract and dispute resolution process in place is worth something to economic productivity and that strikes and replacement workers represent lost productivity and costs.

    The Rand formula recognized that there needed to be a mechanism for workers to negotiate collectively, by demonstrating a majority of workers chose to be in the union, or every dispute was going to degenerate into a strike vs. replacement workers stand-off.The historical development of a legal recognition of collective bargaining was
    hard fought by workers and they won’t just go away because government decides to tip the
    scales in another direction.

    • You don’t need a union to have dispute resolution policies. All big companies have them, regardless of whether there is a union.

    • Having a union doesn’t create management-labour peace.

      Often it’s quite the contrary.

      • Besides the point. That’s exactly where Fraser Institute and its fans get it wrong. You think this is about whether it’s a good idea to have unions or not, but it isn’t. The unions exist whether you like it or not, and won’t go away just because the government decides to get involved.

  2. This brings up a good point. As a business person, wouldn’t it be in your interest to treat your workers well (not be constantly at war with them). Happy workers = less turnover = savings. Plus, you lose all that experience when you have a high turnover.
    Costco is a great example and their contrast to Wal-Mart couldn’t be more telling.
    Costco pays its employees decent wages, it treats them well. Turnover is not very high, their employees are loyal and productive.
    Wal-Mart aims for the very lowest common denominator, has high turnover and it treats their employees like.. You get the idea.
    I am more than happy to pay the yearly fee for Costco, shop there, get good service and know the employees are treated fairly.

    • How do you know costco has less turnover? I doubt it, and in fact that type of information is generally not provided by any company, whether the turnover is considered good or bad.

      • lets see reports in the US indicate that Walmart is having a hard time just getting the merchandise from its store rooms on to the floor because they cannot keep enough staff… meanwhile Costco whose employees are paid 50% more is facing no such dilemma …

  3. Right to work HMMMMMMMMM does that mean I can demand that I be hired or does that mean I can demand a union man be fired ?

    • It means you don’t have to join a union just in order to apply for a job.

      • Yes and that is wrong in so many ways .It’s government joining forces with employers to bring down collective bargaining , it has nothing to do with workers rights

        • It has everything to do with workers rights. Do you think it would be fair for an employer to force you to be a member of a certain political party? Because that’s essentially what forced unionization is. Every workers dues go towards supporting the NDP, weather the worker supports the party or not. People are literally forced to support a political party against their will.

          Or how about if an employer took a portion of your paycheck every week and donated it to a religious organization of his choosing? Would you say that’s not a matter of workers’ rights?

          • Ricky you aren’t forced to do anything but you aren’t welcomed to sabotage the unions rights and suck up benefits that union members sacrificed to have . Union funds do not go to support the NDP that’s a fib to destroy the creditability of unions . Unions are democratic unlike corporations that dictate to their employees , unions are the workers way of having a say in exchange for hard work

          • Please, continue to shine a light on your ignorance.

            Union’s don’t have rights, individuals have rights. Or can you point out where in the Charter of Rights & Freedoms where Union’s are given specific rights?

            There is also the right for all Canadians to be treated equally under the law, but you clearly believe that Union members should receive special treatment. I guess you wouldn’t have a problem with Catholics receiving special treatment under the law? Or say, giving Conservative party members special treatment?

            Unions aren’t even close to as democratic as corporations. Corporations vote OPENLY, no hidden ballots. Shareholders can remove the leadership at any time they see fit. Nobody is forced to own stock in a corporation to work at said corporation, while Unions are the exact polar opposite. Union’s take away their members’ right to work under certain circumstances, while corporations actively try to create more jobs.

            Again, continue with your ignorance, it’s plain as day.

          • Ah, so corporations are more democratic than Canada! No hidden ballots!

            “corporations actively try to create more jobs”
            Do their shareholders know about this? I’m pretty sure they won’t be happy that their managers are wasting time trying to create jobs, when their only mandate is to make money.

          • This ignorant dude thinks that a lawyer guild doesn’t require you to be a member if you don’t have qualifications and refuse to pay membership fees . That is the same for engineers and doctors just to name a few professional organizations

          • Unions are made up of individuals bargaining as a group well within the law . All church’s are undeservingly allowed to operate in a tax free environment peddling myths .Unions don’t have any more rights then a corporation . They bargain labour opposed to commodity’s . It seems to me that free market fans celebrate when business succeeds by doing less for more , but when a union member does the same we hear a deafening boo and name calling . That’s your ignorance , so if you don’t mind just pay your damn taxes and stay out of my business

          • My God, you don’t even realize that it’s not “your” business when it’s everybodies tax dollars involved, do you?

          • Ah, I see. Like the way most of the Conservative Party’s funding comes from taxpayers, and so the Conservative Party’s books are open to the public?

          • Who’s tax dollars are paying union anything ?Every pension dollar in public or private industry was earned by the recipient per agreement . Now if your elected officials negotiated a contract that you couldn’t pay for or didn’t save for , why should the worker suffer because of that ?It is your liability to pay for an agreed pension or wage

          • Your analogy is way off base. you cannot compare union membership to a religion.

      • Here is an up date to the right to work , you have been trump by the right to work for no pay activist , I will not follow you down to the poverty line . I value myself and my work much more then you.

  4. “Simply put, right-to-work legislation allows workers in organized shops to opt out of union membership and paying dues.”

    I’ve held both union and non union jobs. I’m not particularly partisan either way, i can see advantages to both. But i just don’t see how this right to work would work. One of the tenets of unions[ rightly so imo] is that the gains [or even rollbacks] are a plus of membership. IOWs if you aren’t a member why should you receive any of the benefits of a negotiated contract? You could just negotiate your own i suppose, but once management is through with using you as a wedge against your colleagues, watch out! It’s a recipe for hard feelings in the work place and not worth the trouble. Besides unions are democratic orgs no matter what folks like PP may claim.

    The smokestacks argument sounds ominously like the race to the bottom argument to me. There’s a reason China’s labour costs are relatively cheap and it isn’t soley a matter of supply or demand either.

    • “But i just don’t see how this right to work would work”

      Whether or not you can see how it works, it does work. Many US states have had right to work for many years. Many of these states have strong economies, in fact on average unemployment is generally lower in the right-to-work states.

      The reason China’s labor costs are cheap has nothing to do with unionization. It has everything to do with the developed and undeveloped world. Wages are lower in undeveloped countries. The reasons are obvious.

      • Well, i admit i don’t know anything about how right to work is, or is not working – my bad i guess.
        As for China’s labour/production cost advantage. Perhaps our costs might approach theirs if we were prepared to return to the days when rivers caught fire and your skin burned for a week if you were unwise enough to go in for a dip – that’s what i was getting at, not unionization as such.

      • More people working @ a lower rate of pay, doesn’t necessarily indicate a strong economy. You have to look at the whole picture.

        • I do look at the whole picture. Wages are not lower in right to work states.

          • Sources please

          • You’re the one making the ridiculous claim, so show me your own sources, please. In other words, don’t be a hypocrite.

          • Heh. You’re not supposed to call scf on his bullsh$t.

            It’s not only lower wages in the red state sh$tholes that constitute the majority of the states that have “right to work” legislation – it’s lower rates of health insurance and pensions.

            Of course, these are also the states with the highest rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, divorce, obesity and firearms deaths, along with the worst school systems and the lowest education levels, and which suck the most money from the federal government.

            But hey, we’ve gotta have something to aspire to when we’re trying to escape the horrors of the Northern European welfare state.

          • Oh yes the wages are lower in the “right to work ” states that was the whole idea , plus they steal the pensions people paid into

      • Taxes are low in undeveloped countries and low taxes do not promote wealth for the country and does not create jobs . Low taxes keeps people in poverty and only serves the wealthy . The right to work is designed to keep wages low

        • Taking peoples’ money away leaves them with more money? Great point. And what that has to do with anything I’ve said, I’ll never know.

          • I see you really don’t understand what taxes do for the country . Most conservatives want to pay low taxes because who the vote for are corrupt

          • Yes, most conservative’s want lower taxes because they enjoy voting for corrupt people, and somehow having lower taxes will ensure we elect more corrupt people. Brilliant analysis there. You’ve really got us all figured out.

        • Are you actually making the claim that if people paid more taxes, they’d be more wealthy? That’s insane. Please explain how, if I’m making $20,000 a year, the government increases my taxes by $1,000, I’m going to have more wealth? It’s simple math. If the government takes $1,000 more from me, I have $1,000 less. What planet do you live on?

          • I doubt you have the ability to understand anything but the simplest ideas of government . In Canada we pay the min. for Health Care unlike paying $1200 a month in the USA for a lesser Health Care delivery system , Is that simple enough for you or should I get a set of crayons

          • You’re suggesting that healthcare delivery in Canada is better than the USA? Nobody has to wait months for life-saving surgery in the USA.

            And again, I’d point out that healthcare is a provincial responsibility, not a federal one. But I suspect you either don’t know that, or don’t care.

            Either way, you raise my taxes, I’m still out the money. If my taxes go up $1000, I’m not getting $1000 more value out of it, because half of it’s going to be sucked up by the bureaucracy.

            Most Canadian voters realize this, except for those like you who believe that the government can magically run everything better than the private sector, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

          • Yes I ‘am telling you the USA has poor health care and Canadian health care is far better then the American style ,If you don’t know that you haven’t been paying attention . The American health care system causes more personal bankruptcies then any other cause , 50 million people without health care makes it the worse delivery system in all of the developed nations , the American health care is the most expensive system in the world coming in 38 place for health care compared to Canada’s 6th place .I don’t want your taxes to go up I want you to pay for what you consume and pay for what you demand the government supplies you with for services .There are many things the likes of you believe you are entitled to and expect tax payers like me to provide you with .The private sector mostly have poor service and higher cost then government services

          • Again, nobody in the USA dies waiting for a surgery if they have the money to pay for it. You can’t even seem to tell the difference between quality of delivery and cost. They’re two completely different factors.

            If you want me to pay for what I consume, then why does the government need to be involved at all? Why don’t we all just pay the hospital what we owe them?

            The private sector mostly have poor service and higher cost then government services

            Ok, if you’re dumb enough to say that and ignore all empirical evidence to the contrary, then I’ll just assume you’ve drank the koolaid and won’t bother offering facts to compete with the fiction that exists in your mind.

          • Rick you are a confused man . Many people die in American hospitals waiting for medical aide , many more are told to leave if they don’t have proper health care according to hospitals . Canadian hospitals can go against the quality at any time , Our hospitals and health care are suffering under conservatives that award their pals with management and well paying jobs in the bureaucracy in the health care system , In Alberta they have 1 manager for 5 front line workers . Ridiculous I want you to pay for what the rich consume in government services with the taxes they pay instead of being parasites on the Canadian economy. Yes the private sector has poor service and high cost .What service does the private sector has that’s cheaper then what we get from government ? In some cases the private sector can’t even compete with the public sector . I can’t imagine depending on a security company to keep me safe or a none union private fire department coming to safe the day or in a disaster depending on uncle Bob’s disaster works coming in the middle of the night to rescue from a tree. You must be mentally challenged to think that would work

          • You’re right, notrick, nobody waits months
            for life-saving surgery in the US. It just doesn’t happen.

            Maybe once we’ve achieved red state standards in employment and education, we should work on adoption the US’s efficient and effective health care system.

          • unlike paying $1200 a month in the USA for a lesser Health Care delivery system…which your politicians use when they need GOOD health care, instead of the socialized Canadian system.

          • Completely false statement from you. If you had any kind of critical thinking process you would have noticed I said health care delivery. Perhaps you should take notice Americans go to India for treatment . In your determination that would be because India has better healthcare than the USA.

          • do you know what health care delivery means ? I’ll tell you that if you have 50 million citizens without health care you have an poorly designed health care system . Canada covers every citizen and every immigrant , that is a GOOD health care delivery system . Now do you understand ?

          • Hell, in America even the friggen ILLEGALS get health care you moron. THAT must be why your Canadian Prime Minister came to the U.S.A. to have his heart worked on, he didn’t want to DIE waiting in line in Canada.

            Yup, great system ya got going on there.

          • Listen little man I lived in Houston TX. just a short 1/2mile from the medical district . I know what I’m talking about , I know people there that lost everything because they got sick . More people have died in America waiting for help in the last 20 years then what Canada has people . you just better hope you don’t get sick and find the real truth behind that inconceivable greed you call health care you’d wish Obama had finished what he started . The trouble with Republicans is they are very stupid

          • Listen dick head, I have lived in Huston also……big deal.
            Have known people with cancer, got treatment, did not go bankrupt doing so.
            Have a friend that had leukemia, got treatment and lived. Still has his house, car, and credit. Both of his sisters had breast cancer….had treatment….still solvent.
            His wife just had breast cancer treatment, still alive, still solvent.
            As an aside, I don’t know what it is with him and cancer….he seems to be a magnet for it.

            Obummers health care is nothing more than extortion of stupid people like…well, YOU.
            The problem with liberals is just that they are so f&*%ingf stupid, but they parrot whatever they are told very well.

          • LOL buddy your health care is a joke filled with greedy disgusting lil men . Do you even know that the majority of health care facilities in the USA are owned by Muslims in the Middle Eastern countries . Live in a dream , that’s what you are doing now

          • Care to post facts to back up your assertions?

            And I AM living the dream, watching Canadians flock to AMERICA for health care.
            And I posted links to back up my assertions.

          • It’s on the stock exchange . Guess what Teaman Canadians do go to America for some treatments that is defiantly true , it’s not as much as you would think it was. The best part is Canada will pay that cost. So in essence you will be waiting while the Canuck is being taken care of because we have a better health care that pays.

          • So, you cannot actually post FACTS to back up your assertions?
            I don’t do the exchange. Please provide a link to back up your statements.
            It should be easy, since you are sitting at the computer and a simple search should provide you with the links. I will be waiting.

          • It’s easy , just Google it and you will see that American Health Care is far down the list in the world setting . When we talk about health care , it’s not the ability of the doctors or the quality of the hospitals . they aren’t being scrutinized .they are arguably the best of the best . What the problem is in the USA is that the for profit health care is a failure . Universal heath care is better for everybody and is better for the country . BTW I’m a born American and will always be an American

          • BULLSHIT!
            With a name like truecanadian, you are NOT an AMERICAN!

            You may have been born in the states, but you have proven yourself to be a liberal puke POS. IF you reside in America, PLEASE move to Canada. We hake too many of you low info brain dead big government types here as it is.

          • OK bone head . I was born by my American Mother and My American Father in Vancouver , I have duel citizenship . My father and his 5 brothers left the USA in 1939 to fight the fight America wouldn’t fight . Until his dying day he was disgusted with America for not entering the war when they should have , he was 96 when he passed. The problem in America is too many unpatriotic teabaggers cowards mouthing off .

          • So your father and mother had more balls than you. Congrats on being neutered

            Have YOU ever served in the military?
            I did, so that shoots the hell out of your unpatriotic crap.
            Teabagger? Well, if wanting smaller government, less taxes, and more state rights,holding people accountable for their own actions, expecting them to work for what they receive instead of stealing it from those who DO work, and a return to the constitutional principals that made America great makes me a teabagger….yup, ya got me pegged.

          • I would like you to say that to my face punkazz. Every dummy teabagger was a embarrassment to the USA .Reagan grew government , Bush grew government .Don’t you know that low taxes makes for a weak country don’t you know that a small government is a weak government . Every Dictator became a dictator because of a weak government .

          • I would love to say that to your face.

            Low taxes make a weak country?

            Putting more money into the system, allowing more capital to provide more growth to build more business, putting more people to work and paying taxes, thus putting MORE money into the system for the government to waste WEAKENS the government?

            And a small government that can get things done without all the crap that comes with more people gumming up the works is weak?

            Every Dictator became a dictator because of a weak government….with a bloated bureaucracy who could not reach a consensus because of it’s overblown sense of importance.

          • I live in Calgary , Yes every country that has abject poverty has low taxes , the trickle down theory failed , don’t trust the wealthy to save America in fact they killed the economy .

          • I don’t trust the wealthy to save the economy, nor do I trust the government to do so,,, they killed the economy .
            They murdered it with asinine regulations. Fining the navy for not using a fuel that HAS NOT BEEN DEVELOPED YET.
            Supporting green energy companies with BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars only to see them go bankrupt.

            No, I put my faith in the ever shrinking middle class that Obummer seems to be doing his damnedest to destroy. I am betting that their “greed” and sense of survival will keep America afloat after the current pretender in chief is gone.

            In short, I put my faith in the PEOPLE of America, and NOT the government….but please stay in Canada….we don’t need morons like you.
            We have enough to deal with.

          • Your assertions.

            The American system is the single most reason for personal bankruptcy in the USA.

            They have the highest cost in the world The average is $1200 USD every month with a 50% co pay.

            They have one of the worse infant death percentages in the developed world .

            If you were to crash 4 jumbo Jets a week that is the equivalent of how
            many Americans die from improper drug prescriptions every week

            Please provide links as evidence to your assertions.

            If you can do so, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am quite willing to admit that America can greatly improve it’s system WITHOUT the socialist system you advocate.

            However if you cannot provide proof, I just might have to go to an AMERICAN doctor to make sure I don’t have colon cancer from all the smoke you are blowing up my ass.

          • you want a fascist health care system that provides health care by the size of your wallet . Then don’t complain when you see homeless people sick and dying , don’t complain about the crime rate don’t complain that the taxes are rising to look after the above .Socialist or not it’s the right thing to do. . That article that describes the American health care tragedy was in McLean’s magazine either late last year or early this year. It’s a fact my friend

          • Hey dumbass, I happen to be living in Germany right now.
            Gas at about $10.00 a gallon, 6 week wait for a simple hearing test, heaven forbid you need to be seen in a timely manner, doctors telling YOU what is wrong with you after 5 minutes without really listening to what your symptoms are so they can shuffle in the next cattle in to keep the numbers up so they can get paid by the government.
            You can find a doctor that will give you 2 weeks off for a hangnail if that’s what you want.

            I will take the American, for profit system, with all it’s flaws over socialized medicine any day.

            As for the rising taxes, Obummer care has raised those through the roof. Dead and dying in the street, their own fault….THE CARE IS THERE if they choose to use it.

            The RIGHT THING TO DO is to fix the system WITHOUT implementing Obummer care.

          • I don’t care squat about Germany , You can bet your last nickel that your crappy system would take every dime you had an d not loose a moments sleep . I have never had to wait never known anybody to wait for an operation or any other life saving procedure. . You can’t say that about the American system , You are an Idiot there are no taxes dedicated to Obama care because there is no Obama care . Did you know the highest group of homeless in the USA is Veterans and every time a Bill comes out to help the Vets , your wonderful Republican vote against any help. Yea that’s right you treat your Vets like crap, God bless America damn the Vets .

          • http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&refer=columnist_mccaughey&sid=aLzfDxfbwhzs


            No cost to Obummer care? A quick search provided these.

            And it is not even implemented yet. We won’t even talk about the waivers or the unions getting all butt-hurt about having to actually pay for what they voted for.

            Oh, by the way…I have been a homeless vet in America. I know from personal experience that most homeless people want to be that way. I also know that there are programs to help people off the street and into a productive life, IF THEY SO CHOOSE.

            Oh, and I am an independent, so don’t blame me for the RINOs who hold office

            Keep voting for your free stuff though. Vote democrat and screw thw taxpayers who actually WORK for a living.

            Oh, and as to this:You can bet your last nickel that your crappy system would take every dime you had an d not loose a moments sleep See my post above about my friend with leukemia and all his cancer ridden family.

            And as to THIS:I have never had to wait never known anybody to wait for an operation or any other life saving procedure.

            See my post above about the Canadians flocking to AMERICA for health care.

            Oh, and not to be a grammar Nazi bot the word here not loose(<—- right here) should be LOSE, loose means not tight…. a moments sleep.
            Damn skippy, you seem to be LOSING it on all points.

          • The most destructive governments in America were under Republicans( Lincoln, Grant, Regan, Bush), Regan’s was the architect of 2008 . .Then the moron Bush gave the Bakers 700 billion to the very crooks that designed sub prime , Giving Obama all he needed to become president. . If you want to start with the spelling BS be my guess , you haven’t a education to stand behind jar head

          • My oh my, so many libtard talking points parroted to be knocking down.

            The sub prime mortgages were put in place by CARTER, and doubled down on by CLINTON. both dems by the way. Every one should own a home even if they can NOT afford it.

            Bush had to contend with a DEMOCRAT majority on both houses. Remember when he wanted an audit of fanny/freddy? Who blocked it, claiming it was solvent?



            You want to talk about morons and money? Obummer and green energy companies going bankrupt.

            I was in the army, airborne infantry in the Regan years, not a marine. And I am educated enough to know the difference between LOSER and LOOSER.

            Umm, what exactly was your point again? Loser!

          • Danny Williams is not a American so you can’t include him in the American Health Care system . The American system is the single most reason for personal bankruptcy in the USA .They have the highest cost in the world The average is $1200 USD every month with a 50% co pay. They have one of the worse infant death percentages in the developed world . If you were to crash 4 jumbo Jets a week that is the equivalent of how many Americans die from improper drug prescriptions every week. Think about that inconvenient truth

          • Funny, I have been using the American health system all my life.

            Still alive, not bankrupt.

            It has problems that need to be solved, but our politicians lack the will to do so. But we still don’t have to wait weeks and months for treatment.

            How many Canadians die every year because they can’t get treatment in a timely manner? And your Dr.s never prescribe improper drugs?

            I bet if I looked it up, I cold prove that per capita just as many Canadians die from improper drug prescriptions every week.

            The fact is, Canadians flock to America for health care….and gladly pay the price, not the other way around.

          • Strange I have lived most of my life in Canada and have never paid out $1200 at any time . that’s what the average American pays every month or has no real health care .We don’t do co-pay and nobody in Canada has gone broke and lost their house and life savings because they got sick. The fact is Americans flee to Canada to by drugs that they can’t afford at home . Americans flee the country for health care because they will die in America the health care you get depends on the size of your wallet. America doesn’t look after the old the sick or it’s Veterans .

          • One more thing for you to consider , The USA comes in 38 place while Canada comes in 6th

  5. Could I also opt out of EI payments? I’m not sure how much difference there is in requiring me to pay into EI as opposed to Union Dues. I would gladly opt out, with the knowledge that I’ll never be able to claim EI. Just like those opting out of Unions will never get the Union benefits.

    • You can opt out of EI and start your own business , Nobody is forced to pay union dues , they have an option of finding another place to work. Simple as that

  6. As a resident of Michigan, I can vouch that the Right to Work law has had no effect on improving the state’s economy (in fact, the unemployment rate just ticked up this month according to a report this morning). The law was passed with the promise that it would create a more welcome business environment in the state to attract development; the state’s economic development agency even ran (and then pulled) advertisements touting the law after it was passed.

    Suggested reading: http://on.freep.com/16bHcEt

  7. The right to work is old news . You now have the right to be paid nothing . Who will the company hire now ? Those who would destroy a union are now faced with another villain , the slave

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