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RIM’s revival

All-in-one: The new Torch combines an iPhone-like touch screen with a physical keyboard


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Research In Motion remains North America’s smartphone leader, even if it’s now widely perceived to be a runner-up behind Apple and its iPhone when it comes to innovation.

This week, however, RIM finally appeared to be on the cusp of getting its mojo back. The Waterloo, Ont.-based company revealed its much-anticipated BlackBerry Torch device, which combines a slide-out keyboard with a touch screen powered by an all-new operating system.

The hope is that the Torch will combine the functionality of a traditional BlackBerry—physical keyboard, secure corporate email—with an iPhone-like interface and multimedia experience. But it’s not just Apple that RIM needs to fend off these days. Recent data suggests that Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has surpassed the iPhone in popularity among new users in the United States, suggesting the smartphone wars have only just begun.


RIM’s revival

  1. Outdated, and patently false…stick to public affairs fellas, this is tech journalism at its worst.

    • Unfortunately, it's a lot like the Palm Pre that came out over a year ago. I'm a blackberry fan but I was less than excited by all the new features … as they're old features for a lot of phones. I wish they would innovate instead of follow the heard – a year later.

  2. Great phone. I got one myself, and I'm loving it. The messaging and social networking apps are definitely on the cutting edge. Hands down the best phone out there if you're looking to communicate. The processor and screen are a little behind the curve, but specs rival that of the iPhone 3GS which fanboys are still creaming their pants over. I love the Universal Search feature; and in my line of work, multi-tasking is necessary. I was either gonna get this phone, or a Droid. I never seriously considered the iPhone as a possibility.

  3. I'm very worried about no companies keeping up with Apple and their iPhone. Just received the new iPhone 4 upgrade from the 3G and it is just amazing. The hardware is amazing, cameras, display, size, audio quality, reception (better than previous iPhone – media overblown reception issues). Secondly, in terms of wanting to use the phone for different uses, it is difficult not to find an application within the quarter million apps there are for the phone that suit every need one wants or could want. Like the recent Mac vs PC paradigm shift, RIM will unfortunately be following the Apple technology, leading the industry. @Outliar may want to try an iPhone 4 before he comments as there is no comparison between the two phones. An unfortunate slow and sad death in Canada.

  4. Why does everyone compare BB to iPhone. Not everyone has a need for all the 250,000+ applications. Business users like me have no need for most of those applications. I am happy with the secure communication BB provides. I have used the iPhone and am not a fan of touch screen. I can type way faster on the BB keyboard then on the iPhone. I send a lot or emails on a daily basis on the BB as I am always on the road and can type long emails more efficiently then on the iPhone. The more RIM makes BB's like the iPhone will eventually turn me away from BB caused I used BB so I can avoid iPhone.

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