Former Canada Post CEO under fire for calling British government pay system 'hopelessly broken' -

Former Canada Post CEO under fire for calling British government pay system ‘hopelessly broken’

Royal Mail head Moya Greene makes headlines


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The former Canadian bureaucrat who was recruited to head up an overhaul of the company responsible for British mail delivery is under fire for a leaked email in which she called the government compensation process in the country “hopelessly broken.”

Moya Greene, who was recruited in 2010 to the struggling Royal Mail (the British equivalent to Canada Post), sent the email after she was forced to repay a £250,000 housing allowance (more than $400,000).

The Guardian obtained the Aug. 5 email, which was sent to a member of the public who was critical of Greene’s housing allowance and then forwarded it to the newspaper. In the email, Royal Mail chief executive Greene wrote:

“I took on a company in grave difficulty. I was here for a full 15 months before officials and/or ministers deigned to explain the exact basis upon which I would be paid. I had long resigned my previous position.

“The actual practise [sic] for setting and applying agreed compensation arrangements for [chief executive officers] in commercial companies involving government shareholding is hopelessly broken here.”

Greene also took aim at the media in the email, according to The Guardian:

“The climate for executives and their abilty [sic] to manage in the UK remains highly politicised, all aggravated by a press corp whose general traits have been well set out by Mr. Justice Levinson [sic].”

The British media has been critical of Greene’s hefty housing allowance and compensation. Her basic pay of £498,000 per year makes her one of the highest-paid government officials in the country.

Greene worked in various Canadian federal government departments in the ’80s and early ’90s, including the Privy Council Office and Transport. She worked in the Canadian private sector for Bombardier and TD Bank before becoming president and CEO of Canada Post Corporation in 2005. She was working there when she was recruited by Royal Mail in 2010.

Since heading Royal Mail, Green has posted a profit at the money-losing corporation as she takes the public company towards a contested partial privatization.

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Former Canada Post CEO under fire for calling British government pay system ‘hopelessly broken’

  1. Maybe Ms. Greene should have got the details in writing first about the compensation. Seems like a common sense thing, rather than assuming. Especially for an executive.

  2. Another self absorbed over paid executive who exposes her incompetence by not taking a job she didn’t know what the wages and benefits were.
    As for her get the British post office in profit mode, any trained monkey can get a crown agency into profit mode. The standard tricks are accounting tricks, postpone much need capital investment, raise the prices on your billings, slash payroll, and cut the amount and quality of service provided to your stakeholders.

  3. The Canadian postal service takes an eternity and costs a packet, so what does Britain do?…
    We hire her!
    I have just paid a lot to return a dodgy item purchased in good faith from a mis-seller on ebay uk.
    The website says it was delivered, (bought a signed for service), attempted to see a signature, as the seller, who falsely advertised the item, says, not got it!
    Can I achieve this?…. can I buggery!
    So, called from Spain, 3 attempts, (I actually speak the Queen’s English), at their appalling
    voice recognition, the line was as clear as if I was in the UK.
    Then the b….d thing just cuts you off!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    So, as a woman married to an ex Royal Mail employee, who did a cracking job, yet was paid the same rate as the tossers who did not give a monkeys,, do I think this bloody woman is earning her pay.
    She has just been brought in as a money raiser.
    When my husband joined, he was well trained, police and medical vetted, this is not the case now, they bring in contract, barely English speaking foreingers…ohh controversial…..and you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts you gets monkeys.
    All online service providers, under law, have to provide an email address…try finding one on their website. It is all form filing.
    Please, is there a barrister out there who will force them under consumer law to do this?
    How many millions are unemployed? Yet you get to speak to a stuffing machine that does not work.
    Oh yes, she is worth her millions, NOT.

  4. She earns less than the men: give her a chance to show you how efficient she is. I have worked for this woman and a lot of Very Important (international) People and let me tell you – Moya Greene is a wise and no-nonsense kind of executive – one of the “greats” in the world. She is not interested in quick fixes or popularity. Think of Bibiical Solomon.